Jynnic ~ Millenium AU.

Don’t ever fight with Jyn Erso. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger gun.

Girls hold hornets
In clenched fists
Between the gaps of crooked teeth

They dare not sting
The girls’ pink fingertips
And swollen gums
For even enraged bees
With yellow racing jackets
Know the power of an emerging woman

Lemon trees grow
In the stomachs
Of young women

The blossoms shed
The tangled fruit grows,
Tangy and tantalizing
Tenacious and tender.
The seeds escape between torturos lips.

Women clasp the claws of grizzly bears
Around their necks
To serve as a stiff warning

The claws were gifted to them
On the eve
When the gods and goddesses
Who claim the forest as their own
See the fire and the smoke
Billowing from their butchered bodies

The claws come with different marks
Some have blood
Some display the scars
Of terrible loss
Some claws call and cry out
In hunger and salvation

The claws come from deep inside the woman
They have scratched the bark
Of the teeming lemon tree
They have splintered inside
The hornet’s buzzing spine

The world looks to the woman,
Tells her to run home

The woman takes her claws,
Strikes the world deep in its chest

She will never be afraid
She will never go home.

—  The Beast We Become // S.C