I was watching national geographic with my parents as they were doing a thing on the giant hornets in Japan. I saw one colony fall to ruin because the queen failed at producing offspring due to lack of food so the whole colony turned on her and each other…IT WAS LIKE SOME GAME OF THRONES SHIT!!!! So i got a little inspired…ALSO WHAT IS GRAMMAR!?!? 

…and what the fuck is story telling? because i don’t know either…

crouchingtoasterhiddenpastry  asked:

Any thoughts on the hornet girl that got introduced?

 I think she’s really cool! I, sadly, hope she isn’t just a big lame tsundere. That would be…well, lame. I hope she’s like a mayadere. That would be legit. In other words, I hope to see more of her and get to learn alot of her kind! i thought she was a bee though, i dunno, i heard wasp and hornet and bee

Her appearance is pretty nice also? Sorta hardcore and creepy but beautiful all at once.