hornet stings


Timelapse view of hornets constructing a nest. At one point during a camping trip when I was young one of my fellow hikers stepped on one of these. It did not go well for the humans.

Another "Humans are Weird" idea??

Ok guys but imagine aliens asking about Japanese hornets.

Like, “Oh, they’re just a winged insect the size of a human thumb with a wicked large stinger that holds a flesh-dissolving acid and also has pheromones in it which attract other hornets to come and sting you until you die. No biggie. Just run like crazy if you see one; don’t even try to reason with it. You’ll be fine.”

Aliens: *slowly back away*

“Float Like a Cadillac, Sting Like a–”

I got this great idea and I just had to draw it. Seriously, I’m amazed I haven’t seen this come into fruition before now!

This art is belongs to me, AKA @the-fabulous-hudson-hornet
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Batfam as things my fam has done and/or said

There’s eleven of us in my family, so it gets pretty crazy.

Damian: *goes to pour himself some juice* *sees it’s all gone* *sees Jason has a full glass* *yells* THANKS FOR DRINKING ALL THE JUICE, JASON!

Jason: *yells back in an equally loud voice* YOU’RE WELCOME!


*screaming followed a loud noise is heard upstairs followed by more screaming and some crying*

Guest: *looks up very concerned* Umm….are you going to see what happened?

Bruce: I have nine kids. It’s the silence that worries me. 

Guest: Oh……

Bruce: Noise means they’re not dead.


Jason: *keeps putting pieces of a napkin in Tim’s hair without Tim noticing* *laughs* *accidentally drops gum out of his mouth into Tim’s hair*

Tim: *feels the gum hit his head* What did you just do?

Jason: That depends. Do you want to be mad now or later?

Tim: Jason–

Jason: So now then.


The Kids: *sitting around the table for dinner* *all screaming and fighting with each other*

Bruce: Only in death may I find peace.


Bruce: No more T.V. It’s late. Time for bed.

Dick: *goes to his room*

Dick: *10 minutes later* *gets out of his bed* *sneaks to Bruce’s room to watch T.V. from the doorway*

Bruce: *sees him* *in a loud, booming voice* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Dick: *runs back to his room at lightning speed* *does a flying leap into his bed* *completely clears the bed* *lands in a plastic bin full of Legos* *screams*


Bruce: *drinks a cup of coffee*

Tim: Can I have some?

Bruce: No. You’re too young to drink coffee.

Tim: Am I too young to have lost my will to live?

Bruce: *pours Tim a cup* >————————————————

Tim: *builds a catapult with Bruce for a school project* 

Bruce: Let’s test it.

Tim: In the house? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Bruce: It’ll be fine. *puts a paper hornet (if you don’t know what it is, it’s a very tightly wadded up piece of paper that, when launched with a rubber band from even just three feet away, feels like a hornet sting) in the catapult* *launches it*

*the paper hornet sails across the house and hits Jason in the face while he’s sleeping*

Jason: *wakes up immediately and already has a giant red welt on his face* *through tears* What the fuck?

Bruce: *hands the catapult back to Tim* It works.


*family goes out to eat* 

Bruce: This is a fancy place, so act right.

Dick: Dad, this is Pizza Hut.


*at a restaurant*

Dick: *opens a straw and launches the wrapper at Jason*

Jason: *launches his at Tim*

Tim: *launches his at Damian*

Damian: *launches his accidentally at Bruce*

The Kids: *terrified silence*

Bruce: *stares them all down* *picks up the straw trash* Cut this shit out right now. You hear me?

The Kids: *nod their heads*

Bruce: Good. *launches his at Damian*


*at McDonald’s drive thru*

Bruce: What does everyone want?

The Kids: *shout their orders from the back of the car in one loud, indecipherable sound*

Bruce: *to the speaker* Hello, I’ll have 10 burger Happy Meals.

The Kids: *start to complain*

Bruce: Shut the hell up or I’m keeping all your toys.

The Kids: *shut up*


Dick: *annoyed* Dad, why’d you have to have so many kids?

Bruce: Look at it this way: with so many siblings, you’ll always have best friends.

Damian: *comes inside holding a hand over half his face* Dad, Jason threw a golf ball at my face.

Dick: So much for best friends.>———————————————————-

Tim: *stands on a stool to hang something up* *falls off the stool* *stool and the thing he was trying to hang up fall on top of him*

Bruce: *yells from downstairs* What was that loud noise?

Tim: *tangled in the stool and trying to breathe again* *yells back* Something just fell.

Bruce: *yells again* Okay.

*10 minutes later*

Tim: Remember when I said “something fell?”

Bruce: Yeah…?

Tim: I was the “something.”


Bruce: *drinks from a water bottle* *chokes* *spits out a fish* *yells* DAMIAN STOP PUTTING YOUR FISH IN MY WATER BOTTLES!THIS IS THE SECOND DAMN TIME!

Damian: But that’s a different fish.

Bruce: What happened to the other one?

Damian: You swallowed it. >———————————————————————–

Dick giving Jason a haircut: I’m just gonna shave the edges. You know, like a fade.

Jason: That’s fine. As long as you don’t shave my whole head, we’re good.

Dick: *messes up* *panics* *shaves Jason’s whole head*

Jason: *feels his head get mysteriously lighter*

Dick: Okay, well I’m done, and I gotta go. Enjoy the haircut.

Jason: Wait, how does it look?

Dick: Definitely faded.

Jason: *looks in the mirror* *sees that he’s now bald*

Dick: It was the razor, I swear.



The Kids: *fighting with each other*

Bruce: Why. Why did I have to have kids.

Jason: Love you too, dad.


The Batfam: *gets invited to a birthday party*

Dick: *gets really hyped up on sugar*

Jason and Tim: *spin Dick around until he’s dizzy*

Dick: *runs into the bird fountain* *breaks it* *throws up in the pool*

Bruce: And that is why we don’t get invited to anything.


Bruce: *has a coupon for free McDonald’s meals*

Cashier: Sir, this only covers two meals.

Bruce: I knew I shouldn’t have had so damn many of you.



Hope you enjoyed!

Witches’ Remedies & Painkillers

from PaganHeart.co.uk



(IMPORTANT: Herbal preparations should never be boiled in aluminum vessels! Use only copper, earthenware or pyrex to avoid contamination of the medicines. Please follow all directions carefully!)

ANIMAL BITES (MINOR WOUNDS) - The powdered root of angelica (gathered when the moon is in Leo, preferably)mixed with a bit of pitch and laid on the biting of dogs, or any other creature, helps to cleanse the open wound and makes it heal more quickly.

ANXIETY - A tea made from catnip, chamomile or skullcap helps to relieve anxiety and nervousness.

ARTERIOSCLEROSIS (HARDENING OF THE ARTERIES) - Combine one pint of grain alcohol with one ounce of powdered dried Hawthorne berries. This tincture should be given in doses ranging from one to 15 drops. (NOTE: Although hawthorne is non-toxic, it can produce dizziness if taken in large doses)

ASTHMA - Place the soft fuzzy leaves of the mullein plant in a teapot with hot water and inhale the steam through the spout to relieve the symptoms. Another preventative against mild attacks calls for one tablespoon of sunflower oil taken at night before going to bed. A brew of skunk cabbage, garlic, onion and honey was favored by many witches as a remedy for bronchial asthma. A very old asthma remedy used by the Native American calls for the smoking of ground red clover blossoms. The leaves of the California gum plant combined with those of the stramonium were also smoked.

ATHLETE’S FOOT - Rub onion juice between the toes two or three times daily until the condition disappears.

BACKACHE - A tea of nettle or rosinweed is recommended for aching backs by many witches.

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My favorite things • r/magicTCG
Auras on Bogles And platings on thopters storm counts of twenty and fae crewing copters Burning them out with a high powered fling These...

Auras on Bogles

And Platings on Thopters,

Storm counts of twenty and Fae crewing Copters,

Burning them out with a high powered Fling,

These are a few of my favorite things!

Black-border dual lands and untapping Kiki,

Drawing more cards

Because Ninjas are sneaky,

When my first peel off the top’s a Sol Ring,

These are a few of my favorite things!

Playing a Krark’s Thumb then three Mana Clashes,

Protean Hulks that come in off of Flashes,

Tinkering rocks and then Mindslavering,

These are a few of my favorite things!

When they top-deck,

When they Blood Moon,

When I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad!

Blind flipping Delver

and Dazing their Shaman,

Stifling fetches and watching them sobbin’,

Dealing the last point with a Hornet Sting,

These are a few of my favorite things!

Cracking a Goyf and another in foil.

Blowing up every last land with a Boil,

When they’re DOB and can’t cast anything,

These are a few of my favorite things!

Getting the first counters onto my Jitte,

Bolting them dead at 1 life with a City,

When your first pick is a Spider Spawning,

These are a few of my favorite things!

When I’m locked out,

When they deck me,

When I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember my favorite things,

And then I don’t feel so bad!

— Reddit user PPKAP

mrpopogod  asked:

A good illustration of spells vs. creatures; player A has a deck of only Forest and Hornet Sting, player B has a deck of only Mountain and Mons's Goblin Raiders. Both business cards cost one and deal one damage. But Mons's sticks around and that player is going to win the majority of those matchups. That's why the days of creatureless decks being a major force required spells to be much better than creatures.

I’m not sure this counts as a “good illustration”. : )

How about this? I make a deck out of only noncreatures and you make a deck out of only creatures. We have all of Magic to chose from and no card limitations. Who’s going to win?

I’ll help you out. It’s going to be me, because the best noncreature spells are light years better than the best creature spells.

pickingwinkles  asked:

Ooh ooh Kylux and 18. Pretty please.

Okay so this one definitely got away with me, it’s 3.5k and somehow wandered into kidfic benarmie territory? I hope that’s alright, the idea bit me (or should I say stung me? ;) ) and I couldnt let it go!! 

also this is a modern au and they reference star wars, but Han’s name is still Han so um, ~~~magical realm where both exist~~~

warnings for winnie the pooh references and abusing the italics function.

18. “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”

Crash Bandicoot is squashed flat under a huge digital boulder for the third time in a row, the screen of his little boxy tv flashing an obnoxious yellow GAME OVER. Ben groans and tosses his Playstation controller into the empty beanbag chair opposite the one he’s sinking into. He’s been working on this level for two whole days now and it’s way too hard, and that boulder is stupid. He’s halfway standing and contemplating walking over to Rey’s house and making her play knights with him when he hears something tap sharply against his window.

It taps two more times before he can un-fuse from the beanbag chair, so hard it’s rattling the glass. When it taps a fourth time and he peers down into his backyard he scowls, hoping his annoyance is clear through the glass. Hux is throwing rocks at his window from across the fence that divides their backyards, which is fine, except he’s using his fancy slingshot his dad got him for Christmas last year and Ben has told him a million times not to. The last time he knocked a pebble-sized hole in the glass Ben had told his mom that a woodpecker flew over and thought his science project sitting on his desk was a real tree (because he’d done such a good job painting it, with hardly any help at all) and pecked through his window to get to it, and he’s pretty sure she won’t believe him if he tells her it happened again.

He wrenches the window open angrily and snaps out, “What?” He’s about to yell at him about the slingshot again but he stops short when Hux stares up at him with his face all screwed up and splotchy red.

“Ben!” He shouts up at him, high-pitched and almost whining; A very bad sign, Hux never whines. “Millie got out!”

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[anonymous submission]

So. In an earlier post, you said this:

“I mean I think it’s kind of hilarious that with Lotor and the generals having a relatively normal conversation, Acxa sort of randomly butting in with ’I WOULD FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE’ is being construed as evidence she’s scared of him, or the situation.”

And I get that. But what I’m not understanding, is why. Like you said, they’re having a relatively normal conversation. Why is Acxa randomly butting in with something like that? It seems out of place, especially when the literal next line is Ezor doubting him. While I don’t mean to say that the generals have to think the same on everything, it feels … odd. What is that line meant to do? Is it supposed to show a contrast between Acxa and Keith, who are currently parallels (like, while Keith breaks off from the team, Acxa stays loyal)??? You said it might be her in awe, because it’s a general goal for all the generals, but given everyone else’s reaction it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t know, but I kinda sorta really love your theory and I’m hoping you can help me out here?

So, anon, this is aptly timed because I was actually thinking this over last night!

This actually seems to fit a pattern of behavior for Acxa in particular that she’s very defensive of this idea of Lotor.

We see her glaring coldly at Throk when the generals surround him in s3e1, and later, on Puig, she snaps at the Puigian leader for even speaking to Lotor, implicitly because she doesn’t like his tone because they’re technically there to speak to him. Even when said tone is not especially inoffensive.

Acxa’s bio also describes her as someone who puts others in their place if they question Lotor. It all seems to create a profile not just of Acxa who is loyal, but, aggressively loyal, quick to leap to the defense of her prince.

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more IRL AU headcanons

a continuation of this AU

  • Noctis is dangerously trusting because he grew up in a safe country
  • one time he agreed to follow a sketchy dude into a poorly lit alleyway and the bros were trying desperately to extract themselves from the encounter but it turns out it reALLY WAS A GRILLED CHICKEN SHOP AND IT WAS GOOOOD
  • after Prompto admits his origins to the others, he abuses the ‘in soviet Russia’ jokes. it makes the others facepalm
  • Nobody gets Noct’s obsession with rhyming everything to PPAP, but he and Ignis are the only ones who share a knowing chuckle when they find wordplay/puns/engrish
  • Everyone stops to watch whenever Ignis gets a phone call, it’s like watching magic at work when he switches languages like the flick of a button
  • Gladio drags the others to an abandoned village in the countryside to film, it was surprisingly pleasant and he knew how to survive in the wilderness
  • “You shoulda seen me in the rain forest! topless and covered in leeches! link in the description!”
  • and then Prompto started whining about bugs and Noct casually mentions that this area has asian sparrow hornets (reads: one sting kills u lmao)
  • yea that scream-filled video went viral lmao
  • Sometimes Gladio and Ignis switch to Spanish and Portuguese when they don’t want the other two to listen in
  • Gladio has to teach Noctis masculine Japanese because the boy talks like a fifth grader and halfies have to help each other out
  • Which was ironic because the guy who lived in Brazil his whole life knows more than the guy who lived in Japan
  • the number of views skyrockets on Gladio and Prompto’s vlogs when they film with Ignis
  • The ex-model will pose subtly whenever the camera is on him, nobody notices the shift in posture, but it’s definitely on purpose, the comments about where to see more of him drown out comments about the actual vlog contents lmao
  • Prompto and Noct keep using the wrong pronouns on inanimate objects, it drives Iggy insane
  • Gladio and Prompto are always booked hotel rooms together because they keep editing videos all night and their sleep-deprived giggly conversations keep the other two up

their roadtrip ends prematurely when the CEO of the rival company ‘unintentionally’ causes an accident. Noctis is hospitalized in critical condition and Ignis has lost nearly all of his sight.

Afterwards, Prompto finds himself a job at a ma-and-pa bike shop while he waits for his friend to get better, but Gladio decides to continue his travels as his visa is nearly expired.

The idea that all bees can only stink once isn’t true, both cause there is a chance that the bee can get their stinger free without deattaching it, but more interestingly is that it is solely a honey bee thing for the stinger to stay. Bumblebees are like hornets and can sting you numerous times all they want and not die, they just happen to be pretty chill and don’t generally sting anyways

I imagine love coming to me as teeth in the back of the spine, as a shoulder ridge tinge disaster, as a slap, as hornet sting, as flotsam in silk, as threaded tires, as cannibals at play, as vertigo incense, as sulfur seduction, as obsidian cliff face, the oversold, the lacquered, the terra cotta whim, the recycled thunder bolt, the diva tentacle, the extinct species surrendering, the smell of a woman in sheets she’s been caressing with smooth bare legs.
—  Stimie

All of a sudden this week Jake is stopping dead in his tracks so far at two different locations in the park we walk in every single day. He refused to go in the direction I want to take him in this video. There are no people or dogs in sight in either direction, and nothing bad has ever happened in these areas to him, ( except some hornet stings, but he’s been through the areas hundreds of times since then.) If anyone with lots of dog experience or training can read anything in his body language, please let me know what you see. Maybe @twobigears @mygermanshepherd @brovgsd ?

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Testing out some new textured brushes and treatments before jumping in the deep in with style-related client work. I’m no stranger to bringing grungy texture into my work, but it’s always refreshing of finding new (easier) ways of getting the same (or better) results. Have a great weekend guys!

csick3108  asked:

RE: "Red can get it [enough damage to kill basically anything] if it pays for it." So Green can get Hornet Sting if it pays for it?

Toughness isn’t something red is unable to deal with, it’s just something it needs mana to deal with. X spells are a staple red thing.

Green, in contrast, has to rely on creatures to deal with other creatures. It isn’t allowed to get creature kill spells that don’t involve it’s own creatures.