hornet nests


Timelapse view of hornets constructing a nest. At one point during a camping trip when I was young one of my fellow hikers stepped on one of these. It did not go well for the humans.

My dad told me a story recently about how he was in Boy Scouts or something and they went on a hike and were each given a rifle and one single bullet to practice shooting with (idk, it was the 70s or whatever). One of his friends, whom I’ll refer to as Steel Balls for reasons that will soon become clear, beckons my dad to a part of the woods and points to a giant hornets nest up in a tree. SB announces that he’s going to shoot it, waits for my dad to take cover (as one should in this situation), and fires off his only round into the nest. Sure enough, a swarm of pissed off hornets descend upon SB, who stands stoically and perfectly still at the base of the tree. Dad maintains that, despite their buzzing right around him, none of the hornets stung his friend, and they soon calmed down and returned to their newly renovated nest. SB turns back to face my dad and imparts this chunk of wisdom: “That’s the secret to dealing with hornets, Jim. They don’t know humans make rifle shots; they don’t know where the noise came from. You gotta stand still and don’t move, and they won’t chase you. If you run, they know you’re guilty.” Apparently dad was so awed he gave up his single bullet so SB could shoot the nest a second time, with the same results.

Long story short: hornets can sense guilt and there are people in the world who have tested this theory.

Favourite Ereri fanfictions 2016


Scoring More Than Goals by LittleTinfoilDuck
Hey Lover by wasterella
Resistance by Dressed_In_Darkness
Your Warrant Need by mizzy_yolo
Cops and Feathers by toramonger
Hornet’s Nest by Monsoon
A Matter of Perspective by Kurokitty
Metamorphosis by Dressed_In_Darkness
Ma Reine by ShakespeareStoop
Overdose by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Demons and Darkness by sciencefictioness
Red Heat by sciencefictioness
Take a Bite by MyloveofChocolate
Come and Get Your Love by Gootbuttheichou
Weapon by XanderB
Foxfire Eyes by FlightlessEggsxo
The Anthropologist by The_Pirate_King
“Baby I’m howling for you.” by WishingSebastianStanwasmyman
Fire meet Gasoline by coffeesoul
The Wolf’s Bat by hidansbabe530
Sartorial Elegance by A26
Street Brat by Monsoon
To Kill With No Regrets by SinfulAvenue
Büsker Dü’s and Don’ts by shulkie


Your love is a menace by Unseeliesidh
Call My Name by himawarinee
Trust by Xenobia
A Voice From The Rubble by StarChaser93
Saving The Spade by CorporalKuudere

One shots

Come Home To Me by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Friday I’m In Love by sugarplumsenpai
Don’t Touch Me (Please, Don’t Let Go) by wordjunket
Stupid Cupid by Attack_On_Feelings

Honorable Mentions (2015)

Deal With It by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Acute Myocardial Infarction by missmichellebelle
Extra Pepperoni by hikarimutsuko
Is this really love? by kbug546
The Thug by Dressed_In_Darkness
Everything Happens For a Reason by FanaticA4Ev3r
Under The Bed by Corporal_Levi_cleans_my_house
Sweep Me Off My Feet by LaurelNymph
I Heard You Talking by screwtodayimsleeping
Beauty and The Beast by s_n_k_tt
3 AM by loveatfirstsight
Of Course "Rogue One" Is Political
The latest Star Wars installment has something to say, but it's not what mobilized the #DumpStarWars faction.
By Alison Willmore

A few days after the election, Rogue One screenwriter Chris Weitz and Gary Whitta, another writer who worked on the film, kicked a reactionary hornet’s nest on social media. In the wake of Donald Trump’s win, Weitz tweeted, “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization,” to which Whitta chimed in, “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.” (Both tweets have since been deleted.)

As takes go, these aren’t particularly chancy ones — Nazi Germany has provided inspiration for the Empire from the start of the Star Wars franchise, and Whitta was pointing out an unmissable fact of casting. But because we’re now, astonishingly, living in a moment in which equating white supremacy with evil can be considered a bridge too far, the portion of Twitter that’d describe itself as alt-right exploded with rage. They were also spurred on by falsified claims that a version of the film had called Donald Trump — not a known part of the Star Wars universe — a racist, and by their insistence that studio entertainment and politics shouldn’t mix.

The hashtag, #DumpStarWars, was spawned.

3 ways repealing Obamacare affects millennial health care

What will replace Obamacare?

  • The Urban Institute released a study showing that if parts of the ACA are pulled apart — as was proposed in the vetoed January 2016 bill — without a replacement, nearly 30 million Americans will become uninsured, including 4.4 million children.
  • Republicans are now floating replacement plans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plan and a proposal devised by Trump’s pick for secretary of Department of Health and Human Services, Georgia Republican Senator Tom Price.
  • Price’s approach is to replace insurance exchanges and individual mandates with tax credits based on age to help people buy insurance themselves. 
  • The government could give grants to states to establish pools for those with high health care costs who cannot find insurance on their own.

Women’s birth control may no longer be covered.

  • Mandating that insurance companies pay for female contraceptives was a hornets’ nest of contention during the design of the ACA.
  •  The issue brought the eventual law before the Supreme Court, which, hampered by a vacant seat, sent the case back to a lower court.
  • Under the ACA, 18 types of federally approved birth control must be covered by health insurance plans offered in the exchange — with no copay and no out-of-pocket expenses.
  • While insurers, under the ACA, are required to cover a type of each of the 18 kinds of contraception for free, they are still allowed to charge women for name brand or more expensive versions.
  • Removing the provision could result in a shift back to private providers for contraceptive care.

Women’s costs may be higher.

  • Women may pay more for the same health insurance if the ACA is repealed. 
  • The ACA issued a final ruling in May highlighting its regulations that prohibit the discrimination of coverage based on race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.
  • These protections have been in place for many years, but for women the ACA has made a big difference. 
  • Prior to the ACA, women were routinely charged up to 50% more for the same health coverage — and for some women it was as high as 81%. Even after the ACA was enacted, a gender gap sill persisted.
  • But with the final ruling this year, the practice of “gender rating,” or charging women more because they are considered to be a higher risk (i.e., they visit the doctor more, live longer and have babies), is illegal.
  • Still, some health care industry analysts believe that insurance companies should be able to use gender rating as a tool in charging patients more.
  • This suggests that without a mandate to keep insurance companies from charging women more, they may revert to a policy similar to car insurance, in which teenagers can be charged more because of their higher risk.
  • This would leave women without the protection of gender parity.

The return of rescission.

  • One of the things the ACA brought you was the peace of mind that should you — healthy, active and young, the kind of person health insurance companies love — get sick, the company cannot cancel your policy.
  • The practice is called rescission. The ACA outlaws it. With the Republicans’ interest in fewer federal regulations and lower costs, there are no assurances that replacement legislation would have such patient protections in place. Read more

Jynnic ~ Millenium AU.

Don’t ever fight with Jyn Erso. Her attitude towards the rest of the world is that if someone threatens her with a gun, she’ll get a bigger gun.

New Grey's Anatomy 'Villain' Talks Minnick's Weak 'Hookup Skills' and Fearing 'Crazy' Calzona Fans | TVLine
By Michael Ausiello

Marika Dominczyk knew she was walking into a hornet’s nest when she took on the role of Grey’s Anatomy‘s feather-ruffling new surgical consultant Eliza Minnick, whose actions in last week’s episode led to the suspension of Meredith (Ellen Pompeo). And making matters more incendiary, she’s maybe-possibly looking to fill a certain romantic void in Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) life.

“‘Calzona’ fans are crazy,” Dominczyk tells TVLine with a laugh, referring to the still-zealous acolytes of Arizona and her ex, Callie (former cast member Sara Ramirez). “I really appreciate their passion. I think it’s amazing. The show’s been on the air for 13 years and has an incredible fan base. And I’m so happy to be a part of it, even if it’s on the [negative] receiving end.”

The actress admits she has avoided going too far down the Internet rabbit hole “because I would probably see more of the people who don’t like Eliza. Luckily, the [fans] that follow me [on social media] like me and can see past [the ‘Calzona of it all]… You kind of have to just put your head down and do your work and not think about any of that stuff or else it’ll drive you crazy.”

Dominczyk — the real-life wife of Shondaland vet Scott Foley (who appeared on Grey’s before segueing to Scandal) — jokes that her husband’s one piece of advice to her prior to starting work on the ABC drama was, “‘Stay off Twitter.‘”

The Brothers & Sisters alum nonetheless concedes that “being the villain is kind of fun… Eliza’s stirring up all these feelings.”

Curiously, Eliza has thus far been reluctant to mix pleasure with business where Arizona is concerned — why is that? “Eliza takes her job crazy seriously,” Dominczyk surmises. “It’s a huge separation for her — work and personal life. Work comes first. And she’s at a place where people don’t want her there — and they’re vocal about it. And [yet] she has to continue to be professional. If that happened to me, I don’t know how confident I would be with my hookup skills.”’

Her confidence in her surgical skills, however, will be evident in this week’s episode (ABC. 8/7c), which finds Eliza going “full-throttle with her teaching method,” Dominczyk previews, adding that it’s “definitely the biggest episode for Minnick” so far.

“I hope Eliza sticks around,” Dominczyk adds of her currently open-ended stint. “I don’t know if she’s going to stick around, but it’s been super fun playing her.”