horned slugs

Horned Slug: While we remain unclear as to the developmental cycles of the creatures of the wood, we posit that the Horned Slug may be a cycle in the life of the Velvet slug.  Whether a juvenile or adult form is unclear.  While the form is smaller and seems overall less developed than the Velvet slug, magic does not always follow a linear route of development.  It is possible it is some variety of form mimicry, especially as we found the Velvet Slug far more numerous than the Horned Slug, but we refrain from further judgement at this time until more study of both creatures can be made.

Potions Class: Year 1

Cure for boils

  • Dried nettles
  • 6 snake fangs
  • 4 horned slugs 
  • 2 porcupine quills
  • Pungous Onions
  • Flobberworm Mucus
  • Ginger root
  • Shrake spines

Memory loss

  • 2 drops of Lethe River Water
  • 2 Valerian sprigs
  • 2 measures of Standard Ingredient
  • 4 mistletoe berries

Herbicide Potion: Kills plants 

  • Flobberworm mucus
  • Horklump juice
  • Lionfish spines
  • Standard Ingredient

Wideye Potion: Prevents the drinker from falling asleep. Also awakens from drugging or concussion

  • 6 snake fangs
  • 4 measures of Standard Ingredient
  • 6 dried Billywig stings
  • 2 sprigs of Wolfsbane

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Can you write about harry finding out about wolfstar coz that gives me life tbh


  • Harry would tbh already know
  • It would just be Sirius and Remus who would think he was just finding out
  • He’d just be in his room doing some Hogwarts summer work (which would probably be so hard tbh like ‘please write 22 inches on the properties of horned slugs’ ‘please draw a diagram demonstrating the anatomy of a centaur with your labeling in Latin’)
  • He’d be really sick of staring at his textbooks all day so he’d just decided to venture down to the kitchens for some pumpkin pasties, or maybe make himself a peanut butter sandwich
  • He walks into the kitchen,
  • “Hey Sirius, do we have-”
  • Sirius quickly steps back from between Remus’ legs and Remus tries to gracefully slide down from his seat on the counter top but c’mon Harry already saw
  • “Harry!” (overly cheerful and casual) “I- We- Um.” Remus is blushing to hard to try and even attempt to cover this up
  • Harry’s just standing there, looking between the two of them,
  • Sirius is fiddling with the drawers of the kitchen island, opening and closing one over and over again
  • Remus puts out a hand to stop him
  • “Sorry” Sirius mumbles
  • the truth is they’re both so terrified about how Harry’s going to react they don’t know what to do
  • But what Harry did they were not  expecting
  • He walked over to the cabinet, and got out a plate and some bread and peanut butter
  • He was silent the entire time he was spreading peanut butter, Sirius and Remus alternating between staring at each other and staring at Harry, bewildered
  • then finally, Harry looked up,
  • “You two really think this is surprising to me don’t you?”
  • Remus spluttered, “What?”
  • Sirius, “It’s… not?”
  • Harry just rolls his eyes, and said over his shoulder as he exited the kitchen,
  • “Not only do you forget I sleep down the hall, you forget silencing charms.”
Love Potion, After All- George Weasley imagine

Request: George (your bf for a while) imagine where he helps you study for a potions test but you just can’t help but stare ;) thank you


“Are you getting this, Y/N?” George smirked, laying the empty clear flask on the table. You blinked, your thoughts coming back to you.

“You…put the leaves in…after the third stir….then you stir twice more in the opposite direction.” You mumbled, your eyes tracing your boyfriend’s jaw line. Licking your lips, you shook your head.

“Then what?” George encouraged.

“You…um…put in the horned slugs?”
“How many?” George leaned in closer, expectantly studying your face. You pinched your eyes closed, trying to remember.

“Ttthhhh–four!” Your eyes flicked open, recalling how he released them one at a time. Those long fingers delicately handling the creatures…You realized you were staring again.

“I can leave, have someone else come help. Maybe Malfoy? He’s great at potions.” George said half-sarcastically. You crinkled your nose.

“No thanks.” You grumbled.

“Then concentrate. Show me what you do after that.” He stepped aside, letting you in front of the bubbling, green liquid spilling green steam over the brim of the cauldron. You reached for the stirring stick and dipped it in the pot. You retraced your memory; right, you were looking at George’s flaming hair as it duly reflected the green potion. What did he do? Right– you grabbed the mistletoe plant from the table behind the pot, and grinded between your fingers, small flakes falling into the pot.

“Great job, Y/N.” George kissed your cheek. You felt yourself blush, but you stirred the amount of times George had previously instructed. The pot turned white, and curly spirals floated from it, bringing with it a soft scent of George’s soap back at the Burrow.

“Amortentia.” You whispered, sighing dreamily as the smell of your favorite food followed George’s soap. Then finally your favorite perfume.

“Told you you could do it.” George smiled, rubbing your back. “You’ll pass now, at least!” He laughed. You turned to him and grabbed him by his tie. You roughly planted your lips on George’s, kissing your anxious waiting away. You released him, stepping back and wiping your thumb on his lips. His lips were glossy and tinted pink from your lipstick.

“What was that for?” He asked hoarsely. You winked and bit your lip.

“It is a love potion, after all.” You sighed in reply, taking in a deep breath of the scent in the air again.


Thanks for requesting :)

protectsiriusblack  asked:


  • Okay so Sirius is like, really really bad a keeping secrets
  • Like really bad
  • But he’s determined to keep this one
  • Because this year Remus’ birthday is falling on a full moon night and he wants Remus to have a great birthday even if the party isn’t on the exact date
  • First he has to somehow invite everyone without Remus finding out which proves to be a real challenge because Remus is always with him
  • So he starts making up stupid errands for Remus to do like, “love, will you go get me some sweets from the kitchens pleeassee?” “REMUS QUICK I NEED HORNED SLUGS OR MY POTION WILL BE RUINED GO GO GO- okay, hi Lily so I’m planning this party-”
  • “Remus meet me upstairs in two minutes. If you aren’t naked by the time I get there I will not have sex with you for a week if you run now you can still make it- *Remus takes off running* Okay good, Hi Marlene, Alice, so I’m throwing Remus this party-”
  • It works for a while but finally Remus gets really fucking fed up with it, “Get your own sweets and ingredients I’m not your house elf!”
  • And then he gets kind of hurt by it because why is he always pushing me away? Why is he always whispering? What did I do wrong?
  • The second Remus confronts him about this Sirius just blurts it right out
  • “Why are you pushing me away? What did I do?”
  • “W-what?” Sirius is sweating because fuck what does he say? “I’m not-”
  • “Please don’t lie Sirius. Please. If you don’t want to be with me just tell me-”
  • And the hurt look on Remus’ face is too much
  • And he absolutely cannot under any circumstances, have Remus thinking he doesn’t want to be with him
  • “I’mnotpushingyouawayI’mtryingtoinvitepeopletoyourSURPRISEPARTY.”
  • Remus stutters, “What?”
  • Sirius just sighs, “You’re surprise party. I’m trying to secretly throw you a surprise party so it can be- y’know, a surprise…
  • Remus is stunned into silence
  • “But I couldn’t have you thinking I didn’t love you or something, could I?”
  • “Shit, Pads… That’s… Thank you. I- thank you. I’m sorry… I never really thought-”
  • Sirius just presses a hand over Remus’ mouth stopping his apologies,
  • “Just promise you’ll act surprised, alright? For me?”
  • Remus grins, nodding, “Anything for you.”
  • Phase Two: The cake
  • Step One in Phase Two: “Hey Lily, do you know a spell that can make me shrink down so I can jump out of the cake?” 
  • “Oh for Merlin’s sake, shut up, Sirius.”

Headcanon where James, Sirius and Peter hex Remus’ books so its instructions changes suddenly during the class. Sometimes words are replaced by others when Remus starts to read the sentence and other times little stupid notes pops up after each instruction written in each boy’s calligraphy. So let’s see what happens during brewing instructions for Cure for Boils potion, for example.


1 x Horned Slugs 
I don’t know about Slugs, but you have a Horned best friend.
You should try use it.

For scientific reasons.

1 x Porcupine Quills
Just take Wormtail and we’re fine.

1 x Snake Fangs
Werewolf fang is so much cooler.
And I’m pretty sure you can find some pairs in Padfoot’s buttocks.

1. Add 6 Werewolf Fangs to the mortar.

2. Crush into a fine powder using your…dick.
Who needs a pestle anyway.

Really, Padfoot?

3. Add 4 measures of crushed fangs to your ass.

4. Heat to a high temperature… oh that’s easy for you moony… for 10 seconds.

5. Wave your wand.
Wave my wand.

6. Leave to brew and return in 45 minutes.
Yeah like you do with Padfoot when he wants to shag.

Not cool, Prongs.

7. Add a Horned Best Friend to your… *insert three diferent ink scratches randomly blurring the page while all the boys try to stop what’s coming next.*

…. Ass.

Adding things in Moony’s ass is my job, not yours.
Bloody hell I was doing a good job living without that information.

8. Add 2 Porcupine Quills to your cauldron.
Add Wormtail to… yeah Moony, we'are aware of the diference between a porcupine and a rat, shut up and just add it.

I think it’s important for you to complete the instruction otherwise Mr. Know-it-all can get confused and adds Wormtail to his ass instead of to his cauldron.

You guys are bloody disgusting.

9. Stir 5 times, clockwise.
Oh yeah Moony.
Just like that.
Oh god, you’re good.

Really, Padfoot? Just 5 times?


10. Wave your wand to complete the potion.
Oh yeah, wave your—
Oh for fuck’s sake who had this goddamn idea.
Close this fucking book Moony, I beg you.

That’s why Remus was a totally nerd at Potions, simply because he had to know by heart all the instructions since his book was completely useless. And despite of Remus’ inicial contempt, it was his idea of using that stupid Popping-letters-up-Hex to hide the Marauders Map’s content.

It’s better not talk about how Tom Riddle’s diary follows the same idea. 

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Can you do a Jily one Where James loves likes freckles and curves and stuff like he just loves everything about her?:D

I’ve been waiting for some Jily :) Thank you!

  • James’ grades were falling, but not for the reasons you’d think.
  • It wasn’t Quidditch (not completely at least)
  • It wasn’t him being lazy
  • No,
  • It was Lily Evans
  • Because Lily Evans was… Lily Evans
  • Because Lily Evans had a freckle just below her ear that he could see from his seat behind her in Transfiguration every day
  • A freckle that took all his attention away from professor McGonagall because who the fuck cares about toads into goblets when he could be kissing that freckle
  • There goes his Transfiguration grade
  • Lily Evans who, in Potions, always throws her hair up into a messy bun
  • And who cares about a 5 horned snugs vs. 5 flobber worms when James could be twirling the little tendrils that are falling out around her face around his fingers, or tucking them behind her ear and kissing her forehead that’s creased in concentration
  • He’s not paying attention to slug horn warning them of the consequences of stirring 5 times instead of 4, he’s thinking about tugging on the bun until her hair falls down around her shoulders and he can knot his fingers in it
  • His potion turns to stone in his cauldron
  • There goes his Potions grade
  • Lily Evans who, in charms, bends over to get her feather off the floor and brings James to his knees
  • Lily Evans who makes him have to put one of the cushions they’re suppose to be making fly across the room over his lap because fuck he’s just a 17 year old boy what do you expect???
  • He’s not paying attention to puny Professor Flitwick and his lecture on wand movement because his mind is on a whole other type of wrist flicking
  • There goes his Charms grade
  • Lily Evans who, in the common room, comes down from the girl’s dormitory dressed in nothing but pajama shorts and one if his sweaters
  • How is he suppose to focus on what Sirius is saying when she comes over and curls up right in his lap?
  • She smirks at him because there’s no pillow to cover his lap this time
  • There goes his dignity

**The tutorial that she WISH she made progress pictures for but didn’t because she didn’t think ahead of time**

Hey guys! Recently I was asked if I could make a tutorial for My Condesce Horns, so I decided to throw this together as a reference for everyone who has ever wanted to attempt her! This will be my first tutorial, so if I made something unclear or if you want me to elaborate on something, send me an ask and I’ll clear it up asap!

                                   Tell us a bit about the horns:

These horns are made of styrofoam and plywood, which made it EXTREMELY light, but also durable. It’ll easily fit on your head and will be comfortable to wear. The head harness adds comfort and makes it so the horns + wig stay in place. The wig is going to be your BIGGEST weigh down if you choose to use her canon hair. If you don’t then wow..you basically got free roam. You can’t do a backflip or bend your head all the way back though. That is your only restriction. I wore these for an entire day and the only issue I had was that the wig made it extremely hot and was the cause of about 5 holes in my house.

Here is a picture of what the shape of the horns should look like after they are done. You can alter the shape and size to whatever you’d like though! (I have them screwed into a wig, which is recommended or else it’s going to look funky with the giant head harness popping out):

***NOTE: You will need power tools to make these, as you need to use a whole saw and it’s recommended to use other power tools for cutting purposes. But you could find a creative solution around that.***

To find out how to make them

Keep reading

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Just wondering about lily in your film. We've seen from your trailer she gets angry and sad and looks caring but will the cheeky vivacious side of lily that slug horn describes be seen in the movie?:)

You’ll see a lot of sides to Lily Evans. Laura is an incredible actress, and brought an unbelievable amount of depth to her performance. And while the script follows a number of characters (as opposed to following a single narrator like the books do), Lily is definitely the protagonist of the story.

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Harry teasing Draco and calling him "blondie" and "ferret" all the time and Draco being too stubborn to admit that he loves it.

HA “Ferret” This is gonna be fun:

  • Draco is literally the stubbornest person on this planet first of all I mean everybody realizes this
  • Harry is probably the only person on the planet who actually finds it cute
  • Everybody else rolls their eyes and just gives up on trying to talk to him but Harry wants to do nothing but talk to him
  • He’s rather clingy actually
  • Draco thinks he’s just trying to be boyfriendy but really, he’s a bit scared Draco might disappear - a little like everyone else he’s every loved - not that he loves Draco! *cough couch* 
  • Anyway, along with this clingy natures comes: The Nicknames
  • They appear everywhere
  • Pass me some toast, will you Blondie?”
  • Draco straightens up in his seat, already uncomfortable at the Gryffindor table and now even more so that he’s fucking blushing 
  • “Excuse me, Potter?”
  • Harry just smirks. He’s been doing that a lot. Draco thinks Harry got it from him.
  • “You’re brewing it wrong, Blondie, it’s 5 horned slugs not three.”
  • “C’mon blondie, 5 more minutes… Potions doesn’t start for 10…” *Pulls him by his robes back into the broom cupboard* (quick side bar to three minutes later in McGonagall’s office and Draco hissing in his ear, “You always forget a silencing charm, Potter, honestly!” 
  • “Sorry, ferret.”
  • Draco’s jaws are on the floor this time.
  • Excuse. Me. ????????”
  • But McGonagall trying not to laugh at this
  • Harry just smirks
  • The truth is though Draco is putting up a bit of an act when it comes to Harry’s nicknames for him
  • Truth is, he’d never really had anyone to call him nicknames before Harry
  • Truth is, no matter what he said, he sort of loves it
  • Because they let him know that Harry, just maybe, could love him. Or at least love him enough to think up nicknames
  • Truth is, every time he hears “blondie” or “love” come out of Harry’s mouth, his heart swells so much it hurts. He has to fight a smile ever fucking time (or at least until he’s alone in his bed that night - then he just grins at the ceiling).
  • Really any nickname Harry gave him would turn him to mush
  • Except Ferret, that he could do with out. The memory is still a bit fresh.

Thanks for the Request, I hope you like it :)

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