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Magickal Folk Names for Herbs

Having knowledge of herbs and plants (either magically or medicinally) during the Middle Ages, often was reason enough to accuse a woman of being a “witch,” so there is no doubt some of the country folk at the time took these herbal folk names literal.  Chances are, these names were used merely as descriptors to help remember them easier.  Most plants were given names descriptive of their uses and others were given names for something they generally resembled. Spells written by witches in ancient times were often written with such descriptors, which personally i believe to be a form of secret coding.

Here is a small list of “witchy” herb names (most of these are already floating around the community) that you can use in your craft when you create your spells.  This list could be a great addition to any Grimoire and i hope you find them as useful as i do.

Enjoy ~~~  Cannawitch


Aaron’s Rod - Goldenrod or mullein stalk
Absinthe - Wormwood
Adder’s Fork - Adder’s Tongue Fern or Bistort
Adder’s Tongue - Dog’s Tooth Violet (or Adder’s Tongue Fern
Ague root - Unicorn root
Alison - Sweet Alyssum
Angel Food, Archangel - Angelica
Angel’s Trumpet - Datura
Ass’s Ear - colt’s foot or comfrey
Ass’s Foot, Bull’s Foot - colt’s foot
Auld Man’s Bells, Old man’s bells - wood hyacinth, Hyacinthoides hispanica

Bad Man’s/Devil’s Oatmeal/Porridge - hemlock
Bad Man’s/Devil’s Plaything - Yarrow
Bastard - false Dittany
Bat flower - tacca
Bat’s Wing - Holly leaf
Bat’s Wool - moss (which moss?)
Bear’s Foot - Lady’s Mantle
Bear’s Grape Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Bear Paw - ramsons Allium ursinum or the root of male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas
Bear weed - Yerba Santa Eriodictyon californicum
Beard of a Monk - Chicory
Beggar’s Lice - Hound’s tongue
Beggar’s Buttons - Burdock
Bird’s Eye - Speedwell Veronica officinalis
Bird’s Foot - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum (Also bird’s foot violet and bird’s foot trefoil)
Bird’s Nest - carrot, Indian pipe
Bishop’s Wort, Bishop’s Elder - Wood betony Stachys betonica
Bitter Grass - Ague Root Aletris Farinosa
Black Sampson - Echinacea
Blazing Star - liatris
Blind Eyes - Poppy
Blood from a head - Lupine *
Blood from a shoulder - Bear’s breech *
Blood of a Goose - Sap from a mulberry * Morus nigra
Blood of an Eye - Tamarisk gall * (probably the tannin extracted from)
Blood of Ares - purslane *
Blood of Hephaestus - wormwood *
Blood of Hestia - Chamomile *
Blood - sap of the elder or bloodwort
Bloody butcher - Valerian
Bloody Fingers - Foxglove
Blue Bottle - Bachelor’s buttons
Boy’s Love, Lad’s Love: Southernwood
Brain Thief - Mandrake
Bone of an Ibis - buckthorn * I am not sure if this is Rhamnus cathartica or sea buckthorn Hippophae spp If I can find a recipe containing this, I will know for sure by comparing its purpose to their very different qualities
Bread and Cheese - Hawthorn
Bride of the Meadow - meadowsweet
Bull’s Blood - beet or horehound
Burning bush - false dittany, also a modern name for species of Euonymus
Cow’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
Bride of the Sun - calendula
Brown Dragon - wake robin
Buttons - tansy

Calf’s snout - Snapdragon
Candlemas Maiden - snowdrop
Candlewick - mullein, the flower stalk
Capon’s Tail - valerian
Carpenter’s Herb - bugleweed Lycopus europaeus
Carpenter’s Square - knotted figwort
Carpenter’s weed - Yarrow
Cat - catnip
Cat’s foot - white balsam, black cohosh, ground ivy
Cat’s herb - valerian
Chameleon star - bromeliad
Cheeses - marsh mallow
Chocolate flower - wild geranium (I don’t buy it)
Christ’s eye - wild clary Salvia verbenaca
Christ’s ladder - centaury
Christ’s spear - adder’s tongue fern Ophioglossum vulgatum
Church steeple - Agrimony
Clear eye - clary sage
Cleavers - bedstraw
Click - goosegrass
Clot - great mullien
Cocklebur - Agrimony
Cock’s comb - amaranth
Colt’s Tail - fleabane
Crane’s bill - wild geranium
Crow’s foot - wild geranium, or wood anemone bulbous buttercup (verified)
Crowdy kit - figwort
Cuckoo’s bread - common plantago
Cucumber tree - magnolia
Cuddy’s lungs - great mullein
Crown for a king - wormwood

Dagger flower - blue flag
Daphne - bay laurel
Dead man’s bells foxglove
Death angel - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death cap - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death flower - Yarrow
Death’s Herb - Belladonna
Delight of the Eye - rowan
Devil Plant - basil
Devil’s Apple - Mayapple or Mandrake
Devil’s beard - houseleek
Devil’s bit - false unicorn root
Devil’s cherries Belladonna berries
Devil’s plaything - yarrow
Devil’s dung - asafoetida
Devil’s ear - wakerobin
Devil’s eye - henbane or periwinkle
Devil’s flower - bachelor’s buttons
Devil’s fuge - mistletoe
Devil’s guts - dodder
Devil’s herb - belladonna
Devil’s milk - celandine
Devil’s nettle - yarrow
Devil’s Shoestring: Various varieties of vibernum, esp Black Haw, cramp bark, hobblebush
Dew of the Sea - Rosemary
Dog Berry - wild rose hips
Dog’s mouth - snap dragon
Dog’s tongue - hound’s tongue
Dove’s foot - wild geranium
Dragon - tarragon
Dragon Flower - blue flag (really, wild iris? not an arum or a Antirrhinum?)
Dragon wort - bistort
Dragon’s blood - calamus

Eagle - ramsons Allium ursinum
Earth apple - potato
Earth smoke- fumitory
Elf’s wort - Elecampane
Enchanter’s plant - vervain
Englishman’s fruit/ White man’s foot - common plantain
Everlasting friendship - goosegrass
Eye root - goldenseal

Fairy smoke - Indian pipe
Fairy fingers - foxglove
Fat from a Head - spurge *
Felon herb - Mugwort
Five fingers - cinquefoil
Fox’s Clote - burdock
Frog’s foot - bulbous buttercup
From the belly - Earth-apple. * potato?? Did the writers know about potatoes? When was pgm written?
From the foot - houseleek *
From the loins - chamomile *

Goat’s foot - morning glory
Goat’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
God’s hair - hart’s tongue fern
Golden’s star - avens
Gosling’s wing - goosegrass
Graveyard dust - mullein (and sometimes it’s just graveyard dust)

Hag’s taper - mullien stalk
Hagthorn - hawthorn
Hair of Venus - Maidenhair fern
Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed *
Hare’s beard - mullein
Hawk’s Heart, Old Woman - Wormwood Artemisia absinthium crown or seed head *
Hind’s tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Holy herb - yerba santa
Holy rope - hemp agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum
Horse tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Hundred eyes - periwinkle

Innocence - bluets

Jacob’s Staff - Great Mullein
Joy of the Mountain - Marjoram
Jupiter’s Staff - Great Mullein

King’s Crown: Black Haw vibernum
Knight’s Milfoil - Yarrow
Kronos’ Blood - sap of Cedar *

Lady’s glove - foxglove
Lamb’s ears - betony but more likely lamb’s ear Stachys byzantina
Lion’s Hair - The extra little roots that stick out of the turnip bulb or the base leaves Brassica rapa *
Lion’s tooth - dandelion
Little dragon - tarragon
Love in idleness - pansy
Love Lies Bleeding - amaranth (Not so ancient, a modern ornamental variant)
Love Leaves - burdock
Love man - goosegrass
Love Parsley - lovage
Love root - orris root

Maiden’s Ruin - Southernwood
Man’s Bile - Turnip Juice *
Man’s Health - Ginseng
Master of the Woods - Woodruff
May Lily - Lily of the Valley
May Rose - Black Haw viburnum
May - Black Haw viburnum
Maypops - Passion Flower
Mistress of the Night - Tuberose
Mutton Chops - Goosegrass

Nose Bleed - Yarrow

Old Man’s Flannel - Great Mullein
Old Man’s Pepper - Yarrow
Old-Maid’s-Nightcap - Wild Geranium

Password - primrose
Peter’s Staff - Great Mullein
Poor Man’s Treacle - Garlic
Priest’s Crown - Dandelion leaves

Queen of the Meadow Root - Gravelroot
Queen of the Meadow - Meadowsweet
Queen of the Night - Vanilla Cactus

Rats and Mice - Hound’s tongue
Ram’s horn - valerian
Ring a Bells - bluebell
Robin run in the grass - goosegrass

Scaldhead - blackberry
Seed of Horus - horehound
See bright - Clary sage
Semen of Ammon - Houseleek *
Semen of Ares - Clover *
Semen of Helios - White Hellebore *
Semen of Hephaistos - Fleabane *
Semen of Herakles - arugula *
Semen of Hermes - Dill *
Seven Year’s Love Yarrow
Shameface - Wild Geranium
Shepherd’s Heart - Shepherd’s Purse
Silver Bells - Black Haw viburnum
Snake Root - black cohosh
Soapwort - Comfrey or Daisy or maybe Soapwort
Sorcerer’s Violet - Periwinkle
Sparrow’s Tongue - Knotweed
St. John’s Herb - Hemp Agrimony
St. John’s Plant - Mugwort
Star Flower - Borage
Star of the Earth - Avens
Starweed - Chickweed
Sweethearts - Goosegrass
Swine’s Snout - Dandelion leaves

Tail of a Pig - Leopard’s bane *
Tanner’s bark - toadflax
Tartar root - ginseng
Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon - Dill Juice *
Thousand weed - yarrow
Thunder plant - houseleek
Titan’s Blood - Wild Lettuce Lactuca virosa *
Torches - mullein flower stalk

Unicorn’s horn - unicorn root or false unicorn root
Urine - dandelion or maybe urine

Wax dolls - fumitory
Weasel - rue
Weasel snout - yellow archangel
Winter wood - wild cinnamon Canella alba
White - ox eye daisy
Witch’s Asprin - white willow bark (this is ancient?)
Witch’s brier - wild brier rose hips
Wolf claw - club moss
Wolf’s foot - bugleweed
Wolf’s milk - euphorbia
Woodpecker - herbLpeony
Worm fern- male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas

Yerba Santa Maria - epazote

Plant Parts/Body Parts

Blood - Sap or juice
Eye - The disc of a composite flower, or a seed
Foot - Leaf
Guts - Roots, stalks, tangly bits
Hair - Very stringy roots (sometimes silk or tangly stems)
Head - Flower head or seed head
Tail - Stem
Tongue - Petal, sometimes stigma
Toes - leaf or bud
Paw - sometimes bud, usually leaf
Privates - Seed pod
Worm - stringy roots
Wool - Moss


A Snake’s Ball of Thread - soapstone *
Blood of a Snake - hematite *
Crocodile Dung - Soil from Ethiopia *
A Physician’s bone - sandstone *

Animal Parts

A Snake’s Head - A leech *
Blood of a Hyrax - A rock badger, * small weasel-like/rodent-like (but actually neither) creature native to Africa and the Middle East
Blood of a Hamadryas Baboon - Blood of a spotted gecko *
Bull’s semen - the egg of a blister beetle *
Lion Semen - Human semen *
Kronos’ Spice - Pig Milk *

* From Ecloga ex Papyris Magicis: Liber I, V, xxvi

More Sources for verification -

  • Galen - De succedaneis, Claudii Galeni Opera Omnia, v 19
  • Paulus Aegineta, Corpus Medicorum Graecorum IX/2 vII
  • Dioscorides De Materia Medica
  • Witchipedia
  • Lady Raven
  • Tryskelion
Proposed legislation

ban all radio stations from using the following sound effects:

  • police siren
  • car horn
  • ringing phone
  • text alert
  • alarm clock
  • screeching tires
  • sudden scream

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anonymous asked:

How would fresh react to a S/O who swear's a lot?


Reality-bending is kind of his thing, & honey, he’s not holding back on you either. Let’s just say you’re going to find your vocabulary riddled with a lot of…odd, unexpected bleeping. A sudden truck horn blares, your phone rings, someone coughs–every time you try to swear. His solution is simple: keep it family-friendly fresh, sweetheart, & you’ll have no problems!

Work hard, play hard

Jughead Jones x Reader

The pictures for episode 8 motivated to write this. Enjoy!

With Jughead living with the Andrews now it was strange having my best friend only a few doors down the street. It was even weirder walking past Andrews construction and seeing Jughead, Archie, Kevin, Moose and a few other guys working together. What made it so weird is that Jughead was willingly working with Moose considering he is a jock.

“Is that Jughead Jones doing some heavy lifting?” I joked walking into the work yard, Mr Andrews throwing me a hard hat as soon as he seen me.

“Thanks!” Catching the helmet before it hit me in the face or winded me.

“What are you doing here?” Archie asked walking over to me with Jughead. Their clothes covered in dirt and sweat dripping off their faces.

“I was just going for a walk and this is what I find” Slightly smirking at the two sweaty, dirty boys in front of me.

“Well you’ve made my day so much brighter” Jug joked placing my helmet on my head, moving some stray hairs from in front of my face.

Looking up into his blue-green eyes, a small smile evident on my face as well as his, a slight blush gracing my cheeks. My heart was beating like crazy at the small action Jughead had went too. We’ve sat closer than this in Pops, we’ve even sat on each other when we’ve argued over a seat in the student lounge at school and never has my body reacted like this before.

“Here to help?” Archie chimed in clearing his throat, Jughead standing beside me, throwing his arm around my shoulder. “Could always use an extra pair of hands” He smiled, wiping his face with his t-shirt.

“I’ll make coffees and a food run?” I offered not really wanting to spend most of my day sweating but I don’t mind watching.

Work hard, play hard” Jughead winked.

“Okay princess” Archie joked rolling his eyes. “Dad, Y/N’s going to help” He shouted over to Fred.

After getting everyone’s orders for Pops, I left everyone to get back to work, Mr Andrews letting me use the truck thanks to the huge orders from these half grown men not to mention the fully grown men.


Returning back to the work yard half an hour later and the help of Pops helping put all the orders in the truck. Parking the truck I was going to beep the horn but the sight of a shirtless Archie and Jughead in a vest, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Why had I never noticed how attractive two of my best friends are. Finally getting myself together, I beeped the horn and jumped out of the truck.

“Lunch boys!” I shouted even though everyone turned everything off and vacated their work stations as soon as I tooted the horn.

“Burger, fries, onion rings, black coffee and a chocolate milkshake” Jug grinned looking at his order. “You’re the best” Kissing my cheek as he took his order.

Watching as Jughead walked towards the office I couldn’t help but notice how defined his shoulder blades looked through his vest, how his black jeans with the suspenders slightly clung to his hips and his famous black boots, food bag in one hand and his safety helmet in the other and of course his beanie still on his curly locks, somehow.

“He’s a lot happier now isn’t he?” I spoke to Archie, as he stood beside me at the truck watching me as I watched Jughead.

“He’s not drowning anymore” Archie agreed, nudging me with his shoulder, a smirk decorating his lips. “He’s always a lot happier after seeing you too” He winked, taking his order, kissing my other cheek and following Jugheads footsteps, leaving me with my jaw on the floor and a swell in my heart.


I just designed rings to accompany the 4 houses of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.   Since these houses do not have distinct colors like the Hogwarts Houses, I had to rely on the setting to convey the symbol of each house.  Each ring is a gold Celtic design and the colors are blue (sapphire) and/or cranberry (red garnet) to complement the Ilvermorny robes. To see my Hogwarts house inspired rings click here.

I’m Horned Serpent

Which House are you?

btswifi  asked:

BTS reaction to them pranking their girlfriend (like what types of pranks they would pull on her) thanks!

Jin: Brandishing your phone under his nose, you would back Jin into a corner of the kitchen, ignoring his startled protests. “Yah, jagiya, what-” Your annoyed voice cut him off. “What is it? What’d you change the password to?” His artfully innocent expression would make you snort, snatching back the phone and turning it on. A smiling Jin blowing a kiss filled the lock screen, and as much as you loved your idiot boyfriend, you hadn’t been the one to put that picture there. Your password hadn’t worked, and numerous guesses - even with Namjoon’s help - hadn’t been able to find the right one. “Usually you don’t leave your picture at the scene of the crime, Seokjin. Now what did you change the password to?” Your tone would make him gulp (dramatically), but his growing grin was anything but nervous. You’d have just enough time to have a sinking sensation in your stomach before the smiling boy burst into a laugh, barely able to get the words out. “Couldn’t you guess jagiya? It’s Seokwin!”  

Suga: His eyebrow would rise in a vaguely interested gesture when you flew into his room, looking up curiously from his laptop, but his bland expression wouldn’t fool you. The towel wrapped tightly around your body, hair still soaking wet, you would gesture with the bar of soap in your hand. “You did this, didn’t you!? You stole my clear nail polish and put it on this!” For the last five minutes you’d been attempting to wash with the soap, and absolutely nothing had happened until you’d taken a closer look at the bar and realized what was going on. His head would tilt as a slow, unrepentant smirk traveled across his mouth, eyes skipping from your towel to your face. “I told you I’d get you back for pranking me.”

You’d throw the soap at his head. “That was six months ago!” His low laughter would follow you out the door and back to the bathroom, and your nail polish would be returned the next day, apology not included.

J-Hope: “Waah, jagiya, I almost had a heart attack!” Clutching dramatically at his chest, eyes wide and earnest, almost unable to get the words out through his laughter, J-Hope would beam down at where you’re sprawled on the floor, your chair tipped over beside you, the sound of the air horn still a ringing echo in your ears, heart beating hard against your ribs. You’d gone to sit down when you’d suddenly been assaulted by a blaring hooooonk, loud enough that you’d fallen straight out of the chair in your attempt to jump away. Scowling, staring at the air horn strapped to the bottom of your seat and very quick to understand what had happened, you would snap, “You almost had a heart attack? I think I just died from shock.” If anything, his smile would become wider, and you’d know exactly what he was going to say as he helped you from the floor, seconds before he said it. “Ah, jagiya, I think you did die. After all, I’m your hope, I’m your angel!”

Rap Monster: A soft sigh would come from beside you, and you’d glance curiously at the boy who sat on the bed as you wrote at your desk. “What, Namjoon?” you’d ask, and he’d shrug with what seemed to be excessive casualness, running his fingers over his lips. “Just thinking about a person’s ability to become so inured in habit that that which is outside the habitual acts totally escapes their notice.” It would be your turn to sigh - the paper you're writing has pretty much used up your brain power - and seeing your confusion, Namjoon would elaborate. “Take your desk, for example. You sit there every day, and keep your items in vaguely the same spots, right?” You would nod in agreement, glancing at the area in question. Pens and pencils, check. Sheets of paper, check. Reference book, check. Everything you’d need, well within reach. His face would have taken on a wounded expression when you looked back at him. “Well I can’t help but wonder, jagiya, how - how - you haven’t noticed that I’ve been moving everything around every day for the past week!” Oops.

Jimin: Walking through the house, you’d pick up the next card, a bright blue sheet that said ‘Your gift will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.’ You’d come home to find a neon green piece of paper just inside the front door that said, in Jimin’s unique writing, ‘Find all seven cards to receive your gift.’ The next few minutes would be you searching through the house, finding cards in various locations, all of them hinting at some awesome, incredible gift. Your mind would fly all over the place, trying to imagine what your boyfriend had got you, growing more and more excited as you found five, then six, then all seven of the cards. They weren't exactly well hidden, at all. Grabbing your cell, you’d text Jimin, “Found all seven. Now what?” and a few seconds later you’d receive a reply. “Look in the upstairs closet.” Ah, what could it be? That new camera you wanted? Tickets to the concert you’d mentioned going to see? Keys to a car!!? (Okay, maybe not that.) Bounding up the stairs, you would fling open the closet door… and stare at the shyly smiling boy inside, a bow placed carefully on his head.     

Taehyung:  Your wide eyes would pass from the boy standing frozen mid-step in the middle of the hallway outside your bedroom to the cups of water absolutely surrounding him, an earnest look of innocence on his face. He’d obviously been making his painstaking way through the hall, judging by numerous knocked over cups and spilled water, and you’d finally find your voice. “Tae… what is this?” His head would duck, foot thudding down… and knocking over another cup. As the liquid puddled around his bare feet, he’d smile his cutest smile. ”Jiminie-hyung put all of these cups outside your door and I was just clearing them away.” Given that none of the cups had actually been cleared, just knocked over, your eyes would narrow suspiciously. After a moment, wordlessly, sheepishly, he would point. Near your door, somewhat hidden by the amount of Styrofoam, his phone was sitting on the ground. “You were trying to get that back?” Tae would shift, red but still smiling, accidentally kicking one of the already spilled containers, and a chain reaction of teetering cups would be closely followed by your laughter.  

Jungkook: The look of confusion on the foreigner’s face would be your first hint, and the sudden, befuddled laugh your second. Your last hint would be Jungkook’s quiet snicker, coming from behind you, and a blush would come creeping up your face. Fighting the heat of embarrassment, you’d throw out a quick, “So sorry!” - one of the few phrases you do know in the language you’re trying to learn - and then whip around to face your boyfriend. In a low undertone you would hiss, “That doesn’t actually mean where’s the nearest restaurant, does it?” You almost wouldn’t need to bother asking, given how smug he’d look, and resisting the urge to smack him you’d demand, “Then what does it mean?” Shaking with amusement, his smile would become positively impish as he said, “Ah jagiya, you’re very cute when you’re embarrassed.” Raising up a hand before you can kill him, he’d add, still grinning, “What I taught you means ‘I’m too short to reach the top shelf.’”

Originally posted by jjks

 **Yay, another fun reaction! Thank you for requesting this, it was really amusing trying to think up some pranks that the boys could pull. Honestly, I think a few of them could definitely have shared their pranks (and Jimin totally helped Tae set out the water cups, then bailed when the phone needed to be retrieved). I hope you enjoy reading these reactions as much as I enjoyed writing them!**

~Admin Day

I’m approaching the end of WMF, when we first see Bast’s room. Apparently it’s full of “[…]pictures, trinkets and oddments. Locks of hair wrapped in ribbon. Whistles carved from wood. Dried flowers. Rings of horn and leather and woven grass.”

In Vintas, a ring of horn indicates powerful and lasting enmity. A ring of leather indicates service. And a ring of green grass indicates new love or courting.

The grass ring is fairly easy to explain - Bast is a bit of a player. And the leather ring probably represents his service to Kvothe/Kote, although he doesn’t wear it, which is interesting. But who is Bast’s powerful enemy?

“Talk dirty to me”    *blows horn of Gondor*