horned reaper

A follow up to “Music for Roleplaying Games”

Like seriously, the Dungeon Keepers soundtrack is amazing for RP

Need some spooky music for your horror game?
Take out “Storm the Dungeon / The Horned Reaper ”, use “Green Pleasant Land / Soft Flute” for the start, and have the rest on loop while spooky stuff start happening.

Cyberpunk? “Industrial Cave / It’s Construction Time” and “Blackmasked Monster / Ghostly Waterways”. They also work for most sci-fi. 

Want a feel of mystery? “Enchanted Cave / Mystical Tunnels” totally helps you out there! "Green Pleasant Land / Soft Flute” is also good. Works for both fantasy, sci-fi, pulp or whatever.

“Ghost Cave / Down Deep” is good for anytime you want to give them some chills, even if it’s full horror or just a little paranoia while they’re exploring a cave. I know of 2 people who’ve gotten Zelda-nightmares from that tune alone.

And of course “Storm the Dungeon / The Horned Reaper ” works for most epic showdowns.

Like seriously, if you’re a Gamemaster and you have the chance to check it out, do it. I use it all the time, especially when you end up having to GM without any good time for preparations. Might also want to check the game out, it’s pretty neat.



This is the Shepard the galaxy knows.

Burning brighter than a supernova, leaving in her wake a swath of cosmic dust as cold as the remnants of stars, with skin stronger than the hulls of starships and a voice that drowns out the dirge of reaper horns.

She is pixels of light on a vidscreen, a nebulous collation of propaganda and hope, a phoenix rising from the ashy snow of Alchera with the fate of billions riding on her shoulders.  

To the galaxy, Shepard is strong enough to hold them.


This is the Shepard the Normandy knows.

Scoured armor that always smells faintly of eezo, hardsuit alarms and the three shot clip of the Paladin, a batshit plan that somehow always works because she’s either blessed, cursed, or simply doesn’t give a fuck about the rules of time and space.

She is wise cracks and a dry laugh, a permanent smirk that wins every bluff when she plays Skyllian Five, the figure leaning against the doorframe who asks questions instead of answers them.

Because to the Normandy, Shepard is the answer.


This is the Shepard that Garrus knows.

Shoulders that slant without the protection of her armor, forehead resting on her arm as the water spatters off her back and onto the tiles, motionless until the scalding heat is spent and she shivers.

She is bloodshot eyes that shed hot, fresh tears she doesn’t know how to stop because she’s too tired to try, a cold body that shakes when she takes her mantle off and sets it aside, because the galaxy is too big and she is too small and she is not, not strong enough to hold it.  

But she is also freshly painted toes that curl into the carpet, because no matter how dark the days are she insists on adding some color to it. She is half smiles and soft hair slipping through his talons like strands of silk, a warm body that curls in his lap, hand on his carapace just so she can feel it rise and fall under her palm.

To Garrus, Shepard is whatever she needs to be.

For as long as she needs to be it.   

anonymous asked:

ok so my first time finishing me3 i accidentally picked the "control" ending and it was the most madoka magica thing i've ever seen tbh so my ideal me3 ending is shepard ascending to godhood and all her guns merge into a giant bow and arrow and she oneshots the reapers & mlg horns begin to play in the distance as shepard makes out with liara in full couple cosplay. roll credits. i'm fucking gay.