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There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.

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The Fellowship of the RingBoromir

There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.

Grab Life by the Horns

Last night on a D&D adventure, our tiefling warlock was in the process of getting rammed by an undead rothé.

Tiefling: I see it coming and put my horns down, ready to ram it back.

Me (DM): Wait, you what?!

Tiefling (OOC): I wanna ram him back! I have horns and I’m gonna use them.

Me: Fine, you squat down, presenting your horns to the rothé. It misses, but locks horns with you. Your horns versus a powerful undead beast, the animal wrenches its horns away, cracking the tip of your left horn off.

Tiefling: NO! Not lefty! He was my favorite!! It’s my turn next so I cast agonizing blast and aim for his… (OOC) Wait, can I roll to find out which horn is his favorite horn?

DM: Oh my god…sure.

*rolls a nat20*

Me, head in my hands: If an undead rothé could favor one horn over another, this one would pick the right horn.

Tiefling: Yes!! I cast agonizing blast on his right horn.

DM: It hits with force damage, splintering the horn off at the base and falling to the ground.

Tiefling: Aha!! You take my horn, I take yours!

The rothé comes back for the tiefling, ready to ram again.

Tiefling: Uh…I put my horns down, ready to ram too.

DM: You already lost one horn, why are you doing this to yourself?

Tiefling: I need to assert dominance!

DM: The attack hits, but with his right missing and your left missing, it’s left locks with your right horn. It strikes your puny tiefling head, cracking the tip off your right horn.

Tiefling: What?! No!!

The battle ended, the rothé fell in front of the tiefling.

Tiefling: (OOC) Can I take his remaining horns?

DM: Do a strength check.

*rolls 8*

DM: You put your foot on the rothé’s undead skull, pulling its left horn with all your strength. Your foot falls through the skull but the horn comes loose…too fast. You pull it into your shoulder doing *rolls a d4* 4 points of piercing damage to your shoulder.



middle-earth meme: eight characters (3/8) ➝ boromir, captain of the white tower

And seated a little apart was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. He was cloaked and booted as if for a journey on horseback; and indeed though his garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur, they were stained with long travel. He had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.

The Types as Hand Gestures and Poses
  • INTP: Vulcan salute
  • ESTP: middle finger
  • ISFP: peace sign
  • INFP: heart hands
  • ENFP: shadow puppet dog pose
  • INFJ: Finger to lips
  • ENTJ: Illuminati symbol
  • ENFJ: jazz hands
  • ENTP: finger guns
  • ESTJ: pointing
  • ISTP: punk rock Sign of the Horns
  • INTJ: Finger tips together Gendo Ikari style
  • ESFP: 👌
  • ISTJ: stroking chin
  • ESFJ: clapping
  • ISFJ: waving

30 Day LOTR Challenge - Day 25 Favorite Overall Character

“There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.”

FR Dream

My god guys, I had the fuckin wildest dream last night over FR

So the Coli updated and so did the way Dom works- as in Dominance Flights had rewards given to them. It was scary. There was war

Keeping first place in Dominance for more than 3 weeks in a row meant the Flight members who exalted more than a certain amount of dragons got a Breed Change scroll called the Victory Dragon Scroll. The Victory Dragon was amazing too- it had absolutely baller stats for the new Coli, making them excellent trainers, and ate primarily insects and seafood. It looked almost like a Pangolin- large, sheild-shaped scales, a long face with a horn at the tip of its nose, big fuckin fins that ran down its back, and small wings indicating it was a Water breed. Its tail was like a beaver’s- large and flat- and everyone wanted one.

Victory Dragons also had a chance of simply appearing in nests from dragons bred during a Dom period for the first-place Flight, regardless if they’ve held Dom for three weeks or not. Like a 5% chance of hatching a Victory Dragon happened for Flight Members whenever their flight was in the top spot. It happened to any Nest too, you could breed a Skydancer and a Coatl and get a Victory Dragon.

The Dom drama was real. Plague was the first one to get the Victory Dragons. Then Light. Then Plague got them again, and the site went fucking bananas

Alliances were made. The Plague-Light-Earth Alligence called “Salt the Desert”, the Water-Ice-Arcane called “Magic Stormfront”, the Nature-Shadow-Lightning called “Pinestrike Operatives”, the Fire-Wind alliance called “Firestorm Soldiers”… It was madness. I remember it so clearly, I would fully accept the fact that during sleep, I simply shifted dimensions to an alternate-universe version of myself playing an alternate-universe Flight Rising.

Dom battles? Nah, man- these were Dom Wars. Spies, datamining, users threatening users, everyone trying to get their paws on this Victory Dragon. Reports of people literally going after one another in real life, hijacking accounts and transferring dragons to other Flights in order to exalt- dear lord. When I woke up I had to check FR to see if the damage was real- but no, it was just an amazingly real-feeling dream which will now haunt me forever

anonymous asked:

How do u make your horns?

I use paperclay (ignore the cherubplay notif lmao) over aluminum foil for small horns and insulation foam or styrofoam for big horns. For styrofoam you want the kind made out of bubbles, not the crunchy kind.

(Also comes in pink and purple, you can find insulation foam boards at Home Depot or Lowes or places like that. They’re very big so if you have a tiny car like me you’ll have to snap it into manageable chunks in the parking lot to fit it in and you’ll have everyone stare at you)

Here’s an aluminum foil base. Sorry about the gross carpet s:

Here’s insulation foam bases. To make these you cut out the shape of your horns and hot glue several layers together (if you’re using thin layers) then sand them into shape. You do the same thing when using styrofoam except you can’t sand that I think? Granted I never tried, I just used scissors or an xacto blade and hacked off chunks.

Stick your clay on and don’t worry about making them super smooth or anything, it doesn’t matter. Just don’t put on a ton of clay; the less clay the better because it means the horns aren’t as heavy. Ideally you want the finished product to be a few millimeters thick, with the tips of horns being thicker to prevent breakage. Let them dry, don’t sand until they’re fully dry.

Also another important thing. Don’t do that thing where people don’t add enough clay to the bottoms of their horns. Rounded bottoms don’t look good and look fake af. That’s not how actual horns grow so make sure you add extra clay to the bottom. When you’re done with these you don’t want the horns to taper at the bottom; the bottom should be your thickest point and it should be flat.

When they’re dry I take an xacto blade and cut off any lumps to help make sanding go by faster.

Sanding is the most important part, it’s how you get nice, smooth horns. I start off with 60 grit sandpaper and sand until smooth, then I add on more paperclay to any uneven parts, cracks, dents, and areas that are too thin. If there’s aluminum foil or foam showing through, cut some of it out then refill with clay. Wait until dry, resand, and repeat as necessary until the horns are perfect. It’s very tedious and annoying but boy is the final product Noice. After that I sand them with 360 grit sandpaper to remove the marks left by the 60 grit (360 grit is super fine while 60 grit is rough.)

^^^ the same pair of horns, post sanding. Next to them is the insulation foam core before I sanded it into shape. At this point you can poke a hole in the bottom of the horns and hot glue in a screw anchor.

Here’s a pile of sanded horns ready to be painted. After you sand, the last thing you need to do is angle the bottoms (Some horns won’t need to be angled, like Terezi horns.) If the bottom isn’t properly angled your horns will stick out badly. I cut off just a tiny bit (I start off with around ¼ to 1/8 of an inch) to get the horns to point more inwards/backwards/wherever they need to go, you don’t need to lop off a ton. Start off with a little, it’s easier to cut off more than to re-add more clay because you cut off too much. Every time I cut some off I screw them into the wig to see how they stand up. This is also a good time to say that once you’re completely done with your horns it’s probably a good idea to replace the screw anchor since it could be pretty stripped. You might not screw yours into a wig to test them as much as I do, and if not then you might be fine.

Your horns should be ready to paint at this point. Wipe them down with some damp toilet paper to remove any dust first in order to prevent lumps in the paint. 

I use cheapo acrylics to paint my horns. I like my yellow to be thick but my orange and red to be thin to paint on layers easier, but it all depends on how you like to paint your horns. If your paint is too thick you can simply water it down. I also like to GENTLY sand off any bumps in the paint with my fine grit sandpaper between layers. Once they’re painted, seal them. I use Krylon aerosol sprays to seal them but I heard from someone that you can use Mod Podge hard coat as well? I like sprays because there’s no brush marks, but if you use those spongy brushes that could be a good way to eliminate brush strokes with Mod Podge. I’ve never tried it so don’t take my word for it.

If you want shiny horns get the spray in gloss. I use two different sprays, both matte finish, but one says dries in minutes and the other says clear latex finish (look where the red line is). I apply the latex one first and the dries in minutes one after. 

I use the screw method to install my horns. Horns on headbands looks downright awful. I used to use cardboard to stick the screws through but I use wonderflex now (the white stuff) but use whatever you’d like, so long as it’s sturdy. Make sure to use a washer (the donut looking thing) so the screw doesn’t push through the cardboard/wonderflex/whatever you have. For Captor horns I use a single piece of wonderflex per side because it’s a lot easier to screw them in if they had separate pieces per horn instead.

Screw anchors WILL get stripped eventually from screwing and unscrewing horns (you can tell when because your horn is no longer stable on your head and it wiggles around everywhere.) Just take some pliers and yank them out then hot glue in a new pair.

^ Screw anchors look like that.

For Nitram horns and tall horns like Makara horns, I screw them in as well but I also stabilize them with wire. I don’t exactly remember which gauge wire I use but I think it’s like… 14 or something??

Make sure to shape them to your head. Not too tight or else you’ll get a wicked headache while wearing your wig and horns. I make a hole in the wonderflex next to the screw hole and also a hole in the horn to stick the wire through; I screw the horns in first then shove the wire in. For Nitram horns angle the wires up to account for the weight of the horns so they don’t droop on your head. You’ll be able to angle horns whichever way you need if there’s wire in them.

(Ignore the yellow text.)

The pictures above were for a pair of tall horns, just stick one side in and bend the wire at the middle to get the other side in then rebend to its original shape.

This pair was specifically requested to be on a headband (which I don’t do anymore) but the ONLY time I will put horns on a headband is if they’re MONSTER HORNS that need more support. 

The headband goes UNDER the wig and the screws stick out of the wig, then you can screw the horns on that way. I do this for Dammek horns, ancestor horns, or big fantroll horns where wire support isn’t enough to keep them up.

Sometimes horns break, but they’re easily fixable. (God, a lot of these next pictures are of old horns and the paintjob sux, gomen)

This is a picture of Dammek’s horns when they broke while being sanded. I removed all the broken clay and added new clay. This was also during a stage where I was repairing thin spots.

That’s what they look like fixed. Notice the different colors from the patch job. Sometimes when I’m in a rush I’ll bake the horns to speed up drying but ONLY do that if your core is made of aluminum foil DO NOT bake your horns if the core is made of foam, it’ll melt. The darker clay is from when I baked it and the lighter clay is the patch job.

This is from when someone at a con snapped one of Dammek’s horns right in half.

Cut away any hanging bits and sand away some paint around the edge of the hole, then add some paperclay and let it dry. Sand it and repaint and reseal and they’ll be good as new. If there’s a crack, superglue it shut and fill in any gaps and paint over it. 

If you get a huge dent in your horns (This is one of my Tavros horns, which tend to be a little more fragile due to their size) Just cut away the clay and do what you’d do for horns made of foil. When transporting Nitram horns please please bubble wrap the hell out of them, especially if you’re flying. Airports are not kind to your luggage and this is the result of someone tossing my luggage around really badly when I hadn’t bubble wrapped my horns.

This is the horns mid-fixing after discovering that huge dent. I smack these against everything when wearing them so I fixed other dents and holes while I was at it. 

If there’s anything else you need to know feel free to ask me!

Fantasy Meihem

A silly story with Frost Mage Mei and Demon Junkrat on a quest to find a missing friend, investigate a cabal, and get on each other’s nerves nonstop.

Mei had arrived at the spot where the demon was last seen some hours ago. Like most demons, it preferred a hot, dusty environment, just like this awful canyon she’d been tromping around in, where a river might have flowed a millennium ago before drying up and never seeing water ever again. The rocky red walls rose up high on either side of her, but the sun was directly overhead and they provided her no shadow and no shelter. And worse was that she couldn’t risk removing her full frost mage regalia, no matter how stifling it all was. Her fluffy robes and pointed hat were much more suited to withstand howling winds and blowing snow, rather than this awful heat that made the very ground steam beneath her boots. Why did her robes have to have so many layers? And why had she tailored it with so many pom-poms and silly bows? Everything felt so heavy and hot. It was going to make her tired if she stayed here too long, and she would need all her strength if she was going to find and defeat it, this evil entity birthed of fire and flame…

The village nearby had been desperate for help, and she had answered. Sheep and goats had vanished from the peasants’ herds, plants had turned to charred ash wherever its hoofprints were found, and there were reports of high, cackling laughter in the night. They hadn’t been able to pay her much at all, but their plight had moved her and she’d volunteered to come and put this villain on ice.

There was a soft crunching noise by her foot and she looked down, seeing the charred skeleton of some animal- a lizard, maybe- with the marks of sharp teeth all over its bones. She wrinkled her nose in disgust, kicking the remains away before removing her hat and wiping at the sweat rolling down her forehead. Sitting down on a nearby boulder, she reached for her canteen, tapping her staff against it twice as ice crystallized against the metal, cooling the liquid inside as she tilted her head back and drank.


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warrior dragons! 

in the theoretical universe where these exist there are various types of dragons, just as there are multiple kinds of felines irl. they range from smaller than this to the big ridable type beastie most commonly associated with the word dragon. there are also wyvern, water serpent, wingless drakes and a few other sub types. the small kinds (these catlike ones and smaller ones like little domestic bird dragons) have been domesticated in some cases and can be kept as companions if there are humans in this universe. 

i originally had this idea for a roleplaying forum and i wanted the dragons to be able to have pretty much any colouring, but within reason and with consequences. you’d be free to make a firetruck red dragon or a bright gold dragon but you’d have to keep in mind the problems of such a creature trying to hunt or slink about without being seen. they can still have just about any colour and a lot of variation in horn styles and tail tips and basically much more variation that would naturally occur in a single species but *farting noises* i don’t care

the dragons live in social groups varying in size by the territory available to them. they are known for having close social bonds and sharing duties like caring for young and feeding the group. they lay clutches of eggs in sizes of 1-8, averaging 3-5 in a clutch. they incubate this for idk how long and then they live in rad little warrior cat dragon societies.


Argh I am SO CLOSE to finishing this asshole, and then I went and dropped him and the tip of one of his horns broke off and I lost it in the carpet. >_< So I had to re-sculpt it from Milliput, bleh, which is why one of his horns has a white tip in these photos. 

I’m still not happy with the back of the cloak, either - it just looks too busy to me, but pretty much everyone who’s seen it has said it’s awesome, so idk, maybe it’s just me being my own worst critic as usual or something. 

Still gotta finish his base and actually glue all his bits on (they’re just blu-tac’d atm until I figure out if I’m gonna do anything else with the cloak), decide whether or not I want to do any freehand on the inside corners of his cloak, and touch up a few things. So close to done but also so out of steam, hnngh help.

This is my own Bendy/Cuphead fusion and i hope u all like him:

>Name: Inkcupen (Ink-kyu-pin)

>Design: Sharp cup design with horns, tail with fluffy tip, black eyes with red pupils, black ink hair, red and white straw, black nose, 2 sets of arms, beige coat, white shirt, black tights, brown boots, etc.

>Abilites: Dual Blasters (2 finger blasters, shown in picture above), Quad Blasters (4 finger blasters), Ray Beam (putting all blasters together), quick speed, excellent dodging

>Weaknesses: Reckless actions, destructive powers, demon vision (can cause them to lose their mind and distract them), sensitive horns and tail, rage mode (blind by anger)

>Personalty: Flirty, Cocky, Courageous, Depressed, Hot-headed, Reckless, Kind (to certain people), Overprotective (to certain people)

>Condition: Due to Bendy being fused with Cuphead, it nullifies the pain from the Ink Illness though it will still cause ink to leak from their mouth, cup, and eyes. Mostly the eyes which is why his eyes are black and can cause him to miss his shots.

>Extra Info: He tends to have trouble with entering some buildings due to his tall height, not to mention all the kids who play around him because of how curious they are of him. Boris and Mugs tend to call him “The Ultra Bro” and eventually grew attachment to the title, even though people find him weird and odd because of his looks.



Pyre Clickbait


Studies Show That The Best Way For A Team To Achieve Unity And Coordination Is Trainer Mind-Controlling Everyone During The Game 

Romeo And Juliet’s World Record For Fastest Romance Broken: Local Man Manages To Fall In Love With His Star-Crossed Lover And Abandon His Country In 0,004 Milliseconds

Professional Sport In Hell Gives You Just As Much Pressure And Expectations, But Without Huge Salaries And Endorsement Deals

Hot Tips: Grow Horns And Hooves And Wear Permanent Panda Eyes To Show How Edgy And Tough Life In Exile Made You! Bonus Tip: To Prove That Betrayal Made You The Edgiest, Grow The Second Set Of Horns

Local Snake Witch Finds Eldritch Cult Of Zodiac Cthulhu Uncompelling, Instead Joins The Revolution

Bird Feels Guilty For Stopping Her Sister From Committing Mass Murders

Local Man Kidnaps A Sport Team And Shows Up In It’s Place At A Match To Yell At His Ent Ex-Boyfriend About 10 Years-Old Drama With Coworker

Local Woman Brings A Glowing Green Ball To The Restaurant, Claims “It’s My Wife, We’re On A Date” And Demands It To Be Served As Well