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The Types as Hand Gestures and Poses
  • INTP: Vulcan salute
  • ESTP: middle finger
  • ISFP: peace sign
  • INFP: heart hands
  • ENFP: shadow puppet dog pose
  • INFJ: Finger to lips
  • ENTJ: Illuminati symbol
  • ENFJ: jazz hands
  • ENTP: finger guns
  • ESTJ: pointing
  • ISTP: punk rock Sign of the Horns
  • INTJ: Finger tips together Gendo Ikari style
  • ESFP: 👌
  • ISTJ: stroking chin
  • ESFJ: clapping
  • ISFJ: waving

This is my own Bendy/Cuphead fusion and i hope u all like him:

>Name: Inkcupen (Ink-kyu-pin)

>Design: Sharp cup design with horns, tail with fluffy tip, black eyes with red pupils, black ink hair, red and white straw, black nose, 2 sets of arms, beige coat, white shirt, black tights, brown boots, etc.

>Abilites: Dual Blasters (2 finger blasters, shown in picture above), Quad Blasters (4 finger blasters), Ray Beam (putting all blasters together), quick speed, excellent dodging

>Weaknesses: Reckless actions, destructive powers, demon vision (can cause them to lose their mind and distract them), sensitive horns and tail, rage mode (blind by anger)

>Personalty: Flirty, Cocky, Courageous, Depressed, Hot-headed, Reckless, Kind (to certain people), Overprotective (to certain people)

>Condition: Due to Bendy being fused with Cuphead, it nullifies the pain from the Ink Illness though it will still cause ink to leak from their mouth, cup, and eyes. Mostly the eyes which is why his eyes are black and can cause him to miss his shots.

>Extra Info: He tends to have trouble with entering some buildings due to his tall height, not to mention all the kids who play around him because of how curious they are of him. Boris and Mugs tend to call him “The Ultra Bro” and eventually grew attachment to the title, even though people find him weird and odd because of his looks.




Argh I am SO CLOSE to finishing this asshole, and then I went and dropped him and the tip of one of his horns broke off and I lost it in the carpet. >_< So I had to re-sculpt it from Milliput, bleh, which is why one of his horns has a white tip in these photos. 

I’m still not happy with the back of the cloak, either - it just looks too busy to me, but pretty much everyone who’s seen it has said it’s awesome, so idk, maybe it’s just me being my own worst critic as usual or something. 

Still gotta finish his base and actually glue all his bits on (they’re just blu-tac’d atm until I figure out if I’m gonna do anything else with the cloak), decide whether or not I want to do any freehand on the inside corners of his cloak, and touch up a few things. So close to done but also so out of steam, hnngh help.


30 Day LOTR Challenge - Day 25 Favorite Overall Character

“There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees.”

TUTORIAL: Sieglinde Sullivan’s Horned Headdress

For @sieglindeweek, Day 3–Learning and Creativity

This is just one way of tackling the Emerald Witch’s elaborate ‘do. Even though some readers have interpreted her horns as hair, when I read the manga, I interpreted the horns as a headdress, with most of her hair tucked away. Upon scrutinizing Sieglinde many times, I’m likely wrong, but I do love the aesthetic of a horned headdress, and not worry about damaging my hair or any wig.

Difficulty level: Intermediate sewing and crafting. On the bright side, no toxic materials! No fumes, no sanding dust, hooray!

Step 1: Gather materials and tools

1) A thick headhand

2) 16-gauge wire

3) Cereal box cardboard

4) Two paper or styrofoam cups

5) Hot glue gun

6) Duct tape (not pictured)

7) Scrap paper, like receipts or old notebook paper you were going to throw away (not pictured)

8) Sewing material (thread, needle) (not pictured)

9) Fabrics and trims (not pictured)

Step 2: Headdress foundation

To make the headband wider, I cut up a piece of cereal cardboard and hot-glued it to the headband.

I neglected to take photos of this part, but on both sides of the headdress, where the horns would be, I cut long pieces of wire, wrapped them on the bottom of the headband, sewed them to the headband, and stuck the cups through them.

Then I cut some felt, cut holes so that the horns would go through, and hot-glued felt all over the headdress. I also hot-glued felt to the bottom of the headdress, and then used blind stitches to sew the fabric shut.

So, it should look something like this in the next photo:

Step 3: Building the Horns

With the cups holding the wire in place (notice how the wire is stitched to the headband?), duct-tape the cups to the headband so that they stay put. The wires will stick out from the bottom of the cups. Around the wires, tear up pieces of scrap paper, wrap them around the wire until you form horns, and duct-tape the paper to maintain that shape.

At this point, I realized that the horns looked too Maleficent-like, so I had to cut off pieces from the cup to make them stumpier and cuter. There, this is much better.

Step 4: Cover with black velvet

Notice how the last picture in step 3, I was beginning to cover the top of the headband with black velvet? I also cut out pieces for the horns, and using blind stitches, I hand-stitched everything shut.

Step 5: Ruffles

With white satin left over from another cosplay project of mine (genderbent Samurai Jack, in case if anyone was wondering), I sewed ruffles on the sewing machine before I hand-stitched them to the edges of the headdress.

Step 5: Embellishments

I criss-crossed this gold trim to the headdress, hand-sewed my own bows out of green velvet (2 for the headdress, 2 for the sleeves of the costume), and bought a ridiculously long strand of faux pearls from ebay for pretty cheap. Everything was hand-stitched to the headdress.

Aaaaaand, you’re done! :)

Since I naturally have really long black hair, I have two sections hanging in the front like Sieglinde’s hair, and styled the rest of my hair in a braided crown that’s hidden by my headdress.

Feel free to shoot me with comments and questions, and if there’s anything you’d like me to clarify! :)

ridragon  asked:

Heeey got a question about fantasy stuff for you. Say there's a race of goat people, would it be possible for them to get their horns or hooves pierced? What would the pain level of that be? Thought you might know 0: Thanks!

It depends entirely on where the piercing goes.

Different species have different types of horn, with goats having true horns. This means they have a core of living bone attached to their skull, which is highly vascular and very painful if damages, but the outer layer is dead and has no nerve supply. You would probably put a piercing in the tips of horns, depending on what percentage of the horn is bone in that species. You couldn’t put a piercing through the base of the horn, because that’s where living bone is. That would be like putting a piercing directly through the bone of your finger.

You could pit a piercing through the tip of a goat hoof in a similar manner to placing horseshoe nails, though they may not be very durable.

So, I’m not really sure what to make of this. Someone is selling an alleged bluebuck head on eBay (for the low, low price of $300,000).

The description reads:

“This is a taxidermy head mount of an extinct species of African antelope called a bluebuck. An extraordinarily rare find! Currently there are only four specimens existing in the world, in Leiden, Paris, Vienna, and Stockholm.
Please read the excellent Wikipedia article on this animal, it’s a relative of the sable and roan antelope. There are no other specimens in the U.S. currently, even the Smithsonian doesn’t have one.

This animal went extinct in 1800, so the mount is very old, and not in perfect shape, but it is the only specimen in private hands. It’s a little less than 36" chin to tip of horns. This is an extinct animal, and as such has no protections. Will ship anywhere in the world.

I am in discussions now with an international museum to do DNA testing, I will let you know results.  They are also going to xray the mount. If there is a skull inside, the value will go up tremendously, as there is only 1 other skull in the world, and even that one has not been confirmed. If a skull is confirmed, the price on this piece will go up accordingly as it may be the only example in the whole world left.”

Interesting, but puzzling. I wonder where it came from and where it’s headed next? Hopefully a museum, if it’s authentic. You can view the active listing here.

Grab Life by the Horns

Last night on a D&D adventure, our tiefling warlock was in the process of getting rammed by an undead rothé.

Tiefling: I see it coming and put my horns down, ready to ram it back.

Me (DM): Wait, you what?!

Tiefling (OOC): I wanna ram him back! I have horns and I’m gonna use them.

Me: Fine, you squat down, presenting your horns to the rothé. It misses, but locks horns with you. Your horns versus a powerful undead beast, the animal wrenches its horns away, cracking the tip of your left horn off.

Tiefling: NO! Not lefty! He was my favorite!! It’s my turn next so I cast agonizing blast and aim for his… (OOC) Wait, can I roll to find out which horn is his favorite horn?

DM: Oh my god…sure.

*rolls a nat20*

Me, head in my hands: If an undead rothé could favor one horn over another, this one would pick the right horn.

Tiefling: Yes!! I cast agonizing blast on his right horn.

DM: It hits with force damage, splintering the horn off at the base and falling to the ground.

Tiefling: Aha!! You take my horn, I take yours!

The rothé comes back for the tiefling, ready to ram again.

Tiefling: Uh…I put my horns down, ready to ram too.

DM: You already lost one horn, why are you doing this to yourself?

Tiefling: I need to assert dominance!

DM: The attack hits, but with his right missing and your left missing, it’s left locks with your right horn. It strikes your puny tiefling head, cracking the tip off your right horn.

Tiefling: What?! No!!

The battle ended, the rothé fell in front of the tiefling.

Tiefling: (OOC) Can I take his remaining horns?

DM: Do a strength check.

*rolls 8*

DM: You put your foot on the rothé’s undead skull, pulling its left horn with all your strength. Your foot falls through the skull but the horn comes loose…too fast. You pull it into your shoulder doing *rolls a d4* 4 points of piercing damage to your shoulder.


The Best of Intentions Gone Awry

@yunisverse made another comic I wanted to write about. They’re quite good at setting up interesting stories. So here’s a story where Joey’s not too much of a dick. 

Joey didn’t know what he’d expected. It certainly wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, with him slumped against the ink machine, the ink beginning to seep into his blood already. It was supposed to be amazing. His breathing was getting shallow already, his vision beginning to blur. He could hear the creature that looked like Bendy moving around the studio. When he’d turned the machine on, he hadn’t expected something like…like that to rise from the ink. It was supposed to be Bendy, the lil devil darlin’, his lil devil. Instead that monstrosity had appeared and slashed him across his stomach. Maybe it had already gotten to Sammy downstairs. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, he kept saying to himself. It was supposed to be amazing. He could see the perfect outcome unfolding before him as his vision faded.

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There was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance. His garments were rich, and his cloak was lined with fur and he had a collar of silver in which a single white stone was set; his locks were shorn about his shoulders. On a baldric he wore a great horn tipped with silver that now was laid upon his knees. (insp.)

Rose Hips | A TAMB/MTnY fic for Tumblr

Part I: She’s Been Growing

I poke my nose into the room as an inquiry, because I can feel her registering surprise.


She gives no indication that I should leave, and I press a little further into the close slot between the door and the frame, wood slick against fur, the door’s weight squeezing my temple and dragging at an ear so that for a moment its movement is all I can hear. The view this grating action provides reveals Chise standing in front of a mirror with an arm crossed over a bare chest and a swimming costume—suit, they’re called now—tugged awkwardly around her hips. Its edges press indents into her skin that make the flesh to either side of the elastic seem to pucker, though there is no soft or flaccid part on her anywhere. Chise is like Isabel that way: She’s a very slight creature. Sometimes I’d like to feed her more, maybe chase down something wild and rich and offer it up fresh, but that’s frowned upon.

Chise’s expression in the mirror is a somewhat wide-eyed mixture of consternation and bewilderment.

“Is something wrong?”

“It’s… Too small.”

Inspecting her with a pricked ear and a tilted head yields no explanation of why this is surprising.

“Did the Silver one bring you the wrong size?”

“No. Well, it’s a small like I asked for. I was worried it would be too big, but it won’t fit.”

She slides her free hand, less tactilely sensitive than it used to be before the dragon’s curse, down her side and settles her fingers around the curve of her own hip. She tilts her head, inquisitive, and for some unfathomable reason, takes some of the flesh where thigh becomes hip and pinches it between her fingers with her eyes looking dazed in the mirror.

“You grew,” I tell her. “that’s normal. I saw Isabel do it, too.” All kinds of new weight in new places and little changes in her smell followed for years after her first rapid burst toward adulthood. Surely, Chise is no different.

“I know,” she says, “that it is. I suppose … I just didn’t realize. Ruth?”


“Do I look a lot older to you?”

I press the rest of my body into the room and settle on the floor for a long look at her.

Definitely,” I conclude. “And it isn’t just the wrinkles.”

I point with my nose at her arm. I think it’s a morbid thing to joke about, but she welcomes unruly and off-color humor, which I imagine explains some of how well she gets along with her shadow betrothed, whom she never refers to as such.

Her expression screws itself up into a knot of contrarily moving eyebrows,and a crinkled nose, and a little parting of her mouth for a moment before she laughs. She does that more often these days than ever in the brief time—feeling like a lifetime—that I’ve been with her. It’s a strange thing. I asked her once about it, and she said “I think I decided how I want to live,” and no more.

She shakes her head and returns her eyes to herself in the mirror.

“Well,” she declares, looking herself over and again tracing the shape of her side where her delicate ribcage yields a tiny waist, tracing down to where her pelvis has burst outward by a couple of inches which have somehow transformed the bottom half of her. A touch knock-kneed and still so thin everywhere else the little bit of broadness that’s quietly added itself to her bones looks as strange in her mind’s eye as the changes she is just now seeing in her face, though they have been taking shape for some time.

“I’ll go tell the silver one,” I offer without breaking her reverie. “you should get redressed.”

“Oh, probably, yes. Thank you Ruth.”

She rejoins me halfway down the stairs moments later, once again in her usual clothes. Under the higher waists of pants and skirts, she hardly looks different, though the Silver One sizes her up delightedly. Her requisite silence, voice traded for a home, buzzes with eager intensity as she siezes Chise’s wrists and directs her into an about face turn right here on the staircase, dismissive of my disapproval, silent or barked. She nudges Chise rapidly up the stairs.

I wait in the hall, nose to tail in the hallway, breathing against Chise’s door. I can feel chagrin and, primarily, bewilderment along with the sort of whirring, whirling sensation of trying to track an exuberant Silky back and forth from closet to Chise to Chise to drawer, silently insisting her little lady of the house with her new hips try on all of her old clothes for reapproval. I can feel the lukewarm—cold contrasted with the air in the room—on the measuring tape around Chise’s body. She jumps away from it to no avail.

Elias appears down the hall, smelling the heady way of heavy sleep, at mid morning. I don’t feel his presence in the way Chise does, in that way I can’t define through aight or smell or heart, but I feel him nevertheless. He doesn’t feel fae, or otherwise familiar, nor human—at once interesting and dismissible—and the lack of particular identity is what makes him pop at the edges of awareness. He has a gravity to him, a disturbing weight of immense power coupled with that void of identity. Like a dark hole with something in it. It isn’t threatening, in and of itself. But it’s distinctive, and I register him as rapidly as he does me, with a cock of his head that threatens to tip a horn into the wall.

“Is something the matter? Why are you locked out of her room?”

“The Silver One is scrutinizing her wardrobe.”

“Whatever for?”

Elias is, very much of the time, very much of a pup.

“She’s outgrown at least half of it.”

Elias hums to himself, the sound reverberating through the cavities of his skull, empty except for shadow.

“Silky must be beside herself. If she isn’t done within the hour, I’ll find something for one of them to do. Chise will need rescuing.”

I offer him a nod a not quite bark. “undoubtedly.”

Elias turns toward the stairway. I feel his halt before it comes, a little change in the weight of void that follows him everywhere. He pivots halfway round, just far enough to point the red pilot light of one unseen eye in my direction. Despite a mouth full of teeth to rival mine, he has the eyes of prey, on the sides of his head. I sometimes wonder what it must be like for him to see.

“What was the offending piece of clothing that got her started, I wonder.”

He knows what he’s asking. I know what he’s asking. There’s no point in talking around it.

“Her bathing suit, for her trip with Alice.”

He hums again, now a short, glottal sound.

“So she’s still planning that.”

I don’t growl at him, I chuff. But I don’t answer, either. He takes my meaning, ducking his head some small increment of submission.

“Of course she is,” he says, and disappears down the stairs.

I’ve been lying at the door’s feet long enough to behoove me to get up, turn and resettle myself, feeling Chise’s scrambling to keep up with the Silver One peak to a quiet, curious excitement in the room beyond as the silky drafts new outfits and places new orders, when next he appears.

“She still has her trapped,” Elias observes.

“She doesn’t mind much, for now.”

She really is growing up.

“I doubt she’d object to an out.” He approaches the door. I don’t move from it except to drop my chin back to the hardwood. I’m not going anywhere.

Elias, without pause, reaches over me to wrap once on the door. He smells powerfully of new clothing and old magic and something else I can’t decide if I like. It’s the kind of smell that puts an itch between my shoulders and at the end of my nose, not a smell likeanything, but strong and distinct and interesting. Not quite enticing. He smells the opposite of appetizing without even the universal hot smell of mammals and rodents and things which move in the woods. Chise can’t smell any of that anyway, though, with her weak human nose, and she always says she likes how he smells, for the most part.“It is a little … Musty. But I don’t mind. In fact—“

She wouldn’t finish that sentence where i could hear, but I remember the little turning, clenching feeling that came with her thoughts.

She feels that way often around him.

“Chise.” His voice through the door registers in her as a heat that I feel far more potently than most of her signals. It’s a powerful feeling, love.

“Oh, yes Elias?”

“Do you need rescuing?”

The silver one, if she is indignant, can say nothing about it. But Chise allows a small bubbling laugh up her throat.

“It’s all right,” she tells him.

He hums at her, that low resonance again.

“Don’t be all day. The garden needs tending. The chamomile misses you.”

The chamomile, I think, as he hovers at the door. Sure.

anonymous asked:

How do u make your horns?

Ok I don’t have an extensive tutorial on this cause I just,,, haven’t gotten around to it yet but for now I can give a quick rundown

I use aluminum foil and paperclay unless I’m making Tav horns or something. In that cause I use styrofoam instead of aluminum foil but the foam sheet things you can get at Home Depot work just as well. In all honesty I’d use that stuff instead because it doesn’t make as big of a mess as styrofoam, I just haven’t gotten around to grabbing some yet.

Make your base with aliminum foil. Make it near the size you want your finished horns to be, the less clay you have to use the better. When you make your horns make sure you’re making them as symmetrical as possible. Getting things symmetrical is basically just a bunch of eyeballing, there’s no trick to it. 

Stick your clay on and don’t worry about making them super smooth or anything, it doesn’t matter. Just lump some clay on. Just be sure to keep your clay symmetrical too, this is doubly important for curvy horns, like my Dammek horns. You gotta constantly check if things are curving the same way or pointing in the same direction cause it’s a lot easier to spot asymmetry on curvy horns imo.

If you have lots of time you can let your horns air dry but if you need them quick just stick them in the oven for a few minutes.

That’s what I mean by curvy. Super important to make them both even.

Also another important thing. Don’t do that thing where people don’t add enough clay to the bottoms of their horns. Rounded bottoms don’t look good so Don’t Do That. That’s not how actual horns grow so make sure you add extra clay to the bottom. When you’re done with these you don’t want the horns to taper at the bottom; the bottom should be your thickest point and it should have a flat bottom.

Ok, time to sand. Sanding is probably the most important step to me because I’m really anal about having perfectly smooth horns. Before sanding I use an Xacto blade and cut off any big lumps to make sanding go by quicker. I sand for a LONG TIME so this helps me out a bit. After that I use 60 grit sandpaper and sand until smooth. It’s very rare I have horns that don’t need extra clay added onto them after sanding. Cracks and dents and uneven sections of horns and areas that are too thin to the point of the aluminum foil showing through all get clay added onto them (If the foil is showing through, use something to poke it down.)

Once the added clay dries, resand those areas until smooth. Sometimes I have to do this several times for a pair of horns so don’t worry if it doesn’t look right the first time. After all that is done, I use 360 grit sandpaper and resand the horns with that. 360 grit is very fine and will make your horns smooth. If you only use 60 grit you’ll have marks from the sandpaper all over your horns. If you’re ok with that then don’t bother with the 360 grit but like I said I really love smooth horns lmao. The Dammek horns up there have been sanded with the 360. Smoooooooth.

Here’s a before and after sanding comparison of some old Tav horns. Also you don’t want a thick layer of clay on your horns but you don’t want them to be so thin that a bump to your horns makes the clay cave in. A couple millimeters thick is all you need but I do like to keep the tips of horns a little thicker just to make sure they’re sturdy enough to not break, should they bump into anything.

Here’s a pile of sanded horns ready to be painted. After you sand, the last thing you need to do is angle the bottoms (Some horns won’t need to be angled, like Terezi horns.) If the bottom is flat your horns will stick out at a bad inaccurate angle. I cut off just a tiny bit to get the horns to point inwards more, you don’t need to lop off a ton. 

Start small, it’s easier to cut off more than it is to have to add more clay and sand (Start off with cutting off like ¼-½ of an inch.) Since you’ll be cutting through aluminum foil, use an Xacto to hack away at it. After it’s cut off I sand the bottom a little to make sure the edges of the bottom are level. If I’m making horns for someone else I add a lil clay over the bottom to hide the foil but if they’re for me I don’t because idgaf.

After that paint your horns!! I use plain cheap acrylic. These horns are old and the paintjob on them isn’t all that great but it gets the point across. As I add each color layer I use the 360 grit sandpaper and GENTLY sand away any lumps the paint may have left. Once you’re done, seal your horns. I use acrylic sealer because it’s quick and leaves no brush strokes like mod podge would.

I use the screw method for my horns because using a headband just,,, it ruins it man don’t do that it looks so bad :[ ANYWAYS, I jab a hole in the bottom of the horn with a screwdriver and hot glue a screw anchor into the hole. (Hot gluing it in means it won’t come out accidentally but once the screw anchor gets stripped you can just grab some plyers and yank it out. Using superglue or e6000 kinda sorta guarantees you’ll never get the screw anchor out without making a mess of your horns.)

Grab a screw that’s not so tall it’ll poke out the sides of your horns but not so short it doesn’t support the horn much. You also need washers and something to put between the wig and screw. I used to use this dense cardboard looking stuff but I ran out of it so now I use wonderflex because idk that’s what I’ve got laying around lmao. Just find something sturdy.

You need the cardboard/whatever you’re using because if you just screw your horns in without something between the screw and the wig your screws will just go right through your wig and your horns will fall off. The cardboard keeps that from happening and also keeps your horns at the correct angle and stabilizes them and stops them from wobbling. The washer prevents the screw from going through the cardboard. The bigger your horns, the bigger you want your cardboard to be to make sure it can support them. For Sollux horns I use one piece of cardboard per side because it’s easier and stabilizes them more than if I had one piece of cardboard per horn. I also like to cut the corners off the cardboard so they don’t poke out of the wig.

That’s it!

Daily Practice Tip #50

50. If you don’t have a lot of time to practice but a lot of stuff to practice, you should spend very little time warming up. It’s the summer now (for some of us) but if you’re in the middle of a very busy day and you want to get in at least a little bit of practicing, maybe start with a scale, maybe a quarter of an exercise. Then go on to whatever big piece you’re working on (upcoming orchestra music, solo, sonata, etc. Take one or two difficult sections and concentrate on them for the last few minutes. If there’s a measure you want to get up to speed, get out your metronome and just work on that. Playing through a few places won’t help you, especially if you’re out of time.