horn pendant necklace

A little about my pendant:

It means a lot to me.

I’ve had this for about 3 years now. I got it online when I went to college and I don’t usually take it off. For me, this represents the divine masculine, a deity that may be overlooked in Wicca.

Like I said, this pendant means a lot to me. The Horned God has his feet as roots that are dug deep into the earth, and his arms are branches that shoot out to the sky, ever reaching toward the moon. This signifies me as a person (what I strive to emulate). The feet/roots symbolize my confidence and security in my identity, as a gay Italian cis male.

The trunk is me swaying in the wind trying to stay strong, but not usually faltering, because I have in the past. Ive made some mistakes, but I always come back to the right path. The arms are my arms, reaching out to help people using my skills with language or tarot. The arms are always reaching toward the moon, which is what I strive to do, to see the beauty of the Goddess in everything.

Finally, the God is naked. My dears, this is not going to get weird. To me, this signifies what I strive to be, comfortable with who I am, and trying to not be scared of myself, showing the world/whoever wants to see, who I truly am.

This is why it is special to me. It is a reminder of who I have been, am, and strive to be every day.

Blessed be, and don’t forget that my ask is always open.

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