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The Long Way Home

A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

Request: Okay but like if you want to and u have time can i request jeep sex w shawn? HAHAHAHHA

can you do one where shawn comes back from touring and both of you really needed each other so much and just fuck the hell out of each other?

A/N: your wish is my command SMUT WARNING ⚠️

- Planes about to take off. I’ll see you in a couple hours. I’ve missed you more than words baby, can’t wait to see you xo
– Feeling’s mutual babe, have a safe flight! I love you lots xoxo
- I love you too, see you soon

The anticipation as I stood by luggage claim waiting for Shawn was killing me. I hadn’t seen him in three months, and it was getting to be more than I could handle. I needed him with me. As the escalator started to fill with a new flight, I perked up, keeping my eyes trained for Shawn. My heart leapt when I saw Geoff, knowing Shawn would be right behind him. I was right, and met his eye as soon as he came into view. A wide smile spread across the face that I’d missed so dearly. He wore grey sweatpants and a black t-shirt that stretched across his chest and shoulders nicely. Despite having just gotten off a four hour plane ride, he looked as hot as ever. God, had I ever missed him.

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Why I love Amy Santiago

- So smart that skipped 4th grade

- Is a notary 

- Failed  recess in second grade : “Teachers need a break too, Amy”

- In high school was voted “most appropriated” 

- In her magnet school was voted “Most likely to befriend a school administrator”

- Goes to an adult puzzle camp every summer

- Went to a math conference called “Funky Cats and their Feisty Stats”

- Has ~ possibly ~ worn a diaper during a test 

- Plays the french horn

- Perfect at lip-reading

- Has a blog of her fav laminated stuff 

- Took that sudoku cruise

- Also smart, badass, competitive, kind and the greatest dork around

not all of us are made of stardust
not all of us are gold-breathers, poet-girls, doe eyed boys with soft teeth

I was born with red poppy lips and horns that broke my mother’s poisonous bones. my throat is the wind on the rainy day and I cannot stop the cold or the spring buds. there is a trembling in my hot bones, shaking fingers pressed to parted lips and eyes open too wide

I collect poet’s tongues in a yellow paper envelope with nothing but “empty lungs” written on the back with thick black sharpie

my desk is the space under the sink in the bathroom, the door with the broken lock. it is a burned tile floor with droplets of dried rust blood but it is mine and I will keep both hands on the double-edged sword.

my own teeth are full of the fury of a summer storm, all the wicked power meant for more than this body, meat dripping off the bone. flesh and mind are at war and I am the sole witness to the damage of my vicious honey-bitter soul.

my hands are charcoal, vanilla ice cream in the mouth of an empty-eyed child, vile words on a crisp clean paper.

there are flies on my lips, they can taste my stagnant breath and know that my lungs have been breathing air that wasn’t mine. I can’t get away from the child that used to be me, my decaying name is a shard of glass plunged into my bandaged ribcage every time my mother opens her mouth.

my way out isn’t reading books any more, it is ripping them apart and writing poetry. it is walking in the rain until I can’t feel my arms, burning my tongue on fresh brownies, wearing flowers in the hair that is too long but is mine anyways. it is breathing with bandages and anxiety in every open stall, it is blood and stained glass and permanent markers on my skin. it is the smell of gasoline and the deer who stare at me just out of reach.

I am not a gold-breather, poet girl, I am a doe eyed boy but not with soft teeth. I am sickness, a fever in the brain, a numbness in the body. I am burnt lover letters, a lightning struck tree.
I am judas, kissing jesus not because I was born a traitor but because I want to taste him and neither of us wants to die alone.

Poetry for the Signs

Capricorn: Sometimes there is glitter between the sheets, sometimes I don’t want to compete with the lack of passion you hold for me, I want to work for something that makes me free, but the cage of my mind is built inside me.

Aquarius: Light seeps in under the closed door, you touch the light stream and it feels warm, something inside you stirs and you remember why you came here, you remember who you were, but you can’t go back only forward.

Pisces: Water between your fingers as you engulf your body into the sea, you feel free, something tugs you back to shore, is it the things you said or the love you never felt, is it the things you never said, or words that make you melt?

Aries: Quick steps of high heels on hallway floors, callused hands and lips coated in honey, touch those memories that make you feel funny, embrace the unsettled, run with the wind.

Taurus: Bull horns and busted lips, sore knees and bruised hips, take your fingers and take a dip, into whatever sauce you feel best equipped, touch the tips, feel it quick.

Gemini: Your cosmic energy touches the atmosphere around you and your smile is contagious when you look into the eyes of divinity, shadowy reflections of the two hearts inside your one head, get out instead, feel love, take a chance.

Cancer: Crab Claws scratch down your spine and you grin, there is some pleasure in sin, you haven’t felt it in many moons but I know it still hides inside you, an energy like that cannot be vanquished, you hide it but it’s a part of you.

Leo: You dine on lions hearts and are as stubborn as an ox, you need to cleanse your pallet, you need to feel and relax, a detox of the shadows, carry yourself by the stars, you can do this, its not too hard.

Virgo: You stand on top of the empire state building, collapse or fly, melt or harden, the world is your garden, take a risk and don’t miss out on all the tiny people you lay at your feet.

Libra: Complicated is your middle name, you whisper softly in your sleep, not secrets but lies, you’ve hardened to the world that far, you’re a star but you refuse to shine, come out from beneath that city grime, show yourself you’re more than a dime.

Scorpio: The mountains call to you but I don’t think you feel them, you’re still stuck on a love that poisoned you, let it go, clean your wounds, I miss you, feel that vibe, you deserve to save yourself from the harshness of the world and thrive.

Sagittarius: Cold wind flushes your eyes and you pretend to shield your eyes from the dying of the light, I know you see the time fly, change at your coat tails, will you ride or fail?

Poems by Rubsta


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imagine:  hvitserk embarrassingly flirting with you, a shield maiden, and being in love with you. 

(anonymous said: hvitserk embarrassingly flirting with a shieldmaiden who he is in love with💞💞)

(a/n: ah! i love this one, haha. hvitserk is great and this request is soo adorable, haha! thanks so much for requesting, lovely. i hope that you enjoy what i have come up with! - admin kat 🌙❣️)

  “Just go up to her, brother!” Ubbe would cordially clap his younger brothers’ shoulder, simpering like an eager dog, as his eyes sparkled with mischief. “What have you got to lose, hmm?”

“I agree with Ubbe, Hvitserk.” Sigurd felt the need to include himself in the ever present conversation between the Sons of Ragnar. “For all you know, another man could be stealing her from under your nose. Then what will you do with your light heart?” He would champion his brother onward, who for once seemed to be taken aback.

  “Alright, alright!” Hvitserk beams, holding his hands up in disconcerted defeat. There was assuredly no escaping the peer pressure of his brothers, was there?

  “I say you should go up to her and lay it all on the table, brother. You’re not fooling anybody if you think that we all don’t believe you’re just a puppy with his tail wedged between his legs.” Ivar embed himself into the conversation after much observation.

  “Why don’t you just cut it out, Ivar? I’d like to see you pick up women the way Hvitserk does.” Sigurd counteracts haughtily, heavily annoyed at his brother’s audacity to bring up things that he does not know of.

  “Is that what you-”

  “And this is my cue to leave.” Hvitserk mutters in what seems to be an inattentive tone, pushing past the passionate scene and leaving his beloved brother Ubbe to play the dutiful peacemaker.

  The most buoyant of Ragnar’s sons steadied himself in a casual stride, pinching a horn-full of ale from one of the hundreds of vikings who did not need it any longer, for their drunken state forebode it. Hvitserk put the familiar horn to his lips, tipping his head back, gathering as much of the contents down his throat, whilst readily attempting to avoid is pouring onto his shirt. This was his image whilst proceeding towards you.

  “I hope that’s not because of me.” Your voice trilled into young Hvitserk’s ears, nearly causing him to choke. He hadn’t thought through how drinking the ocean whilst on his way to you would appear.

  “No, no!” He replied almost instantly, wiping his wet chin as he now bravely faced you. “If anything, it was in regards to my brother’s bickering like old fools.” And to that he simpered, rolling his eyes rather indifferently.

  “And what were they bickering about, Hvitserk?” Your eyes appeared deep in the fires light in the Great Hall and how Hvitserk could not help falling in love with you; staring for much too long.

  “Why focus on my brother’s when we could focus instead upon us?” His lips and tongue formed the words as if by magic. Oh, how this sounded all so much better in his near empty skull!

  “Us? Why would we discuss that?” You blinked, astounded at his boldness, but soon a teasing simper elicited itself upon your breathtaking complexion. “Have you been thinking about us, Hvitserk?” You leaned in, noting that he seemed awfully red, even in the dim light of the burning fire.

  “Well, um…” he gaped in consternation, letting out a nervous laugh and the nonchalant scratch to the rear of his neck. “Would that surprise you, my dear (Y/N)? I wouldn’t take it as a bad thing myself.” Carrying on seemed a harder consequence to bare than to simply walk away in defeat. What had happened to the suave plan that he had originally conjured up in his mind?

  Surely that had gone better than this!

  “You’re always so sure of yourself, Hvitserk. But tonight you seem a little…” You trailed off, searching about your surroundings to figure out what it was that you wished to uncover, staring deep into his deep orbs as you grinned flirtatiously at him: And with that, you resumed leaning against the banister, eyeing the Prince of Kattegat with interest swelling in your orbs.

  “T-Timid?!” Never had you seen him so abashed, completely absorbing that this had not gone to his clever plan.

  At least he could surprise you. You could never tell what was to pour from his smooth warm mouth and into your ears. But for now, the guffawing of his brother’s seemed to gain your attention, making you think that something deeper must be behind Hvitserk’s sudden chagrin.

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