horn five

When You Criticize The Instruments
  • flutes: *nod stoically and then go alternately cry from embarrassment and plot revenge the the bathroom*
  • clarinets: it's my reed
  • saxes: *don't realize the director is talking to them; continue conversation about nothing to do with band*
  • trumpets: yoU WANNA GO BITCH IM THE BEST
  • horns: i play like five measures in this whole piece the fuck do you want from me
  • trombones: haha I know man *fistbump each other*
  • tubas: excuse you we are the foundation of this band so we are never wrong
  • percussionists: *mutter mutiny under their breath and don't fix it because they weren't doing it wrong in the first place*

Immediately after the screen cuts to black, Aoi Kurashiki runs up to Delta and punches in the face.

“Mind Hack this, asshole!”

He sneers. “You can throw as much of your misplaced anger at me if you like, but it will not change the facts. You cannot arrest me without any evide-”

Kyle Klim drives up in a semi truck loaded up with delta’s sci-fi bullshit, honking the horn like an excited five year old. Light is sitting in the passenger seat. looking mildly exasperated.

“Hey Aoi! We intercepted that truck like you told us to! Another victory for K team!”

He hold his hand out for a high five, which Light begrudgingly accepts.

new years headcanons with our fave aesthetic group; the raven gang

  • so obviously gansey is wearing a paper crown because why not
  • and noah and blue are making the paper crowns and hats, and ronan refuses to wear one until adam suggestively presses himself against ronan, and asks gently for him to put the hat on
  • ronan complies because really when does he say no to adam
  • all night they play games and eat junk food
  • blue starts a dance party and shes the only one dancing for a bit
  • gansey grins, gets up and joins, taking her hands and doing this ridiculous dance moves
  • soon enough noah is there too and he is twirling in this ridiculous fashion
  • adam and ronan are watching, well, adam is watching and ronan has adam’s hand in his, tracing the lines of it with his fingers
  • noah and blue passing out horns and confetti poppers five minutes before midnight
  • gansey puts a mint leaf on his tongue
  • theres fifteen seconds left and ronan kisses adam’s hand softly
  • theres ten seconds left and gansey looks around at his family, and his heart swells with immense admiration
  • theres five seconds left and noah and blue stand up on chairs, holding hands, ready to scream
  • theres three seconds left and gansey takes out his mint leaf
  • theres two seconds left and adam clutches ronan close to him
  • theres one second left and this moment is bliss
  • the new year arrives, and gansey, who cannot kiss blue, stretches towards her and puts the mint leaf on her tongue. noah leans down and kisses gansey on the mouth, and then kisses blue in turn. adam and ronan kiss thoroughly, before gansey, adam and ronan share a group hug
  • blue turns up the music and blows her tiny horn
  • noah throws glitter all over them
  • gansey kisses the top of adam’s head; and he presses the side of his face against ronan’s shoulder, and he is so content, he cannot believe he had ever lived with any troubles to begin with

a.k.a. that time i made a yaoi into a pair of sparkle species i guess?

- they are very closely related and can interbreed
- (what this means, apart from shipping possibilities, is that if you buy a sunbeam design, you can change it to an umbra, and vice versa. they can’t shapeshift, you can just make that change to their designs if you want.)
- sunbeams are super fluffy and if you were to touch one somehow, they’d be very warm and as soft as chinchilla fur
- umbras are cold to the touch; they always have five horns growing in the shape of a crown on their forehead
- they are sprites–beings of pure magic, not organic creatures; they don’t feed or age, and usually choose to remain invisible to humans
- they’re always visible to all manner of animals though ^_^
- that means most of the time when you touch one you just go right through them and feel warm (sunbeams) or chilly (umbras) without explanation
- sunbeams are a manifestation of joy, hope and camaraderie
- umbras are a manifestation of sorrow and solitude
- that’s just how the species were born, it doesn’t actually affect each individual sunbeam/umbra’s personality!
- they can shift between feral and anthro forms
- accessorise away! their garments are also made of magic, though, since they’re not really extant in this dimension so they can have a hard time interacting with ordinary objects
- they move as though completely weightless; sunbeams dart through the air with total disregard for gravity, and while umbras usually skim along the ground, their manes are likely to drift as though the beast is underwater


A Year In the Life (A Murder Husbands Calendar)

So I’m gonna be busy tomorrow (and the day after that… and the day after that.. because, hey! Christmas! \( o ∀ o)/), so in the mean time, here’s a little something for all of you. I present, my unreasonably domestic Hannigram calendar: A Year In the Life.

Y’all can take a look at the calendar over at redbubble, and don’t worry, I plan on posting each piece for every month individually before Christmas so please expect that as well.

And to those who might ask if this has anything to do with that old anon ask I got about using this style, don’t worry, it doesn’t. This little project began a long time ago so no worries. :)

I hope you all have the happiest of holidays. ( o u o)/


Aesthetic meme rules: Make your own aesthetic (based off of your personality and interests) with only photos that you have saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done. 

I rarely download pictures on my phone so these are all ones I took myself. The exception is the Bob Ross car - while browsing in bed I fell asleep and dropped the phone on my face. When I woke up this picture was downloaded and I have no idea where it came from. 

I was tagged by toastyhat! I’m tagging rudras-and-asuras, bethanyberg, and owlsbuttley. If you want to do this meme, please do!

one time i was out shopping with my mom and she made us go to one of those godawful hippie stores. you know the ones. the ones that sell nothing but incense, overpriced rocks, wooden buddhas, and newton’s cradles. terrible place.

well, said terrible place had an artist’s posable wooden reference hand on display, so naturally i began messing with it and made it throw up the metal horns. a whole five seconds passed having fun in this perfume scented hell. as i walk away, a man just fucking appears behind me and says “I see you had fun with the hand.”

i turn, startled, and find myself face to face with a sixty-something year old man, smiling in the creepiest way, facing me.

“uh, yeah, heh” i say, confused by this random person talking to me

“everyone has fun with the hand. everyone here loves the hand” he said, continuing to smile and stare at me

“yeah. cool” i say hurriedly rushing out of the store to plop my ass on a nearby bench while waiting for my mom to finish looking at overpriced rugs

and that is the story of how i was accosted by the hippie hand being.