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I have not posted much here on Tumblr lately, but here is a quick update that I am ecstatic about!

Firstly, I am raising a baby male Augur Buzzard for our show. He is SO relaxed and growing so fast! This is my first time raising one.

Secondly, I happened upon a baby Great Horned Owl. A lady and her husband found the bird and decided they wanted to try to raise and release him (which is not only illegal, but a TERRIBLE idea for the bird’s sake). They had him for a week and fed him nothing but raw beef, which a baby owl should not be eating. I have decided to take him on as my new falconry bird. Hunting with owls is not done with much success, but I know for a fact it can be done. We will see how it goes! :) 

*NOTE* At this age, they have zero interest in each other and have no problem being near each other. That will change very soon though!


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Great Horned Owl - March 4, 2017. by KMR Photography

Bicyclists blocking a stop sign

Not a much of a story but fuck these guys:
Two bicyclists decided to stop next to each other at a stop sign and consult a map while chit-chatting it away.  I’m now behind them (in my car) and need to make a right at the stop.  The near right corner of the intersection was entirely overgrown and neither I nor traffic from that direction could see through it.
Initially I give them a few minutes, figuring anyone stopped in the road must understand they can’t just stay there.  Nope, still sitting there.  Next I feather the horn to which they signal that I should illegally cross into the other lane.  Well I feel like this isn’t a great idea for my well-being.  Next I roll down my window and ask if they can move aside.  Nope, I get flicked off instead.
Alright, I’m done here.  You want to be a dick?  I’ll be one too.  I roll my car right up next to their fun little chat, roll my window back up, and lay on my horn. “What?  Oh sorry, is it hard to have a conversation on this busy street?”  I get hand waves, fingers, shouting.  This goes on for a little bit until they concede and having to walk the whopping 5 feet off the road.

Alæru, my personal character in a fantasy story written by @cyanea-capillata and I ♡ 

Alæru isn’t really a demigod like the other main characters… more like an abomination. This is her most benevolent form in terms of appearance, but don’t let that fool you~


A sweet fuck-ton of owl references.

Before anyone asks, yes, that skeleton at the top belongs to an owl. It’s not a chicken, it’s not a hawk, it’s an owl. Owls are all puff and no bone. That’s why they’re the silent killers of birds. They blend in, swoop without sound… they’re frickin’ ninjas.

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