horn collection

(If you follow my Instagram account, you would’ve seen the process of this))
Anyway, I was thinking of having these as prints, but I doubt it. Though I am having it in an art exhibition soon.
Until then, I plan on making more art.


Shadowgraphy Hands Silver Goat Pendant

Two hands throwing a goat shadow.

Shadows speak volumes by candlelight.

Hand carved by Moon & Serpent

IG: @moonandserpent

concert band collection #1
6 hours++ of concert band pieces that i personally like very much. includes compositions by sam hazo, eric whitacre, john mackey, alfred reed and more collection #2 is in the works!

currently the longest (6 full hours!) and most diverse playlist of concert band music on 8tracks. full of classics and some new ones as well! a 2nd concert band playlist is in the works.


1) Ride - Samuel R Hazo
2) Kingfishers Catch Fire Movement II - John Mackey
3) Heaven’s Light - Steven Reineke
4) Foundry John - Mackey
5) Les Miserables - Kazuhiro Morita
6) Slalom - Carter Pann
7) Promising Skies - Robert W. Smith
8) Tempered Steel - Charles R. Young
9) Danza No.2 - Bruce Yurko
10) Fate Of The Gods - Steven Reineke
11) The Frozen Cathedral - John Mackey
12) With Heart And Voice - David Gillingham
13) Songs Of Sailor And Sea - Robert W. Smith
14) Praise Jerusalem - Alfred Reed
15) Solas Ane - Samuel Hazo
16) Turbine - John Mackey
17) The Spirit of St. Louis - Daisuke Shimizu
18) Pacific Dreams - Jacob De Haan
19) El Camino Real - Alfred Reed
20) Equus - Eric Whitacre
21) Arabesque - Samuel R. Hazo
22) Ghost Train - Eric Whitacre
23) Persis Overture - James L. Hosay
24) The Phantom Of The Opera - Johan De Meij
25) Glorified - David Gillingham
26) Carmen Fantasy - Bizet/Eiji Suzuki
27) Spartacus - Jan Van der Roost
28) Machu Picchu: City In The Sky - Satoshi Yagisawa
29) Exultate - Samuel Hazo
30) Japanese Graffiti V - Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
31) Goddess Of Fire - Steven Reineke
32) Rising Dragons - Robert W Smith
33) Taonga - Daisuke Shimizu
34) Incantation And Dance - John Barnes Chance
35) Flight Of Valor - James Swearingen
36) Fantasy On A Japanese Folk Song - Samuel R. Hazo
37) Pageant - Vincent Persichetti
38) Velocity - Robert Sheldon
39) Recoil - Joseph Schwantner
40) Windsprints - Richard L. Saucedo
41) Epiphanies (Fanfares & Chorales) - Ron Nelson
42) Wedding Dance - Jacques Press
43) Sheltering Sky - John Mackey
44) Tam O’ Shanter - Malcolm Arnold
45) Sea Of Wisdom - Daisuke Shimizu
46) Black Granite - James L. Hosay
47) Tangle Wood Overture - Daisuke Shimizu
48) Chorale And Shaker Dance - John Zdechlik
49) Toccata Marziale - Ralph Vaughan Williams
50) Symphonic Suite: Jubilee - Clifton Williams


In the spirit of Handers Week I thought I might make a collection of my Handers paintings, discovered that yes no they DO NOT fit into one post so there are two. This one’s Full Handers Fluff with Jay Hawke. xD


And with eyes crowded by flames of envy she looked down upon the mortal ponies, her heart blooming with hatred.


Light Gun Collection as of March 29, 2015

I apologize for the lighting of this set. I am not in Osaka anymore so I have less space to be able to take pictures of collections like this. 

These are all my boxed Light Guns or Limited Edition Light Gun sets. These are all 100% complete (minus one of the Virtua Cop doubles). The bottom picture is what a complete Sega Saturn Light Gun collection looks like. I am very proud to have all of those and it is definitely one of the highlights. When I get my own permanent place I will have those front and center.

The Lethal Enforcers set above is without a doubt the rarest. The 2nd player (pink) Justifier was a mail away and is extremely hard to come by now days. I lucked out and found it at a Hard-off when I first moved to Japan. I bought that set for myself as a reward for scoring my first tutoring position. I didn’t realize how lucky I was picking them up for 1,000 yen.

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