hormuz island


Soil Carpet, Hormuz Island, Iran

Every year young Iranian artists make a carpet using the natural colored soil found in the Hormuz Island. The carpet depicts legends and myths of Southern Iran.


Statue of Imam-Quli Khan Undiladze, Hormuz Island, Iran

Imam-Quli Khan famously defeated the Portuguese which had captured and colonized the small but strategic Iranian island of Hormuz and expelled them from the island in 1622. 

Below, A Persian (Iranian) miniature depicting the battle between the Iranians (left) and the Portuguese forces. 


Soil carpet, Hormuz Island, Iran

Every year Iranian artists gather in Hormuz Island in southern Iran and make a “soil carpet” using the natural colored soil of Hormuz Island. The carpets usually reflect the traditions and costume unique to southern Iran. 

This year’s carpet is made of six parts and is called “Kalak Paro”.