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Request: “//pretty sure you already have a list headcanons to do but, headcanon where kbtbb finds out you’re pregnant and he doesn’t/isn’t ready for the kid ;-;” @andycutiepie1

A/N-   Well this is a bit sad.  I hope you like it ^_^


Eisuke-  Eisuke took a long sip of his whiskey as he sat facing the window.  His eyes seemed out of focused as he was lost in thought.  MC had gone to bed crying hysterically.  She was disappointed by Eisuke’s reaction to her big news.  She thought he would be happy at the idea of finally having a baby of their own; however, the first words out of his mouth were about an abortion.  MC had cried and ran out of the room, while Eisuke opened up a bottle of whiskey… and then a second.

Eisuke ran his fingers through his hair as he slammed the glass cup on the table.  The force cracked the cup, but not enough for any liquor to escape.

It was not like he did not want a kid.  He wanted to be a father eventually, but not now.  There was a lot of stuff occurring within the company and some issues with the auctions.  Any other time would have been perfect, but at the moment everything was too chaotic.

The image of a crying MC haunted him.  If only she did not rush out the room before he could explain his reasoning.  That probably did not help much.

Eisuke stood up from his seat and turned toward the door that led to their room  He had to say something.  Eisuke took a step towards his love.

Baba-  Terror hit him as MC told him the news.   There was a bright and hopeful smile on her face as she waited for his reaction, and Baba mirrored it back in response.  It was an obvious fake.  MC’s expression fell knowing it was not genuine.  Baba felt sick and wanted to sit down.  The idea of being a father terrified him.

How could he be a good father in his current career path?  What if he somehow gets caught?  What if something happens with the auction?  What if the child is disgusted at the idea of having a thief for a father?  So many ‘what-if’ scenarios passed through his mind as he held eye contact with MC.

He tried to keep his facade bright and cheerful, even though it was obviously fake.  MC took a step back from Baba as she averted her gaze from him.

“You don’t seem happy about the news, you don’t want to have a–” MC muttered as her voice slowly became inaudible.

“You just surprised me,” Baba laughed, “I just need to get used to it.”  MC looked back at Baba with sad eyes.  She tried to search for the truth in his gaze before he broke it.

“I–I…” MC muttered as her eyes began to blur with tears, “I’ve got to go.”

“MC, wait!” Baba called as he went to grab her arm, but she slipped through his grip like a ghost.

Ota- “Wh-what!” MC yelled as her face went red, “what the fuck are you saying!  This is our child–.”

“I never said I wanted to be a father, we can get rid of if,” Ota stated offhandedly as he focused on his painting, “a baby would be annoying.  It’s better just the two of us– we can do more stuff without having a kid to watch 24/7.  We can talk abo–”

“You should have thought about that before we had sex,” MC exclaimed as she became more annoyed by the second.  It did not help that Ota was more focused on his stupid painting than her.  She was holding onto the exciting news about the pregnancy for a couple of weeks now, she wanted to wait until after the first doctor’s appointment to tell him.  She was thrilled, she hoped he would at least be a little happy.

“Well now we know we should be more carefu–” Ota began and was stopped by MC taking the easel he was painting on and pushing it over onto the ground, “what the hell MC.  I didn’t know the hormo–”  MC slapped the artist across the face silencing him.  Ota covered the reddening skin as he stared at the woman he loved in shocked.

“Go fuck yourself,” MC said, “we are over.  I would rather be a single mother than be with a selfish asshole.”

Soryu-  Soryu sat as his desk pale faced as the door slammed closed.  The silence after the storm was just as scary as the storm itself.  MC stomped out of the room and he heard the guys asking what was going on.  Another door slammed in the distance as Soryu thought about what just happened between the two of them.

He thought it was going to be a normal conversation.  He thought the news was going to be something mundane, not that they were having a baby.  He wanted to slam his head on the desk as he took a deep breath.  A baby.  He was going to be an actual father.  He was nowhere ready for this, he was surprised to see how ready MC seemed to be.  She probably had more time to get used to it

What should he do?  Could he even be a good father?

It would be dangerous for the child.  Soryu has enemies that would go to extreme measures to get back at him, and a child would be an easy target for their rage.  Now he would have to worry about two people, unless it is twins.  Oh god!

His heart pounded painfully in their chest as he thought about everything.  What is he supposed to do now?

Soryu leaned back in his chair as he looked up at the ceiling.  MC might actually leave him over this.  He would not blame her if she did.  He just could not be an actual father.  Not now, probably not ever.

Mamoru-  Mamoru walked out of the corner store and quickly opened the new pack of cigarettes.  He slipped one out and put it between his lips before searching for a lighter in his pockets frantically. He quickly lite up the cigarette and relaxed from the familiar sensation.

The relaxation did not last that long.

Walking down the street Mamoru saw a young family walking towards him.  He groaned as the scene, reminded him of the argument from earlier.  MC was actually pregnant, he was going to be a father.  He was getting to the age where he should begin considering having kids and stuff; however, with the search it is impossible.  He has already buried himself in illegal activities.  If he were to get caught, the child would grow up fatherless.  He could not be a father, at least not a good one.

He left MC in her apartment a crying mess.  She was cursing him because of the horrible words that he was saying.  He deserved all of it.  He was a bastard.  She deserves better, the baby deserves better.