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So I felt like posting an update of my rescued kitty, Madame Curie Belle. She is the cat from the post to the right, which I posted around a year and a half ago. It got reblogged a zillion times, so I get pic requests all the time! I snapped this one yesterday and I loved it so much.

My husband found her next to his work site, which involves nuclear stuff, hence where the name comes from. (She wasn’t anywhere near the actual stuff though!! He hardly ever is either!!) She was a charming little stray that he suspected had a litter of kittens at some point. He waited eight weeks from when he found her to bring her home, just in case, but no one ever found hide not hair of the kittens unfortunately. She was being fed by the crew, so she wasn’t bone thin when we finally brought her home but she was skinny.

She’s adapted to being a perfectly spoiled little house cat. She’s still timid around strangers or if there’s a lot going on in the house, she doesn’t like to be held but she loves to snuggle up next to us. She adapted well to traveling by car for a long trip a couple times a year. Her fur is her pride and joy, fluffing up so much with regular meals, and she’s always grooming herself. She’s soooo soooooft.

The most precious part of her personality though is that she’s so gentle ALL THE TIME. She will often chirp softly to ask permission before she sits next to me on the couch and when we play, she is so careful not to bite or scratch. I trust this cat to never hurt me, she’s just… the epitome of sweet.

We love her so much and she constantly reminds me that rescue cats can flourish into the best pets ever.


That magnets post reminded me of this horrid gem


Fun with magnets.