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My name is Tobias and I am a transgender male(FTM). I am going into my senior year of high school and I have already been accepted into college. 😄

I am very passionate about many things. This includes writing, reading, and teaching. I want to be a high school English teacher or even a school administrator.

I started making these keychains in summer camps as a kid. A few years ago, I picked it back up again and began experimenting with different styles and colors. Now I mainly make LGBTQ+ flags.

This blog helps me promote my Etsy which is hopefully coming in December. (The time my Etsy is coming out is subject to change, as I am living with my parent at this time and cannot really make it without permission.) It will be my only way to make money for HRT and, later on, top surgery.

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•huns you have discovered my favorite thing

• Reyna came out at a very young age

• her dad didn’t take it well

• not well at all (transphobic asshole)

• Hylla does tho and loves her little sister

• Hylla makes sure Circe knows that Reyna is a girl not a boy

• Reyna enjoys being on the island because no one there misgenders her

• okay so certain people who won’t be named mess the island up and Hylla and Reyna on the pirate ship Reyna starts feeling really bad about being a girl

• at camp Jupiter Reyna feels better

• she tells Jason that she’s trans after they’ve been best friends for a year

• the Aphrodite thing freaked her out. Bc did her heart needed heal? Did it mean no demigod will ever love her bc she’s trans?

• her being praetor also freaked her out a little bc she wasn’t sure if she could handle being in charge and with keeping the fact that she was trans a secret bc she was still unsure about how people would react

• she slips up accidentally when talking to Annabeth

• Annabeth? Didn’t? Say? Anything? Maybe? More? People? Are? Like? Hylla? Than? Like? Her? Father?

• Rachel calling her Reyna and not Rey made her feel so good because Rachel probably knew

• Reyna is so happy when she sees Jason again bc she never had to worried about her best friend (brother) hurting her even if he had ignored her in New Rome.

• She does end up telling Nico but not until the war and shit

• that happens after we had one home, now we have two

• she’s not afraid​ to not be girly at all and doesn’t give two shits about passing as she gets older (okay maybe one shit)

• there are some Amazons who call her princess as a silly joke

• secretly she loves them calling her that. It validates her.

• very unsure about getting surgery bc of her distrust in people and bc she knows she doesn’t need it

• she does start hormone replacement therapy tho

• she starts educating some of the younger demigods about being a trans woman

Warm bodies ( a Stucky one shot)

(Vampire!Bucky x Steve)

This is my submission for @angryschnauzer’s If you go down to the woods today supernatural fic challenge

You can all thank her for this one, when I first heard about this I didn’t think it was something I could write, supernatural Au’s really aren’t my thing and deadlines scare me.
But I do like to try new stuff and taking on a challenge, so I slept on the idea and the day after I suddenly knew what I wanted to write :)

Story: Bucky is a young lost vampire wandering the city when he meets an older lonely bearded Steve. Both men are inexplicably drawn to each other.

Word count: 2979 (well, I tried to keep it short…)

NSFW 18+ for explicit M/M smut. Also fluff and angst.

This is my first Stucky smut and this whole thing was written pretty fast, be gentle!


Warm bodies

Blending into the crowd had become second nature to Bucky, he was used to moving in a group of people without being seen. Light on his feet, fast, quiet and still when he needed to be. He kept his eyes cast down, hands shoved deep into his pockets, his long dark hair hidden under the cap of his grey hoodie.

New York never paid any attention to him before and it didn’t now either.

The subway was quiet this time of night, much like the rest of the city. Just one of the advantages of being awake while the rest of the world was asleep.

A lot of things were different now, he thought he might get used to it at first but the longer it lasted the more he realized what a mistake that was.

He was the mistake, he shouldn’t even be here anymore. But the monster inside him didn’t let him make those decisions, it just took what it needed to survive.

It was ironic that he had become stronger and weaker all at the same time. His habits and his needs were so different now than before. The worst thing was the hunger, the all-consuming need to feed on human blood. It was like nothing he’d ever felt in his entire life and Bucky lacked the skills or willpower to fight it.

He never meant to kill. Every time the hunger took over he swore he’d never kill again. Every time it had been a lie.

He’d been alone for as long as he could remember now, wandering the city without any direction, without a home or anybody that still knew him. Time had become a strange, ungraspable thing. Everyone he had ever known was dead.

Bucky shifted in his seat and closed his eyes for a few minutes. He was tired and he could feel the hunger growing tonight, he knew he would have to feed again soon.
He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep doing this.

He just wanted to sleep, just close his eyes and never wake up again, it would be better for everyone. He didn’t want to hurt anybody else, but he knew when the time came he’d have no choice, just like every single time before that.

For a few moments he allowed himself to dream of better times, what it was like to have a friend, a family, maybe even a lover. He missed it more than anything else, more than the taste of food on his tongue or the feeling of his own heart beating in his chest.
Someone to come home to, a soothing voice in his ear, strong arms to hold him. Just one person to bring warmth into his cold dark world.

But he was no longer entitled to any of that, not after everything he did, all the innocent lives he took. He was no longer deserving of love in any shape or form. That was his cross to bear for being allowed to walk this earth on borrowed time.

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#Oxybenzone: This could in fact be the most troublesome ingredient found in the majority of popular sunscreens. A study out of the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Zurich determined that oxybenzone may also mimic the effects of estrogen in the body and promote the growth of cancer cells.
#RetinylPalmitate (Vitamin A palmitate): A study conducted by U.S. government scientists suggests that retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight (NTP 2012). As Dr. Joseph Merocla 
explains, this suggests that sunscreen products could actually increase the speed at which malignant cells develop and spread skin cancer, because they contain vitamin A and its derivates, retinol, and retinyl palmitate.
#Fragrance: Fragrance refers to a host of harmful hormone-disrupting chemicals mentioned earlier, like parabens, phthalates, and synthetic musks.
Sun Exposure Can Protect You From Cancer. The sun isn’t as bad as it’s marketed to be, however. 
Corporations are concerned with profit, not people, and telling us that sun exposure can actually protect against cancer isn’t going to get us to buy sunscreen. Yet several studies have made this connection, confirming that the appropriate amount of sun exposure can actually protect us against skin cancer. ☕🐸 #4biddenknowledge


Request: Can I request a Bruce fic where the reader is pregnant? Maybe she just found out and is nervous/excited to tell Bruce? Or maybe she’s already several months along and just pure domeatic fluff? Or maybe she’s scared to tell Bruce because he’s so serious??? I know whatever you decide to write will be gold! I just need some Bruce love in my life!

Relationship: Bruce X Reader

A/N: I switched it up a lil (Shocker), also heres a lil fluff to break away from all the angst

Warnings: Fluff, and Pregnancy I guess

You sighed putting your head in your hands. The white stick sat on the counter taunted you. You and Bruce should’ve been more careful. Instead, you were both caught up in the fact he’d be on a mission that would last months. There wouldn’t be contact and that’s the part that got to you the most. It would be alien to the two of you. You grew up together meaning the longest you’d gone without contact was maybe two weeks.

It was already hard enough without him for you. Now it was even harder.  The morning sickness, the hormones, not to mention the missed periods, you were pregnant. Another child was never discussed. There seemed to be a mutual unspoken agreement that four sons were enough.

It had been two months since you had last seen Bruce and he’d be gone for another five. Seven months was a long time, especially while pregnant when your spouse didn’t know.

You sat crying on the bed you shared with Bruce. You wore one of his hoodies, (dowsed with a spritz of his cologne,) and cuddled his pillow close. It had been five months since you had last seen/spoke to him. Yet there were still two to go and you missed him dearly.

The boys and Alfred were all a big help, but you couldn’t help but feel as if it should be Bruce by your side.

“Ma?” Jason’s voice echoed throughout the room. “Dinner is ready.” Nodding you followed your second oldest son downstairs. When the doorbell rang you signalled Jason to go eat while you answered it.

Pulling open the door you were shocked to see a bruised Bruce Wayne. Without saying anything, you quickly threw your arms around him. Tears were falling down your face as his hands rested themselves on your stomach. He looked at you for clarification before you nodded confirming his thoughts.

“Please tell me this one’s a girl.” He whispered with his forehead resting on yours.

“What A Catch,Donnie”

Pairing: Pregnant!Reader x Daddy!Draco

WARNINGS: low self-esteemed,hormonal,pregnant reader. Mentions of depression. 

A/N- You’re pregnant again with a girl. This is a long one-shot.

You lie awake in your’s and Draco’s shamrock green, Queen-sized bed. Tears prick your eyes and your throat begins to swell. You stroke the large bump on your stomach softly while Draco’s large hands rub soothing circles into your hip and caress the bump. Resting your head on Draco’s chest, you let his steady heartbeat calm your thoughts. 

(y/n), love?” Draco asks quietly. “Please tell me why you’ve been distant lately. I’m here for you, sweetheart. I hate seeing you like this. Please.” he begs.

You suck in a shaky breath. Trying fruitlessly to hold in the tears. It ruins you bottling up all your feelings. One thick, hot tear leaves your eye and soaks into Draco’s black t-shirt. Your hands begin to shake uncontrollably and a strangled sob escapes your lips. “You can cry, sweetheart.” Draco says softly before kissing your temple.

You let it out. All the stress and self-doubt you’ve been trapping, you let escape.  Countless tears cascade down your cheeks and you fist Draco’s shirt tightly.  “It’s ok baby. I’m here.” Draco coos, and holds your fisted hands in his. Draco presses gentle kisses on your cheeks and gently runs his fingers through your (h/c) hair. 

“I c-can’t Draco.” you sob. You try to quieten; not wanting to wake up Scorpius who’s asleep in the next room. 

“Tell me what’s wrong, love.” he whispers softly.

“I’m not good enough, Draco.” you whisper. Your voice has levelled out, yet the waterfall of tears refuse to seize. “I’ll never be good enough.”

“What makes you think that, darling? To me and Scorpius you’re perfect. You saved me. I wouldn’t be here without you. You’re so kind. So beautiful, loving, caring, smart, strong, PERFECT. Don’t ever think otherwise.” he says staring into your (e/c) eyes the whole time. Sincerity and honesty reflecting in his cobalt eyes.

You sit in silence watching him. The love you feel for your family makes your heart warm. “I-I don’t want our daughter to be anything like me. What if she becomes like me? I won’t know what to do, Draco.” you confess. Your lip trembling.

“If our daughter was anything like you I would be the proudest father alive. Hell, I already am. I pray everyday that our children will become more like you. You are so important to us and our daughter will feel the exact same.” he says resting his forehead against yours.

“And…Scorpius loves and cares for you so much more.” you mutter quietly. Draco laughs softly in reply.

“You don’t think he loves you as much he does me? He’s been doing nothing but trying to ‘be a grown up’ to help look after you and get your attention these past few weeks. It’s hard on both of us to see you like this, love. We want to help you.”

You didn’t realise it. You’ve been so isolated and trapped in your thoughts that you didn’t acknowledge the important things around you. You wrap your arms around Draco’s neck and pull him into a hug where you cry into his shoulder. You hate yourself so much for abandoning them like that. Draco rubs up and down your back; while muttering sweet things into your ear. You pull back only to capture his lips in yours. 

The sound of the door creaking open causes you and Draco to break apart. You look towards the door to see a thouroughly dishevelled looking Scorpius. Rubbing his eyes tiredly and yawning adorably. “Mummy?” he says sleepily. “Are you ok….? Is-is baby ok?!” he says suddenly wide awake. You watch in shock as his little figure runs towards your side of the bed.

Scorpius stares at you wide-eyed and concerned. His bed hair sticking up in all directions like a crown. You turn towards Draco too see him grinning proudly at him.

 “I-I~” you’re speechless. 

Scorpius’ tiny body makes a few attempts at climbing on the bed but is unable to reach. You’re about to reach for him but stop after you see him look away. His bottom lip trembling. “S-Scorp…?” you ask uncertainly. 

“I won’t be able to look after you and sis, Mummy.” he mumbles, on the verge of tears. “I-i’m not big enough.” you feel your heart break. You feel so crap about yourself for ignoring him this whole time. 

You reach over the bed and lift him and lay him in between you and Draco. Grabbing his small frame, you hug Scorpius as closely as your seven month bump will allow. Carefully and slowly he wraps his arms around your middle and hugs you back. You’re in tears again. They run down your nose and cheeks. Looking up through your tears you see Draco’s handsome face holding a soft smile. You’re feeling so unbelievably loved and there’s such a fulfilling love for your family that you feel in your heart. Which previously felt so heavy with, guilt and self-doubt but is now filled with the light expanses of love and care for all of them.

“D-did I hurt you?! I’m sorry Mummy! I didn’t mean it!” Scorpius exclaims. Shuffling back into Draco once he sees the tears on your face. A look of pure horror resting on his pale face.

“No, baby, no. I’m just happy, is all. I love you so much Scorp. I’m so proud of you.” you say cupping his cheek softly.

He smiles proudly. Looking to Draco in delight. Draco ruffles Scorpius’ soft blonde hair. The exact same as his own.

“Can I sleep with you and daddy, mummy? I miss you.” Scorpius pouts softly. A tired yawn leaving his lips and causing his eyes to water. 

“Of course, darling. I’ve missed you too sweetheart.” you say while brushing the hair out of his face.

You move him again so he’s on the left of you and you’re next to Draco again. Draco kisses your lips and grins widely at you. Which you return whole heartedly.

Turning around you cuddle Scorpius’ small body. Planting a soft kiss onto his cheek. Watching as his eyes droop slowly. You feel Draco’s gentle and tentative arms wrap around you. He snuggles into your back. Resting his chin on your shoulder. One of Draco’s arms rests on Scorpius’ hip. 

Glancing back at him, your (e/c) eyes meet his icy blue ones. A happy smile rests on both your faces. “I told you.” he mumbles smugly. 

“Hm.” your smile drops slowly. Remembering the reason for not noticing in the first place. 

Self hate has always been something you’ve had a problem with. You can’t remember when it started or when you realised it but it’s always been there. You called them your ‘demons’ as a teenager. They were there for you when honestly, no one else was. Almost like the arms that catch you when you fall. Only to let you go. To laugh and taunt, trap you under their feet, as you try so hard to get yourself up off the ground without any motivation to do so. Along with all the other people in your life who hurt you. But then he saved you. Draco beared and kept away your demons as you did his. Protected each other from others yes, but also ourselves. 

(Y/N), love. Are you ok?“ Draco asks softly while kissing your cheek. His vunerable, cobalt irises reflect his perpetual love for you like a mirror.

“I love you. I love you all so much. I’m sorry for being the way I am.” you mutter quietly. Your tears are thick raindrops in a torrential storm; leaking from the blustery heavens which are your tear ducts and soaking the parched Earth that is your pillow. 

“We love you FOR being you. Never think otherwise. We’ll always be here for you.” Draco states candidly.

“I know.” you mumble. 

“Do you want anything? I could make you some warm milk with cinnamon if you’d like?” Draco asks, lifting up the covers.

“I want milk!” Scorpius suddenly wide-awake. Turning around with a hopeful smile and gleaming eyes like sun rays illuminating diamonds. Love filled laughs erupt from both you and Draco.

“That would be nice.” you say tiredly. Tickling Scorpius’ stomach evily. The sweet sounds of his giggles resonate around the room.

“Ok then love. Rest, you’ve had a long day. Come on then Scorp.” Draco says cordially. Sauntering around the perimeter of the large bed and scooping up Scopius’ awaiting body; arms outstretched and giggling like children shown a surreal magic trick. 

Giving you a quick peck on the lips, Draco takes Scorpius to the kitchen where you hear frustrated sounds and loud whines emitting from. With a chuckle and a  knowing shake of your head, you carefully crawl out of the luxurious warmth of the bed and down the icy, marble stairs.

Shoulder resting on the jutted door frame, you silently observe the events. Draco furiously stirring the curdling milk while Scorpius obviously took it upon himself to latch onto his leg. Shaking with laughter at the sight you awkwardly stumble, due to the bump, towards the counter. 

“Need any help?” you ask cheekily, watching as they both whirl around and stare at you.

“What’re you doing down here, love? And not at all. Everything’s under control.”

“I can see.” you chuckle softly. 

“Come here Scorp. Let’s go upstairs.” you say. Taking his small hand and leading him up the stairs.

Just as you’re both tucked in Draco comes in with three floating mugs of steaming milk. 

You grab yours gratefully and soake up the new source of heat while helping Scorp drink his. Draco places the empty mugs to the side while you wrap an arm around Scorpius’ body and pull him into your side and snuggle into Draco’s welcoming chest. 

Wriggling into your previous position, you let Draco’s muscular arms encase you. Experiencing the gentle feeling of protection from him. Delicately you run your fingers through Scorpius’ hair as a soothing method.

Draco’s breaths even out and Scorpius begins to drool slightly. Their peaceful, sleeping forms are the bare trees in Winter. Vunerable, stoic and silent like the deathly appearance they take when sleeping. Only the rise and fall of their chests keeping you sane.

Closing your sore eyes, you try and clear your exposed mind. With the presence of the people you love next to you, you fall into a dreamless sleep.

And as the song goes: “I’ve got troubled thoughts and the self-esteem to match. What a catch, what a catch.” 

I wrote this a while ago for someone close to me…It was just floating in my drafts so I decided to post it. 

Originally posted by couplenotes

kkenobi  asked:

So, how do the clones react to a pregnant general in the two!alphas verse? Or Dooku lol, I bet he's happy that palpatine's (I'm assuming) plan could hurt his omega grandpadawan

‘They are never going to let me go back to the field again.’ That was the first thought that came floating to his mind as woke up, his brain pounding heavily and the smell of bacta. Okay, bacta, good start, less good about the Force dampening field he could feel and that meant…


Obi-Wan rolled onto his back with a groan, arm falling protectively around his stomach.

“General!” The relieved cry made him groan again before he forced his eyes open and looked towards the direction of the voice, seeing Cody, Trapper and Xan in the opposite cell, the troopers armors tinged red with the ray shields.

“Cody.” He rasped out. “What happened?” He struggled to push himself up on his elbows only to flop back with a pained groan, shaking a bit.

“A missile got to close to the camp, blew it up. A few of us got captured.” Cody was staring at him from the other cell. “How do you feel sir?”

“Terrible. Who has us?” Obi-Wan forced himself up all the way, hissing a bit before staring at his bootless foot and the bandages. “And why am I bandaged and can smell bacta?”

“Grievous has us sir. As for the latter…a med droid was by half an hour after you were placed in the cell and took care of you.”

That got a confused blink out of the Jedi as he curled his arm more protectively around his midsection, something Cody didn’t miss.

“I don’t think they did anything towards you except take care of your injuries sir.” The alpha commander tried to sooth.

“Forgive me if I’m cautious Cody but there’s a Force dampening shield active and its leaving me a bit blind.” Obi-Wan struggled to his feet, wiggling his toes on the cold metal. “And being contained right now is not…ideal.” He cleared his throat. “Grievous…and he didn’t outright kill us…” Obi-Wan frowned a bit.


He sighed a bit as no answer came to him before settling down, settling on his rear on the floor in lotus position since the cell was bare. Slowly he pulled his aching bootless foot into his lap and rubbed it to get some warmth into his toes and foot. “So much for active field work.” He sighed out loud.


“You really think Anakin and Padme are going to let me out of their sight after this?” Obi-Wan questioned dryly. “Oh no, after this they are going to renegade on the deal because I was suppose to remain safe away from the active frontline.” He sighed again.

There was a bit of hesitation that made Obi-Wan look up and at his troopers, both Trapper and Xan looking everywhere but at their General while Cody was shifting on his feet.

“…Oh please tell me you don’t agree with them.”

“Sir, your pregnant. We’re surprised you’re anywhere near the battlefield like this.” Cody confessed. “And not to mention your hormones are making us react.”

That made Obi-Wan’s protest die on his lips. “What?”

“You smell of pregnant omega sir. It makes our instincts in wanting to protect you even more then before when your implant got ruined.” Cody shrugged a bit. “A lot of troopers are reporting the same with their Jedi.”

Obi-Wan cupped his chin, stroking. “I…see. Is it distracting?”

Cody hesitated then sighed and nodded. “A bit. There’s always a concern in the back of our mind if you’re warm enough, drank enough, stayed safe… a battlefield doesn’t make it better.”

“I…see.” Obi-Wan rubbed his chin. “…I won’t promise I won’t return to the field but I will be taking this into consideration Cody. And I wish you would have told me earlier so it could be dealt with accordingly instead of me finding out by being captured. I mean there’s a lot of pregnant Jedi out and about right now, not including me.” He was spared from talking about his condition more when a door opened and boots on the floor sounded.

So not Grievous then.


Of course.

Had he come to gloat?

But no he looked discomforted, ignoring the quietly growling clones behind him as he focused on Obi-Wan. “Master Kenobi, we really need to stop meeting like this.” The Sith said calmly despite the discomfort on his face.

“Indeed, I’m getting tired of being bruised.” Obi-Wan returned.

Dooku eyed him, his brow twitching when he took note of the missing boot and obvious blood stains. “Indeed…”

Puzzled, Obi-Wan leaned a bit back before suddenly hunching forward as the Count’s eyes flickered over his stomach, arm institutionally covering his stomach. ‘He’s WORRIED. He’s actually honestly worried. Oh my Force.’

Before Obi-Wan could act on his realization, the count spoke up again. “The Republic is currently negotiating for you though I suspect Skywalker and his padawan is currently looking for you. It would be…unfortunate if your location were to be leaked, you’re a valuable…as a trading chip.” The others eyes flickered over his stomach again.

Obi-Wan felt his eyes widen a bit at the implication.

Both of them.

He was valuable to the sith because of the baby he carried. Valuable because the baby may be Anakin’s or so the words of the count indicated. If it had been because of Padme then she would have featured in his little speech.

And that the Count had leaked his position to Anakin.

Anakin would be coming for him along with Ahsoka and whoever they brought with them.


What else could he say to that.

He shook himself. “Well then, I hope the Republic won’t delay to long. This does rank as an uncomfortable cell.” He tried to quip, though it fell a bit short at the startling realizations he had.

The implication of the sith, most likely the sith master, being interested in Anakin’s child…

Obi-Wan sprawled his hand protectively over the slight swell of his stomach.

anonymous asked:

what are the additional hurdles to get hormones before 18 as apposed to waiting until your 18? my mom is alright with me getting hormones at 18, but she doesn't want me to get them now (i'm 17) because she said she doesn't want my dad getting in the way, even though they are divorced and he lives several states away. can he even stop me from getting hormones? and if not, would me trying to get hormones now opposed to waiting until my birthday honestly make much of a difference?

Kai says:

yes, there is a possibility that at age 17 if your dad still has custody of you you might not be able to get on hormones unless he signs permission. If you do it at 18, it’s much easier as you don’t need parental permission so you can just do it and get your mom to help out. If you don’t mind waiting, when you’re 18 it’s probably faster and easier to get, and there wouldn’t be a big difference in the changes you would experience, so if I were you I would wait. You could of course look it up and see if you could do it at 17 though!

The fruit of our labors

(A/N): Steve finally gets a family yaaasss!

Request:Hi! I saw you were taking requests and I was wondering if you could please write one where Steve and a heavily pregnant reader are both avengers and one day Steve gets seriously hurt on a mission and the stress causes the reader to go into labor so the team is there for her? Lot of fluff/angst and maybe a happy ending? Thanks soooo much! 😊

Warnings: some swearing, Steve gets hurt

Tags: @mcuimxgine

Originally posted by lukemagnus

   You sat on your couch as you mindlessly flicking through the channels, one hand unconsciously clutched to your very pregnant stomach. You were supposed to have had this baby in a month and some change and god you were ready for it. Your entire body ached with pain 24/7, you looked like a whale, you’d been eating like shit, and not to mention your hormones were everywhere. One minute you could be raging angry at Steve for leaving some paper towels out and the next you’d be crying because of how mean you were being, thankfully for you Steve was a patient and loving man and he could put up with your mood swings like a champ. Unfortunately for you he’d been on a mission for a few weeks and in his place Clint had come to help. Not that Clint wasn’t a nice guy and great man it’s just that he wasn’t- he wasn’t Steve. 

   You craved Steve and the intimacy the two of you shared, you missed kissing him and running your fingers through his hair, you missed having him kiss your stomach, you missed seeing his smile and listening to his sleepy voice, you missed his sweet personality, you missed-

   “Oh my god,” Clint sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose as he did when he was stressed. “Oh fuck,” You perk up a bit, confusion evident upon your face. 

   “What? What happened?” You stagger to your feet, clutching the back of the couch for support. “What happened Clint?” Clint turns to look at you, an almost scared yet defeated look upon his face. 

   “You can’t freak out, okay?” You gulp, nodding your head as you once again rest a hand on your stomach, more or not for safety reasons. “Bucky just called and uh-” Clint looks to the floor, sighing shakily. “Guess Steve took quite a few hits and he’s in critical condition,” You stare at him, your heart having stopped beating at his words. 

    “What?” Is all you can manage, the word small and meek at best. 

   “They’re flying him to a nearby hospital, thankfully for us it’s only half an hour away- Oh my god, no, please don’t cry (Y/N),” You hadn’t even realized the salty tears were gliding down your cheeks until Clint had pointed it out and now that you had they seemed to come in at an even more powerful pace. You sob, your entire body nearly heaving with the intensity of it. “(Y/N) calm down baby bird,” Clint rushes to your side, already pulling you into a hug. “You’re gonna hurt yourself,” But his words have no affect as the tears keep coming, slipping down your cheeks effortlessly. “(Y/N) you’re gonna hurt the baby,” His words register in your mind and you too realize that they’re true but you just can’t bring yourself to stop. Your whole body shakes with the effort of crying and you’re sure you’re staining Clint’s shirt with your tears that or tearing the fabric with how tightly your fists were balled into it and that’s when it hits you, that first sharp pain in your stomach that has you hiccuping in surprise. 

    “Oh,” You gasp softly, your tears stilling only for a moment. “Oh god,” You whisper as a certain feeling overcomes your body and you can only connect that to your water breaking. 

    “What?” Clint asks, his face etched with concern. “What’s happened?”

   “Oh my god Clint,” You cling to him, your other hand resting on your stomach. “I think I’ve gone into labor,” 

    “You’re okay (Y/N), you’re okay,” Nat attempts to soothe as she runs alongside the bed you’ve been placed in, her hand clutching yours tightly. “You’re going to be just fine,” You groan in pain, throwing your head back against your already sweat soaked pillows. Something was very, very wrong right now, other than the fact you were going into labor a month early. 

    “I’m dying Nat!” You nearly scream at her, more pain hitting your body like a damn explosion. “Oh my god I’m dying!” You sob, your sudden tears only increasing your pain. 

    “Steve’s being life-flighted to a hospital,” Tony runs along the other side of the bed, his phone against his ear as he talks to Sam on the other line. “They’re saying he’s going to have to have a few surgeries but-” 

    “Tony!” Wanda scolds as she jogs beside him. “We don’t need anymore stress here,” 

    “No!” You yell, nodding your head. “Just keep talking to me!” The three share a look before Tony continues on talking to you, telling you about Steve’s condition and how badly he had been injured. 

    “I’m sorry you three,” A doctor suddenly stops the small group of Avengers in their tracks while you get whisked away from their line of sight, your bed being pushed into a different set of hallways. 

    “You’re going to be just fine Mrs. Rogers,” A doctor clad in gloves and a mask stares down at you, giving you what you thought to be a smile. “You’re in good hands now,” You can only hope that’s true given how much pain you were in. A scream rips itself from your lips as another very painful contraction hits your body fast and quick, leaving you to slump against the bed in sheer and utter pain.  

    “Ow,” You whimper, your hand falling limp at your sides as exhaustion seeps into your bones. 

    “Let’s get her into a room and get prepped,” And that was the last thing you remember hearing when you black out, you’re entire world fading to black. 

    “Mrs. Rogers, we need you to start pushing now,” 

    “God, please no,” You cry, shaking your head against the pillow. “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,’ 

    “(Y/N), you need to push otherwise your baby is going to die, do you understand?” You look to your doctor meekly, your lip trembling with the effort of not sobbing. 

    “I understand,” You nod your head, biting your lip when another contraction hit. The doctor nods, rolling his shoulders back as he once again falls back into his position between your legs. 

    “You can start pushing now,” 

    Despite your valiant efforts you could not physically give birth to your child, something was terribly wrong and everything hurt. You were weak, dehydrated, sweating, and on the verge of tears and you physically could not do it. 

    “Push dammit push!” The doctor yells at you, giving you the motivation to try to push again. You scream in pain and effort and yet nothing happened. You slump against the bed, tears spilling from your eyes once again. “We’ll give you a break, we’ll be back in ten to try again, sound good?” You nod your head, breathing in shakily. The doctor nods his head before exiting the room, slipping off his gloves and mask in the process. 

    “How are you?” Comes a sudden voice, one that you were most definitely not expecting to hear at such a time. The all too familiar face of Sam pokes into the room, followed closely by Nat, Wanda, Clint, Tony, and Bucky. 

    “You guys can come in,” You whisper, closing your eyes as sleep almost takes over, but another contraction hits, leaving you gasping and grunting in pain. 

    “I’m taking that as bad?” Nat smiles gently as she takes a seat by your bed, reaching out for your sweaty, tired hand. You nod your head, sighing shakily. 

    “Sam?” You ask quietly, your voice hoarse from the amount of screaming you just did. “What are you doing here-” 

    “Steve’s in a few halls down, me and Bucky figured that we needed to come see how you were doing,” 

    “So…how’s he- how’s he doing?” 

    “Just fine,” Bucky chimes in, “He’s going to be hospitalized for a few weeks at most but he’s doing just fine,” You nod your head, a smile rising to your lips at the thought of Steve being perfectly okay. “He really wanted to be here,” He adds softly, “We told him about the early labor and he damn near jumped out of bed to come see you,” You chuckle weakly, your smile growing a bit in size. 

    “Well, If I could get this damn baby out of me perhaps I could go see him,” 

   “I doubt it,” Tony scoffs gently. “Sorry sweetcheeks but you’re damned to a hospital bed for a few weeks too,” You sigh softly, your free hand rising to rest against your stomach, albeit with some effort. 

    “You ready to try again Mrs. Rogers?” A nurse pokes her head in, smiling at the ragtag team. You stare down at your stomach, mentally preparing yourself for the pain about to come. 

    “Yeah, Yeah I am,” 

    “Well Mrs. Rogers,” The doctor smiles as he takes off his gloves and mask “You have a healthy baby girl,” You stare up at him with wide eyes, a small smile rising to your lips. 


  “Really, we will be monitoring her since she was born so early but as far as we can tell she’s perfectly fine,” 

   “Why did? Why did it hurt so bad?” Your mouth feels dry and your tongue feels like a slab of sandpaper as you speak. 

   “We theorize that due to Steve’s super soldier serum his cells mixed with your regular ones, creating a rather unpleasant birthing process for you.” You nod your head, allowing your eyes to close peacefully. 

   “I’m going to kill Steve when I get out of here,” You mutter, causing your doctor to laugh. 

    “Well, I think that’s all for now, we will be bringing your daughter around sometime this evening to feed, is that okay?” You nod your head, smiling breathlessly. 

   “That sounds great,” 

    You gently brushed your fingers along your baby’s nose as she fed, soft suckling sounds filling the air as she did. Your heart swelled with love and adoration when she cooed softly, her little voice raspy as she called out. 

   “I love you,” You whisper, trying not to cry once more as you tenderly touch her face. “I love you so much,” 

   “Think you’ve got room for one more in here?” Your head immediately snapped up to the doorway only to be met with the sight of your husband in his own hospital bed, bruised and beaten but still smiling. You gasp softly, nodding your head as tears pool within your eyes. The nurse moving the bed gives you a small smile as she wheels Steve into the room, placing his bed as close to yours as she could. You mouth the words thank you to her as she leaves, leaving the three of you all alone. 

    “Did you know,” You begin, your gaze lingering on Steve’s swollen and battered face. “That you have a healthy baby girl?” Steve hums softly, cracking his one good eye open to look at you. 

    “Do I- Do we really?” You nod your head, your gaze falling to your sweet angel in your arms. 

    “She was a bitch to deliver no thanks to you,” You chuckle but the sound is watery due to your copious amounts of tears. “And she came early no thanks to you but she’s here now,” 

    “Can I-” Steve’s voice cracks and he’s no doubt on the verge of tears. “Can I hold her?” You nod your head as you pull your baby away from your body, not that she minded in the slightest, she already seemed to have Steve’s sweet and patient temperament. You gingerly place your baby in Steve’s arm, being mindful of his many wounds. Steve holds her tenderly, smiling down at her despite the fact he was so tired and beaten down. “Hey there sweet angel,” He whispers, making you smile. “Sorry daddy couldn’t be there for the delivery,” He turns his head to look at you for a split second, a sad smile on his face. “But I’m here now and I’m not going anywhere, okay?” On cue your baby coos, her tiny hands rubbing her face sleepily. You sigh shakily, gingerly resting your head on Steve’s shoulder, being careful not aggravate his wounds further. 

   “Be glad you missed the delivery,” You smile a bit. “It was horrible,” 

   “Do they know why you went into labor so early?” Steve asks, his voice soft and warm, washing over you like a wave of comfort. 

   “Cuz your reckless ass thought it was a good idea to almost die, it put too much stress on me and now we have a baby girl, a month earlier than planned,” 

   “I’m sorry,” Steve manages, turning his head just enough to press a kiss to your matted hair. “I promise I’ll be more careful from now on-” 

   “I was thinking about that,” You begin, biting your lip hesitantly. “Steve, I don’t want you going on anymore missions, I can’t handle the stress of you being captain america while I’m at home wondering if you’re okay,” 

   “You want me to give up being Captain America?” 

   “I know it’s a lot to ask for but-” Steve cuts you off as he presses a kiss to your forehead, shushing you gently. 

   “I’d do anything for my best girls,” Steve smiles, nuzzling into your hair with his nose. You too smile, your heart fluttering at his words. His best girls

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lord you are so childish

fuck off bitch!!!! this is my space n ill act however the hell i want!!! im 17 and a hormonal teen not to mention depressed out of my mind n mentally ill so fuck right off!!!! im childish as fuck !!!! learn it!!!! dont expect anything less from me bitchnchd


i would just like to reach out to each and every one of you that follows me and say: i hope your december is bright and merry, filled with laughter and love, and enables you to embark on a new adventure into the new year, which the optimistic part of me is cautiously believing will be better than the hell year that 2016 has been. 

more importantly, we are only a few weeks shy of spending time with family, friends, and that good holiday food that, despite basic laws of the universe, manages to simultaneously warm the belly and the heart. it’s a time for celebration – even if you are only celebrating that you survived this year – and i want to extend that celebratory spirit to all of my followers, including those not listed here. 

overall, this has been a transformative year: i turned 23, legally changed my name, entered into my fifth year of hrt, and will be graduating from college in two short days. i’m extremely grateful that i have been able to share these moments with you all and look forward to continuing that trend.

thank you and happy holidays!


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I'm 18 and pre everything. I was wondering how much hrt would be able to feminize my body and if there were any surgeries or ways to change things like my chest and hips? Even if they are super expensive I still just need to know about them. Thanks

Ren says:

Estrogen / anti-androgens (are pretty good at what they do, I tell you what):

  • boops of a decent size - I’ve heard up to B cups naturally!
  • change in size of areolas (around your nipples) and usually more sensitivity
  • softer skin!
  • body hair growth lessens (although what’s already present requires electrolysis to remove); it also lightens up and becomes less dense
  • fat distribution! you do get a pretty lovely-lookin’ waist-to-hip ratio :)
  • less muscle mass, more fat (to make you softer)
  • gonads & penis will be smaller
  • less ejaculate and fewer erections (orgasms are not dependent on these things)
  • you tend to smell nicer, actually! (and have a better sense of smell in general)
  • less prominent veins

What they can’t do:

  • reverse bone changes already established by puberty (total height, length of arms, legs, hands, feet, and width of shoulders and rib cage are all unaffected)
  • but those things, as well as the width of hips, are not set in stone as long as there’s not been fusion yet! (usually happens between ages 18-25)
  • puberty-established changes to the bone structure of the face, including the Adam’s apple
  • can’t change a deep voice
  • can’t remove facial hair entirely, just lessen it


  • breast augmentation (implants)
  • facial feminization surgery (surgical changes for the nose, forehead, chin, jaws, cheeks, lips, ears, or eyes)
  • chondrolaryngoplasty (AKA a tracheal shave - shaving down the Adam’s apple)
  • orchiectomy (removal of gonads)
  • penectomy (removing penis)
  • vaginoplasty (creating a vagina)
  • labiaplasty (creation of labia - those are the lips around the vagina)
  • clitoroplasty (creation of a clitoris)
  • abdominal lipoplasty (removing fat from the stomach - some transfeminine people choose to do this if their fat redistribution isn’t going too well)
  • scalp surgery (treats “male”-pattern baldness)
  • voice surgery (surgery on the vocal cords / surrounding cartilage - raises voice pitch)
  • butt augmentation (what it says on the tin)

I’m not aware of any surgeries for shoulders or hips, or at least not mainstream ones! Here’s a good resource for surgery (warning for use of MTF) and here’s one for hormones (same warning).

I’m AFAB, so let me know if I’m missing anything, but there you have it!

Reblog if you support the idea that Grenda is trans

And not only that BUT

  • No one ever questions her gender presentation
  • Grenda likes boys and her sexual orientation is also never questioned
  • She is never mocked for being “unfeminine” (Pacifica once taunted her for sounding like a pro-wrestler, but there are women in pro-wrestling)
  • Her straightforward and aggressive flirting style is never criticized as being “too manly” and whenever her upfront attitude behavior is used as part of a joke, the point of the joke is NEVER because she is “not acting like a girl”.
  • It’s possible that she’s not on hormones yet (she mentioned her voice is changing), but she doesn’t let possible body dysmorphia make her feel ashamed or stop being the gender she is
  • Grenda does not fit in with conventional beauty standards but it doesn’t make her less of a girl or feel like she has to change herself in order to “pass better”
  • Grenda is just SUPER confident in who she is and that’s marvelous


Writing Trans & Nonbinary Characters

I see a lot of stories with trans and nonbinary characters where the author, however well-intentioned, is defining the character primarily by their gender. As a nonbinary and transgender person, I’d like to see more stories where the character’s gender is a part of their life and comes up in realistic ways, but they aren’t defined by being transgender.

Here are some realistic ways to reference your character’s gender:

  • Strangers messing up their pronouns (and others’ reactions to it)
  • References to former, birth, or legal names
  • Any mention of hormonal treatment or surgery
  • Stress/hesitation over which bathroom to use (if the character isn’t sure how they’re being “read” at the time)
  • Disclosing to romantic or sexual partners
  • Reference to any clothing item which might not be typical (like a binder or packer)
  • Reference to the character’s past that doesn’t fit with their current gender, such as a trans man who was in Girl Scouts
  • Issues with or estrangement from family
  • Noticing changes in a character’s body, especially if it’s the viewpoint character

In some circumstances, details about a character’s body can be appropriate as well. For example, a transgender woman might be small-breasted and unusually tall, while a transgender man might be short and wide-hipped. Don’t solely rely on body descriptions, however, since our experiences are defined by much more than just our bodies. Also, some cisgender people may have these characteristics, and not all transgender people do.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to send me an ask on tumblr.

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I'm sorry if this sounds like a ridiculous question but can someone be on hormone treatment but not have top and/or bottom surgery?

Ryn says:

Yes! You are in no way obligated to get any kind of surgeries to be on hormones- depending on your country, state, or doctor, sometimes it is actually a requirement to be on hormones before having surgery. But long story short, you totally can go on hormones without having any sort of surgeries at any point. 

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 32

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Surprise Visit

Lucy walked up to the picnic tables a few minutes later, her eyes widening when she saw Natsu already sitting there. He had a tray piled high with food in front of him. Pocketing his phone, he looked up. “Oh, hey…” He looked down at the food, then back up at her. “I got us some food… I just got your text.”

She stared at him in disbelief. “H-how did you know I’d come out here?”

Natsu shrugged, then grabbed a small carton of chocolate milk. “You were taking too long to show up, so I thought you might’ve come out here instead…” He took a sip before finishing, “then I got your message, so I guess I was right.”

Lucy was about to say that he was incredibly sweet and thoughtful, but then Kyôka’s words popped into her head again. She closed her eyes, trying to clear her mind of that awful thought. ‘Natsu wouldn’t do that. He’s better than that… And even if he did… It’s not really my business… Him doing that doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with him…’

“You okay?” Natsu asked, raising a brow at her weird behavior.

Lucy’s eyes snapped open. She was about to tell him she was fine, but something else slipped out instead. “Do you have Sting’s number?”

Keep reading