hormone disruptor

Take Care.

I wanted to do a quick blog on how I choose to practice self care in my life. Living in London in a fast paced city it can be a juggle to try & find some balance, so this post is for me & for anyone else on how to find time to nurture ourselves & our bodies. 

 1. 1.5L - 2L a day now I know plastic drinking bottles contain bpa which is hormone disruptor so it’s best to get a bpa water bottle & drink from there. They’re quite cheap & available from amazon, try adding lemon, lime, cucumber or other fruits to it. If you’re gonna drink from plastic bottles no worries just keep them out the sunlight.

 2. Oil diffuser- one of my best purchases & cheap, use it diffuse essential oils into your space my personal faves are : rose, ylang ylang, chamomile, lavender. All very relaxing. If you have a cold try adding a few drops of eucalyptus to it & leave it on overnight.

 3. Organic fruit & veg. Non negotiable. Utilise local farmer markets & supermarkets, there’s more than enough chemicals in our food & by eliminating as much non organic produce as you can your body thanks you for it. I do eat meat but buy organic & sometimes I substitute meat for vegetarian options. 

 4. I regularly schedule in relaxation time, my best go to’s are watching my favourite old school shows: Sabrina the teenage witch, Matilda ( movie), A series of unfortunate events or whatever relaxes you. 

 5. Exercise (now this is new to me) but I can’t deny the high when you get that heart rate up. Home work outs on YouTube are great if the gym isn’t your thing, try taking your yoga mat to your local park & do some yoga or exercises in the sunshine. 

 6. Buy a journal & write about whatever you like, your past, your present, or things you wish to manifest.

 7. I add olive oil to my baths, it softens my skin. Try using other oils some of my favourites are: avocado oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil they all benefit my skin greatly. 

 8. Vitamins! Now because I work long 12 hour shifts sometimes ensuring I eat a balanced diet everyday doesn’t happen. My favourite brand is by a company called Viridian. The one I take is essential female multi. It’s so good for women’s health. I also take their Vitamin C additionally. 

 9. Start mornings with music, depending upon the kinda mood I’ve woken up in I like chilled music, put the kettle on & have a herbal tea. I like the brand Pukka herbs. 

 10. Smoothies. I love how nutritious they are & so quick to prep. I use almond, coconut, or hemp milk as my base, and add hemp protein powder. 

11. I schedule in time to deep condition my hair weekly, I love Argan oil shampoo & cantu deep treatment. I leave in the conditioner over night as it softens my hair. I use castor oil on my edges and use the Argan leave in daily combined with some olive oil. 

12. I use a Clinique sonic brush to cleanse my skin it’s great and makes me skin glow. I personally love oil cleansing too, so I use both methods. My oil cleansing oils are the same ones I use for my body my fave is olive oil & I steam my face too. 

13. I have regular detox baths with Epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt & coarse sea salt. It’s great for relaxation & detoxes your body too.

 14. I exfoliate probably 4 times a week & use a clay mask too by a company called sukin. It’s vegan and paraben free.

 15. I love reading so I schedule in time to read daily. 

 16. I unplug from social media regularly. 

 Remember guys we gotta take care of ourselves first & foremost & enjoy ourselves. Love and Light Sabrina x