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youre honestly kidding yourself if you dont think weeaboos and koreaboos yellowfacing affects actual e and se asian people. a lot of people think actual mixed kids are faking their race because there are people lying about being asian for their fetish, and the stereotyping of e and se asian people deems people who dont look a certain way as not asian. actual asian people are told they aren’t asian, but there are racists who are praised for “looking asian” when theyre not. yellowfacing follows this strict stereotype of what an east asian person looks like. it perpetuates the idea that there is only one way for them to look, so when actual east and southeast asian people don’t meet this oversexualized and infantilized stereotype of who they’re “"supposed to be,”“ they are met with backlash. they are invalidated for being an actual 3-dimensional human being and not a petite pretty stereotype.

and no matter how you want to twist it, using a non-white person’s race as a costume will always be racist/horizontally aggressive.

Like I’m not a big fan of the big emphasis on individualism in anarchism and there’s some valid criticism of horizontalism in that post but I don’t think it’s useless. And then to say that these strategies have had no lasting effect and to suggest vanguard parties instead yet again seems foolish. I also don’t see why failed leninist revolutions are something we can learn from and build on but failed anarchist practices don’t offer anything to learn from or improve on and have to be discarded entirely. It’s obvious the kind of dogma that’s at work there.

Hay personas que aun sin buscarlo o quererlo adquieren una extraordinaria importancia en la vida de los demás. Son hombres o mujeres que convocan mundos y crean paisajes, ventilan horizontes, desvían trayectorias biográficas.
—  Dolores Payás, Drink Time!

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Hey octomoosey! I've been using your themes for a while now but I've run into a bit of a problem I can't seem to fix (which is at no fault of the theme btw). I can't seem to change the colour or look of the new <hr>/horizontal line on my theme. If you could, It'd be a big help if you could give me a few pointers on how I could do that? Thanks in advance!

hi there anon,
no problemo - here’s a little tutorial on using <hr>/horizontal line in your posts, your theme or on your pages…

<hr> is just another tag that can be used like <b> for bold or <i> for italics. 

if you want just a plain line anywhere in your posts or pages, then in the html, just drop an <hr /> tag into the html 

and it will put in a line/divider like so -

the divider will usually be a basic style and will default to the same colour as the text within that section, however you can style this with css just as you would for any other object on your theme.

you will need to create a new class for your <hr /> section… (you can style this without using ‘divs’ but often it carries over the basic style, so this method, using the ‘display none’ for the original <hr> style means it’s easier to style and you have way more options open to you!

for example;

div.hr {
 height: 5px;
 border-top: 1px dashed #8c8b8b;
 border-bottom: 1px dashed #8c8b8b;

div.hr hr {
 display: none;}

then instead of just using <hr> in your html, you will need to use the reference to your new css… 

<div class=“hr”><hr /></div>

this will give you something that looks like this - 

or - you could go all out and throw in an image for a background…

div.hr {
 height: 15px;
 background:url(IMAGEURLGOESHERE) repeat-x 0 0;
 border: 0;}

div.hr hr {
 display: none;}

or use a gif…

drop this in in your theme if you want dividers between posts, or on your pages to separate sections…

you can use any kind of css to style your <hr> section as it’s just being counted as another div in your theme or on your pages… :3

have fun!


“What’s the matter, pet? Do you think I’m going to hurt you?”

Ladon’s voice was sickly sweet, taunting Fenris as he circled the man. A few hours ago, he’d lashed him to a short t-shaped post, that kept him leaning forward with his arms stretched out and bound tightly to the horizontal section of the post. A device often used for whipping one’s back, exactly what he’d been doing to Fenris earlier.

He trailed his fingers down the elf’s spine, to his lower back and then hooked his fingers around the ragged waistband of the small clothes he’d given Fenris to wear, chuckling. “Don’t you still want to play together?”



Red Hot by PelicanPete
Via Flickr:
Sunset ~ Summer 2017 ~ Florida Everglades U.S.A. Broward County ~ Hometown ~ Coral Springs, Florida *[It was quite a night with many interesting phases. Posted the horizontal. This (above) is the vertical.]* (three more photos ‘from this night’ in the comments) en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coral_Springs,_Floridaen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everglades