horizontal piercing


My zirfriend and I went out and got new piercings for valentines day. I got the septum and labret, and they got their horizontal eyebrow redone and got spider bites.

I feel exceptionally attractive at the moment. (Also got this dorky little line that the piercer drew on my nose, but my nose is too sensitive to scrub it off)

And we finished the night off with nacho’s and chocolate.

My friend described me as an androgynous elven warrior, and I am pretty sure I am living my childhood dream.

Also, as of today, I am on an antidepressant/anxiety med. Let’s see if this helps.


     zy, zy, zys

I had the honor of doing a woman's first body piercing today.

She got a horizontal hood piercing.
She is 75.
I want to be best friends with her.

(Spider dance plays)
This giant lichen orb weaver, related to the marbled orb weaver, has a giant muffin shaped and textured abdomen. Don’t worry, the spider muffin monster that Muffet keeps as a pet is not accurate, Spiders don’t chomp horizontally with mandibles….
They pierce their prey with their fangs and inject venom and digestive enzymes to melt their insides and suck it up.

Don’t worry, this one is large for Northern North America, it’s the relatively small ones that are big enough to pierce skin with fangs but small enough to go fast and unfelt or undiscovered that you have to worry about. The big ones are easy to see and feel if they are in something.
There’s only 4 highly medically significant spiders in North America, and the only people that have died to them are the weirdos that refuse medical attention for weeks, then again those kinds of people would probably die soon regardless. There’s only a handful of fatalities in the last 20 years in North America. You are more likely to be stabbed or shot to death by your fellow human than to ever be killed by a wild animal around here.

No promises about the sexy French spider girls though.