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Treebros Headcanons

So idk I’m doing a treebros blog and I’ve recently come up with a lot of headcanons for Evan and Connor, so yeah. I tried to keep away from any headcanon;s I’d seen a lot of ie Evan is bi Connor is gay and so on.

Since Evan’s been taking anxiety meds for years he ended up learning to dry swallow pills if he was in a hurry or had an attack with no water. 

Evan is allergic to cats and peanuts and at one point thought he was lactose intolerant but it turned out to be false, though he still dislikes the taste of plain milk.

Evan likes Connors hoodie he often steals it or Connor will let him wear it, especially if Evans freaking out cause it calms him down a bit.

Evan may be shy as all hell but he’s fairly touchy with people he’s very comfortable with ie Jared or people he likes (who he also trusts). During panic attacks he craves physical contact, again with someone he trusts, because it helps ground him in reality. 

Evan likes playing with Connors hair because well have you seen it it’s amazing.

Evan can’t really braid hair but he does try to braid Connors every once in a while, with very mixed results.

Evan actually is a really good at photography. He mainly takes pictures of trees but also likes other aesthetically pleasing subjects. He also might have a tendency to take pictures of Connor when he’s not doing stuff, but never tells him about it. He also has a fairly fancy camera his mother got him for his sixteenth birthday that he treasures and is very protective over.

Connor tried to convince Evan to get a piercing but Evan was too scared they did compromise and Connor found some of his old fake piercings and had Evan try them out. Evan was neutral about them while Connor took at least twenty pictures of the moment and has them saved on three different places.

Connor convinced Evan to start painting his nails, while Connor prefers black Evan likes a deep royal blue.

He’s also tried to paint Connors nails but was shaking too much and the polish got everywhere, he still gets teased a bit for that. 

Connor can cook, like surprisingly well. He’s self taught mainly but learned through watching his mom or any cooking shows, however he’s usually too lazy to actually cook for himself.

Connor has 2 cartilage  piercings on his right ear and an industrial piercing on his left ear along with the standard ones he has. 

He once got a fake nipple piercing to piss off his family he got his car taken away but he said it was worth it for the look of horror on his parents faces.

He plans to get an eyebrow piercing and either a horizontal lip piercing or nostril piercing one day.

Connor wants to get a tattoo on the back of his neck, when he was younger he wanted a feather but after meeting Evan he decided on a pinecone. 

Connor has a variety of pet names for Evan which include Fern, Peach, Marshmallow, my moonlight, Pinecone, or his personal favorite bean. 

Evan has few for Connor as well including angel, Sugar Maple, and raindrop however Evan uses pet names a lot less than Connor.

Connor likes to draw and one of his favorite things to draw is the sky, specifically the night sky. He’d always loved space and would often sneak out his window which and onto the roof and just stargaze. When he got older he went there when he wanted to escape or hide and despite it being a good spot to smoke pot he avoided doing it there since it was a special place to him. 

Despite painting them regularly Connors nail polish is almost always chipped since he has a habit of picking at his cuticles.

Connor originally grew out his hair to piss off Larry but ended up liking it and keeping it that length for himself later on in life. 

Connor genuinely loves when Evan babbles about trees and finds it endearing and utterly adorable.

He also tries to plan dates around Evans anxiety opting for staying away from movie theaters or nice restaurants and instead planning movie nights at one of their houses or smaller less crowded restaurants and shops, and always orders for Evan. 

He normally  keeps part of his hair in front of his face, it’s mainly for the look but it also makes it easier to hide his face and eyes if  he ever cries in public.

Connor uses eyeliner because it makes him look pretty.

Connor was tempted to go to prom in a dress and tried convincing Evan to do it too but decided against it after Evan nearly passed out while looking at dresses and Connor pulled some out and tried to get him to come try some on.

Despite this Connor has gotten Evan to wear a skirt before, and though its too much of an attention grabber for Evan to ever wear in public he will admit they do feel pretty nice and look pretty good on him, not that he could ever admit this.

Connor has actually worn a skirt in public mainly as a joke but honestly it wasn’t that weird to him since he always hated the how gendered fashion and the expected of  how people were suppose to dress and look was a bs notion.

Connor will sometimes put his hair in elaborate updo’s or braids, Zoe occasionally helps him with it. 

Connor is very much into public displays of affection and if he had it his way, he’d much more affectionate in public but Evans anxiety tends to act up when he displays too much so he tries to keep it to a minimum.

Connor is just tall enough to put his chin on the top of Evans head, he also does that more than Evan likes but never tries to stop him.

Jared has a playlist on his phone for the treebros mainly full of the most cliché or memeish love songs or songs about sex or gayness that he will shuffle through whenever he thinks the two are being too grossly coupley.

Jared is also their number one shipper alongside Alana who once wrote a crack fanfic about a love triangle between Evan Connor and Trees, Connor treasures it while Evan tried to delete it from Jared’s computer, sadly it had already been posted and Evan will never live it down.

Bad Boys and Golden Girls - Chapter 1

Chapter: 1

Rating: T, slight violence in future chapter

Genre: Fluff

Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Zeref x Mavis, tiny bit of others

Summary: Natsu and Zeref Dragneel are Magnolia High’s famous bad boys. But slowly, Lucy Heartfilia and Mavis Vermillion, two of the school’s best students, are falling in love with them.

The students of Magnolia High turned as the sound of roaring motorcycle engines cut through the buzzing of the crowd and watched as the school’s bad boys rode into the parking lot on jet black motorcycles. The brothers swerved into a spot, parking. The rumbling of the engine stopped at the boys turned off their bikes, and pulled off their helmets. The older brother, Zeref Dragneel, tied his helmet to the handlebars of his motorcycle, and slung his black backpack over his leather jacket-clad shoulder. He waited as his little brother, Natsu Dragneel, hopped off his own bike. Natsu ran a fingerless gloved hand through his salmon locks, causing them the stick out even more than before. He flashed a crooked smile at him, revealing a mouth full of pearly white teeth. His canines were abnormally sharp, like his brother’s, and the gleam in his green eyes screamed of mischief.

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I had the honor of doing a woman's first body piercing today.

She got a horizontal hood piercing.
She is 75.
I want to be best friends with her.

(Spider dance plays)
This giant lichen orb weaver, related to the marbled orb weaver, has a giant muffin shaped and textured abdomen. Don’t worry, the spider muffin monster that Muffet keeps as a pet is not accurate, Spiders don’t chomp horizontally with mandibles….
They pierce their prey with their fangs and inject venom and digestive enzymes to melt their insides and suck it up.

Don’t worry, this one is large for Northern North America, it’s the relatively small ones that are big enough to pierce skin with fangs but small enough to go fast and unfelt or undiscovered that you have to worry about. The big ones are easy to see and feel if they are in something.
There’s only 4 highly medically significant spiders in North America, and the only people that have died to them are the weirdos that refuse medical attention for weeks, then again those kinds of people would probably die soon regardless. There’s only a handful of fatalities in the last 20 years in North America. You are more likely to be stabbed or shot to death by your fellow human than to ever be killed by a wild animal around here.

No promises about the sexy French spider girls though.