horizontal navel


  • name: jennifer o’hara
  • nicknames: jen, jenny
  • age: 31
  • gender: non-binary
  • sexual oreo: pansexual
  • romantic oreo: gyneromantic
  • religion: atheist
  • occupation: makeup artist
  • languages spoken: english, spanish
  • fears: driving, authority figures, sirens, needles, nature, men, being forgotten, and claustrophobia
  • hair color: brick red
  • eye color: seafoam green
  • tattoos:  thigh stocking tattoos, collarbone, buttocks, lower back, biceps, wrists, pelvis, abdomen, breasts, ankle
  • piercings: septum, both eyebrows, labret, dahlia bites, tongue, industrial, daith, orbital, standard & upper lobe, nipples, horizontal hood, and navel
  • parents: both biological parents made it painfully clear they’re disinterested in re-connecting, and she wasn’t particularly close to her foster folks.
  • siblings: three spoiled-rotten biological siblings who hate her guts, and several foster siblings she stays in touch with online.
  • financial status: $19,760 annually, and upwards of $1 million in illegal bonuses.