list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders

Cuz I mean…we didn’t really have bags with us…and our soldiers couldn’t have known that we’d need to catch killers in the servant quarters.

Addy was wearing this under her nutcracker outfit.
It was meant for Cullen originally…but this was her only excuse not to wear that terrible outfit anymore.

Adahlen Adventures
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anonymous asked:

Just imagine CF Victor using this pickup line on CF Yuuri: Even without gravity I would've still fallen for you.

Victor lies on Yuuri’s bed, pajama pants loose around his ankles as Yuuri, below him at his desk, tries desperately to perfect an essay by the midnight marker. He’s fidgeting with a pencil and stares at the screen, eyes captivated by whatever he’s looking at. It’s obvious that he needs a distraction, since Victor knows he has already finished the essay and is simply overly anxious about it.

“Hey Yuuri.”

Yuuri glances up, worrying his bottom lip.

He grins. “Even without gravity, I still would’ve fallen for you.”

Before he has even finished the pick-up line, Yuuri is groaning, pressing his forehead into the desk. “Victor, that doesn’t even make sense. There’s always gravity. Even in space, there’s gravity, there’s just not a lot of it so objects don’t move the same–” He cuts off when he peeks up and sees that Victor’s expression hasn’t changed.

“Cuddle with me and talk gravity to me,” Victor mumbles, lying back on the bed and pulling the sheets over his head. “It’s too late to be working. And, hey, if you come up here now, I have more pick-up lines for you.”

Yuuri sighs and shuffles his papers, then climbs the ladder and lies beside Victor, wrapping both arms around him. “I love you, but I don’t want more bad pick-up lines.”

“Mmm, yes you do,” Victor argues, and buries his face in Yuuri’s neck.