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Deepwater Horizon is a serious real life event that happened. You can’t just say “I’m only going to watch it because of Dylan,” or “Dylan looks so hot.” Just respect the content of the movie, and what it’s trying to portray while simultaneously enjoy Dylan!

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Bring Me The Horizon ~ Black Sails

Despite his numerous wives, the notorious Blackbeard - also known as Edward Teach - never had a boy. Charles Vane was practically his adoptive son, earning the ire of the one child he did have, his daughter Georgia Teach. Ruthless, intelligent and fierce, she is the captain of her own vessel, the Black Heretic.

Darrien McCarthur is Gia’s fiercely loyal first mate. He’s had a rough history with piracy, resulting in scars across his back. Usually a rebel without a cause, Darrien respects Gia and follows her lead. Until he gets into a relationship with the lovely but dangerous Max. Where do Max’s loyalties lie? And who will Darrien choose if he’s forced to decide between Gia’s ambitions and Max’s desires?

But the age of piracy is coming to an end, and the life that Gia and Darrien have built for themselves along with it. With nowhere left to turn, Gia finds herself reluctantly letting her father back into her life - along with fearsome pirates like capricious Charles Vane, secretive James Flint, and daring John Silver.

@lady-eleanor-vane thought you’d enjoy this until I get the story up! :)


Microsoft introduced a girl and her robot dog in ReCore; Sony gives us a girl hunting giant killer robots in Horizon Zero Dawn.