horizon in the middle of nowhere

Reasons to watch Horizon

  • Huge cast full of crazy oddballs with very different personalities and quirks; there will be at least one character you will fall in love with, if not all of them
  • lesbian witches
  • beautiful fight scenes
  • hilarious
  • lesbian witches
  • shows lots of skin (90% girls, 10% male protagonist) without going too far into ecchi territory
  • lesbian witches

anonymous asked:

Hi!! I love your blog SO MUCH💕💕💕 I'm always re-reading the hc and i want to request a hc with rfa+v+Saeran where Mc doesnt mind thunder and lightning during the day but like gets very scared at nigh. I'm weird in that way so i want to know how they would react and comfort her!

Not weird at all! Hope you like these.


  • He cooked you dinner and invited you over to his house
  • When you got there, it was nice and sunny
  • But as time went…the sun went down…and it started raining really hard out of the blue
  • He steps out quickly to grab something from the convenience store across the street
  • That’s when the thunder and the lightning began
  • When he got back to his house, he noticed you were sitting stiffly on the couch and looked pale
  • He walks towards you slowly and asks if you’re okay
  • You try to pass it off as nothing, but thunder boomed and you jumped
  • You see a small smirk slip on his face “Are you…afraid of thunder?”
  • He won’t say it out loud, but he finds it kind of cute
  • He puts music on to try to block out the noise
  • He pulls you to your feet and starts dancing with you in the living room
  • You end up being so distracted, you don’t even notice the thunder and lightning anymore


  • You two were playing some games at his place
  • And suddenly the power went out
  • You two were confused until you see a flash of lightning and hear the thunder
  • He feels you clutch the back of his shirt tightly
  • He kind of gathers that you’re a bit afraid
  • He calmly stands with you and finds some flashlights
  • You feel a little better with the light…until the batteries die a few minutes later
  • He feels you tense up again and he hurries to light some candles
  • The dim light and having him so close is actually really nice…and comforting
  • He even presses a little kiss to your nose and you can feel butterflies in your stomach
  • “Actually…I think this is the most romantic thing we’ve done!”
  • He says before turning to grab something and tripping on air
  • His dignity is hurt, but it’s okay because you’re laughing


  • You guys were making some DIY things for the apartment
  • You lost track of time and before you know it, it’s nighttime
  • Then there’s the sound of thunder and the lights start flickering
  • Your first instinct is to grab Jaehee’s wrist
  • She grabs your arm and squeezes it reassuringly, and you let go
  • She calmly asks if you’d like some tea
  • She doesn’t even comment on how you’re shaky and a little jumpy
  • If you don’t want to talk about it, she doesn’t want to pry
  • She’ll just make sure you always have something to distract you when the thunder hits
  • Either by pushing food towards you, or making some random comment
  • It’s funny because as the storm continues, she’s running out of coments
  • “Oh! MC–er–look at the plate!”
  • It’s sweet though, so you try not to laugh
  • You feel so much calmer despite how long the storm goes


  • He had huge, open windows in the living room of his penthouse
  • It was the worst place to be if you were scared of lightning
  • It also happened to be where you were that evening
  • When the storm started, you tried not to be obvious
  • Jumin can sense you’re being tense out of nowhere
  • But he can’t seem to figure out why
  • Finally, he just asks you because you don’t really seem like you’re happy
  • You reluctantly admit that you’re a little shaken by the thunder and lightning
  • Thunder booms again, and you can hear Elizabeth hiss
  • Jumin scoops her up and closes the curtains
  • He places her on your lap and sits next to you with his arm around your shoulder
  • “She hates lightning storms too. You can keep each other company.”
  • You didn’t think it would work, but just petting Elizabeth and talking casually to Jumin made you forget all about the storm


  • You were in the car with him as he drove home from your date
  • It was drizzling when you left which was fine, but the rain got heavier as it got darker
  • You get a bit uneasy as it beats down against the windshield
  • But when the thunder and lightning strikes on the horizon, you’re clutching the edge of your seat tightly
  • It doesn’t help that you’re in the middle of nowhere, so your phones are radio weren’t getting a signal
  • You’re vaguely aware of Seven pulling over
  • He shifts himself to face you and gently takes your hands
  • He rubs your palms with his thumb and just reassures you until you stop shaking
  • After it all, he just pulls you into hug
  • You just smile, “Thanks for pulling over to comfort me, Seven.”
  • “Oh…of course. And, um, I don’t mean to worry you but we have a flat tire.”
  • Despite having to spend half the night in a car in the middle of a thunderstorm, you weren’t as traumatized as you thought you would’ve been as Seven made sure you smiled intermittently


  • He stopped by at your apartment one evening
  • You two were just enjoying some ice cream when it started raining
  • You didn’t mind it that much since the TV was pretty loud to cover up the initial thunder
  • But lightning struck a transformer nearby and the power went out
  • Soon after the thunder boomed again and you started, making your spoonful of ice cream fall into Saeran’s leg
  • He just kind of stares at it for a moment
  • “Are you scared of thunder?” He deadpans
  • You’re scrambling to wipe up the mess while explaining that you only get antsy when it’s at night
  • He cuts you off by kissing you on the mouth
  • When he pulls away, he acts like nothing ever happened
  • But he mumbles something about you holding his hand if you need to
  • For once in your life, you’re thankful for your fear


  • You’re at his apartment when the storm comes out of the blue
  • You jump as soon as the thunder starts, and he can already tell you’re frightened of it at night
  • But he tells you to wait on the couch and he fetches his camera
  • He points it out of the window and snaps a few pics
  • He returns to you on the couch, placing an arm around you to comfort you a little
  • He shows you the picture of the lightning and describes it with such beautiful words
  • His description pretty much coaxes you
  • You even manage to stand with him by the window and watch a few strikes of lightning before you can’t stand it anymore
  • After that, he makes some tea for the both of you and puts the music louder so you two can cuddle peacefully on the couch 

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cloud nine.

word count: 1253
pairing: changkyun x reader
notes: fluff, rich boy au

“Where are we going?” You’ve been asking the same question for the past 3 minutes since Changkyun dragged you out of work. All it took for your boss to let you go was the smell of Changkyun’s money. He might as well have laid out a red carpet for you too if he wanted to kiss his ass even more. 

“You’ll see,” he says again, leading you out the company building and to his black Porsche parked right on the curb. His chauffeur shuffles to open the backdoor with his tailcoat flailing in the wind, surprised by how fast his young master is walking towards the car. Needless to say, you stumble over your own feet a couple times trying to keep up. 

“Get in,” he commands gently, ushering you into the car first. 

“This is kidnapping!” you shout as you duck into the all-black interiors. The car smells of new leather with a faint hint of the ‘Royal Pine’ car freshener hanging from the rearview mirror. Changkyun swings the door closed behind him, whispers to the chauffeur, and you’re speeding down a highway before you even know it. 

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