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I cannot wait for that day. That beautiful, fateful day when Taylor reappears in the public eye with that wonderful news of new music on the horizon. Words cannot express how ready I am to hear those words from her. I. Am. Ready.

Uranus in the 3rd house - Stories by the Strange 

“Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation, and never shrinks back to its former dimensions.”  
 Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.         

The Uranus in the 3rd brain has the image of synapses tangled in neon lights that spiral into outer space. Thoughts are wrapped around a channel that catches any idea circulating, and fuses tremendous intuition with rationality and imagination. Uranus in the 3rd does not think outside the box. In fact, the concept of ‘the box’, or a definition of thought altogether is inconceivable. Uranus is electrifying, unpredictable, and genius. The 3rd house astrologically relates to immediate perception, communication, and learning. Maybe the mind is difficult to control and rebels against itself. It may reign in on such profound knowledge that the intellect is forced to catch up. Ideas crackle into consciousness like a lightning bolt over the sea. And these ideas are postcards from the future, innovations that serve humanity and bring forth a new shining light. The individual’s vision of the world is upside down, colourful, kooky, and a little bonkers.

The 3rd house is the astrological home of early education. Because Uranus is wild and unruly, maybe the individual experienced disturbance during early schooling days. The individual could have been rebellious, defiant, erratically present, or lonely. Teachers may have been challenged and inspired by the individual, but they were too easily unfocused or uncooperative. Maybe the individual was hard to control or perceived as unusual. It’s possible they displayed some signs of learning disorder. However, the brilliance of Uranus shatters the laws of logic as we know them. The individual may find it difficult to shape the mind into the confines of mainstream education. While they express as distracted, the attention is tuned into a higher dimension of consciousness. It’s like the individual is too clever to be graded or focused into curriculum. Uranus in the 3rd is alert, awakened, and acutely intelligent. When the person is not mentally challenged it means the brilliant mind cannot inflame and spindle its creative genius. The individual may learn better in solitude, without regulation or limitation. There tends to be unusual and exceptional mental talents that cannot be trained or expressed on command. Maybe the individual has an eerie ability to remember profound dates in history. Or they perform an ultra difficult maths equation in a moment. Curiosity is the compass that leads the individual to climb every bookshelf, swim through every chemistry set, and read every wikipedia page. Uranus in the 3rd wants to understand as much about the universe as possible. There could be a tremendous flair for astrology or metaphysical disciplines. They just have to find their genius, and there is a rapturous amazement at the brilliant intelligence of everyday life. The formula in nature, the design of the sky.

Siblings and neighbours are indicated by the 3rd house. Maybe the individual has a strange relationship with siblings, they could be unusual, distant, or remain absent for long periods. The mind with Uranus in the 3rd relates to science and invention. Albert Einstein was born with Uranus in the 3rd house. He described his thinking as being similar to the intuition and fantasy involved in poetry, “It’s the same for a man of science.” he explained  “It is a sudden illumination, almost a rapture. Later, to be sure, intelligence analyzes and experiments confirm or invalidate the intuition. But initially there is a great forward leap of the imagination.” It’s like the mind with Uranus in the 3rd can really dance across constellations and play with thoughts from new horizons. The individual may express obscurely in conversation, maybe even confusing, scattered, or vague. It is important for the person to share opinions and have the opportunity to exchange ideas with others. Although there may be fear associated with becoming outcasted for their original thoughts, the 3rd house is a close Gemini community that relishes in bouncing brainwaves back and forth. Because Uranus instigates abrupt change and reversal, the individual may frequently redesign opinions, beliefs, and conceptions. It is likely these changes will be influenced by the recent experiences in the immediate environment. The information Uranus in the 3rd comes to know releases like a sudden shockwave that blows the particles of intuition, equation, inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity throughout the whole body. Uranus in the 3rd have really thought it all - forward, backward, sideways, into the past, future, and infinite star stuff, riding lightning bolts into galaxies of idea electricity.


[art: Xue Wang]

Somewhere in between

Death is not always the end of the journey. For some, it’s just the beginning. Simbar Ghost!AU

A million thanks to Bianca @from-red-string for all the help and support. She really is the best.

Also, here, have a lot more angst!

chapter 1

Chapter 2- Where is your direction?

“I don’t know what to do Simón, I don’t have a job anymore and I’m failing most of my classes, it feels like everything is crumbling down around me.” Luna’s sobs make Ámbar roll her eyes.

This is the fifth time since she’s been a ghost Simón’s friend has come to his grave just to talk to him and cry. If she weren’t so annoyed, she would feel sorry.

Simón sits atop of his own grave, looking down at the tiny girl with the same concerned and heartbroken expression he wears every time she comes to visit. It is already Ámbar’s least favorite look on him.

Luna leaves after a couple of hours and Simón shakes his head before turning to the blonde ghost. “You really don’t like her, do you, little gem?”

He has taken to call her different “pet names” in the time they’ve known each other. She can’t understand why, but he says that’s what friends do. She wouldn’t exactly call him a “friend” but after spending every moment of every day with him, and considering the fact that none of them is going anywhere anytime soon, just “acquaintances” doesn’t feel right either.

Ámbar huffs and rolls her eyes. “Don’t call me that, you idiot. Your friend is irrelevant to me, I just find it annoying that she comes so often to just complain about how hard her life is now that you’re gone. She’s not the one who died, you should be the one complaining.”

Simón raises his eyebrows at her and laughs. “You really are incorrigible.” He shifts in his place. “I think you would have liked her if you met her before.”

She wrinkles her nose in distaste. “I really doubt so. She seems like the kind of person who doesn’t even have any ambitions in life.”

He looks down for a while, fidgeting with his hideous beanie, before looking at her again, his eyes burning into hers. “She used to be one the most determined people I knew. Luna always knew what she wanted and worked for it restlessly until she got it. She’s studying to be an environmental engineer, she always said she wanted to help heal our world and preserve it; but she kind of lost her focus after I died. You heard her already, she’s failing school and her boss fired her for not showing up to work for three weeks straight. She barely gets out of her house now.”

He looks so in pain that Ámbar almost regrets speaking so harshly about the girl. She knows by Simón’s stories and Luna’s visits that the two of them were as close as twins. It is obvious that his death shook the brunette pretty badly, making her a shell of who she used to be, if Simón’s words are right.

Ámbar tries a gentler tone. “Do you know if she’s sought grief counseling or something?”

Simón sighs, putting his beanie back on his head. “I don’t think so. I’m sure her parents and our friends have probably suggested it, but she’s stubborn as a mule and most likely refuses to acknowledge she needsany of it.”

“Well, she should look for professional help. The way she’s handling things now, she’s going to wreck her whole life sooner rather than later.”

He looks at the horizon with an empty expression. “I know that, Ámbar; but she hasn’t seen it yet, and there’s nothing I can do to make her open her eyes.”

She doesn’t know what to say. In the couple weeks she’s known him, he has presented himself as a very optimistic guy, always smiling and trying to make her do the same. She hasn’t seen him this hopeless, not even the other times his friend has come to visit.

She’s about to say something, anything, to break the awful mood, when she hears footsteps nearing her grave, which she’s leaning on.

She’s had visitors before, of course. Jazmín and Delfi come every other day to make sure she has fresh flowers and tell her just how much they miss her. They never stay for long, but she appreciates their loyalty, even in death.

This time though, it is not one of her two best friends standing before her; it is Matteo.

He looks deader than both Simón and herself. His handsome face is pale and his eyes bloodshot, the dark circles under them confirming that he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long while. She figured that he would come visit eventually, but his presence still takes her by surprise. She can’t do anything but stare in horror at the haunted expression of someone who used to be so full of life.

Simón comes to stand beside her, visibly curious, while Matteo keeps looking at the spot in the ground where her body is buried with vacant eyes.

“Who is that guy? I didn’t see him at your funeral,” Simón asks quietly.

She clears her throat before answering in a whisper, “He was my boyfriend, Matteo. I was on the phone with him when I crashed my car.”

“Well, no offense, but he looks like crap. Seems like he misses you a lot.”

She stares at Matteo again, he does look like hell. “I doubt that. He just feels like my death was his fault. He didn’t want me around when I was alive, why would he start now?”

Simón tilts his head at her. “That doesn’t sound like a happy relationship.”

She just sighs. “Well, Matteo thought so too, because he told me he wanted to take a break the day before I died, that’s what we were fighting on the phone about.”

“So he broke up with you,” Simón says.

Ámbar shoots him a glare. “He didn’t break up with me, he just suggested we take a break.”

The other ghost holds back a chuckle. “Okay, so what reason did he give?”

She flips her hair before answering, “Why should I tell you that?”

He shrugs. “Why shouldn’t you? Who else could you tell?”

She would never admit it out loud, but he’s right. She’s dead, there’s nothing left for her to lose. “He said he was tired of keeping up appearances and having a relationship solely based on people’s expectations.”

Simón shoots her a curious look. “Was it that bad?”

“What do you mean?” She doesn’t quite know where he’s going with this conversation.

“I mean, was your relationship really just for show or did you love him?”

Ámbar shakes her head at his ingenuity. “Love isn’t the most important part of a relationship. Life isn’t a fairytale.”

He stares at her with incredulity. “Wait, just how long were the two of you dating?”

She tries to remember, but it is difficult, with all the times they broke up and got together again. “We’ve been on and off again since sophomore year of high school, I think.”

Simón seems taken aback by her answer. “Wow! That’s a long time. Like seven years, at least!”

She shrugs indifferently. “Something like that.”

“You dated someone you weren’t in love with for seven years?”

Poor guy, so lost in his fantasies that he doesn’t know how the real world works. “I did never say I didn’t love him.”

He is still staring at her like she’s crazy or something. “You never said you did.”

“Well, what if I didn’t? We made a great couple. We are both driven and ambitious, from good families and a high social status.” She lifts her chin as if to prove a point. He doesn’t get it.

His eyes tell her that he feels sorry for her and it makes her want to flip him off and tell him to get away from her. She doesn’t need the pity of people like him who have no idea of what it really takes to be on top. He tries to open his mouth to say something else, but she shuts him up with a glare; if they are really going to be stuck with each other until they both learn to accept the fact that they have nothing else to do in the mortal world, he needs to learn to keep his thoughts to himself.

They both stay silent after that, looking at the man in front of them expectantly, but Matteo doesn’t say a word, he just stares at her name engraved in stone. She can’t help but shudder at the sight of those eyes she knows so well, who used to be so certain and intense, looking so clouded and unfocused, as if he’s lost his direction. She just hopes she looks better than that.

The 5th House & Creative Expression

The 5th house is representative of a lot of things - romance, dating and the like. But what it is most known for is being exemplary of our means of creative expression. Have you ever wondered why your favorite people express themselves the way they do? Or even just wondered about the story behind your own method of creative expression? Well, I have devised an astrological technique to help you figure these things out for yourself.  Our creative methods and motivations can all be traced back to the energies that lie on or within the 5th house cusp.  Please take into account that this theory is entirely my own.

Note: This technique deals primarily with the 5th house cusp in your natal chart. So, you must have an accurate birth time in order to enact this method on any chart.

There are three things you should be looking at for this technique. The three main creative points are:

  1. The sun; the sun is the ruler of the 5th house, as it represents Leo in the birth chart.
  2. The sign on the 5th house cusp; this shows the main method of creative expression.
  3. The ruler of the sign on the 5th house cusp; this gives an extra dimension to your means of creative expression.

Take note of your sun sign, the sign on the 5th house cusp and the sign in the planetary ruler of your 5th house cusp. Combine these three elements to form an accurate picture of how your creative self manifests the intangible into the tangible. If you have a sign on the 5th house cusp that has two planetary rulers, use the planetary ruler closest to the sun in any and all cases.



01. Sun Sign: Sagittarius
02. Sign On 5th House Cusp: Scorpio
03. House Planetary Ruler & Sign: Mars (in Leo)

Maria is a Cancer rising.

Maria’s main means of artistic and creative expression is very Sagittarian. It is very optimistic and expansive and she uses it as a means to expand her own creative horizons. Her method of expression is very dark, however, and this tends to leave a lot of people bewildered. But there is a certain regality and gregariousness to her creative expression (Mars in Leo). The Blood Queen is the perfect simulation of all three of these major astrological points. The shift in sound from the likes of A Star-Crossed Wasteland to Blood is very representative of the energies listed here. She doesn’t want to do the same thing twice; she wants to constantly be evolving both creatively and spiritually. For her, there needs to always be a light at the end of the tunnel. So, I feel like there will always be the mixture of the dark and the light in the music of In This Moment. They will always be half god and half devil.


01. Sun Sign: Libra
02. Sign On 5th House Cusp: Taurus
03. House Planetary Ruler & Sign: Venus (in Virgo)

Lzzy is a Sagittarius rising.

Lzzy’s main means of artistic and creative expression is very Venusian. Although there is a certain aesthetical sense to the way she expresses herself, there is a certain modesty that comes into play with her Venus in Virgo. Mind you, she has worn some interesting outfits over the years, but there is always a certain class to her stage outfits and makeup, even if they are what some might consider trashy. Even down to the sound of the music itself, there is a certain modesty and rawness to the arrangements, with them opting for a more grungy sound and production as opposed to heavily layered sounds. I feel like this is important for them, but Lzzy especially, because Virgo energy is a huge part of her life even outside her music. I think for her, it has always been about keeping it about the music and not letting anything else get in the way of that.


01. Sun Sign: Sagittarius
02. Sign On 5th House Cusp: Scorpio
03. House Planetary Ruler & Sign: Mars (in Virgo)

Amy is a Cancer rising.

Amy’s main means of artistic and creative expression is very Sagittarian. It is very similar in a way to Maria’s. It is very much on the optimistic end and she uses it as a means to expand her mind. Her method of expression is also very dark. I used to often wonder why someone with so much positive energy sang about such dismal topics, as it seems to go against the nature of her sun sign. But astrology is a very fickle mistress. Her method of expression is very much mixing the dark with the light, but much like Lzzy, there is a certain element of modesty to the music they’ve released in addition to her stage outfits. Amy doesn’t express herself in the typical rock and roll girl kind of way having her Mars in Virgo. She prefers to leave everything to the imagination, aesthetically speaking, in an effort to maintain a sense of humility about herself and the musical production of not only her stuff with Evanescence, but her solo stuff as well.

Getting back into the swing of digital art after a month of inktober with some Rick scribs.

Can you pinpoint the exact moment I stopped listening to Hurt and Do You Feel It on loop and started watching Achievement Hunter?


Bell’s newest business venture is Bright Futures Daycare and Preschool. (See what I’m doing here with her cheesy naming scheme? Bright Horizons, Bright Expressions, Bright Futures, lol!)

Bell never would have imagined herself being overly concerned with early childhood education until she had children of her own. She wanted to know that her little ones were well taken care of in an enriching environment while she and Cameron were working so hard, but there were no reliable care centers available anywhere. So she started one! They demolished her old studio and knocked down the wall to the unused storage space behind it, which gave them a lot of room to work with. She hired a couple of local moms with grown children and lots of experience to work for her. Bonus, she gets to have her kids right next door! She is now fully licensed and recruiting new families to join. 

For security reasons, the doors to the daycare are locked for only Bright Futures families and staff, so there won’t be random retail strangers trying to talk to the kids!

As for gameplay: The lot is zoned as regular retail still, and split into 4 sections. 1, travel agency. 2, the daycare (set up as clubs, paid by inventory money). 3, Cam’s photography studio. 4, available space for something new! 

I was thinking they might rent that 4th studio to another sim since they have so much of their own going on already. 

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fanfiction about annabeth's school friends seeing percy for the first time? ;)

“And as I’m sure it’s clear to see,” Paul announced grandly to Annabeth, as if she were an auditorium of students, and not the only other person in the office with him.  “Goode High School is good.”

“Ooh,” Annabeth grimaced.  “That, uh.  Wow. Okay.”

She steeled herself, reviewing the wrinkled schedule in her hands for the eighth time.  Another new school?  Not really a big deal, considering what she’d been through last summer.  Still, this whole switch to an ‘ordinary’ life had been unnerving, though very worthwhile.  At least she had Percy with her.  Well, during lunch probably. They weren’t exactly on the same course levels.

Five AP’s?” Paul asked again, leading her out of the office.  “I guess I’m not surprised.”

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  • Kara: Why are people always saying the sky's the limit? Have you not send men to the moon already?
  • Alex: It's an old expression Kara. And it means there's no limit
  • Kara: Well, it needs to be updated. Humans has already made it pass the sky. The sky is not the limit, it's only the beginning. I propose "Krypton's the limit"
  • Alex: Yes, I'll be sure to bring that up to the next idiom dictionary group meeting
  • Kara: There's a group?
  • Alex: **Breathe Alex you must not kill her. In out in out in out**
  • Kara: Who must you not kill?? Are you in trouble?? Do you need help? I'm coming Alex!

a series of unfortunate events gets a tv series. i turn to look at the horizon, my expression unreadable. there’s complete silence before a single word falls from my lips as tears stream down my face:


This is for all the people requesting Stalka. I gave it my best shot.

Day 10: Beginnings

“He is going ta be chief of Berk, Valka.”

“I couldn’t care less, mother.” The young woman stared into her lap with a frown, toying with a stray sewing needle she’d found. She pressed the point into the pad of her thumb, testing its sharpness as her mother yanked her hair into an acceptable braid.

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In which Killian has trouble saying I love you. 

I love you and goodbye.


He is six when he loses his mother, wracking coughs shaking her chest as she curls tighter in bed, his small hands pressed to her shoulders as he tries to get her to drink some water from the well. He isn’t strong enough to pull it all the way up on his own quite yet, and he wishes Liam were here to help. Maybe if she had a full, fresh bowl, she would feel better.

She pushes his hand away gently, closing her fingers around his palm and smiling through a wince. She doesn’t want water – nor the bread he stole from the stand in the market – and when she coughs again he feels hot tears of frustration pushing behind his eyes.

“You’re a good boy, Killian,” she whispers and he presses his face into her neck – climbs up on the bed and curls himself against her. She is too warm – even at six he knows she is too warm – but he doesn’t care. “I love you.” She whispers.

He clenches his fingers tight in the faded fabric of her nightdress. “I love you, Mama.”

When he wakes, she does not.

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