horizon bracelet

bts ship aesthetics


white skies and pastel cityviews. bright lights and weddings. food dates. morning coffee at 8am with the world coming alive around you in the sounds of car engines and chirping birds. comfort. knowing smiles. falling asleep in a studio with the bass still sounding. bookshops at 4pm, tranquil quiet, the feeling of pages of paper slipping through your fingers, the smell of paperbacks. maturity. midnight talks on rooftops until 2am with neither of you tired and falling asleep with grins.


barely touching shoulders. pillow forts, sleepovers, waking up on the wrong side of the bed. alarm clocks screeching in the morning as sunlight filters through yellow-lily curtains. oversized white sweaters. sharing straws and couple starbucks with extra whipped cream. the warmth of fleece blankets draped over your shoulders. laughter like a summer breeze. silly grins and picnic mats. barely-visible rainbows on the horizon. friendship bracelets in the color of rainbows.


the brilliance of sunset on the beach, blinding smiles and sardonic smirks. passionate and blazing souls. silver bell chimes floating in the air for miles to go. entire conversations in the space of silence. falling asleep on their lap, their hand around your shoulders. fringes that fall into your eyes. holding hands and leading them around the world photographs. finding silent moments in the noise of the city at night, sharing convenience store meals on the porchsteps.

I went to Hot Topic a while ago and bought a Pierce The Veil bracelet and the cashier said “sick band right! I have a tattoo wanna see?” and of course I didn’t say no and she showed me, and it was pretty sick.