Honestly I ship Aloy with everyone. Sun King Avad makes eyes at her? I ship it. Erend blushes and stumbles over his words around her? I ship it. Oseram lady with the big guns hits on her before they go into battle and ALOY FLIRTS BACK???! I 👏🏻 ship 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 shit!!! 👀👌🏻🔥💯

time for mass effect 2 ramblings - 7

-of course, Jack’s chilling in the most secluded part of Normandy. so Cerberus raised her in a research facility, were they experimenting to increase her biotic powers? Also, it’s a bit weird that someone as independent as her decided to stick around after looking into those files.

-Grunt: “I hate turians. I thought you’d be glad” In my head, “GRUNT NO!!” I’m glad you are making more sense of things but this is not the greatest conclusion to arrive.

-OK, Illusive Man wants to talk and seems like I can’t do anything else before I talk to him, so let’s see what he has to say.

-oh shit, Kaidan is on Horizon! “they might be going after him to get to you” wtf, Collectors?

-I’m finally going to be in the same place as Kaidan but unfortunately, he’s now in stasis thanks to those swarms. not the romantic reunion I was hoping for.

-collectors look like flying cockroaches honestly.

-there are husks here too. I was not completely sold on the idea that Collectors were working with Reapers but this is weird. also, I hate how those creepy things always run towards you.

-haha, Jack called me boss lady. I like that. she does seem to be very powerful in combat too, a nice addition to the squad.

-wtf are those scions! okay, I searched for them in mass effect wiki and this is the explanation: “a type of Husk made from three human Husks fused together”. this is some messed-up shit.

-that Praetorian was nasty too and apparently it “consists of thirty deformed Husks fused together”. I feel like Collectors are treating husks as Lego pieces.

-dammit, they still got away with a lot of colonists.

-ohhhhh, Kaidan is here! and that was an intense conversation. I wish I could recruit Kaidan and I’ll miss having him on Normandy but I completely understand why he refuses to join. (honestly, working with Cerberus is one part of this storyline that I can’t get behind. so I actually appreciate Kaidan’s integrity. I know Shepard sees Cerberus as a necessary evil that will help her in this fight but given their history and their aims, being associated with Cerberus is quite uncomfortable. if Shepard was ever given the chance, I’d also be like “I’ll never work for Cerberus”.)

-fuck you and your little schemes Illusive Man. I’m surprised Shepard wasn’t more angry with him about this trap, putting both the colonists and the Alliance soldiers in danger. cause I sure was!

-why would the collectors be so interested in Shepard? are they trying to get rid of her so that the biggest threat against Reapers is gone?

-great, a trip through the Omega 4 relay. a trip where no one has ever come back before. amazing plan The Illusive Man. did you revive Shepard so that you can kill her all over again?

-and Jacob already is in suicide squad mode.