hori ex2


WIP. Added felt on the bottom panel, non-slip on lap :D I had a fail moment because the button area design was off center! now they look like crescents, i’ll just make an excuse that it’s meant to look like fire! haha.

 the joystick feels really nicer now that they're mounted properly. This is similar to the stick that I made for my friend, and i was surprised much how sturdier it feels. I don’t worry about the plastic mount losing thread or snapping off.

No pcb yet, which one to use? lol


I had fun designing something fast and simple for that EX2 rush mod/build. Made a more generic one, “Poverty Maniacs” / PVM is our fake e-sports team name, because we like obscure/weird “poverty” arcade games. We also like Sony PVM CRT monitors because they are awesome for shmups. Also made an Amaterasu version. Since, I use her in umvc3, my  "main" you might say.

Highly inspired by the EXAPRIZE sticks. as well as the Sony PVM and scanlines.


So that ASCII Saturn stick revival was not a success. The parts were all too worn-out. The magnetic contact points for the buttons weren’t working anymore, and the lever’s pivot and spring are practically unusable.

What I did was just transfer the PCB, after all it’s still a Sega Saturn controller pcb, and translplanted in this unwired stick I had set-up from a while back. 

The result is a fake Virtua Stick. Has seimitsu lever and sanwa buttons, a bit ghetto, but it works.