My first creature AU is complete! The mythic creatures AU~.

It’s all about mythical creatures. Namely the creatures as creatures (creative, I know)

Thank you everyone for the suggestions, i really appreciate the help uvu. Anyway, here is the list of each character:

Jordan: Peryton (human with Peryton features. Suggested by umnoimdarkwhite)
Dan: Vampire
Aleks: Enenra
James: Shuck (werewolf-esc. Suggested by horny for hornbyy)
Seamus: Siyokoy (suggested by queeniecrafting)
Kevin: Human/cat Anthromorph
Ze: Dragon
Spoon: Centaur
Sly: Kitsune
Dex: Werewolf (insert American werewolf in London joke)
Spencer: Shapeshifter
Stefani: Siren (sans witcher 3)
I. Joe: Harpy
A. Joe: Gorgon (beard of snakes)
Aron: Naga