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Ooh... Horeshoe crab and jellyfish?

Jellyfish - a thousand little stings

When I asked Tru to narrow it down to a character, she requested Mera Adaar, my mathematician vashoth who periodically shows up in the Knight Shop AU (although never in the Knight Shop itself, at least not yet). 

Today is her first class at university: calculus. Mera arrives early, sitting near the front, eager to learn and hoping to make a good impression. 

As the room fills, the seats nearest her remain empty. Maybe no one else wants to sit up front. She hears the chatter of her fellow students behind her, and a few voices emerge distinct from the general susurrus. 

“They let an oxman in this class?”
“Don’t call her that. … She’s an oxwoman.”
“A heifer, you mean.” 

Mera ignores the snickering, feeling her skin flush, thinking she must be turning an awful shade of magenta. Keeping her stinging eyes forward, she waits for the professor to arrive. Calculus. She’s here for calculus. 

In abstract algebra two years later, Mera is not only the sole vashoth in the room but the sole woman of any type. She’s given up trying to parse whether the odd looks she gets are for having horns or wearing skirts. 

She focuses on proofs and equations. Those make sense. 

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I just watched Papillon. !REACHING! but at the start 1928 is mentioned 3 times by Pap and Louis himself (the year Louis went down i think)-28-. Freddie (Louis pet hog/pig) is mentioned 6/7 times-Freddie Tomlinson-. Pap says "The only animals in the world that shove things up their ass for survival."the goes on to talk about Making it inside- AM lyrics chorus- The whole escape plan is dependent on a boat-H tat-. "it's a horseshoe. When the waves break they have no place else to go-L horeshoe tat

My head is spinning, and I am a bit lost but throwing it out there for all.

I Choose You ~ A Rucas Fanfic

Today was the day. The day of all days. The day that Lucas had to choose between the beautiful brunette and the ok blonde. It was a hard decision. If he were Farkle he would choose both but Lucas didn’t roll that way. Here he was standing in front of the buildings of the Greenwich Village Apartment Home. ‘’This is it.’’ said the former Texan holding a boquet of flowers. As he stood outside of the doors of his future he wondered. What’s gonna happen after all this? But then the door opened and there was a lovely Riley Matthews with her hand in her ok looking best friend Maya Hart’s hand. Riley looked beautiful. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress that went a little past her thighs and it had sparkly sequins on it with a golden butterfly necklace with a horseshoe attached to it. Lucas blushed at it for he had given her that horeshoe pendant in Texas last week. It took Lucas nearly a hour to finally look at Maya. She was wearing a skimpy red dress that was too short for his liking you could almost see her underwear and she looked like a 40 year old whore trying to get with a middle schooler in his early teens. Her makeup was so dramatic while Riley looked dolled up in a bit of lipgloss and some glimmery eyeshadow. ‘’Lucas we’re so happy you made it. Tell him you are happy Maya.’’ Riley being the nice good friend she is nudged Maya to say something but Maya was too busy staring at Lucas who looked at her with disgust. What did he ever see in her? Did he ever see anything in her? Maybe he mistaked their playful banter for something more. Something that he may figure out later. ‘’I am happy that you arrived Lucas. Do come in.’’ Maya said robotically and finally the two girls let Lucas into the apartment with great joy. The lights were dim and Auggie was away at Ava’s while Cory and Topanga were at the movies and it was only the three troubled friends who were about to deal with something bigger then they ever thought. Riley pulled out two chairs and let her friends sit at the table and she lit some candles then got some cupcakes out the fridge that she baked before they had come. ‘’So Lucas I’m gonna let you go on a date with Maya and see how it is. Then afterwards I’m gonna go on a date with you and you’ll get to choose who you wanna be with.’’ Riley said with a sugary sweet smile and left the room even though she was secretly hurting she knew she had to do this to let Lucas figure out what he was feeling. Right as Riley left Maya began to stuff the cupcake in her mouth forcefully and chewed with her mouth open grossly then burped and laughed as some icing mixed with drool slipped out of her mouth. ‘’Lucas I like you. You like me. Let’s get together ya say?’’ Maya yelled loudly and slammed her fist on the table. Lucas backed away and gulped he was regretting this already and the date had only lasted for 4 minutes. ‘’Umm I don’t know I’m still uh confused?’’ Lucas was confused for damn sure. Confused as to why he even considered going out with this trash bag in the first place. Maya ate like 10 more cupcakes and then the buttons on her dress began to pop. She just giggled dumbly at that then grabbed Lucas’s hand and pulled him towards the door. ‘’Let’s go on a adventure!” Maya squealed like a fat little kid in a chocolate factory. Lucas frowned and then found himself being yanked by the midget of a blonde and they were suddenly outside. ‘’I don’t know about this! Riley said we had to st” “Riley’s not here is she?’’ and Maya smacked her lips right onto his and let me tell you it was the grossest experience in his life. He pushed the slut away and began to vomit up everything he consumed that day and kneeled to the ground for support. ‘’How could you do this Maya? I only see you as a sister!’’ he vomitted again noticing blood was starting to show up. Maya looked offended and tears came falling from her toliet water colored eyes. ‘’You see me as your sister?!? BUT I THOUGHT YOU LIKED ME IN TEXAS. REMEMBER THE CAMP FIRE? YOU SAID WE COULD BE LUCAYA!’’ Maya sobbed so desperately that her cheap red dress was beginning to look like a period stained dish cloth and that made Lucas vomit even harder. “I lied ok!? I was confused about my feelings towards Riley but now I know that I love her! Not you! I never loved you and I never will! Goodbye Maya.’’ Lucas got up and wiped his mouth and headed back to the Matthew’s apartment. Maya stood in the middle of the street flailing her arms to get him to come back. ‘’LUCAS LUCAS WAIT! I NEED YOU! HOPE IS FOR SUCKERS! YOU WANTED ME TO BE HAPPY! YOU STARED AT THE BACK OF MY HEAD AND I THOUGHT THAT WAS LOVE! MAYBE HUHURR WILL BE OUR ALWAY” then she was drastically hit by 12 cars and her blood and remains exploded everywhere. Meanwhile Lucas was making his way back to the apartment where he bumped into Zay and Farkle blocking the way. “Hey ham bone your not going anywhere!” Farkle stuttered to speak it was like he had a speech impediement. Lucas made a angry face and his tough gaze layed on his former best dude friends. ‘’Yeah what he said cuz i’m too dumb to think!’’ Zay chimped and scratched his ass. Lucas grabbed both of the ugly boys who lacked of abs. ‘’Why can’t I see Riley. I need to see my girlfriend!’’ Lucas said with his teeth pressed together threateningly. ‘’R R R R I L EY’S H H HURT SOS THATS W HWYHY Y Y OU CANT SSEEE HER!11′’ Farkle waas turning blue as he spoke and he passed out in Lucas’s strong grip. Zay passed out but didn’t turn any color for obvious reasons. Lucas stomped on their faces and finally went into the apartment only to see Riley huddled up in blankets with mascara running down her innocent face. ‘’Riley! I am sorry! Maya forced me to come out with her i’’ ‘’you Don’t have to say anything Lucas. I already know you chose Maya over me. Even though she’s the ugliest blond i’ve ever seen you chose her and not me.’’ Riley weeped and crystal tears came pouring from her long lashes. Lucas quickly sat next to her and lifted her chin up and looked into her eyes like she was the lottery in a bank. ‘’Riley. Maya is dead. I only like her as a sister. You and me have history. How could I ever choose a bitchy blonde who’s only point in living was to bully me over the amazingly beautiful brunette who’s always there for her friends and cares about everyone and is the kindest most accepting human being alive?’’ then Lucas leaned in for a kiss and Riley kissed back. When there lips touched it felt like sugar and unicorns and rainbows and all things good in the world and they soon made the kiss deeper and kissed harder and then clothes were thrown off and then they found themselves under the purpley cute blankets of Riley’s bed. They had a long rough night but finished up before Riley’s annoying parents came home. ‘’I’ll sleep in the closet so we can do this again tomorrow.’’ Lucas said not bothering to put his clothes back on. Riley giggled cutely. ‘’You mean you wanna ditch school?’’ she said cutely. Lucas looked the girl up and down and winked. ‘’Anything to get a taste of that again.’’ it was 4 am and he was going to go in the closet to sleep but Riley stopped him one last time. ‘’Wait Lucas!’’ he peeked out with a knowing smile. ‘’I just wanna see thanks for choosing me. I don’t think i would be living right now if you didn’t.’’ Riley giggled. Lucas giggled. ‘’Riley even if we were the last beings on earth i would chose you. i Will always choose you. I chose you and only you and nothing can ever change that ever.’’ So it didn’t. They lived happily ever after and made lots of lots of kids. The end.