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International Food Safety Seminar at Horeca 2012

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon (FCCIAL) and the Industrial Research Institute (IRI), and their partners, HORECA, the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA), and other stakeholders, are planning a series of events under the title, National Campaign for Food Safety.

The issue of Food Safety touches all Lebanese, as well as all visitors to Lebanon. Therefore, it is hoped that the National Campaign (in its various components) will make a significant contribution towards preventing the adverse effects on human health from food-borne illnesses, and in enhancing Lebanon’s reputation as a warm, generous and hospitable tourist destination. Thefirst in this series of events is the International Food Safety Seminar, which is described in more detail below. 


Because Food Safety affects the public at large, as well as important economic sectors, such as manufacturing, tourism and trade, FCCIAL, IRI and their partners are organizing a major event targeting a wide audience of professionals, business people, academia, R&D centers, and public institutions. The purpose of the seminar is to disseminate relevant information, through the intervention of local and international experts, connected to new trends in food-related hygienic best practices, as well new local and international regulatory requirements.



FCCIAL, IRI and their partners hope that the seminar can shed light and impart
useful knowledge on topics that are central to health and growing exports. Seminar participants will be empowered with a core set of skills revolving around: Certification of Food Restaurants; International Food Safety Trends; Compliance with GMP/GHP; Identifying Microbiological Criteria in Food Products; HACCP Implementation (ISO 22000 Standard); Food Labeling in theFood Safety Process; Food Packaging: Material in Contact with Food Products; Food Inspection in Lebanon; Food Safety: a Tool to Access International Markets; and, Food Safety and Franchising. 


Business owners; plant and production managers; Quality Assurance managers; export managers; CCIA members; universities and research institutes; food analysis laboratories; relevant NGOs; food consultants; and, students. FCCIAL, IRI and their partners also wish to attract officials, business people and professionals from regional countries: Syria, Jordan, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Iraq, etc. 

Application Form:

Schedule at Horeca 2012: