Mexican cursing dictionary

From the mildest to the worst cursing words/phrases.
To spice up your fanfics.

Pinche: It can be added to almost everything to make it a superlative, for example “pinche pendejo”. But it can be also a term of endearement or despective (Try to imagine Imelda calling her husband “Pinche Hector” but on one situation she’s pleased because he brought to her some roses… or mad because he forgot to quit the frijoles from the stove)
Nango/ Menso/Tarugo: Silly/Dummy.
Tonto: Dumb.
Tarado: Stupid/Idiot
Pendejo: Asshole.. but it can be also a variant of dumb, just a worse one. 
Idiota: Idiot.
Estúpido: Stupid.
De la verga: Literally “from the dick”. Something that’s going to hell. You can also say “Está hasta la verga” to say that something is so far away from where you are.
Chingón: It can be interpreted as “the best”. Like saying “ths tacos are so chingones”.
La puta madre: “whore mother”. Sometimes used as a sign of exasperation, like when you’re already late and the bus is also taking time to come, so yu say “La puta madre”.
Chingado!: Like “FUUUUUUUCK”.
Hijo de la chingada: Between asshole, bastard and motherfucker.  This is literally the worst that someone can call you on this country. But if they say “Hijo de toda tu reputísima madre” -son of the big whore that’s your mother”-, go and “párteles la madre” (kick their asses).
Vete a chingar a tu madre: “Go and fuck your mother”. Literally. To send someone to mind their own business, but you’re like, really angry and if they don’t obbey, you will make them pay. And if they say, instead, “vete a chingar a tu reputísima madre” (go and fuck the big hore that you have as mother)… well, once again, go and kick their asses.

I’m reluctant to add some others that tend to be more queerphobic, anyway. This will do, I hope.



Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin = Arabian for the dramatic face shape and thin build, buckskin hidden splash with greying (for the blue eyes) (Ee/Aa/nCr/GG/nSpl)

Princess Leia Organa = Riding pony for the small stature but solid build, Bay pearl carrier (’cause Luke had to get the light hair and blue eyes from somewhere) (Ee/Aa/nPrl)


Wild Horses by Fred Holley
Via Flickr:
Onaqui Wild Horse Management Area

“I woke up one day, unable to use my legs anymore. I was fine before that. For two years, I was unable to walk and needed constant care from my parents. During my disability, I overheard some female neighbours telling my mother, who is going to marry a ‘jiis’ girl (limper in Somali). Another day, I accidentally saw the word ‘jiista’ (the limper) as my contact name on one of my friend’s phone’s list. After a while, I recovered, and I had so much energy in me that I wanted it to channel into education. I asked my parents to enroll me back into school, but they kept telling me that I’m still ill and have to stay at home. I know they cared for me, but I needed to get out there, I still complied. Other people still kept telling me that I’m a girl and my place is at home. After a while, I got fed up with the constant morale killer statements and the harsh nicknames that they used to call me. I left home and moved to a different country to seek education. I came to Nairobi, enrolled into school and finished my education all the way to university level. Since I came here, I haven’t witnessed anyone calling me abusive nicknames or tried to kill my dreams. Thank God, I’m healthy now, and I can use my legs once again. I work for one of the best companies in Kenya, and I pay for my other siblings’ education as I’m their role model. One thing I can say is, that the road is long and bumpy, but please be steadfast, and you will succeed.”

(Nairobi, Kenya)

“Subax ayaan soo toosay, mise maba socon karo. Lugahaygii imaba qaadi karaan, sida aan doonayo ma samaynayaan! Wixii intaa ka horeeyey waan caafimaad qabay. Mudo dhan laba sano iyo bar waxba ma qabsan karin. 24-saac waxaan ubaahnaa daryeelka waalidkay. Mudadii aan xanuunsanaa ee guriga aan joogay, ayaa marar kala duwan maqlay dumarka dariska oo hooyaday ku leh ‘yaa kaa guursanaya gabar jiis ah’. Maalin kale, gabar ayaa taleefon numbar-kayga ku qoratay ‘jiista’. Ayaan kadib, caafimaadkayga sidii hore waa  kasoo roonaaday, waxaan go’aan ku gaaray in waxbarashadii dib aan ugu laabto. Waalidkay ayaan in badan ka codsaday in waxbarashadii dib la iigu celiyo, balse mar kasta waxay igu oran jireen, waad xanuunsanaysaa ee guriga iska joog. Dadka qaar, ayaa igu oran jiray ‘awalba gabar ayaad ahayde gurigaaga iska joog’. Markii danbe ee aan u adkaysan waayey niyad-jabka & naanaysyada ay iigu yeerayaan, ayaan go’aansaday in degmadii aan deganaa oo ku taal Soomaaliya aan isaga tago, waxbarashana u raadsado wadan kale. Waxaan imid magaalada Nairobi oo waxbarashadii aan ka sii watay ilaa heer jaamacad.  Halkan kuma arag cid magac xun iigu yeedha ama igu tiraahda heerkaa ma gaari kartid iyo jiis ayaad tahay ee meel iska fariiso. Maanta waan caafimaad qabaa, Alxamdullilah, lugahayga ayaan ku socdaa, waxaana ushaqeeyaa shirkad oo ka mid ah kuwa ugu sumcada fiican dalkan. Waxaan dhinaca waxbarashada ka taageeraa walaalahay iga yar, una ahay tusaale. Sidoo kale, waxaan gabdhaha Soomaaliyeed ku dhiira-galiyaa muhiimada ay waxbarashadu  leedahay. Wadadu weey dheer tahay, caqabadaha waa badan yihiin, laakiin guul baa u danbaysa.”

(Nayrobi, Kenya)


• When he first saw you, he felt his heart was going wild
• You were so beautiful in front of his eyes, and the way you smiled it was so perfect
• He first thought he was in heaven, and you were an angel who was guiding him
• He loved you a lot
• He just wanted to take your hand and go to dates with you
• Just scream to the world that you were his!
• But you were so shy, and it was so cute for him
• You usually went to practice with him
• He was starting a new role, so he was kind of busy
• “Hey, why are you here? People like you are not supposed to be here”
• He was a cast-mate of Zen, and he was looking at you with a disgusted face
• “Do you even understand what am I saying?”
• “I… umh… I am…” you were confused
• What do you did to him, in the first place?
• “She’s my girlfriend” Zen speaked with a angry face “Do you have a problem?”
• The guy was like ’??’
• “She? She’s your girlfriend?”
• You were hurt, why was he being like that?
• “Yeah, so fuck off man”
• After some while, the guy just left without a word
• “Sorry babe, he’s an idiot, don’t listen to him”


• When you two started dating, it was really hard for you both to actually go on dates
• Mostly because you were busy, and he was at school
• So when vacation started, and there were finally time to be by yourselves, you wasted no time
• He wanted you to meet his friends
• So you decided to go with him to one of his meetings
• When his friends first saw you, they were kind of surprised
• Specially this guy who Yoosung said before, it was an asshole
• “Are you from Africa or something?”
• You laughed at first, feeling a little uncomfortable and hurt because of the question
• “Uhm… no, I’m not”
• “So you do speak Korean! Who taught you? The lion king?”
• “Hey, don’t talk to her like that!” Yoosung complained
• His hand hold you by your hips, keeping you close to him
• “Yoosung, why are you dating her?” the guy laughed
• That was it for Yoosung
• He hold this guy by the shirt, looking at him straight in the eyes
• The face of the guy changed immediately
• Yoosung looked so scary
• “I’m gonna kill you if you keep talking like that to her” he whispered
• His other friends were like ‘the fuck is going on?’
• “Apologize” Yoosung ordered the guy
• The guy ended up apologizing to you, and went lost
• “He was a dick, anyway” said one of Yoosung’s friends


• You both took care of the coffee shop
• Everything was just fine between you two
• She loved you a lot, and you loved her too
• The day was almost ending, when this guy entered the shop
• “What can I serve you, sir?” you said kindly
• “Are you an Arabic? You must be, so I guess you know how to do a good Arabic coffee” he said with a serious face
• “Huh? I’m not… I’m not Arabic, I’m from here sir”
• “You can’t be, just because you know Korean, you can’t fool me girl”
• Jaehee was staring at you from afar
• And when she saw your hurting face, she decided to go to see what was going on
• “Sir, is there a problem?”
• “Finally, someone like me” the guy sigh “this Arabic is so stupid at taking my order, I ask her for an Arabic coffee, and she doesn’t even understand that”
• Jaehee looked at him with blank face
• “You have no right to talk to her like that” she said with serious voice
• You could only watch at Jaehee’s scary face, and the way she was holding the pot of hot water in her hands
• “Apologize” she demanded
• The guy looked at her with angry face
• “No”
• The hot water landed in the man’s pants, and as he started screaming
• Jaehee took your hand and looked at the guy with a disgusted face
• “I’m sorry sir, but we are closed now”


• When you started dating Jumin, you had to get used to people being around you all the time
• During breakfast, break time, dinner, and even before a date
• There were a lot of people who worked for him
• And he even hired a man who’s job was to choose your clothes
• You were fine with it tho
• The guy was pretty talented and he was nice to you, so you didn’t mind to use the fashioned clothes he gave you
• Until one day he told you he was offered another job offer, and his work was finally going to get the attention he needed
• You were happy for him, but a little sad because he was kind to you
• Jumin made sure to hire another person to replace him, so he insisted he wanted to put him on trying
• The guy was an asshole
• “I think we have to use something to fit her color skin… black will be”
• Jumin looked at him with a surprised face
• “Sorry, what did you just said?”
• The guy seemed annoyed
• “Or on the contrary, no one is gonna look at her”
• Jumin looked at the guy, and then he turned to look at you
• You had a hurt face, and you just stayed in silence
• “This guy is obviously not capable enough to be in such an important job, I’m sorry MC, I’ll call Assistant Kang to fix this”
• The guy just stared at you with a disgusted face, until Jumin’s guards guide him out


• It was a Free Friday when you both found out there was going to be an Spaceships exhibition
• There was going to be a lot of spaceships, so Seven decided that he definitely needed to take you
• The exhibition was amazing
• There were huge spaceships everywhere, and a lot of info about them
• There was even this ice cream that seemed like a galaxy
• So he needed to buy one for you
• So when he left, you were just watching something about spaceman’s
• “One of your people was the first one to go to the moon, did you know that?” A guy next to you laughed
• The guy seemed a little drunk, and he looked at you with superior eyes
• “Sorry? My people?” you asked confused
• “ Yeah, those black guys” he looked at you from head to toe, and he smirked with a face that made you shiver “You’re actually kind of acceptable, how many the hour?”
• You just stared at him with a surprising and hurt face
• This guy was a complete idiot
• “This lady of here, is not for sell, you bastard”
• Seven hold the guy by his shirt, the ice creams on his other hand
• “So you better start apologizing or I’ll make you” he warned
• The guy smiled at Seven
• “Sorry man, you already paid to her? I didn’t know” he laughed
• Seven crushed the ice cream in his face, and when he was about to beat the guy
• You hold his hand
• “Please stop, he doesn’t deserve it”
• He smiled at you and hold you in his arms
• “Sorry princess, I have to buy another ice cream for you now”


• When you both went to the mall, to find something he told you about his camera
• You were expecting that it would be fast and simple
• You were wrong
• You’ve never been in a camera store like this
• It was so big, and you were sure everything that they showed you it was ultra expensive
• Jihyun just started to talk to the employee of the store
• When he talked about cameras, he had this thing when he get lost in his little world that you couldn’t understand
• It was really cute looking at him all excited, but you were curious to have a look all over the store
• You started reading some info about a camera
• When this guy started to stare at you with a disgusted look
• You tried to avoid his gaze, but you just couldn’t do it
• “Excuse me” the guy talk to one of the employees “I don’t feel comfortable being at the same place with a person like her”
• The employee seemed as confused like you, I mean, what the hell have you done
• “What do you mean sir?”
• “She’s a black hore”
• The employee looked at you with a apologizing face, and tried to calm the guy down
• But the guy just was making a fuss over it
• Jihyun was by your side in an instant
• “What’s wrong princess?” he asked you, holding your hands and looking at you with a little smile
• “I’m uncomfortable at being here oppa, can we just… go?”
• He looked at the guy making a fuss and pointing at you with a disgusted face, and he knew what was going on
• “If you want to, we’ll go” he kissed your cheek and guide you out
• “The guy doesn’t know how to appreciate real beauty”


• You both were at the park
• There was this ice cream shop near that serves really tasty flavors, so you both loved to go there and buy an ice cream, and then go for a walk all around the park
• He loved to see the clouds with you, it calmed him and made him feel so happy
• Everything was just perfect, when this guy showed up
• You both were sitting on a bank, just enjoying your day
• But this guy was just staring at you like if have done something wrong
• The guy look lasted a long time, and it was starting to worry you
• Of course your boyfriend had noticed
• So he started glaring the guy too
• Until he had enough
• “Why are you looking at her? Just stop” Saeran complaint at the guy with an angry face
• The guy just looked at you
• “Why are you with her? She’s black”
• Saeran looked at him in silence for some seconds
• Before he just throw a punch to the man’s face
• You just looked at him in shock
• “Repeat it, I dare you, asshole” he muttered with fire in his eyes
• The guy just looked at him scared before he started running away
• “oh my God Saeran… that was so hot”


• The problem started the minute you both entered the cinema
• It was a Friday night, so of course it had to be all crowded and noisy
• Of course you didn’t plan this
• Vanderwood just tried to enjoy the movie and your company, but the loud voices were starting to make him annoyed
• The things got worse when some guys behind you starting to talk about you
• “That girl must be foreigner, she’s too black to be from here” the guy laughed
• “Shhh… she’ll probably hear us”
• “I bet she can’t even understand us”
• Vanderwood just looked at you with a smile, but the hold of his hands on the popcorns was getting harder
• You looked hurt and insulted, and no one does that to you
• “It must be a ashame that stupid people like the guys behind us have to ruin our date, sweetheart”
• He said to you out loud
• “I prefer Netflix, what do you think?”
• You smiled at him and nod
• It was too crowded anyway