SC GRAPHIC BATTLE - kateargented vs leeeeeex

↳ ROUND 6: Gifset: AU

“Okay, okay! He should just take it easy. He’s a senior student, right? Not some schoolboy! He had seen things, strange things, like Professor Finstock flirting with Miss Margaret from Dean’s office. Gross! So just breathe, Stiles. In and out. Ignore the fact that there’re aliens. Ignore the problem until it goes away. Denial, denial…

But there are freaking aliens, okay? And hot dudes, like freaking hot dudes that casually approach him with this giant… This giant something! And ask for help! Stiles’ help! Nobody asks Stiles for help, okay? For sure not an Autobot and his… driver? Who is this guy even? And more importantly, when his life become so awesome!?”

Or the story about a great adventure, finding a true path and falling in love for the first time where…

Stiles’ jeep is a Spark, a Prime Autobot, who have found a safe place with Stiles and fell in coma to hide from his enemies. Now, not only his kind needs his help, but the whole human race, while evil Decepticons try to take over the Earth. Bumblebee, a lieutenant from Cybertron, and Derek Hale, a former Navy commander, find Stiles and asks for his help, because Stiles might be the only one who can wake up the Spark.

[translation] Denmark Character Song: Let’s Enjoy! Let’s Get Excited! Cheers!

[AUDIO LINK] from hetalia-music
sung by Shimozaki Hiroshi


楽しむっぺ 盛り上がっぺ 俺の歌聞いてくんちょ

シェラン島 フュン島に ボーンホルム島

443の島 けっこうすげぇべ?(いっぺぇだっぺ)
遊びにくんなら歓迎だかんな アクアビットで(乾杯だ)

Hvordan går det?

ほら始めっぞ くよくよすんな 俺に全部任せてくんちょ
しんぺえすんな とりあえず 乾杯すっぺよ
北欧一の リーダーシップで 悩みぐれぇ解決すっからよ

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