horde camp

The first time I went to Kalimdor I got lost, my character was a female sin'dorei mague. For two hours I had been spinning around until I noticed that a male Kaldorei Druid was following me, then I stopped and turned to see him. He saluted me and then jumped several times in one direction, so I began to follow him. After five minutes we were near a horde camp, then he said goodbye to me and left. Since then I always help IF I can the alliance players.

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The Ones That Got Away 2

Had ideas for sequel. Wrote ideas down. Turned into fic. This was actually supposed to include them confronting the media too, but I wanted to keep all the chapters about the same length. So at this point one more chapter, then we’ll see where it goes from that.

Also I spent a lot of time being shmoopy in the first part of the fic, so I apologize ahead of time for that. I have emotions about Stiles and Derek and cuddling ok? Also big spoon Stiles. Anyway, read on!

Derek’s phone buzzed with a text. Then buzzed again. And again. Derek ignored it in favor of kissing Stiles’ shoulder. He didn’t care that it was now after noon and they had essentially spent the whole morning in bed. After eight years apart, Derek figured they deserved it.

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New Home

Request: Hi! i have a request please! i was wondering if you could do a story where Negan takes two twin girls into the Sancuary and they’re about 16-18 years old you can choose that if you’d like :) and i’d like it to be written in my point of view. not Negan’s if you don’t mind. okay so: i want the one twin, Alexa, to be like a daughter to Negan. and i want me, Kaitlin, to be like a wife to him. - @kaitlinlexieporrini

Pairings: Negan x Kaitlin (OC), Negan x Alexa (OC; Platonic)

Warnings: language.

Your stomach growled audibly as you trekked along the dirt road. Looking to your right, you saw your sister slumping along as well. You heard a groan muffled in the trees and saw a walker emerge a second later. Alexa moved to kill it but you reached your arm out to halt her, silently telling her that you would get it. Pulling your knife from your boot, you stalked towards the walker and plunged it into it’s skull, a few specks of blood splattering onto you.

Alexa sighed, and suddenly plopped herself down onto the dirty ground. She crossed her legs and you looked at her in questioning. Placing your knife back into your boot, you asked her, “What’s wrong, Lex?”

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Trapped Part 3

Summary: In a zombie apocalypse, you meet Jackson and the two of you fight for life and love.

Length: 2479

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

You walked through your encampment, looking around at the people. It was really small, no more than fifteen people, but you had all banded together to try to survive this apocalyptic world. Your encampment was in the forest currently, and there were always three or so people on watch for zombies. Everyone had to take turns going on watch while others slept. It worked out well that way, and you hadn’t lost anyone in a couple of weeks.

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Part 1: Ladies’ Room

If you’re wondering what the world looks like from a non-incarcerated-man perspective, then here’s a story for you. It’s a Beverly fic! 

Sideshow is a companion story to The Greatest Show on Earth, which is itself a companion story to He Who Pours Out Vengeance. Yeah, I’ve fallen pretty far down the fanfiction rabbit hole. Why don’t you join me there? This takes place after Chapter 11 of Greatest Show, and it provides some important setup for the upcoming Chapter 12. Enjoy!

Brian and Jimmy have her Don Julio on the rocks waiting at the bar, and Beverly is as thankful to see it as she is to see them. Heedless of the peanut shells, she throws her heavy shoulder bag to the floor, hikes herself onto the bar stool, and takes a big glug: a tequila faux pas, but after the day she’s had she isn’t exactly in a sipping mood.

Poor Brian and Jimmy. They looked a little hopeful a second ago, but now they’re clocking the rate at which Beverly is consuming booze—both their expressions noticeably wilt.

“So?” Brian asks.

“Let the Katz out of the bag,” urges Jimmy.

She puts down her half-emptied drink, flicks her hair out of her face, and says, “Temporary reassignment.”

Jimmy outright gasps. “Whaaat?”

“You’re kidding.” Brian’s mouth is hanging open. He looks to Jimmy for help. “She’s kidding, right?”

Jimmy shakes his head, stunned.

Beverly keeps her eyes on the backlit row of liquor bottles behind the bar. People have shown her enough sympathy this week to last her a good couple of decades. Of course she wants Brian and Jimmy to feel sorry for her—that’s what friends are for—but she doesn’t want to actually see it on their faces.

“They’re taking me out of the field,” she says. “Lab duty until further notice.”

She makes a face into her tequila, then shrugs. It isn’t a shrug of unconcern, but a shrug born of having so many concerns all at once that the only thing she can do is shrug, shrug ‘em off, just keep on shrugging.

Brian and Jimmy’s faces twist into identical squints of disbelief.

“Jesus Herbert Christ.” Jimmy flags the bartender. “I need another Jack and ginger over here. And can you make this one a double?”

Meanwhile Brian is sputtering. “Lab duty. La-ab duty? How does that even make sense? You’re under suspicion of evidence tampering, so they restrict you to the lab?”

“The irony of the situation isn’t lost on me; thanks, Bri.” Beverly takes a few insistent sips of tequila. “And hello? I am not under suspicion of tampering with anything. Nobody thinks I actually contaminated a crime scene—at least, they better not. They told me it was ‘preemptive maneuvering’; the FBI’s way of mitigating questions in the press about what I did, and why I’m still being allowed to do it without any internal review.”

“You aren’t telling us there’s gonna be an internal review?” Jimmy asks, eyes popping.

She shrugs again.

“There won’t be any review,” Brian says. “It’s all optics, man. Fucking optics. They’re pulling Beverly out of the field because out of sight equals out of mind.”

Jimmy nods. “The Bureau want to look like they’re doing something when they aren’t really doing anything.“

“Not a bad thing, I guess,” Brian grumbles. “I mean, aren’t we rooting for the FBI to do nothing in this case?”

“No,” responds Jimmy, firmly. “The FBI should be sticking up for Beverly. They should be holding a press conference assuring people she didn’t do anything wrong. For Pete’s sake, they gave her a commendation last May! Everybody in the Bureau knows our Beverly’s a hero, a stand-up gal, truly the best of us!”

“We are not worthy.” Brian mock-genuflects.

Beverly toasts them both with the last sip of her tequila.

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