horatio j. hoodoo

okay but

i dont know how many people in the Villainous fandom know that Lidsville exists and is a thing (probably only me)

but uh

my immediate first thought upon seeing Villainous being a thing was

“did. did hoodoo’s hat become sentient”

okay so this:

this is hoodoo

“okay yeah andy so what”

alright but. hoodoo lives in a land of sentient hats. and when i say sentient i mean

the hats are literally alive

so uh. ??? did hoodoo put their hat down for a second and walk away and Black Hat just. happened. or.

oh, also.

also hoodoo’s house looks like

which. looks a lot like

“but andy what about the great fandom stuff! what about white hat! thats a great au”

this is hoodoo’s twin brother bruce

heres both of them

do with this information what you will

[also im sorry for spamming the tags]