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I'm so glad you like getting headcanon requests cause boy howdy do I have a few. Do you have any thoughts about mundane setting AUs for wolf359? Like the characters working in a store or something?

okay I had exactly 0 inspiration today for retail AUs that weren’t just retreads of funnier ones other people have done so instead please accept one of my favorite AUs which is the “shitty high school production of Hamlet” AU

  • Hera is a sophomore and runs the lighting booth. It is not her fault that there is no budget and everything is broken. She’s an angel and we’re glad she’s here.
  • Eiffel is a sophomore and the stage manager. He is a disgrace to a noble profession. No one even knows why he’s here except that there are rumors about his failing grades and a deal with that one creepy teacher Mr. Cutter.
  • The two of them are constantly in trouble for talking and giggling with one another over their headsets when everyone else is trying to do the goddamn show
  • Eiffel has almost been killed by set pieces more than once. What a tragic way to die, crushed under hundreds of pounds of scrap wood and casters. No, he’s not faking it, he’s been deathly injured, honest.
  • Minkowski is a junior and the student director, and really wanted to be in the play, but god dammit, if she’s going to direct, she’s going to direct, no matter what this shitshow is turning out like. She is committed to this play. She is so committed. She is living powered by stress and caffeine.
  • It doesn’t help that rehearsal schedules mean that she hasn’t seen her bf who writes for the school paper in? days?? Weeks??? He keeps texting her jokingly asking if she’s dead. (It’s probably still a joke.)
  • Lovelace is a senior and the one who actually wanted to direct, but since she left the drama department for a couple years to focus on the basketball team, Minkowski got tapped instead, so now she’s somewhat belligerently playing Hamlet.
  • Which is not a bad thing by anyone else’s estimation, because Isabel Lovelace’s Hamlet is both glorious and terrifying to behold.
  • SI5 are a bunch of seniors who act like they’re running the show and are generally more difficult to deal with even than Eiffel. This does not change the fact that Kepler as Claudius is genuinely creepy (although he clearly thinks he should have been Hamlet). Maxwell and Jacobi are playing Ophelia and Laertes and have an infinitely more convincing relationship with one another than either has with Lovelace. Both think they would have been better in the other role.
  • Hera’s older sister Rhea is playing Gertrude. She does not deserve to be a part of this mess.
  • Hilbert was probably cast as Horatio on the basis that everyone’s pretty sure he and Lovelace WERE old friends but that was definitely a mistake because they have not talked to one another in at least two years after The Incident (no one knows what The Incident was except Fourier and Hui and they’re not telling)
  • No one in the cast can stand one another. Every rehearsal is one tech disaster after another. Half the cast suddenly comes down with the flu. Will they ever make it to opening night? (Probably not.)
  • Lambert is Polonius.
voltron high school au !!

so me n @pinacoladamatata made this au one night and it got out of hand so,, here u go its a good time

  • Shiro is the cool ta/assistant hockey coach who sees the space crew hanging around and gives them guidance bc they have so much potential but omg kiddos if u could just,,, work together and apply urself,,, do it for shiro he wants whats best for u 
  • Allura is the v tall and beautiful transfer student who gets straight As bc she just never sleeps ((the mom friend))) always ready to fight lance
  • Coran is the drama teacher who is Eccentric and is always yellin
  • Lance is such a theater kid lets be real lol. 
  • He always tries out for the lead role but he overplays it so bad so hes always getting the supporting role but he doesnt mind that much bc he has his theater family!! Lance KILLS it at musicals tho he’s such a good singer

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RSC Hamlet liveblog

ok so i’m watching the filmed live rsc hamlet from last year and i decided to write down my thoughts as i watch it !!!! i’ve wanted to see this for ??? ages ?? so hopefully this should be fun !!!

this kind of got…… extremely long so i’ll put it under a read more !!!!

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Mega64nimation: FINALE




Even if it’s still not allowed to reconstruct the house, you may add 5 objects to each room (garden, too).

Bedroom: I couldn’t place anything useful in this tiny room, so I chose just decor, the end table and a lamp. This is Davey’s side of the bed.

Main room: Finally a fridge, a loveseat, another end table, a steaming cup of coffee and an easel, which helps Moonshine to express his inner self.

Vestibule: A laboratory for Davey, Moonshines’s mandolin, a record player, a box with LPs and a burglar alarm (which is probably in the wrong room).

Bathroom: A bathtub (which is loathed by Moonshine and Horatio equally), a cast-iron stove for bathing in the winter, air conditioning, a towel and toilet paper.

Garden: A second bike + stand, a gardening station, an outhouse (for the organic compost) and the ugly sunflower, which is hidden in the bush in the background (thanks Tumblinrob!).

Horatio doesn’t have to sleep on the floor anymore (since Moonshine occupied his side of the bed).