hi! i’m kevin and this is my club, these are the only other members. happy holidays! a wonderful season’s greeting to all of you, much love <3

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fragmentedsummer’s follow forever: so i haven’t made one of these since, forever(2-3 years), i only came back to to tumblr recently and i already got 500 followers this morning (thank you) so i’d like to take this time to thank a few amazing, generous and wonderful people i’ve been lucky enough to have become friends with + other people i admire.

the list will includes mutuals + people i follow (please don’t feel at all obligated to follow me if we are not mutual, i promise you this is not a follow back scam). the people with a ♥ beside their name i’m gonna write another smaller follow forever with some words for you guys later (sorry for tagging you twice in advance!)

list is based on how long i’ve been following you. 

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