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album 5 track predictions

eat your vegetables by harry styles
who’s the captain ft. niall vs. liam in a rap battle
😎 by louis tomlinson
all the love by -H
birds don’t have eyebrows (or do they) by harry styles and louis tomlinson
my leg by niall horan
lads by louis tomlinson 
golf is love, golf is life by niall horan
i’m a bean by liam payne
investigate one direction by one direction

Mobile Masterlist

Ashton Irwin:  

Daddy Ashton

Failed Date

Its Always Been You

I Hate That I Love You


She Deserves The World

She Never Gave Up On Me

Built Walls And Closed Hearts

Calum Hood: 

Help Me Understand





Why Didn’t She Tell Me

Little Peanut

You Need To Go

Wherever You Wanna Go Baby Ill Take You There

Its Always Been Her

Protective Boyfriend, Protective Brother 

Michael Clifford: 

Michael To The Rescue

Meeting Your Parents

Michael Loses Daniel

Part Of Me Hates You But Part Of Me Still Loves You



I Stayed

I Just Feel So Damn Lost

Luke Hemmings 


Be My Girl?

How Did We End Up Here?


Elevator Meeting

A Day At The Beach

Meeting His Family




I’m The Boss

Harry Styles: 

Drunk Words Are Real Thoughts And Feelings

Its Not Your Fault

Just Cant Let Her Go

You Can Trust Me

Kendall Schmidt:

Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough

Niall Horan

I Always Run

Are You Done? 


I With You Because… - Ashton Irwin Imagine (Requested By Hannah) 

I Will Fight For What I Love - Ashton Irwin Imagine (Requested By Rode)

I Love You - Brad Simpson Imagine (Requested By Lavleyx) 

Its So Cliché - Harry Styles Imagine (Requested By Amy) 

Opposites Do Attract - Luke Hemmings Imagine (Requested By Anonymous) 

Marry Me? - Brad Simspon Imagine (Requested By Anonymous)

Undercover - Ashton Irwin Imagine (Requested By Anonymous) 

Its Rude To Stare - Brad Simpson Imagine (Requested By Anonymous) 

I Know Im Not The Only One - Harry Styles Imagine (Requested By Anonymous) 

He Needs This - Luke Hemmings Imagine (Requested By Anonymous)

Show Me - Zayn Malik Imagine (Requested By Taryn)

Stay With Me - Brad Simpson Imagine (Requested By Anonymous) 

Sometimes Its Hard - Dylan O’brien Imagine (Requested By Torri) 

Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Zayn Malik (Requested By Anonymous)

You Are An Angel - Ashton Irwin Imagine (Requested By ashton-irwins-biceps)

Am i Wrong? - Louis Tomlinson Imagine (Requested By A Friend)

Yea Baby I Do - Michael Clifford Imagine (Requested By Anonymous)

Deadly - Matt Healy Imagine (Requested By A Friend)

Something’s Wrong - Connor Ball Imagines (Requested By A Friend)

Bad Boy – Luke Hemmings (Completed)

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5 (Final) 

Like A Dream - Luke Hemmings (Completed)

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Part 8   Part 9    Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14 (Final) 

Best Friends - Calum Hood (Completed)

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One Day At A Time - Harry Styles Imagine (Completed)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 (Final)

We Are Done - Niall Horan Imagine (Completed)

Part 1    Part 2   Part 3 (Final)

Too Late - Calum Hood (Completed)

Part 1   Part 2 (Final)

I Dont Want To Feel This Way - Luke Hemmings (Completed)

Part 1   Part 2 (Final)

I Need To Be By Myself – Ashton Irwin (Incomplete)

Part 1

I Waited Two Years To Know Why - Luke Hemmings (Incomplete)

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3    Part 4  

You Left Us - Luke Hemmings (Completed)

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3 (Final)

"Steal My Girl" - Official Lyrics

Steal My Girl - One Direction

Goddammit Niall
What the fuck
Why did you steal my girl
I can’t believe this

I thought we were homies
But then you just came and stole my girl
While she and I were at it
Niall how the fuck did you even do that


Don’t steal my girl
Just don’t fucking do it
Don’t steal my girl
I don’t have that much game
Don’t fucking do it

Got myself a new girlfriend
But guess what happened
Niall fucking Horan
Is at it again, that dicktard

She and I were walking through the park
Minding our own business
When suddenly she was gone
Hanging on Niall’s dick a couple feet away


Don’t steal my girl
Just don’t fucking do it
Don’t steal my girl
I don’t have that much game
Don’t fucking do it


Fuck you, Niall
Fuck you, Niall
Fuck you, Niall
Fuck you, Niall

Next time you won’t steal my girl
Because I’m gonna be the one
Sucking your ass
You fucking dicktard


Don’t steal my girl
Just don’t fucking do it
Don’t steal my girl
I don’t have that much game
Don’t fucking do it