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Make Daddy Proud

A/N: ” harrys girl who has a HELLA MAJOR PRAISE KINK!!!!!!! plz and thank uuu”  Enjoy!

  “Harry! I got a ninety-seven!” I heard Y/n squeal from the living room. “Way to go, babe!” I praise and quickly place the shirt i just folded into my drawer. I laugh to myself and make my way over to where she was. I turn the corner and see her standing in front of the coffee table with her phone in her hand, she had been refreshing her email all afternoon. She’d studied for thirteen hours straight prior to this exam so, one can only assume she wanted this very badly. Before she realizes i’m in the room, I scoop her up in my arms and spin her around. 

  “i’m so proud of you” I mutter, my face nuzzled between her neck and shoulder. She takes my face in her hands and looks me in the eyes. “Did I make daddy proud?” She squints at me. I throw my head back, laughing. Y/n giggles as I set her back down to stand on her own. She sits her phone down on the table before turning back to me. 

  “Of course you did, you’ve always been daddy’s little star.” I wink.

  She raises an eyebrow and starts to play with the hair and the nape of my neck. My hand travels down from the middle of her back to lift up the hem of her shirt and gently run my nails against the skin of her hips. She hisses and touches her forehead to mine. “How come you never reward me, then?” she asks, nibbling on her bottom lip. 

“A lip bite? Very original” I tease.

 Y/n smirks and reaches her hand between our faces. She brushes her thumb over my lip “I could always bite yours, would that be more exciting?”

  She ignited a fire in me with a single sentence. I sigh, not only because I felt myself getting harder by the second, but because she had made me feel like a teenager again. All she did was was ask me a risque question and i’m already as hard as a rock. Sadly, I can’t say this is the first time its happened. She glances up at me through her lashes and waits for my response. “Why don’t you help me find more ways to make you proud, yeah?” she suggests, gesturing for me to sit on the couch. I know where this is going. That particular look in her eyes is a look i’ve seen before. Pupils dilated, lips nice and wet, breath shallow.

She gets down on her knees in front of me and wastes no time dragging my sweatpants down. I’m not wearing boxers today, I figured we would get a little hot and bothered at some point today (it being our only free day this week, and all) and I wanted to make the process less tedious. I’m thanking myself a million times internally. I take my shirt off rather quickly, my eyes glued to her, anticipating her next move.

  Y/n doesn’t bother pulling the trousers all the way off of my legs, she lets them pool at my feet. She takes my cock in her small hands kisses the tip, she lets some spit dribble out and onto the head before swiping over it with her thumb. The very same thumb she had used to toy with my lip not too long ago. I can’t stop the hiss that slips out, today is not a good day to prolong the foreplay. I very well might cum before the good stuff starts.

  She takes notice of my sensitivity to her touch and cuts to the chase, lowering her mouth down on me. Her tongue laps at the veins of my shaft and she knows how to apply just the right amount of pressure with her teeth. I feel them graze me as she brings her head back up to my tip. 

‘ah fuck..that’s good baby” I pant. She whimpers on me, her hand squeezing the base of me. She loves when I praise her….this could be fun. I decide to take it up a notch. What harm could a little more motivation do? 

“shit baby i- mm fuck you take such good care of your man, don’t you?” 

She nods lightly, my dick still lodged in her pretty mouth. I reach down and caress her cheek with my finger. “so fucking good, princess” I groan. She’s enjoying this. I can tell by how her eyes light up every time I speak. “You’re licking me with the same tongue you use to give th-those big speeches at school” I started, her eyebrows furrow. She has no clue where i’m going with this but continues to bob her head up and down. 

“That mouth is pure gold in and outside of the bedroom….you please daddy in every single way” This seems to do it for her. She lifts her mouth off of me and stands up to take down her yoga pants. 

“Come on” is all she spits out at me before walking towards the bedroom. I jump up, kicking my own pants off.

When i enter the room, I see her lying down on the bed, her panties around her ankles. She’s rubbing herself with one hand and beckoning me over to her with the other. I stride over to the bed, tugging at myself as I do so. “You getting ready fo’ me?” I ask her, she nods quickly. She seems so excited and i can’t hide the smile spreading across my face. I climb on the bed and toss her pink panties somewhere behind me, she doesn’t hesitate to open her legs up for me. Welcoming me in, inviting me. 

I decide to skip the foreplay and get right to business. I run my swollen head up her slick folds, forcing an incredibly loud moan from her when I stop to tap on her clit with my member. I let out a breath I didn’t know i was holding when she pushes her shirt over her breasts and begins to knead at them. I line my tip up at her entrance and push in slowly, making sure she can feel my every ridge. She arches her back when I fill her completely, stretching her to no end.

“You’re taking daddy so well baby” I groan out. I lean down to suck on her neck. “K-keep talking, Harry” she pleads. I kiss my way up to her ear and nip at her lobe a bit, filling her to the peak with every stroke. “You always get so wet fo’ me” I slow down a bit, it appears that all this praise is starting to get to me as well. I sit back up and hike her knee up so I can thrust even deeper than before. This time, I can feel her walls squeezing me, I also feel myself pulsating inside her. I’m getting close.

“You’re gonna make me cum baby ahh…ooh yes” I hiss. My thrusts are noticeably unsteady at this point but i’m fighting it. I want to make sure she finishes first and judging by the way she’s clenching around me, she’s just as close as I am if not closer.

“fuck harry oh!….mmh please” her hands are scraping at my forearms that stand on either side of her head, making it harder for me to hold myself up. I place my hands on the head board and pull out of her almost completely before rolling my hips back in to meet hers. Again and again and again until I have her body trembling beneath mine. She’s begging me not to stop. She’s pleading for me to cum with her, and my body betrayed me by obeying her orders. The muscles in my abdomen tighten and I clench my jaw shut.

”cum for me ahhh….f-fuck that’s a good girl ”

I feel my toes curl as the white sensation builds up. 

Then it hits me like a wave. “ooh Y/n fuck yes..fuck baby yess ahh” I cum in long, hot spurts with her still tightening around my cock. I kiss her slowly feeling my heart return to its natural rhythm. I lean up and move her hair from her face before dipping down to kiss her nose. “That was intense “ She laughed. I nod, still a bit winded. I pull out of her and grab one of the clean shirts from the pile I was folding earlier; I use it wipe us both clean. Thankfully, we didn’t soil the sheets this time so I happily climb under the covers and wait for her to do the same. She rests her head on my tattooed swallow and tangles her legs up with mine. 

“All this because of a test, I wish you would score this high all the time” I tease.

“Yeah? Well I wish you would finish folding the laundry…” she snickered

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Can you do a pref where you and Harry are having a serious fight, but mutually decide to put up a happy front around others. And everyone buys it, but one of the other guys notices that somethings wrong between you two. And he pulls you away and is like "spill" and you confess everything and you break down crying

This was no-doubt the worst fight of your relationship.

“You can’t just leave me and Darcy here while you go shoot a six month movie in France!” You exclaim, throwing your hands in the air. Harry tightens his jaw, and he basks in his silent fury while you go on and say, “We’re in a marriage, Haz! That means you can’t just pick up and leave anytime you want to!”

“This isn’t anytime, though!” Harry yells, fist colliding with the wall. You filch visibly, but that doesn’t stop him from scaring you. “This is a once and a lifetime opportunity! My movie screen debut! I could win an oscar or–”

You sigh exasperatedly, “Do you hear yourself!” You tear your fingers through your hair and your breathing becomes laboured. “You’re saying a goddamn oscar is more important to you than me and Darcy.”

“AT LEAST AN OSCAR WON’T LEAVE ME!” Harry screams and the plaster on the wall crumbles under his fist. 

Your chest heaves up and down and a moment of silence goes by before you whisper, “That was two years ago, Styles. And I didn’t leave you. I just thought it would be better for all of us if Darcy and I lived with my parents while you were on your tour, so she wouldn’t keep asking where daddy was–”

FUCKING EXCUSES!” He screams, and you start crying. You didn’t understand why he was so furious at you. He takes a step closer to you, teeth grinding. His voice lowers to a deadly whisper, “Sometimes I wish I didn’t love you so much because I’m giving you everything you need to rip out my heart and let me bleed out.”

Your eyes crinkle at the sides, and you fold your arms over your chest. “So you’re saying you regret falling in love with me?”

Harry looks at you, right in the eye, for the first time that night. He can see how much his answer will impact your next actions, so he takes a few moments to think his answer through. But apparently he’s too blinded by rage to choose wisely because he says, “I don’t regret falling in love with you. I regret taking that love and letting it control my life.”

You furrow our eyebrows and shake your head slowly, vision blurred with tears. “You don’t mean that,” you give him another chance to change his answer.

But his eyes are still trained on yours as he says, “I do.”

And just like that, the two words that started your marriage are the same words that are ending it.


Both of you wince as you hear the door swing open and the sounds of your four-year-old daughter Darcy being carried by Louis, who is followed closely by Niall and Liam, fill the living room.

You quickly rush over to the sink, rinsing our face to make it appear as if the wetness of your cheeks came from a facial wash. Harry quickly hangs a calendar over the hole in the wall he had created, and is quick to walk out to greet the guests.

Struggling to hold back tears, you watch as Harry greets Darcy with a kiss on the cheek. How can somebody who regrets having their own daughter still smile at her? 

“Hey Y/N.” You turn around to see Liam exiting the kitchen, a glass of cold Cola in his hand. His eyebrows knit together as he sees the red outlining your eyes. “Is there anything wrong?”

At those words, Harry quickly turns to you, and you hesitate as you tell Liam, “No…I just got soap in my eye…that’s all.” Your husband turns back around and rocks Darcy back and forth in his arms as he and Niall discuss sports. Liam’s eyes are still trained on you, however, and he’s not buying your lie. 

“Come on,” Liam pulls you by the elbow, abandoning his glass on the kitchen counter as he leads you into the downstairs bathroom. He locks the door, and whispers, “Spill.”

You shrug nonchalantly, trying to pass off as cool. “Nothing’s wrong, Liam. Just soap in my eye, like I told you–”

“Bull,” he calls you out. “Y/N, do you know overtime you lie your cheeks heat up?”

You feel them heating up now. “What? No they don’t,” you try but fail miserably. Huffing out a breath, you confess, “Fine. Harry and I had a fight.”

He didn’t have to prompt you for you to break down crying, “And he said he regrets letting our relationship play such a big role in his life. That means he regrets marrying me, having Darcy, and–”

“Harry would never say that,” Liam interrupts you, baffled. “He’s not that kind of dude.”

“Well…he did.”

Liam storms out of the bathroom, and points an accusing finger at Harry. “Styles, you selfish–” about to say bastard, but sees Darcy peering up at him curiously, so he settles for “–respectful, successful, talented man.”

Harry looks more confused than ever, but when Louis steps in to take Darcy upstairs to the loo, his eyes find yours and he sighs deeply. “Liam, whatever Y/N told you–”

“Is true,” he interrupts. “How could you say those things to her? And mean them?”


“Liam, you’re not our couple therapist,” you step in and shoot a sad smile at him. “Thanks for trying, though.” You turn to your husband, and your expression immediately hardens. 

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

i’m writing a sequel but don’t rush me darling xx

Bound (part 1)

A/N: “Can you do one where you find out you can talk to someone through your head and it turns out to be harry?“ THIS WAS SUPER FUN! let me know if you guys want me to continue. Enjoy!

 It’s not typical for Y/n to bring guys home, after a night out…that’s not her style. She’s old fashioned and prefers to exchange numbers with a lad, maybe go on an actual date before she gives him a taste. But that’s most nights.

   Tonight, she’s internally vowing to never drink again as she lets the hands of this stranger explore her figure, his lips leaving kisses on any area of exposed skin. Her hands leave his soft , blonde locks to reach down and find her keys. As fun as this is, she could definitely do without the feeling of her back being pressed up against her cold door. Her hearts racing at the excitement of it all but in the back of her mind lies a bit of guilt. He’s not even her type; she hopes he isn’t getting the wrong impression.

   Once inside, he pushes the door shut for her. They kick off their shoes, and stumble their way into the cozy living room of her loft. They finally come up for air after what seemed like the world’s longest make out session. She uses this time to pull her tight dress down, kicking it out of the way. The fellow, whose name she can’t remember, finishes unbuttoning his shirt before he drops it behind him. 

Hey sits down on the couch and not too long after, Y/n straddles him, grinding down on his bulge. She can feel herself getting wetter with every rotation of her hips.

Meanwhile, a few miles away…

“Another shot!” Harry hears. He sighs but can’t hide the smirk that creeps on his face as he picks up his second shot of the night. He takes it fast “God, that never get easier” he coughs. His friends pat him on the back, being proper dicks about one measly shot.

“Atta boy, Styles!” 

  What they don’t know is, he slyly told the bartender to fill his glasses with club soda. Yes, he was lying to his friends but he didn’t feel like hearing their whines about him being “No fun!”. He’s having a good time, he really is but he’d just rather be at home right now. He doesn’t really like going out so often, he always seems to find himself mentally exhausted and annoyed with the atmosphere. 

“I’m gonna head out” He tells his friends, they try to convince him to stay and have just one more shot and as much as he would like to keep tricking them into thinking he was actually getting hammered, he just wants to get home. “Guys really i’m just-”

His thoughts are interrupted.

He hears what sounds to be a woman moaning which normally wouldn’t surprise him in this setting. People tend to do nasty shit in clubs like this but it sounded so close; almost like he had headphones on. He brushes it off until it happens again. He knows he probably looks insane, touching his hears and looking around like a crazy person.

“Ahh…I’m so wet” The voice whimpers. He can feel himself getting harder by the second. It’s times like these he wishes he wasn’t so easy to excite. He could literally just overhear someone talk about breasts and before he knows it, he’s stiff down there.

His eyebrows furrow and he quickly covers his erection, obviously not wanting anyone to see. He bids his friends goodbye before rushing out of the club and to his car which isn’t too far from the building. He’s thanking his lucky stars for the parking spot he chose. Harry gets in and rests his head on the steering wheel, trying to will this boner away. He’s still utterly confused but his main mission at the moment is to relax himself enough to drive home. He can deal with it there. 

Then, as clear as day, he hears the moans again. He whips his head around to the backseat of his car because it sounded that close. There’s nobody there. It doesn’t stop, and it certainly isn’t helping his raging hard-on, which he can now feel leaking in his trousers. “mmm” it continues “Fuck”

At Y/n’s

“Fuck” she moans, her nameless friend ruts his covered member up as she grinds down harder on him. She soaking now and just wants to feel him inside her already. She unbuckles his belt and slides off of him so that she’s lying her back upon the couch.

Back to Harry

He sits there, scared but also frustrated. He convinces himself that he’s hearing voices because he’s so horny…or maybe the bartender slipped him some actual alcohol. He fumbles with his belt, looking around the dark lot to make sure there aren’t any bystanders that could potentially witness him at his absolute worst. 

He finally frees his cock, it springs up and smudges a little pre-cum on his black button down. It’s real now…the fact that he actually just got hard for no reason. “Why the fuck is this happening” he groans. 


“Why the fuck is this happening?” She hears. She pushes her hands against the mans chest so she can look him in the eyes. “What do you mean?” She giggles. 

“What are you talking about?” He replies before lining his head up with her slit. “You just asked why this was happening”. The look on his face tells her that he has no idea what she’s talking about. She laughs it off, saying that she probably heard her neighbors or something. 

He pushes in, filling her up with one stroke. Her eyes close at the sensation and she forgets all about what she was just concerned about. Her nails rake his back and she arches into him, shifting the angle slightly.

“Yes! Right there”

In Harry’s Car

“Yes right there” 

Harry is going mad at this point, labored breathing and flushed skin. His eyes are shut tight, jaw locked, he’s as red as a tomato and he doesn’t know how much more of this he can take. He’s successfully fighting the urge to just scream out, until he hears another purr.

“Deeper” She sighs. Its the last straw for him. Harry bangs his balled up fist against the wheel 

“STOP! SHUT UP!” He roars. Only then, does the silence win. He listens for it…nothing. Its gone. He clears his throat and finally looks up and out of his car window. Standing there is a group of friends who seem to be walking into the club. They’re staring at him like he has three heads and he may as well. To Harry, that would be more manageable than hearing voices in his fucking head.


“STOP! SHUT UP!” She jumps and accidentally knocks her forehead into the one right above hers. “Ow fuck!” He sits up and rubs the afflicted area. 

“Well that’s what you get! Why would you yell at me like that?!” She asks as she stands up and wraps herself in the small blanket that was folded over he arm of the couch. “What the fuck are you-…you’re crazy” He muttered. He pulls his clothes back on, not caring to button up his shirt. Y/n doesn’t respond, she just stands there and waits for him to collect his things. She knows she isn’t losing her mind, it couldn’t have been the neighbors. It was so close, she can literally still feel her ears ringing. Maybe its best if he does leave.

“All I wanted was a fuck and I got stuck with a fucking psycho” He chuckled. He slams the door behind himself.


He’s almost to his flat now; the car ride is silent, he doesn’t feel like hearing anything right now. Anything. He’s just glad that whatever that was, stopped and that his hard on is at a mild throb now. He can just tug one out in the shower tonight.

Then the unthinkable happens. He hears her again. This time, it sounds like she is…talking instead of moaning. He pulls into the nearest gas station to get a better listen. He might as well ease drop if its going to keep happening. 

Y/n’s Loft

Y/n decided to call her best friend, Elena and tell her about what the fuck just happened. She wants to get a second opinion and make sure she isn’t actually crazy.

“So…I swear, at first I heard him ask why it was happening and he acted like he didn’t say anything”

“Wow what the fuck? Did it sound like him?” her friend pressed. “I mean.. not really but it just sounded like it was right there.” Y/n started. “I’m not gonna lie, it sounded a little rougher than his voice. I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off” She joked, Elena laughed along with her


Harry’s eyes had widened. He’s pretty sure that whoever he’s hearing is talking about him. So they could hear him too? He still doesn’t understand any of this but he feels slightly relieved knowing he isn’t completely alone.

“I think that’s part of the reason I freaked out, it kind of turned me off”

“Hey!” he whines before quickly covering his mouth. He hadn’t meant to say anything, it just came out. What she said kind of offended him, seeing as girls often tell him his voice is sexy and sensual.


“Hey!” She heard. It was the voice again. She looked around her living room, her first thought being that someone had to be in her house. And of course she’s still standing in only a blanket, so if there is some robber in her home, he’ll probably try to take advantage of her. She told Elena she would have to call her back, she was too distracted to really hear what she was saying anyway. Maybe it was stupid to get off of the phone at a time like this but she just needed to think clearly and listen for the voice again.

“Hello?” she whispered

“….uhm…hello?” she heard. She screamed and ran for the door, still in only a blanket. She topped when she heard the voice scream as well, sounding just as scared.

“Jesus! Fuck stop screaming you scared the shit out of me!” she heard. Only now does she realize that the voice is coming from within; she just ran across the loft and its still right in her ear.


“I scared you?! Who ar- what is this?!” She spits out. Harry runs a hand through his hair, putting his cell phone up to his ear to hide the fact that he’s talking to himself just in case anyone decides to look at him.

“I don’t know. I really don’t but I’m just glad I’m not the only one” he sighed. “Or maybe I am and this is just a delusion” He chuckles, everything is so fucked up but he’s always been the type to find the humor in serious situations.

“Ok” Y/n starts. “Let’s just…let’s figure this out together”

He Kicks You Out Of His Car pt II

i luv u guys sm this was so highly requested

Two hours have passed since Harry had kicked you out of his car.

The Grammy’s were well on their way now, and although your phone was on low battery mode, you kept checking it for a text from Harry. Or even from one of the boys, thinking that they wouldn’t let him treat you this way.

But nothing.

You walk barefoot, carrying your shoes and broken jewelry in your hands, giving no fucks about the muddy puddles and the dark sky quickly covering the sun. In fact, you’re so pissed off at Harry that it doesn’t occur to you that it might be dangerous wandering alone and looking extremely vulnerable in the boroughs of a foreign city until your phone rings.

You answer it without checking caller ID because it must be Harry–I mean, who else would be calling this hour?–and as soon as you pick up, it’s for sure his voice. He’s yelling, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

Despite his tone, you laugh, “Oh so now you care? It’s been two fucking hours, Styles! At least pretend to–”

“I know I screwed up,” Harry’s voice lowers, and he sounds frustrated. I can hear him honking his car. “I…I reached the venue and I was standing on the red carpet and then I…I just ran off it. And I went back and tried to find you but when I couldn’t–”

You roll your eyes. “It never occurred to you to call me? If you’re gonna come up with an excuse, at least make it a believable one!” Your knees start to wobble and even though you haven’t downed any drinks that night, you feel dizzy. 

Suddenly, you are aware of footsteps behind you. 

“I did!” Harry screams into your ear. “Don’t you remember you dropped your phone last week and it’s been having trouble receiving calls? Well–”

Your voice is deadly soft. “Harry,” you whisper, picking up your pace ever so slightly. “Harry, I think there’s somebody following me.”

Your boyfriend is silent for a second, and then he asks, “Where are you? Are you certain he’s following you?”

“I don’t know,” you confess. “I’m not even sure it’s a guy….I’m too scared to turn around…” you pause to listen, and sure enough, the footsteps are still echoing behind you. This time they’re closer. You choke back a sob. “Harry, what do I do?”

Where are you?” He repeats, and you look up and read off the nearest street sign you can find. You can hear his tires screeching as he makes a U-turn. Possibly an illegal one. “Okay kitten, this is what you’re gonna do. You’re not going to hang up the phone, okay?”

“Okay,” I say, as a tear runs down my cheek.

“And you’re going to have to remember some moves for me, okay?”

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you once tell me that you took a self defence class?”

I hiss-yell, “That was all the way back in high school!” 

“So? You have to tell me you remember something. Please tell me you remember where to kick.”

Scrunching up my nose, I tell him, “Well, there was one move called Get Off The Path. Where if someone’s following you and they’re walking fast, instead of trying to out-walk them, you step aside and let them go first…but that’s kinda stupid if they’re trying to get to me.”

“Try that for me, love.”

The footsteps are getting louder behind me, and they’re close enough to hear there’s a sort of scraping noise that comes with each step. Is he/she dragging an axe?

“Harry, I’m not doing that,” I cry. “He’s getting closer, what do I do?”

“Get off the path.”

HARRY!” I don’t bother keeping quiet anymore. “WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING STUPID! I CAN’T AND WON’T DO THAT!” 

And then there’s a tap at my shoulder. 

I spin around before my brain can register what I’m doing and I’m staring right at a man with bright blue eyes. A middle aged man with dirty clothes and a rotten smile. And sure enough, there’s a knife taped to his boot.

“Y/N?” Harry’s whispering into my ear. “What’s happening? Tell me what’s happening.”

“A girl like you shouldn’t be in a place like this,” the man says, and the last thing I hear is Harry’s shaky exhale before my phone cuts off. I lift it up to see the no battery sign. Hands shaking, he continues, “Was that your boyfriend? It sounded like you two were having a disagreement. May I ask why?”

I hesitate. “He kicked me out of his car,” I sigh, confiding in him as if he were my therapist. “So that’s why I’m here right now.”

The man takes a step closer to me, and I flinch visibly. “Well,” he clasps his hands around my wrists. “His loss, my gain, am I right?”

“Please don’t touch me,” I beg, wrenching my hands out of his grasp. “My boyfriend knows where I am,” I tell him, “so you don’t have time to try anything.”

The man frowns, then smiles. “But you two were just having a fight. I don’t think he’s jumping to save you right now. You’ll cum for me before he comes for you.” [a/n wow that word play]

You back away, dropping your high heels on the ground because your life was certainly more important than a pair of stilettos (though, highly debatable). “Please don’t hurt me,” you cry, but he advances on you too quickly. But his hands are on your shoulders for a mili-second before your knee comes up and hits him hard in the groin.

“You bitch!” The man swears and you scream for help, your voice tearing scars into the brick buildings around you. 


Suddenly, a car appears at the end of the road, tires screeching noisily. You can see Harry’s face through the front window before he comes spiralling down the road. The car barely rolls to a stop before your boyfriend jumps out of the car, takes one look at your crying state and punches the stranger square in the jaw.

“Oh G-God,” you cover your mouth as your eyes widen with fear, watching Harry beat the spirit out of the man. “Harry that’s enough,” you shakily tell him when the man starts coughing up blood. “Enough.”

You don’t know what you expected from him, but certainly not that he’d start crying once you both were safely snug in his car. His knuckles were bleeding, and yet he still looked at you as if you were the most important thing in the whole world. 

“I’m so sorry,” Harry cries. “Please, please forgive me….if he…if that man touched you in any way, I–”

“He didn’t,” you tell a white lie. “I just….are you okay?” Your eyes land on his fist. “That must hurt. Should we switch spots so I can drive you to the E.R.?”

Harry shakes his head, and whispers, “I should’ve never kicked you out of the car…this all would’ve been avoided if I hadn’t.”

You raise your eyebrows, “So why did you?”

“Because I got scared,” he confesses, green eyes turning red around the edges. “I got scared because for the…for the first time in my entire life…you were the only thing that mattered. Just you. I tried so hard to make myself believe that the red carpet, the media, the band….I tried so hard to believe that all of those were my life, and that I could easily give you up for any one of them.

But when I realized that I could lose everything–money, fame, my name–and still be sane because I had you.” His lips are quivering. “So please forgive me. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you sob. “But I’ll love you more if you let me drive you to the hospital.”

“No way,” Harry smiles as he leans in for a kiss. “I’m never letting you out of this car ever again.”

“That would’ve sounded kidnapper-ish if I didn’t know you had a heart of gold.”

ok this turned soppy at the end because i watched Artificial Intelligence again and wrote this while watching it and i cried like 17 times because that movie is so freaking sad but yeah so excuse me 

Wedding Series #2 - He Proposes (Niall)

A/N: Man this is totally how I’d want to be proposed to…

You were lying on the sun lounger by the pool, completely relaxed under the warmth of the afternoon, perfectly content to spend the rest of the week in this exact position. You and Niall had decided to get away for a mini holiday, something that would clear both your heads. Work had been busy lately and you were finding yourself to be more stressed than anything when you came home of an evening; Niall really not much better.

The boys were in a tough position with the new album and the tension was obvious in the lines of his face, the way he looked so beaten down when he came home from the studio, hair tousled like he’d had his fingers in it all day. You’d suggested getting away and he’d jumped at the idea, finding a nice secluded resort right on the beach were the both of you could just shut off the world.

You peeked your eyes open as you felt drops of water landing on your legs and stomach, your eyes widening as you saw a very pool soaked Niall standing above you, cheeky smile on his lips.
“Don’t,” You warned, pointing a finger at him.
“Your not gonna lie out here all day are you?” He asked, pouting.
“Maybe, there’s nowhere else I have to be.”
“Come into the pool,” He replied, bending down to kiss your shoulder, a whine leaving your lips as his wet hair rubbed against your cheek. “Please.”
“Fine, fine, I’ll get into the pool.”

Niall smiled triumphantly, moving away from you so you could stand up. You slipped out of your cover up before tying your hair up into a bun, keeping your sunglasses perched on your face; there was no way you were getting your head wet. Niall hopped back into the pool, turning around to face you as you slipped yourself in, shivering a little at the cool water. Before you knew what was happening Niall had his arms around you, holding you tightly to his chest as he waded down into the deeper end of the pool; he knew you couldn’t quite touch the bottom.
“What are you doing?” You whined, wrapping your legs around his waist.
“Making sure you can’t go anywhere,” He answered.
You huffed, wondering what on earth he was up to.

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Hades!Harry pt. 1

  A/N: “Could you write about Hades!Harry??xx” I’ve never written anything like this before but i was so excited to step out of my comfort zone. I got a bit carried away so there will be a Part 2. Enjoy!

    Y/n didn’t find herself in scary situations that often. Her days consisted of tending to the crops, making sure her younger siblings are fed three times a day, and treading the two hour journey to the nearest market to sell anything she possibly could for extra cash. Her routine had been this way since her parents were killed out at sea a year ago. That’s all she knows; no major details or even a chance to bid them farewell.  

   They left, one morning, with the intention to trade goods with villagers that resided a couple hundred miles east of the Atlantic. They promised her and her two younger brothers that they would return in a month’s time. Unfortunately, the day after they departed, Y/n received a knock at the door and an unsealed letter with no return address stating that her Mother and Father had died. 

  “Ship caught fire. There were no survivors, sorry for you loss” 

    Y/n had been only seventeen at the time, but her wisdom was well beyond her years. It was that very wisdom that allowed her to take charge of the household and become the new guardian for her brothers. She wouldn’t call the death of her Parents ‘scary’. Incredibly tragic? Yes. But she had been raised to take on challenges when they’re thrown at her.

   The girl always stood by that, even when she found herself being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night by two dark figures. She kicked, flailed and scratched every chance she got. There was no way they would take her without a fight. The brawny black figures had managed to pin her down to the bed and tie her hands behind her back with chains. She blew a stray strand of hair from her face as they picked her up and made their way towards the door. She began to wonder how she had not heard them break the door down. 

 'God I’m so stupid’ she thought to herself, though she knew very well that even if she had heard them break into the cottage, she would’ve ended up in the very same position.

   Just before they carried her passed the boys’ room, she was able to peek in and see that they were staring back at her in sheer terror. Her heart broke. She was helpless and she knew they felt the same. It was obvious that whoever these people were, didn’t take an interest in the children and that was the only bright side she could find in this predicament. They throw her in the back of a horse-pulled carriage, one of the men stayed in the back to make sure she didn’t escape somehow. The floor of the carriage was covered in dirt and hay, the walls of it were just high enough to hide her from anyone passing by.

   The man beside her, who she could now see was wearing all black armor, proceeded to tie a cloth of some sort across her mouth to prevent any screaming. He left her nose exposed, which gave her the idea that they wanted her alive for some reason. 

 Numerous hours later

 The sun began to rise and she regained consciousness. She didn’t remember falling asleep but she couldn’t blame herself, she’s human.  The carriage came to an abrupt halt, which caused her to hit the top of her head on the wooden barrier. “mmh!” She groaned in pain; the man that had sat with her the entire night, flashed her an unapologetic smile. A few seconds later she was being lifted once again and pulled out of the cart. 

  She took this opportunity to look around and try to figure out where the hell they had taken her. It was like nothing she’d ever seen.

 Before her, stood a castle, bathed in charcoal colored bricks and dressed with Gargoyles at the large, Redwood double-doors. Her feet were still bare and she couldn’t help but wince every time she stepped on a pebble. The armor clad men showed no remorse as they pushed and pulled her every which way. The doors opened slowly, almost as if the structure itself had been expecting her.

  Once inside, her feet were brought relief by the cold marble flooring in the corridor; her eyes darting across the room. She spied million dollar paintings, two grand stair cases, and several stone pillars that kept the manor standing. It was hard to miss the other knight-like men who were posted at just about every corner. Without a moment to think she was, yet again, being guided rather roughly to a location that remained unknown to her. She gave up fighting a long time ago, figuring that if she kept her sanity in tact, she may be able to think up a way to save herself or find someone who can.

  They dragged her up the set of stairs to the left, and through a massive hallway. The walls in this particular area were made, not of wood or stone, but of skulls. Hundreds, possibly thousands of skulls, bound together to form a wall. She wondered how they did it, and if those people had been killed for that dumb reason. Y/n couldn’t help but wonder if her head would be an addition to the foyer. After examining the enclosure, she decided to look straight ahead. 

There at the end of the hallway, was another set of cherry colored doors. one door was slightly ajar and it allowed her to peek inside, the same way she did as she passed the room of her brothers not so long ago. She saw what looked to be a bed, a big one; garmented in a duvet the color of blood.

A bedroom?

They dropped her, upon their arrival to the room. They finally removed the chains from her arms as well as the cloth from her mouth. She fell to the floor, her arms covered in bruises and welts. She turned to face the men and opened her mouth to demand answers but was cut off off by the sound of another. A deep, raspy voice; coming from somewhere in the spacious room. 

“So glad you could make it”

She turned back to face the front, eyes locking with a man. He was tall and fit. He was someone she had seen before, she just couldn’t put her finger on where. “do i- hmm” she started but had stop and clear her throat, it had been hours since she had some water. “do i know you?” she asked, sheepishly. Something about his presence intimidated her.

“Yes and no” he smirked. He sauntered over to where she was sitting on the ground, rubbing at her sore arms. He crouched down to her level “you’ve probably seen me in an old carving or something of the sort” he ran his index finger across her jaw. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. 

‘i’m Harry. Although, if we’re being cordial I should give you my real name” he sighed. “Hades, lord of the underworld”. He studied the blank expression she was giving him. 

“I mean I added that bit about the underworld. Has a nice ring to it” he stated She still said nothing. “I’m not fond of it either, that’s why I make people call me Harry” he smiled before standing. She stared up at him, swallowing what moisture she had left in her dry mouth. 

“oooh don’t look at me like that” he chuckled. biting his bottom lip.

She clears her throat again “Why am I here?” her voice is smaller than its ever been. Part of her hoped he didn’t hear, afraid of how he would react. “Well, doll” He breathed. “I’ve been lonely for quite some time now. I used to have a lovely wife but….let’s just say….I let my temper get the best of me one evening” he snickered. She heard the men behind her stifle their laughter as well. 

“Anyways, i want another but I have standards. I’m five thousand years old, i’m not getting any younger and I know what you’re going to say ‘Harry you don’t look a day over twenty-three!’” he shrilled in a high pitched nasally voice. 

“I wasn’t going to say any-”

“Shh! I haven’t finished my monologue” he interjects. She, boldly, rolled her eyes.

“Long story short, you’re a smart, headstrong, young woman. I started watching you after your parents died…sorry about that by the way it wasn’t my intention” he confessed. Her eyes widened but she was frozen in shock by what she  had just heard. She waited for him to explain what he meant by that.

“I had gotten in a fight with Poseidon and it got a little out of hand I really am sorry, darling” his voice was filled with atonement. He looked back to her, searching for any sign of forgiveness. Even though was was the god of all things bad, he still possessed somewhat of a heart. She nodded, sensing a little bit of guilt in his words.

“What i’m trying to say here is, You’re my new Wife!” he declared. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! This might seem random, but can you write something where you become friends with your ex-boyfriend again. And slowly open up to him and he blows it and you get into a massive fight where he criticises your relationship with Harry, and you're like "well you could have had a family! You could have had me!"

omg i love this sm

“Maybe you should call him back.”

You look over at Harry, who stands in the corner of the living room with a bunch of envelopes in his hand. You frown and tilt your head, sighing, “Is it from Finn again?”

He nods and presses his lips into a thin mmhm, then he starts to carefully peel open an envelope. You turn your attention back to the television because Blair Waldorf’s life was way more interesting than whatever apology Finn had, no matter how elegantly his words seemed to flow on the page. But then Harry has your attention again and you find yourself standing up and walking towards your boyfriend of two years, snatching the envelopes out of his hand.

“What’s so funny?” But you don’t ask so much as state sarcastically and Harry chuckles deeply, shaking his wet curls in your face before pressing a kiss on the side of your neck.

“You should talk to him,” your boyfriend laughs. “Put the poor bloke out of his misery.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you wait until Harry crashes onto the couch to peer down curiously at the newest letter from Finn. Finn was your ex-boyfriend, who you had broken up with you over the phone…and left the country for six months and answered none of your calls and texts. It took you one whole year to heal and then you met Harry, who was so kind and patient and supportive.

It was only after paparazzi’s had leaked pictures of you and Harry that Finn contacted you again. But you did not contact him back. So he kept sending letters and gifts through the mail–for about five months now.

You have never opened one…until now.

The first line made you gag. 

Dear beloved,

You catch sight of Harry staring at you from your peripheral vision.

I don’t know why I keep sending you these letters when you clearly aren’t reading them, but I can’t help thinking that one day you will. So here goes–

I’m still in love with you. It was a mistake letting you go. I’m in town just a few more days until I’m moving to Paris…why? I need a new start, that’s all. And what’s a better place to go than the city of love?

Anyways, I hope you will meet me at the coffee place down at sixth street (the one where we first met). I’ll be there waiting all day, every day, for you.

I hope to see you.


“You should go,” Harry tells you as soon as you climb onto the sofa and snuggle up by his side.

“Why should I?” You counter, although you gripped the letter in your hand tightly. No matter what he did, his words still fell through to you. After all, he was your first love. “I have you and that’s all that matters.”

Harry kisses your shoulder and murmurs, “I know. That’s why I feel very secure about you going to meet up with him and not go crawling back to him.” You roll your eyes playfully and he continues, “Plus, he’s moving away. What harm is there to meet him one last time.”

You frown, scrunching your nose up. Harry plants one last kiss on your cheek before announcing, “I’m gonna go make a cup of tea.” But before he can exit the room, he jokes, “And who knows? Maybe he won’t even be there.”

Yeah, you smile. Maybe he might’ve already moved away.


He’s still here.

And he’s looking right at you through the coffee shop window, all your plans of running away vanishing.

“Y/N.” He breathes your name like it will grant him his greatest desire. Your heart is pounding so hard you’re scared it might fall out of your chest. You take the seat across from him, and you see he has already ordered your favourite cup of coffee–with no prior knowledge if you were coming.

The small gesture touched your heart.

Maybe Harry was right. It was good to have some closure.

“How are you?” You ask, and then immediately regret it. 

But he laughs, and you’re stunned for a second. You could never recall the sound of his laughter, but here he was, laughing in front of you. Like he never hurt you. Like you never hurt him.

Laughing, like lovers do.

“Better,” he answers after a beat. “Now that you’re here,” he clarifies.

You shift uncomfortably in your seat and sip your coffee to avoid making eye contact. You could sense his gaze on you like a pile of rocks barreling down a cliff. God, why am I here?

“How are you?” He counters, the skin beside his eyes crinkling as he forces his lips up into a smile.

“Good,” you blurt out quickly. You were trying to think of the most casual word you could throw out there without Finn wincing, but he did all the same.

He clears his throat, and if it wasn’t awkward before, it sure was awkward now. “You and Harry?” He says, but it’s more like a question. As if he’s asking why him? 

“Mmhm,” you continue to sip your coffee like nothing was wrong.

But Finn is not satisfied with your answer, or more specifically, lack of. “Does that pop star make you happy?” He asks, raising his voice a little louder, making you glance around the cafe. Luckily everyone was sucked into the morning crowd and didn’t notice the scene that was about to happen.

“He does make me happy,” you answer him truthfully. You pause, then add, “Please don’t be upset.”

Finn scoffs, “Upset? Why would I be upset? All I want is for you to be happy.” His hand slithers across the table until it’s firmly placed on top of yours. “All I want is for you to be happy.” He says those words slowly, as if trying to lure you back towards his heart.

But with one clean swipe you pull your hand from under his and say, “I am happy. With Harry. So–”

“Oh, cut this bullshit!” Finn throws his hands up in the air and his coffee mug is knocked onto the floor, where it shatters into a hundred pieces. You press your eyes shut, and the whole cafe is silent. “You’re not happy with him!”

Yes I am, Finn,” you spit out the words and he rises slowly out of his chair. You do the same. You are not going to be overpowered by him. Not anymore. “He’s my family.”

“No, his fans are his family!” Finn exclaims, and if it weren’t for the table between you two and the massive crowd of people staring, you think he might’ve started choking you. “His fans and his band members are his family! He doesn’t need you! I need you! I have no one!” 

“WELL, THAT’S YOUR OWN DOING, ISN’T IT?” You scream, tears running down your cheeks. You can feel yourself starting to shake. “That’s your own damn fault because you could’ve had a family. You could’ve had me.”

“Maybe…I still could?” Finn looks up at you with those baby blue eyes. And if he was standing in front of you six months ago, you might’ve fell for them.

But you fell for Harry instead.

“Go have a nice life, Finn,” you say as you bend down and retrieve your things. “And if you try to contact me again I’ll have a restraining order filed against you.”

Chance Meetings

A/N: Part one, hope you like it !! Please send feedback, Bree xx

Niall pulled his car up in the carpark, looking out at the soccer field in front of him, the little kids that were already running around in their little league uniforms. It looked almost like chaos, every one of them running in different directions, kicking balls anywhere they pleased while treating it like they had all just scored the winning goals. Niall chuckled to himself, they were only five after.

When Louis had suggested that Niall join him for the volunteer coaching position he’d signed up for Niall had no idea what it would actually entail, he’d agreed without a second thought, but now he could see why Lou had asked for the help. Keeping it interesting enough while still trying to explain the game was going to be tough.

Getting out of the car he grabbed his sports bag off the back seat, slinging it over his shoulder before making his way down to the field. He’d only stepped one foot on the grass when a voice yelled excitedly out to him.
“Uncle Niall!”
Niall dropped his bag and opened his arms just in time to catch the sprinting five year old, grunting as he crashed into his chest, little arms winding around his neck.
“Been playin already have you?” Niall asked as Jack pulled away from him, noticing the giant grass stains that were already all over his knees and elbows.

Jack nodded excitedly, taking Niall’s hand as they walked over to where Louis was waiting on them.
“Yep! I can kick the ball so far now Uncle Niall! Just watch!”

Jack went running off into the throng of five year olds again, picking up the ball he’d previously had before turning around to make sure his Dad and Uncle were watching him play. He waved to them both before kicking the ball towards the goals.
“Thanks for coming,” Louis said, turning to look at his friend.
“No problem’s,” Niall answered. “I don’t know if you could have done this on your own anyway.”
“Two of us against eleven five year olds? We still may not be able to do this,” Louis replied with a laugh and Niall couldn’t help but disagree.

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Bound (part 2)

A/N: THE STRESS LEVEL IS THROUGH THE FUCKING ROOF. I had to re write this entire thing bc my computer shut off and deleted the draft. I promised you guys part two today soooo here it is! Thanks for all the love! We’re almost at 300 follwers, yall! Thats the craic lol. Enjoy!

Y/n is lying in her bed, still only dressed in a purple blanket but the biggest grin is plastered on her face. She and Harry had formally introduced themselves to each other; they found out that they actually live in the same town. Y/n began to talk about how insane this all was but the conversation quickly drifted off to irrelevant topics. Now, she’s listening to him blabber on about his week and she can’t help but wonder how or why she’s come to enjoy this.

How did she somehow normalize the fact that she can talk to somebody through her mind? How could she actually be interested in this guy’s personal life after knowing him for less than two hours?

“So..I got it fixed but now I feel like I should just buy another car if the engine is gonna keep failing, ya know” he shares, but she’s too caught up in her thoughts to realize he asked her a question. “Y/n, you there?” he chuckled. She snaps out of her daze and apologizes. “I’m so sorry I was stuck in my head” she breathed.

“Stuck in mine too, literally” He jokes, they laugh for a bit before he began whining about how she didn’t hear anything he said.

“I’ve heard enough of you, tonight! You already ruined the perfectly good one night stand I had going on, with your constant shouting” She says, matter-of-factly. He, over-dramatically, gasps and denies that it was his fault. He predicts that her fuck buddy would’ve ended up leaving anyways, due to her annoying moans.

“Deeper!” Harry mimics. She’s glad that, out of everyone she could have gotten stuck with, she got him because he makes her laugh and with her dirty sense of humor, that’s hard to do. “You’re an ass!” She declares through her fit of laughter. They talk for a bit more, jokes and jabs rolling off of their tongues like its their job until Harry expresses that its almost four in the morning and he’s tired.

“So..does this shut off when we sleep or am I going to have to put up with your snoring?” Y/n inquires. “I don’t know i guess we’ll have to find out” he says through a big yawn. They ask each other a couple more questions as they both change into their night clothes. Harry puts on a white tee and doesn’t bother putting any pants over his boxers while Y/n settles for a black tank and grey yoga pants.

After she brushes her teeth and washes her makeup off, she crawls into her queens sized bed, advises Harry to not “let the bedbugs bite” and dozes off.


He brushes his teeth as well and uses a thin black headband (we all know which one i’m talking about) to hold his hair out of his face.

“Goodnight love. I hope i don’t snore too loud” he jokes.

Harry wakes up around the same time does every morning, only difference is that he leaves his eyes closed for a few more moments this time. He groans at the fact that Y/n’s honey-like voice is the first thing to cross his mind. He’s certain that this won’t be the last morning of its kind. His thoughts are cut short by the loud grumble that erupted from him stomach so he decides to start his day off with a nice home-cooked meal. He figures a couple slices of Avocado toast should do the trick.

While his butter knife dispenses the green spread across the pieces of toast, he begins to sing to himself. Perfect by Ed Sheeran, his favorite song at the moment. He doesn’t realize that he’s stopped preparing his meal, he’s gotten so into the song. Its the chorus bit and its almost as if he can’t control himself. He just really loves this damn song.

“Wow, look at you!” he hears, he jumps and drops the knife on the wooden floor of his kitchen. “Christ! Y/n don’t do that” He whines. She’s laughing loudly and he shakes his head at his inability to maintain a straight face. He rinses off the utensil and returns to his breakfast duties.

“You’re such a bully” he chuckles.

“Forgive me but I couldn’t help it! You’re voice is amazing. It woke me up”

“I’m sure you woke up earlier when I was on the phone with my mom” He stated. She told him she didn’t and that she’s pretty sure that they disconnected” while they were sleeping, which is good because that means that they can turn it on and off, once they learn how. “Well thanks for the compliment” he blushes, he’s so happy she can’t see his burning cheeks.

He takes bite of his bread and chases it down with a sip from his cup of cranberry juice. His nose scrunches up, in the cute way that it does, at the mixture of flavors and he makes his way to grab a bottle of water out of the refrigerator instead.

“No problem. Do you sing a lot?” she asks. He tells her about how he used to but he stopped because of his old girlfriend. She was always putting him down and would always take it even though he knew he didn’t have to.

“So whenever she got mad at me or if she was simply bored, she would tell me I sounded like crap” he informed her. “At first I would brush it off but after she…” his voice faltered and he cleared his throat. This is obviously a very hard topic for him to talk about. He never tells anyone the story. It was a huge event in his life and it isn’t so keen on being that open with people.

“Listen H, you don’t have to tell me” Y/n offered.

“No I need to talk about it! My therapist said its good for me” Harry breathed. 

Y/n asks him he would feel better talking about it over dinner and he gladly accepts her offer. He joked around about how much a pussy feels like for not being the first one to ask for a date. “Who said its a date?” Y/n exclaimed.

“I did!” he teased back.

After a long debate over a time and place, the pair decided on seven o’clock at Amelia’s diner. It’s Y/n’s favorite place to get burgers.

Harry pulls into the small lot of the diner. He checks himself in the mirror one last time, he’s not sure why he’s so nervous. “You practically know her” He whispers to himself. Wiping the sweat from his hands off and onto the thighs of his jeans, he hops out of his car and heads to the yellow, double-doors. 

Once inside, he’s greeted by the hostess. She looks no older than about sixteen. “Are you going to be eating alone?” she as she leads him to a table. “No, my uh…my friend is on her way I think” Harry answers. The girl gives him a food menu and leaves him to choose what he wants to eat. 

About twenty-five minutes pass and he hasn’t heard a word from Y/n. He”s already had a milkshake and he’s starting to feel alittle worried. She never gave off the impression that she was the type to stand him up.

 He shuts his eyes tight and tries to connect with her even though he’s never done it on command before. Instead of hearing her voice, he gets this tight feeling in his chest and this wave of panic washes over him. He’s had anxiety attacks before and this feels just like that but he’s unsure as to what is causing it. Afraid of causing a scene, he places some cash on the table and quickly jogs out of the restaurant. 

Once he makes it out for some fresh air, he can breath a little better but his heart is still racing. Then, he finally hears that smooth honey filled tone but he doesn’t think its in his head this time.Its distant and she sounds like she needs helps. 

“Let go of me!” she squeals. He whips his head to the left which is where the sound is coming from. He runs in that direction, following the sound until it leads him to the side of the building. He sees a girl pinned up against the brick wall, two men in front of her. One of them has his hand resting on the wall beside her head. Harry stops in his tracks, trying to evaluate the situation. “please” he hears her whimper “Y/n!” he calls.

The girl on the wall turn her head toward him and so do the two men dressed in black. “Harry?” she asks, breath still shallow from being so scared. The two men back away from her, mumbling shit about how her boyfriend came to save her. Harry runs over to her. He pushes his way in between her and the man. Harry’s face is just inches from his. From where Y/n is standing, she can see Harry’s broad back rise nd fall with is heavy breathing. She put her hand on his hip, to calm him down a bit. The dickhead that stands head to head with H balls up his fist as if he’s about to throw a punch. “Don’t even fucking try it” He growls at the middle-aged creep. 

They walk away shooting evil glares Harry’s way. Once he’s sure they’re far enough, he switches his gaze to Y/n. “Are you okay?” his voice changes from the rough growl it just was, to a soft worried one.

She nods.

“I’m- yeah i’m ok.” she beams.

“That was the craziest thing. I was sitting in there and i like…i lke felt you” he starts, eyes wide with wonder. “I came out here for some air because I could barly bre-’  He stops and raises an eyebrow  “Why are you smiling” he asks.

“Because!…Its you. I’m finally seeing the person i’ve been talking to.” she chimes. 

Its just now clicking in his head; a huge smile forms. He facepalms himself. ”Didn’t even really sink in, love. I’m sorry I was just so angr-” he starts.

“I know” Y/n cuts him off. “Don’t worry about it” she laughs. He looks down at the outfit she was wearing. It wasn’t too flashy but it wasn’t too dressed down either. It looked great on her and the color she chose, complimented her eyes well.

“Well, you look beautiful” he chuckles, opening his arms wide enough for her to slide in. Just as she she embraces him, They both feel a weird wave of tingles run between them. It wasn’t painful, but it was just really strange. Neither of them had felt something like that before. It was almost like that feeling you get when your foot falls asleep except… all over their bodies.

Both of them pulled away quickly. 

“Did you feel that too?” Y/n stammered. 

“Um..Yeah that was new” Harry coughed.