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If The Beatles had even tried to make an album as good as Made In The A.M by One Direction maybe half of them wouldn’t be dead now

Harry Styles’ Birth Chart

 Ah, Harry Styles. Every man, woman, and child’ secret love crush. He’s got a lower hemisphere bowl chart, suggesting that Mr. Styles is a lot more hidden and private then he gets credit for. His most intimate thoughts and feelings are self-contained and  really only revealed to people closest to him. Most of his planets are in the 2nd quadrant of his chart, which suggests that he finds motivation through working with other people and taking into consideration other people’s opinions on what to do. His stellium, which is mostly  in the 5th house, and slightly leaks into the 6th house. The fifth house represents his self-expression, individuality, creativity, and children. It is no surprise that he is known for his individaulistic self-expression. To top it off, he has his Sun (self-expression/ego), Mars (physical expression, mannerisms, motivation), Venus (things he loves and enjoys), and Mercury (The way he communicates and thinks) all in Aquarius~ the most eccentric sign of all. He has Pluto and Jupiter squaring this stellium, so it is no surprise that his expression is larger than life and he has such a presence in the general public.

His MC in Leo suggests that his career/purpose is involved with being a performer, or at least in a position to showcase his expression. Ruled by the Sun, his 5th house stellium ends up strengthening this MC ~ creating a very individualistic and expressive, public performer. Just a note- it is not surprise he became famous at 16 because his 5th house was the ruling house of that year. The 5th house in Aquarius is also very concerned with causes and humanitarian projects, so much so that the entire self may become consumed into it. He is likely extremely stubborn about his views and very devoted to his causes.

Having his  Moon in the first house in Libra, again feeds back to Venus, which is in the 5th house. The Moon in the first house gives him a gentle appearance, possibly even slightly feminine. In Libra, this can come across as especially polite, cordial, and diplomatic. It is no surprise that he is a real charmer. 


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