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rewatching an unskippable cutscene every time you die

the last two chapters of Lord of Shadows a summary:

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Abe Portman: King of Sass part two

Yakob, you’re not getting another story, I want to complain about those fuck heads that I had to deal with for like 4 years.

Fucking Horace and Enoch were smitten with each other. Seriously they just needed to kiss like fucking damn.

And Olive, her and her NO BRAIN, thought it was a good idea to take off her shoes outside! She floated so far up that it was useless to get her down. She didn’t go out of sight but I mean come the fuck on. Who got in trouble? ME. The old ass bird yelled at me because Olive was a fucking idiot.

One time Claire got Enoch to reanimate her and Olive’s dolls. They got scared and screamed and hid behind me the whole time! I was TRYING to have a moment with super hot Emma but they fucking ruined it. They cried! Who got in trouble? ENOCH. The bird was all like “Enoch why the hell you you do that you lil shit?” And Enoch tried to tell her that they asked him but he got yelled at!

Those little girls got EVERYONE yelled at.

And poor Horace. Claire bit him with her back mouth and ripped his favorite suit jacket and when he refused to talk to her Claire went crying to the Bird an out how rude Horace was being.

One time, they saw Fiona and Hugh kiss and they were screaming at Fiona about how boys have cooties.

Yakob, promise me you’ll never go deal with those little shits. Olive thought she could do anything and Claire was a fucking baby about everything. Don’t do that to yourself, kid.

#1152. (Modern AU) “Skull Kid” and “Young Link” are just nicknames.

Skull Lid’s real name is Alejandro and Young Link’s name is Louis. Skull Kid gets his nickname from the skill shaped birthmark under his left eye, and Young Link’s is because of the many similarity between him and his older brother Link.


RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue


sidetracked by sidequests


The master builder.

The legacy of Horace King a former slave turned entrepreneur architect.

Horace King was an Alabama slave and architect who built the biggest American bridges in the mid 1800’s. His work is still present in the amazing spiraling staircases of the Alabama State Capital. King built a number of massive bridges crossing the Chattahoochee River Valley.

King was African & Native American. He was purchased by construction company owner, John Godwin, and taken to north Alabama. King worked his first construction project in 1824, which was the first bridge to connect Georgia and Alabama. He was made superintendent at Godwin’s company in 1840. Together, King and Godwin constructed major bridges in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

In 1849, three years after he had bought his freedom, King was asked to reconstruct the Alabama State Capital building that burned down. In addition to the framework, King constructed the double spiraling staircases, making them appear to float without support.

As a slave in the South, it was natural that King would want an end to slavery. But with a well-admired skill, the Confederacy forced him to build blocks in the River to prevent a naval attack by Union forces. He was also asked to construct naval vessels for the Confederacy. 
However, much of King’s work was destroyed in the war.

Hoping to make a change, King turned his head to politics where he served as a representative in the Alabama House of Representatives. His proposed Freedmen’s colony was unsuccessful and any bill he tried to present was shot down. The only bill that passed was in favor of alcohol prohibition in 1871.

King lived out his days building cotton mills and warehouses in the South. He died in 1885 and his children took over his business.”

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If you feel inspired, could you please write an Iris-verse one shot where Regina and Robin almost get caught by Leopold?

This was supposed to be short, you guys. A little thing. And then it got away from me. So, uh, enjoy? Warning: there’s some sex with Leopold here, but I tried to be brief about it. And this isn’t so much a one-shot as… a potentially pretty pivotal chapter in the story. Whoops!

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