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rewatching an unskippable cutscene every time you die

the last two chapters of Lord of Shadows a summary:

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RPG boss gets pissed at the player skipping his dialogue


The master builder.

The legacy of Horace King a former slave turned entrepreneur architect.

Horace King was an Alabama slave and architect who built the biggest American bridges in the mid 1800’s. His work is still present in the amazing spiraling staircases of the Alabama State Capital. King built a number of massive bridges crossing the Chattahoochee River Valley.

King was African & Native American. He was purchased by construction company owner, John Godwin, and taken to north Alabama. King worked his first construction project in 1824, which was the first bridge to connect Georgia and Alabama. He was made superintendent at Godwin’s company in 1840. Together, King and Godwin constructed major bridges in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi.

In 1849, three years after he had bought his freedom, King was asked to reconstruct the Alabama State Capital building that burned down. In addition to the framework, King constructed the double spiraling staircases, making them appear to float without support.

As a slave in the South, it was natural that King would want an end to slavery. But with a well-admired skill, the Confederacy forced him to build blocks in the River to prevent a naval attack by Union forces. He was also asked to construct naval vessels for the Confederacy. 
However, much of King’s work was destroyed in the war.

Hoping to make a change, King turned his head to politics where he served as a representative in the Alabama House of Representatives. His proposed Freedmen’s colony was unsuccessful and any bill he tried to present was shot down. The only bill that passed was in favor of alcohol prohibition in 1871.

King lived out his days building cotton mills and warehouses in the South. He died in 1885 and his children took over his business.”

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Abe Portman: King of Sass part two

Yakob, you’re not getting another story, I want to complain about those fuck heads that I had to deal with for like 4 years.

Fucking Horace and Enoch were smitten with each other. Seriously they just needed to kiss like fucking damn.

And Olive, her and her NO BRAIN, thought it was a good idea to take off her shoes outside! She floated so far up that it was useless to get her down. She didn’t go out of sight but I mean come the fuck on. Who got in trouble? ME. The old ass bird yelled at me because Olive was a fucking idiot.

One time Claire got Enoch to reanimate her and Olive’s dolls. They got scared and screamed and hid behind me the whole time! I was TRYING to have a moment with super hot Emma but they fucking ruined it. They cried! Who got in trouble? ENOCH. The bird was all like “Enoch why the hell you you do that you lil shit?” And Enoch tried to tell her that they asked him but he got yelled at!

Those little girls got EVERYONE yelled at.

And poor Horace. Claire bit him with her back mouth and ripped his favorite suit jacket and when he refused to talk to her Claire went crying to the Bird an out how rude Horace was being.

One time, they saw Fiona and Hugh kiss and they were screaming at Fiona about how boys have cooties.

Yakob, promise me you’ll never go deal with those little shits. Olive thought she could do anything and Claire was a fucking baby about everything. Don’t do that to yourself, kid.

#1152. (Modern AU) “Skull Kid” and “Young Link” are just nicknames.

Skull Lid’s real name is Alejandro and Young Link’s name is Louis. Skull Kid gets his nickname from the skill shaped birthmark under his left eye, and Young Link’s is because of the many similarity between him and his older brother Link.


sidetracked by sidequests

Modern Day Headcanons!

Happy belated Loop Day!

* Hugh has lotsa shirts with plants or bees on them.
* Horace never stops being dapper. Ever.
* Enoch tends to either stick with his overalls or wear baggy t-shirts or hoodies. (He doesn’t even bother with fashion at all. Comfort > style.)
* Fiona starts to wear pants and overalls, many of which are smeared with dirt, mud, and grass due to her garden work.
* Emma makes toast in the mornings. She always has to wash her hands twice before handling the bread, though. (There have also been a few occasions where she accidentally set the toast on fire…)
* Breakfast is an organized disaster. Everyone is passing food and chatting and half-ready for the day.
* Horace once didn’t get a good night’s sleep, and fell asleep face first into his food.
* *Plop* *SNOOOORE*
* Everyone takes turns making meals.
* Hugh and Fiona usually make something with lotsa fruit or vegetables: fruit salad, BLTs, veggie-beef stew, smoothies…to name a few.
* Horace and Jacob cannot cook to save their lives, so they just make sandwiches for everyone.
* Bronwyn, Olive and Claire can produce some nice dishes from the cookbooks the Portmans have.
* Millard says he can cook
* But he actually can’t
* He gets frustrated too easily
* Miss P. usually ends up helping him out
* Enoch is (surprisingly) actually a decent cook.
* He usually ends up making breakfast due to his LEGENDARY PANCAKE SKILLS
* But he mostly ends up making three (3) servings of pancakes (for Miss P., Horace, and himself) and cereal for the poor souls who don’t get the pancakes.
* Everyone is highkey suffering
* They need those pancakes
* Jacob introduces everyone to Just Dance, and they’re all crazy for it.
* Team Fugh and Team Enorace are really hard to beat.
* Enoch and Hugh tend to always do the feminine part of the dance.
* Mario Kart night is chaos.
* Everyone is yelling and laughing and throwingGODDAMMIT HUGH STOP IT WITH THE BLUE SHELLS
* *Evil laughter*
* Emma. Dominates. Mario Kart.
* (Though Fiona gave her a run for her money on the one piranha plant level)
* Bronwyn accidentally broke her controller and apologized to Jacob for two weeks straight.
* Horace is the KING of Rock Band.
* Drums, guitar, all of it.
* The kids actually like playing modern specialty board games
* Munchin is Enoch’s favorite.
* He always plays as a halfling thief and fucking destroys everyone.
* He’s successfully stolen at least fifty things from each player, and has so many cards per game, you don’t even KNOW.
* His favorite strategy is playing a ‘Wandering Monster’, then a 'Mate’, and then various monster enhancers on someone who pissed him off.
* Betrayal at the House on the Hill, Hive (Hugh LOVES Hive), Elder Sign, Pandemic, Fobidden Island, and Castle Panic are also family favorites.
* Many rooms in the Portman house are filled with little air plants and succulents, courtesy of Fiona.
* She loves the little shits. So. Much.
* There are always bees buzzing around and pollinating them.
* Mrs. Portman once accidentally swatted at one of Hugh’s bees,,,
* She REALLY got chewed out by Hugh.
* Fiona gets paralyzed from the waist down after falling off of the cliff, so she has to use a wheelchair now.
* She also learns sign language, so she can communicate non-verbally.
* Horace. Loves. Shopping.
* He’ll drag whoever’ll come with him along for HOURS.
* Enoch doesn’t mind it as much as he says he does.
* Mainly because seeing Horace so excited and invested is actually really adorable…
* …but he’d die before he’d tell anyone that.
* Millard often sneaks into school with the kids, usually following either Jacob or Emma around.
* He’ll sometimes even help them if he sees them struggling with something.
* The kids still celebrate Loop Day!
* They play all the games and stuff, and even still do all of the ridiculous decorating—the area around Enoch’s room looks like it came straight out of Halloween Town—and cake.
* Seriously that’s like 300 candles


Naming the main character your name in a video game


“Shouldn’t we be saving Prince Horace from King Dragon?”

“Will you relax, I am trying to find every pine cone, okay?”


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A man is nagged by npcs to do the main quest but is constantly distracted by side quests

I get an achievement, okay, can you just wait two hours god