horace and the spiders

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How about some fun facts for yochanan and Horace?

My favourite!

Yochanan met Horace when he got a tomahawk lodged in his leg during a fight then dragged himself to a Follower’s outpost. Horace was immediately intrigued by him because he was clearly versed in a lot of old world literature and the like but didn’t gain that knowledge from the followers. They traveled together for almost a year before Horace admitted he had romantic feelings for Yochanan, who honestly thought he was joking because he didn’t take Horace as the type to ‘be okay’ with being with a ghoul

Horace is the one who has to carry most of the gear, because Yochanan runs out of breath easily while they’re trekking across the Mojave

Despite being pretty intimidating at first glance, Horace is terrified of spiders and overall pretty squeamish about bugs. Yochanan isn’t bothered by them (anymore.)

They’re both very altruistic and tend to avoid conflict, but Horace is generally much nicer. Yochanan can be kind of a cynical asshole sometimes but tries to tone it down around Horace.

Harry Potter: Horace Slughorn [ENFP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Horace collects valuable people; he is more interested in their intellectual and physical abilities than his own experiences. He, at times, lives vicariously through them and enjoys the novelty of knowing a wide variety of famous and important people. He is captivated by the thought of a new idea, and approaches the world from the perspective of looking for its possibilities (the opportunity of teaching Harry Potter, the chance to sell clippings off plants from the greenhouse, even the unexpected raptures of being able to get his hands on, and sell, spider venom!). Horace senses something more is going on than is apparent, both with Harry’s attentiveness and Tom’s questions.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): He is most interested in people – collecting them, making friends with them, and amusing himself with them. He is very kind and warm toward his students, but not afraid to shut them out if he doesn’t want to confide in them. Horace lives according to his own belief system, which doesn’t exactly adhere to the “rules” of behavior (he isn’t above participating in illegal activities). He objects mightily to Tom Riddle’s interest in a particular spell, because he cannot fathom doing such an immoral action himself. He does not often talk about his feelings – instead, he shows them through the kind remembrances of Harry’s mother’s “beautiful magic.”

Extroverted Thinking  (Te): He has mastered the art of potions, using the book as inspiration. He trusts things that are right in front of him. He comes up with lesson plans (though creative in his use of “rewards,” his approach is still systematic and organized). When he decides to share his true memory, he articulately lays out his reasons for hiding it.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Memories of the past are important to him, and in recounting them, he relives the emotional experience. Horace is comfortable in repeating the patterns of past behavior, and trusts potions books to be reliable and able to instruct. If it worked for the masters in the past, it will work in the present. At times, he has a nostalgic air as he reminiscences about happier days.