Sanditon RP: The Romance of Annabell Jones and Horace Smith (#Horabell): A Masterlist

This is the masterlist for the #Horabell storyline that has been playing out in Sanditon amongst several RP accounts since the series began. We’ve tried to make it easy for anyone to jump in and catch up by creating a chronological list of all the key story elements.

Bookmark this post. It’ll be updated regularly with any new developments so even if you’re not able to follow along live on twitter, you’ll be able to see everything here. Additionally, we’ve now created a Horabell tumblr where all new things will be posted and tagged as they come up so that it’s easier to follow along as things come out. 


The Story in Chronological Order: 

——- Week 1 ——-

Storify: Building the Ship - Annabell attends the hospital banquet with Erin and runs into a familiar face…

Domino Blog (Annabell): Setting the Record Straight - Annabell tries to set everyone straight on her past with Horace

Storify: The Ship and the Teashop - Almost 24hrs after seeing each other for the first time in years at the hospital banquet, Annabell and Horace run into each other once more at a local teashop. 

Storify: Lions and Tigers and Twitters Oh My! - Annabell learns the importance of checking who she @mentions on Twitter

——- Week 2 ——-

Storify: Girls Night - Annabell, Kacie, and Erin plan a fun night out while Kacie tries to get more information about Horace out of Annabell. Meanwhile, the shippers are at it again.

Storify: Heart to Heart and High School Days - Kacie finally sees Horace for the first time from afar and learns a little more about his history with Annabell.

Storify: Knitting the Yarn of Love - Annabell and Horace go out for ice cream while Kacie, Torra, and Erin get ready for knitting club.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Life in Sanditon - Annabell explains why she loves Sandition and tries to shed light on why she and Horace are nothing more than friends.

Storify: It’s not a date… - Annabell and Horace go to the pier, Erin goes up to Santa Clara, and the shippers freak out.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Well, THAT was a surprise! - Annabell realizes she was more than a little off in thinking that Horace only sees her as a friend.

Storify: The Aftermath of the Awesome - Kacie and Annabell do girls night and talk all things Horace :)

Storify: The First Date - Kacie helps Annabell get ready for her date. Later, Horace and Annabell go on their first date.

Domino Blog (Annabell): First Date - Annabell recounts her first official date with Horace. 

Storify: the Opening of the Beaches - Annabell and Horace spend their day at the Opening of the Beaches while Becca and Lane scrabble to live tweet their every move.

Storify: Memorial Day - Annabell, Horace, Erin, and Mark plan their Memorial Day.

——- Week 3 ——-

Storify: Horaspying on (secret) Horabell date - Becca catches Horabell on the beach and calls in Lane.

Storify: Super Horabell - Horace and Annabell debate superpowers.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Long Weekend - Annabell recounts her recent dates with Horace and reveals one of their firsts. 

Storify: Just a Phone Call Away - Annabell is missing Horace.

Storify: Post Date - Annabell and Horace have a short exchange after their date in at Annabell’s house.

Domino Video (Kacie): No Subject - Kacie accidentally uploads a phone call with Annabell about her first kiss with Horace and their “in-date” activities. 

Storify: Domino? More like Damn-i-no - Kacie’s Domino video gets a little too “life revealing” and Lane and Becca hatch a plan.

Storify: The Lane-anator - Lane spies on Horabell at Sanditon Scoops.

Storify: Master of the Tweet - Kacie continues to freak out about Domino while Annabell and Horace surround themselves with tulle.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Unexpected Surprises  - Annabell talks about Kacie’s Domino disaster and her unplanned ice cream date with Horace

Storify: Domino, Delete Recording - The Domino “disaster” comes to a close and Kacie and Annabell make plans.

Storify: Horabell and the Barrowmans - Annabell, Horace, Kacie, and John go on a double date while the war between Kacie and Domino rages on.

——- Week 4 ——-

Storify: A Detour - Annabell’s day goes from bad to worse. Is Horabell in trouble? 

Domino Video (Kacie): Sanditon Paranormal Questions Answered - Kacie’s ongoing technical issues with Domino continue when panicked voice mail messages from Annabell play in place of the questions she was going to answer. (starts at 2min in)

BONUS: Raw file of Annabell’s voicemails (easier to hear) -  Annabell calls Kacie in a panic, thinking she’s messed everything up with Horace

Storify: Misunderstandings - Becca overhears some things at the Sanditon Elementary year end Concert. 

Domino Blog (Annabell): Misunderstandings - Annabell explains why she’s an idiot…

Storify: And all the dates in between - Random tweets relating the Annabell and Horace’s weekend plans

Domino Blog (Annabell): Happiness - Annabell blogs about her weekend and Horace

——- Week 5 ——-

Storify: dot dot dot - Horace cooks dinner… and breakfast… ;)

Storify: Don’t Drink and Tweet - Kacie comes over with some wine to help Annabell pack while Becca live tweets again.

Storify: Save me, San Francisco - Horace and Annabell spend the first part of their time away in San Francisco.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Return from California Adventures - Annabell writes about her vacation with Horace. 

Storify: Home Again, Home Again - Annabell and Horace return from their vacation.

——- Week 6 ——-

Storify: Silence - Horace disappears for a while. Kacie and Annabell go for dinner.

Storify: Missing - Horace is still M.I.A., the Sanditon Hospital sends out a reminder, and things between Erin and Annabell get a bit weird.

Storify: Horaspies Theorizes - Lane offers up an explanation about Horace’s silence and the conversation detours a bit…

Domino Video (Kacie): Call to Annabell - Kacie and Annabell talk about Horace’s strange behaviour and what it might mean. 

Storify: Leave it - Domino publishes another one of Kacie’s calls.

Storify: BOOM - Shit hits the fan.

Domino Blog (Horace): Dear Annabell - Horace attempts to make amends.

Horace’s Livejournal - Horace revealed his LiveJournal to Annabell. All his previous entries can be found here (future entries will be linked within the timeline chronologically)

Storify: An Exploration - Horace posts on Domino. People react.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Dear Horace - Annabell responds to Horace. 

Storify: Dear Horace - Annabell writes a letter of her own. This is the aftermath.

Storify: Sister Sister - Horace’s sister, Sarah, uses twitter.

——- Week 7 ——-

Storify: Group Lunch Date - The Hendersons have lunch with Horace, Annnabell, John and Kacie and some interesting things are tweeted after the lunch date…

Storify: The Mysterious Typing Noise - Horace is being sneaky.

Domino Blog (Horace):  For Annabell - Horace writes another love letter to Annabell

Storify: Another Letter - Horace finally reveals what he’s been working on the past two days. Annabell and Becca react.

Domino Vlog (Becca): Domino Video Response “Call to Action” - Becca responds to the Pemberley Digital press release

Domino Vlog (Kaci): Dear Domino - Kaci gives Domino one more try and addresses some of the issues she’s had and the effect it could have had on her friendship with Annabell. 

——- Week 8 ——-

Domino Vlog (Annabell): Speaking Up About Domino - Annabell’s take on Domino’s “Life Revealing” nature and the necessity for privacy. 

Storify: A Life Revealing Application - Annabell posts a video on Domino. She and Horace talk about his dad. 

LiveJournal (Horace): Dad - Horace fills Sarah in on some of the details surrounding their father’s health issues. 

Domino Blog (Annabell): For Horace - Annabell is missing Horace so she writes to him. 

Storify: Missing You - Annabell writes another love letter to Horace.

LiveJournal (Horace): Update - Horace updates his sister on their father.

Domino Blog (Horace): Dearest Annabell - Horace responds to Annabell and reflects on their past.

Storify: Confessions and Strippers - Horace responds to Annabell’s letter and Kacie and Annabell have Girls’ Night.

Pemberley Digital Episode 16: Informed Decisions - Some Sanditon residents, including Becca, Kacie and Annabell are finding Domino’s life-revealing functions to be more revealing than they find comfortable.

Storify: On Air - Domino airs it’s Thursday video. Chaos ensues.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Dearest Horace - Annabell responds to Horace and reflects on her feelings for him. 

LiveJournal (Horace): Doing Better - Horace has some good news for Sarah about their father’s recovery. 

Domino Blog (Horace): Bells - Horace has some good news and asks Annabell to meet him at the county fair on Saturday afternoon

Storify: The Announcement - Horace has news.

——- Week 9 ——-

Storify: Little Black Box - Horace has a question. 

Domino Blog (Annabell): Am I dreaming? - Annabell relates and reflects on the events of the day. 

Domino Photo (Annabell): Engaged - Annabell shares a close up of the ring. 

LiveJournal (Horace): Engaged - Horace fills his sister in. 

Storify: As The Dust Settles - Horace and Annabell post about their day

Domino Blog (Horace): On Proposals - Horace elaborates on his reasons for proposing so soon. 

Storify: Putting it in Perspective - Annabell, Erin, and Kacie talk and Horace posts about the proposal.

An announcement from Sanditon Hospital - Sanditon Hospital announces the addition of Doctor Horace Smith on their staff. 

Storify: Kacie Barrowman: Professional Party Planner - Kacie starts planning Horabell’s engagement party.

——- Week 10 ——-

Engagement Party - Kacie invites Sanditon residents to Annabell and Horace’s engagement party on Friday, July 19th at 7pm.

Storify: Hometowns -  Annabell and Horace travel back to their hometown to pick up the rest of Horace’s things.

Domino Blog (Annabell): Making Plans - Annabell describes what her week has been like since the proposal

Storify: Plans, Plans, Plans - Kacie emails out invitations, Erin keeps everyone up to date, Becca worries dress code, and Horabell are caught red handed.

Storify: The Saturday Thing - Erin confirms Mark’s attendance at the engagement party and plans something with Horabell

Pemberley Digital Episode 20: Care Package - Annabell voices her gratitude for Domino helping her and Horace to communicate better and their engagement party is announced. (2:15-2:38)

Storify: Perfect Pear - Annabell teaches Horace how to knit while Kacie suggests a new ice cream flavor to Clara.

Storify: Preparations - The day of the #HoraBall

Storify: #HoraBall - The Engagement Party

——- Week 11 ——-

Storify: Weekenders - Post-party

Domino Blog (Annabell): Perfect Pear - Annabell writes about the engagement party and having parents in town

Storify: A Bump in the Road - Horace’s dad runs into trouble.

Storify: Quick Change - A plan changes…maybe

LiveJournal (Horace): Plans - Horace fills Sarah in on the potential change in plans.

Storify: The Race is On - Annabell and Kacie try to figure out where to have the wedding on such short notice.

Storify: Everything Will Change - Erin helps Annabell, Horace, and Kacie out with wedding and makes an announcement of her own.

Storify: Invitations and Interviews - Annabell, Kacie, and Erin return from dress shopping to find a request from The Sanditon Sun.

Domino: Wedding Invitations - Annabell invites Sanditon residents to her wedding on the 10th of August

——- Week 13 ——-

Storify: Pre-Wedding - It’s finally time for the Horabell Wedding and everyone’s tweeting about it.

Storify: The Wedding - The wedding ceremony.

Storify: End Recording - Last Tweets - The last tweets from each of the Horabell characters. 


There’s now a Horabell tumblr where all new things will be posted and tagged as they come up.

Masterlists for other pairings/friendships that have emerged through the telling of this story such as Sherbert (Herbert and Becca) and Henderbabies  (Erin and her husband Mark) can be found here.

Accounts to follow if you’d like to follow along with the story live:


*If you’re curious to know who’s involved in writing/RPing this story and to what extent, you can find detailed credits here

With The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, the primary purpose of the show’s transmedia storytelling elements was to create a biome for Austen’s characters to inhabit. For Welcome to Sanditon, that focus shifted to finding ways of extending that biome out to include the audience. The day that Gigi Darcy released a video announcing she was on her way to Sanditon, fans of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries flooded social media sites to set up virtual shingles as residents and small business owners in the town. Drawing on a literary fanbase, it’s little surprise that Sanditon, California can boast 37 different bookstores, putting the town in contention for having more bookstores per capita than any other community in America. While bookstores were the most popular establishment, Sanditon businesses ranged from ad agencies,schools, and even exorcists (helpful, when the town is actually haunted). Fan-made news outlets likeThe Sanditon Sun were essential in keeping up with all of the fan-generated stories.

The romance between Annabell Jones and Horace Smith serves as the strongest example of the more organic storytelling that took place within the virtual city of Sanditon. The drawn-out courtship of the two fan-run accounts played out in part through text, audio, and video uploaded to the Domino platform, with plot points from the main storyline like the glitch in the system interweaved throughout the couple’s more private romance. Pemberley Digital compilation videos even drew attention to the developing romance on more than one occasion. For the handful of Sanditon townsfolk role-playing or even following this additional love story, the eventual engagement of the happy couple served as just as meaningful a conclusion to the series as the final video.

I’m so proud of our collective work in this universe, and I always will be.

Horabell Credits

So the other night Hannah mentioned adding a sort of “credits” to the Horrabell Masterlist, because kind of like there are a lot of people involved and people should know that? But it got kind of complicated thinking about, and we didn’t do it then.

But what Hannah won’t tell and and I will is this.

Most of the credit goes to Hannah. For serious she is the main brains and heart behind the story, and the one making it as awesome as it is. (she’s also already mad at me for saying this, and it’s true that there’s no way she could tell the story on her own. But she puts in the most work by far)

The inception of Horabell started in a hangout I think? We were talking about RPs (it was they day all the RPing exploded) and someone (I think little Sarah) said something about how we should create characters who would fall in love, we should write a love story.

From there, things just kind of exploded. Little Sarah had the idea for “Smith & Jones” and “Doctor Horabell” as ship names, which led to the characters Annabell Jones and Dr. Horace Smith. We worked with some characters we already had, and new ones were made.

Things have grown exponentially since the first conversation, and this week we finally got to reveal something that Hannah, (big) Sarah, Josh, and I have been working on for a while- Horace’s LJ (which yes, I got completely anal about making sure the dates we were picking made sense and we were following accurate med school timeline OKAY)

So, who are the characters and who does what, and what are their roles in the story?

Keep reading


Animal Love II

Stomach scrapes the rusty pavement
Claws are out, trying to tame it
My mind can’t slow its chemicals
The longing grows when you’re away

Bed of straw
The mother calls
But no response from miles away
Clouds let go their silver ropes
And there goes hope when ends the day
Take a sip and let it go down

Tell me ooh
What am I gonna do with this love for you?
Can’t throw it out the window
Can’t poison it out
This animal love
If it’s animal love then I’ll know it’s true
If not you, who did I give it to?
Tell me who
Tell me who

Stomach scrapes the rusty pavement
Take me back, I just can’t take it
Til then I will bear this smile
And log the miles til I see your face
Is there nothing I can do now?

Tell me ooh
What am I gonna do with this love for you?
Can’t throw it out the window
Can’t poison it out
This animal love
If it’s animal love then I’ll know it’s true
If not you, who did I give it to?
Tell me who
Tell me who

And it’s a long, long way to go
I know you know
Can you tell me when it is I’ll move on?
I’ll move on

© 2012 Charlene Kaye

We’ll call this pre #horabellday song perhaps??

I dunno, this music video came out yesterday, and I love this song and I love Charlene Kaye, and I’m also thinking about Horabell feels… yes.