Hopsickle - Moylan’s Brewery, Novato, CA - 9.2% ABV

Very hoppy… It gets a high ratings on untappd, 3.88. I would like a slightly more well balanced IIPA. I love the hops but not just for the sake of using more hops.

Ok all you IPA guys flame away I have a dragons scale for protection. :D

Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA. A 4 of 4. Had this plenty of times before, but not rated yet. This is the definition of an ultra-hoppy beer - to quote Ralph Wiggum, it “tastes like burning” (from the bitterness, not booze). Super-sticky body and the nose and body are dominated by resin and piney hops. The alcohol stays quite well hidden behind the massive bitterness, but a bomber is quite a wallop to take on one’s own. One of the first super-hoppy beers that I had, and remains a favorite. Not the easiest to drink, of course, but perfect for what it is.

Hopsickle IPA

Hopsickle Imperial Pale Ale 9.20% ABV  No listed IBU

I poured this last night before dinner after a friend called the night before and asked me to try this beer first (see previous post). Upon the initial pour it created a very small head, which disappeared almost immediately. The color was a nice golden orange although slightly cloudy.

My initial sniff found hints of citrus although like the head before, were very faint and disappeared almost upon initial nasal contact. I attempted to let the beer warmup a bit since the time from taking it out of the fridge to review was only about eight minutes in length. I could wait no further. My first taste was a slightly metallic flavor with hints of citrus and a light malt. After a few more sips the metallic flavor was all I could taste. I left the beer to warmup a bit as I thought that might be the primary factor in this unpleasantness. About ten minutes later I sat down to a dinner consisting of a Thai influenced chicken salad my wife cleverly concocted. 

The Hopsickle, paired with this slightly spicy salad, actually paired incredibly well together. After this gentle resting time the beer had lost most of the metallic flavor and the taste of citrus and pine was more present and crisp. 

Not sure if I’ll pick up the Hopsickle again, but if I do I’ll make sure to give it plenty of resting time from fridge to palette. Cheers.

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