Hopsickle - Moylan’s Brewery, Novato, CA - 9.2% ABV

Very hoppy… It gets a high ratings on untappd, 3.88. I would like a slightly more well balanced IIPA. I love the hops but not just for the sake of using more hops.

Ok all you IPA guys flame away I have a dragons scale for protection. :D

Moylan’s Hopsickle Imperial IPA. A 4 of 4. Had this plenty of times before, but not rated yet. This is the definition of an ultra-hoppy beer - to quote Ralph Wiggum, it “tastes like burning” (from the bitterness, not booze). Super-sticky body and the nose and body are dominated by resin and piney hops. The alcohol stays quite well hidden behind the massive bitterness, but a bomber is quite a wallop to take on one’s own. One of the first super-hoppy beers that I had, and remains a favorite. Not the easiest to drink, of course, but perfect for what it is.