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“So shall the hop have homage from the vine”. por Marcus Rodriguez
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September — the first golden days of Autumn where the early morning air turns crisp, fruits are ripening in the hedgerows and the fragrant hop flowers hang in giant cascades in the hop gardens of England. 


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“Ivy,” Batman said, grabbing Robin by the collar to pull him out of the way of a lashing plant root. “Where’s Nightwing.”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” Poison Ivy sang, lounging on an approximately king-sized fly amanita. Her dress looked like a pitcher plant.

“If anything’s happened to him—”

“You have to warn us if you whammied him!” Robin interrupted, cutting to the chase.

“If I — what?” Ivy’s features all scrunched sideways, splaying out her fingers in confusion.

“Answer the question.” A carefully-aimed batarang severed the connection between the main plant system and the closest roots.

“I don’t understand the question,” Ivy said.

“Did you whammy him or not?” Catwoman asked. Harley Quinn’s hammer cracked concrete as Catwoman dodged sideways.

“What’s whammied?” Ivy demanded, exasperated.

“You know,” Robin said, using an encroaching root as a jumping-off point. “Whammied.” He made a face and gestured with both hands.

“That doesn’t mean anything!” Ivy said, irritated, sitting upright and giving up on lounging entirely. She looked to Harley for support.

Harley lifted the hammer up to rest it on her shoulder, taking a break from trying to hit Catwoman. She cupped her hands around her mouth. “They mean fuckmadness!”

“Hey!” Robin protested with faint offense.

Ivy threw up her hands and then let them fall. “Why didn’t you just say so?”

“Why didn’t I just say ‘fuckmadness’.” It both was and was not a question.

“Stop saying that!” Robin protested, navigating back toward Batman.

Harley swung her hammer at Catwoman with enough force for a quadruple pirouette. “Fuckmadness?” she asked, stumbling in a circle.

Robin, frustrated, grabbed Batman’s hands and pressed them against his ears. “There is an impressionable child present!”

Ivy squinted. “Is he serious?”

“I don’t know.” Batman attempted to reclaim his hands, and lifted Robin off the ground. Robin continued to hold Batman’s hands like earmuffs, and kicked furiously at vines with both legs. “I think it’s some kind of ironic meme thing.”

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i thought i’d hop on the vine compilation train.  here’s my faves.  rip vine.

Lurking in the Dark; 1 [prologue]

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♥︎ Genre: Vampire au, lots of angst, fluff, may some smut later on.

♥︎ Pairing: Vampire! Jaehyun x Reader

♥︎ Warnings: Language, Violence, Blood.

♥︎ Word Count: 2,018

♥︎ A/N: My first attempt at a series. This part is more like a prologue. Vampire AU’s kill me and I’m a huge lover of horror stuff, so I wanted to make a series based on two things I enjoy. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as me, and please feel free to give feedback so that I can improve my writing. Also, dedicating this to the bae: @isinnedforthis

Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

The soft light of the full moon shines through the thin curtains of your open window. The night seems still and ordinary, not a soul stirring within your home as you slip out through the window quietly. Your friends wait at the bottom of the vines that extend from the side of your window, telling each other to stay quiet. You hop off the vines once you’re close enough to the ground, pushing your friends away from your home. Excitement buzzes through your body as you sneak away.

“Finally, I’ve been waiting for this all night,” you breathe in the cool autumn air and grin at your friends.

“Of course! This night is going to be one for the books,” your friend Mark smiles back.

“You’re sure this place is safe right? I don’t have to worry about some creepy guy trying to kidnap me?” you question Donghyuk, who had set the plans up.

“Yes, Y/N, it’s totally safe. It’s completely abandoned, and it took us forever to find it,” he responds with a laugh.

“Alright then, hurry up and lead the way,” you push him towards your destination. You and your bunch of friends make your way to the cemetery, the new-found hang out spot. Doyoung, Sicheng, Donghyuk, Jeno, Mark, Jaemin, and Renjun all joked around on the way down the moonlit path to the cemetery. It was honestly a miracle that Donghyuk had managed to convince the youngest to join you all, but you guessed it had something to do with their closeness in age. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and didn’t notice the shift in the air that you did as you grew closer to your destination.

A shiver runs down your spine as you walk through the gates and past mass amounts of tombstones. The moonlight wasn’t as strong as it had been when you snuck out, and rain clouds had moved in to cover the stars. Your eyes scan over the area as the eight of you walk, observing the way that vines and weeds were slowly swallowing everything up. A horrible eeriness fills your gut as a chilled breeze grazes your skin.

“Guys, I think we should go back. I have a bad feeling about this,” you voice your opinion, trusting your instincts. This place wasn’t as safe as they thought.

“What are you talking about Y/N? It’s fine, there’s nothing out here!” Donghyuk wraps his arm around your shoulders and smirks. He was always trying to act tough and prove himself to the older ones in your group.

“Whatever. I’m sure you’ll be running to Doyoung, Sicheng or me when a twig snaps,” you roll your eyes and nudge him playfully. You tried ignoring the feeling creeping into your veins.

“We’re here,” Donghyuk and Mark stand in front of a clearing big enough for everyone to sit in, where the tombstones weren’t too close together. Blankets are set out as drinks and food are passed around, and everyone relaxes to enjoy the night. As the air gets colder, some of the boys decide to set out to find firewood, leaving you alone with Jaemin and Renjun. The two almost look as unnerved as you once the others leave.

“This place is pretty interesting, huh?” Renjun asks, and you can clearly hear how nervous he truly is.

“It’s kind of creepy if you ask me,” you say warily, snacking on cookies to keep calm. You sigh and lean back against one of the closer tombstones, ‘I should stop worrying, we’ll be fine. It’s just a night of fun like normal,’ you thought.

“Hey someone come help me with this, I can’t carry it all,” Sicheng’s laugh comes from the nearby trees, the break in silence causes you to jump. Groaning, you get up and make your way to him. You find him trying to pick up more sticks, dropping the ones he already had.

“Here, let me help!” you laugh at him and take the majority of the sticks from him. “Why do you always try to carry everything yourself,” you scold. Sicheng pouts, opening his mouth to speak when a scream cuts him off. You both drop your sticks and turn to look at each other in shock.

“Who was that?” he panics. He grabs your hand and the two of you run back to the clearing, hearts pounding from fear and adrenaline.

“Guys?” You shout out and look around when you reach the clearing. Jaemin is crouching behind Renjun, trying to look beyond the darkness of the cemetery. “Guys, who was that?”

“I’m not sure, but it sounded kind of like Jeno,” his stated gravely. Your heart stops as he says that, you were extremely close to Jeno. You couldn’t stand the thought of him getting hurt.

“Jeno?” you call out into the darkness, pulling free from Sicheng’s hand and rushing towards where the scream came from. Another scream echoes through the area.

“Y-Y/N WAIT!” the three in the clearing call out, but you ignore their calls. You keep running until you bump into someone.

“Doyoung?” you look up at the boy, panicking when you see the look of pure terror in his eyes. He’d gone pale from shock and his whole body was trembling. “W-what happened?” you manage to get out, voice shaking. Instead of responding he just points and looks in the direction of the scream as he backs away slowly. You turn and start off in that direction again, coming to an abrupt stop when you find Jeno laying on the ground, completely still. You drop to your knees at his side and reach out to shake him.

“Y/N?” you hear a whisper nearby, causing you to freeze.

“Mark?” You call back, looking in the direction of his voice. You squint your eyes at a figure crouched behind a large tree, rocking back and forth. “Oh my gosh, Mark! What happened?” you rush over to him and cup his face in your hands. His face held the same look Doyoung’s had, and his breathing was uneven as he slowly met your eyes. His eyes were glassy with tears that threatened to spill and his hair stuck to his forehead from sweat.

“T-They got Donghyuk,” he chokes out. “They’re coming for me. They’re going to kill us,” he cries hysterically. Your eyes widen at his words and your heartbeat picks up even more. You had never seen Mark like this and it sent fear straight to your very core.

“N-no one is going to hurt us, Mark. We’re going to go back and get the others and we’ll all get out of here together,” you say hopefully. “Yeah, we’ll go back and get Jeno. The others should be back in the clearing. We can get them and go home.”

“Oh god… Jeno,” he looks over in Jeno’s direction, but the boy had disappeared from his spot on the ground. The only evidence of him being there was the small puddle of blood. His eyes widen again and he pushes you away. “Go, Y/N!”

“W-Wait, what about Jeno? What about Donghyuk?” you look around in confusion and fear. A twig snaps nearby and you both flinch. Mark stands and grabs you, pulling you from the area and back towards the clearing.

“RUN!” he yells. You’re too terrified to argue at this point and begin running back to the others. As you approach the clearing, you feel Mark’s hand being ripped from your own. A scream tears from both of your throats as something grabs him and sends you flying to the ground. You don’t have time to see what grabbed him or where they went, instead you rush to get up and keep running.

“Guys?” you cry out and collapse in the clearing, looking around frantically. You spot someone’s legs peeking from behind one of the tombstones and rush over to them. Jaemin lays awkwardly on the ground, blood dripping from what looks like a bite on his neck. “What the hell…?” you stumble and fall as you back away. You tremble and try to stand again, but your legs feel as though they’ve turned to jelly.

“Y/N,” you hear Sicheng call your name out from somewhere close by. Hearing his call gives you the strength to get up and find him.

“Sicheng!” you let out a sob as you find him leaning against a grave. He has a bite similar to Jaemin’s on his neck, blood flowing from it and ruining his shirt. He looks at you with sleepy eyes. “S-Sicheng, what happened? Where is Renjun?”

“You have to get out of here,” he struggles to get the words out.

“I-I can’t leave you guys out here!” you cry, wiping your tears and holding his face in your hands, tapping his cheek to keep him awake. “Sicheng, please.”

“It’s too late for us. Just go,” he coughs and lets his eyes close. His breathing slows down and you shake him a little to try to keep him awake. You wrap your arms around his shoulders and cry as you hug him. He wheezes a few times before his body goes completely limp in your arms.

“Sicheng?” he stays silent and you shake him once more. “No, no, no, oh god,” you cry and let go of him. You stand and back away, looking around into the darkness with wide, teary eyes. You look at the bodies of your closest friends as reality finally set in. You back out of the clearing quickly before turning and running. You run through the rusted cemetery gates, down the darkened path, and straight out of the forest. Somewhere along the way, it starts to rain, but you pay no mind to the weather and let the cold rain soak you. You only stop running when your legs give out and your lungs are burning. Your body drops to the ground as you sob for your fallen friends…

You wake up in your bed in the morning with dry clothes, no memory of how you got there, and an aching in your chest. ‘Maybe it was just a dream,’ you think as you sit at the end of your bed, looking blankly at your wall. Images of the night flash through your mind and make your blood run cold. It couldn’t have been real, right? You send a text to each of the boys like you normally would when you woke up.

Y/N: You’d never believe the crazy dream I had last night. Text me when you can!

A knock sounds on your bedroom door as you set your phone aside. You mother pops her head in and looks at with worry. You furrow your eyebrows and frown at the look she gives you, walking over to her.

“Something wrong, Mom?” you ask.

“Why don’t you come downstairs and talk with us, sweetheart,” she smiles at you warily. You feel nervousness set in as you nod and follow her down the stairs. When you stop, you see your dad in the living room staring at the muted TV solemnly. A news report shows pictures of the seven friends you had just texted.

“What’s going on?” you look at both of your parents for an answer.

“It seems your friends are missing, of course, no one knows for sure yet. They could have just run off for the weekend,” you mother tells you, you can hear the concern in her voice. “Sweetie, you wouldn’t happen to know where they are, would you?”

In that moment, time stops and your heart clenches. You try to steady yourself with one of the chairs before your knees gave out. Numbness fills your body and you feel as though you can’t breathe.

“I-I don’t know. They aren’t the kind of people who would just run off…” panic fills you as you look at the faces of your friends on the bright screen of the TV. You couldn’t believe your eyes. It was real. It had all been real.