hoppy the rabbit

A little Sherlolly Halloween Ficlet. Monstas!

“Daddy!” Holly screamed. “Daddy!”

“I’m here, sweetheart.” Sherlock said loudly, walking into her room and searching for the light switch. 

“Daddy!” The little girl cried.

“Daddy’s here, darling.” He reassured, finally finding the switch and turning on the light. His three year old daughter was sitting up in her bed, clutching at her blanket and her stuffed rabbit, Hoppy. “What’s wrong, baby?” He asked, coming over to sit on the edge of her bed. She crawled over to him quickly, wrapping her arms around his waist. 

“Monsta! Daddy, Monsta!” She cried. 

“Where? Where’s the monster, baby?” Sherlock soothed his youngest child. He rubbed her back as she continued screeching about the monster. 

She pointed to her closet door which was ajar and Sherlock had to get up to check. He didn’t believe in monsters, but he sure as hell knew there were a lot of things that could hide in a closet that were worse than his daughter’s imaginary monsters.

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It’s hoppy fun time!

Little human, we need another blanket and as many pillows as you can find. We’re making a fort!

Thanks for visiting the blog and we hope your weekend is going to be as fun as Simon and River’s.  We’ll be back with more bunny cuteness on Monday.