hoppy the bunny

Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day!

River:  “Kiss me, I’m Bunnish!”

Simon: “Okay!” ~smooch~

Thanks for visiting the blog and we wish you all a very safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  We’ll be back with more bunny cuteness on Monday.

Sweet story time #1: My first paci v/ daddy's kisses

In the beginning of my career as a little, I wanted a paci so badly. I would try sucking my thumb, but it felt a little weird to me. At night, I’d bite my cheek or tongue craving to be able to do something with my mouth. I begged daddy almost every day to buy me one, but it was a little odd for a teenage boy to ask to buy a pacifier. What would his parents think?
After about a month of begging and coaxing, daddy finally got me my first pacis. (The post of when I got them is still up) I was a very hoppy bunny. That weekend, daddy came over to my house, and brought the pacis. I ripped the packaging open, and took the pink one out to keep for the moment, and hid the purple one in my pillow case. I was so happy. Daddy said I had the biggest smile on my face the entire time he was there.
The first time I put it in my mouth felt like an instant stress relief. I felt my whole body relax. It was the strangest bliss. To daddy’s dismay, however, I did not want to take it out of my mouth. He kept asking for me to take it out so he could kiss me, to which I replied with “nuh-uh”.
Daddy and I started play fighting, and we ended up on the floor. I was sitting on top of him, and he had his arms lovingly wrapped around my waist. I was giggling, and daddy was giving me “the look”. Daddy pulled me down by the waist, bit the handle of the paci, and pulled it out of my mouth. Before I could really react to this, he was already kissing me. And it was one of the most wonderful kisses he’s ever given me.