Morning Magic Bands

A little over a month ago I was in Disney World and really liked using the magic bands. So this idea of Nick and Judy with their own bands visiting Magic Kingdom came to mind.

during this life or death chase, nick didn’t want to get to safety first.

he wanted to make sure judy was safe before anything else…

so instead; he opened the for door for judy to go in first.

like a gentleman.

nick would die for judy.

So I went to Disneyland recently and had to see Nick and Judy and get a picture with them. They are probably the best looking characters you can find at the parks, and who wouldn’t want to see them?

They noticed my cell phone case and got really excited.

Judy then tried to recreate it.

Which embarrassed the sly fox 🦊

So of course she had to try and make him feel better.

I think it worked. 😁 Only thing that would have made it better would have been a kiss. 🦊❤️🐰


I love them! These two just need to get married already. Best day at Disneyland ever!!!