I just noticed these.

Judy protecting her badge with both her paws.

Treasuring it, painfully realizing how close she was from losing it…

… if not thanks to the fox beside her who dared to defy Chief Bogo, who was not only (1) at least four times bigger, (2) a POLICE officer, and (3) backed up by his men.

Her dreams almost prematurely crashed if not for the timely intervention of Nick. That’s why the next scene, it was a very heartfelt phrase:

Nick might not consciously realized how heartfelt Judy’s “Thank you” was, but that triggered him into opening up his wall for a bit, letting the bunny see deep into his past:

That, and his realization that he was about to witness another dream being crushed in front of his very eyes:

But things work out between them, and as opposed to riding into the sunset, our heroine & hero duo rode into the sunrise. A new dawn, a new day, a new hope.

Yup, things work out.

For now.




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Memory Lane

Ah, June 2016. Back when Harambe was not just a gorilla, Trump didn’t seem like much of a leading candidate, and Bee Movie memes were nonexistent. What a strange time that was.

A conversation with my friend @notactualusername about shipping WildeHopps gave me the idea of posting my story of how I first saw the movie and I first began shipping these two. Strap in (if you’re curious, of course). Bonus! At the end, I’ll show the exact video that got me into WildeHopps!

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Actual Effort by LoCo-LoBos

   Gideon had honestly not expected this much of a turn-out. Usually when mammals online say they’re going to pledge support they really mean just in spirit. As in “I’ll think about it then forget.” But what he was seeing in front of him was almost every predator and their prey supporters gathered in to listen to his…girlfriend…speak. He admitted, it felt strange being able to say that in public, but they couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. Not after the tabloid had caught them through the hotel window curtains attempting to…circumvent…his collar. And after the smear campaign that inevitably followed labeling Judy as some kind of sexual deviant they feared that all their pray support would evaporate.

And it did.

   But sometimes mammals surprise you. The older generation had decried Judy for being predsexual. But the younger, and more numerous pray apparently emboldened by Judy publicly outing herself as such instead of hiding it, had come to the rescue, strengthen their cause and securing their popularity. And now here he was standing with Judy’s greatest supporters, smiling like an idiot. He wasn’t as comfortable with publicly showing his pride. He would feel safer at home baking with Bonny and not having to give the world much thought beyond what was in front of him. Well now the world was in front of him. And it was staring back.

   Still Gideon knew the looks some prey were giving him. Reminding him just exactly what they were fighting. He couldn’t blame them. He thought the same way once. Pred stayed with pred and prey with prey. His father made that clear and his mother never disputed it. After they died the collar initiative remained to reinforce that rule in his mind. But then he went to high school and Judy came back into his life. She saw how the collar had made him unable to defend himself against his former victims…or even feel too strongly about something. She rescued him. Gave him hope that things actually might get better if they could show others the injustice that was happening. Make them unable to ignore it. She gave up her dream…just to fight for him.

   The speech was wrapping up now. Soon he could go back to the hotel and relax. But he felt something strike his neck twice.  Someone threw something at him.

   And then suddenly he felt burning.

   A great burning from his neck consuming him. Spreading! He scratched at his neck, desperate to get the burning out. It would not leave. He needed the burning to die! His head was swimming in an ocean of fire. Could not think. He felt arms around him and snapped at the offender painted red by his eyes, letting out a shrill sound that made the other red shapes back away. As he turned his head smacked into a smaller shape. The large one were too big to let out his frustration. Knew they could hurt him. He pinned it down, a limb raised in defense. And for a moment less than a second he tore away at it neck. Large sounds filled the air and paws sized him. He thrashed! Snarled! Shrieked! Until he felt a prick and his frenzy seemed to die.

   All but the burning.

   Bogo watched the video again for the tenth time, watching the fox savage the bunny until his ZPD carried him away. Waiting for his handpicked team to come back to him with the fox’s clothes and more importantly, his collar that had failed to do its job. The fox had turned savage just today and his hunch had finally worked! They saw the perpetrator! It wasn’t biological! It was induced. Years of rumors of a mammal on the roof and now they had a credible witness! Francine said it was a ram. There were allot of them in the city, some in his own force. It wasn’t much but at least they could narrow it down.

   His phone buzzed. McHorn texted him. “We have the evidence.” Good. He made his way down to the labs. Thankfully it was after hours in the night shift and there would be few other than Dillan to work with. “I…believe…I found…Something.” God he already felt irritated. Dillan had a reputation as a punk and just looking at the blue streak in his fur made him angry. Mostly because he once tried the same thing with his left horn when he was young. Combine that with braces and no heckler could resist. “All right…what is it.” Dillan motioned to the fox’s collar. “I found…a substance…on the…shock…box.” Bogo looked at the glass dish, a blue substance staining it. “It’s Organic…concentrated…and…can be…absorbed…through…the…skin. “ “And this disabled the collar?” “Yes” the shooter either got sloppy, or wanted an incident to happen. “So…are you…going…to…arrest…bellwether?”


   “What?” Bogo honestly needed a reply. “She and…Swinton…stand…to gain…from…this.” They did. For the past fifteen years they have done nothing but gain support from pandering to the fear of prey and placate predators by granting them token rights. And now those token rights had come back to bite them now that one little bunny stood a chance. But like others before her, she was conveniently removed from the situation.

   And he risked her life because he wanted a chance to understand what was happening. The only mammal who could fix things…and he gambled her life.

   “Not yet…not until I have evidence. But we will keep an eye on her.” But he couldn’t spread the police loyal to him and leave Hopps unprotected. He needed a solution. And someone had the perfect place that few non-predators knew about. He found himself hoofing at a phone book, until he found the number he was looking for.


   “It’s your lucky day Wilde. I’m cashing in.”