Tomark One Shot: Happy Holidays You Bastard

We sat in the studio quietly, trying to brainstorm advertising ideas. “Okay guys seriously we need to be thinking about something big for this. We need to get the kids pumped up and wanting buy the new ep.” I said worn out. Mark sat down next to me, in a flustered huff. “How can we get them more excited than a kid on Christmas?” Mark asked, rubbing his eyes. “Ugh, I’m going to go brew some earl grey tea. Do either of you want any?” I ignored his offer, deep in thought. How were we going to do this? Several minutes had passed and I hadn’t noticed Mark return to the living room, with a steaming cup in his hand.Travis had also fallen asleep…im not sure when. More excited than a kid on Christmas…Kids…Christmas. CHRISTMAS. “MARK I’VE GOT IT!” I jumped up suddenly, making him spill his tea. Travis woke up abruptly, and laughed at the irritated, and slightly burned Mark. “Tom what the FUCK!” He shouted, dabbing the tea off his crotch. “Oh shit sorry dude haha.” I giggled and handed him some more napkins. “What’s your big idea genius?” “Oh right! Okay so you said how will we make them more excited than a kid on Christmas right? We make our ep Christmas themed! We can have wrapping paper and sweaters and make it like our present to the kids! Oh please can we Mark please?” “Haha okay Tom Jesus! You’re such a kid haha.” “You know you love it.” I said seductively striking his chest. He laughed it off and turned to Travis. “Does that Sound good to you Travis?” “Yeah yeah man thats sick.” I know Mark tried reall hard to keep our secret infront of Travis, but I’m pretty sure he’s known for years. “Alright Tom,” he said placing his hand on my knee, “work your magic and sketch up some designs!” I got busy instantly, designing a Christmas bunny. “What do you think of the poster? Good enough?” “Shit Tom that’s awesome! Hey maybe we put this in the biggest package and sign these bad boys, kids will love that.” “Hah, they’ll be pissed at us about the money though.” “Hey they want the shit right?” “Yeah yeah” I said, designing a hoodie. “Wouldn’t it be sick if we could deliver these like Santa?” “Haha Tom, you’re so lame.” Travis said, walking out of the room. I couldn’t help but smile. “it would just be fun is all!” I shouted back. Mark made his way over to me, now that we were alone. “so what are your Christmas plans tom?” He asked, cuddling up to me. “Probably just spend the day with the kids, do what ever they want you know? Why do you ask Mr. I live in mother fucking London.” “well actually, asshole, we’re coming here for Christmas but if you don’t wanna spend it with me…” “Shut up Mark” I said pulling his face close to mine. I kissed him softly, but he had other intentions. He began placing kisses all over my jawline and down my neck. “Mark….M-Mark Travis is here.” I said trying to contain my moaning. “I’ve actually been here for a good five minutes.” We turned around panicked, and saw Travis standing with a smirk on his face. “i knew it.” He chuckled softly and left the room once more. “I’ll just leave you two lovebirds alone then.” Called over his shoulder. I turned back slowly to Mark. “Shit….” “Well I guess that secret is out now..” “I had a feeling he already knew Mark.” “Come on Tom let’s get back to work.” I went back to sketching, and Mark supervised.
December 23Rd
“Dude I can’t believe.
how many copies of the ep we sold!” ” I told you kids would like the Christmas thing you dumby!” “Shut up and come here Tom.” He took me and kissed me quickly, before we went back out to the main party. Travis had decided to throw a Christmas party at his house, in honor of the ep’s success. We walked back in and Mark threw me a beer. It was getting late, and all of the.kids we’re long since past asleep. All the adults chatted quietly in the living room. Mark and I went to join everyone when Skye laughed at us. “What’s so funny Skye?” Mark asked, a little too nervously. “Look above you! You and Tom are under the mistletoe! Come on give us a kiss boys!” My face grew bright red, and I fucked my head down low. “Skye you’re crazy why would I kiss my bro?” “oh come on Marky we’re all aldults here plant one on him!” Mark turned to me slowly at first, but grabbed my face urgently on his hand s, and gave me a nice big wet one. “Ahh ew he actually did it!” Jen shrieked out I’m slurred drunken words.”HEY shut up do you want to wake up the kids???” “Sorry your highness.” She Spat at me. God she’s been getting on my nerves lately. “Well this has been fun Travis, but we should probably go; thanks for having us over man.” “Why do we h-h-have to leave?” Jen said with confusion. “You’re embarrassed about the kiss aren’t you!” “No Jennifer, but you are shit faced and annoying now let’s GO.” I grabbed the kids and put them in the car. Jen got in the front seat looking butthurt, and I ran back inside to properly say goodbye. Just as I walked through the door Mark pulled me into the front room. “Shit dude I’m really sorry about Skye…she’s just drunk she doesn’t-” “It’s okay Mark relax relax. I do have to go now, and you better be at my house tomorrow asshole!” I began to run away, but he grabbed my waist and kissed me hard. “I’ll be there.”
I stood in the closet squirming in my costume. This would be the first year that the kids would get to ‘meet Santa’ and I couldn’t wait to burst out there. Mark had to get the camera, so I patiently waited for his cue. The wives sat on the sofa chatting quietly, and Travis was fixing the tree lights. Everything was in place, and Mark gave me the thumbs up. I took the sleighbells and shook them lightly, I saw excitement light up in all.their little faces. “Did you hear that kids?! I think it’s Santa!” Mark acted as excited as they were, and went up tongue closet to investigate. “ready?” He whispered. “you bet!” Mark swung the door wide open and I boomed out with loud HOHOHOs. All the kids screamed out with joy and group hugged me. “SANTA!” “HELLO THERE KIDS! SAY, WOULD ANY OF YOU LIKE, PRESENTS?!?!” “I DO SANTA!” Mark screamed at the top of his lungs. “Well.young man, you’ll have to.wait your turn!” “No fair!” One by one, I handed each little turd their presents, and watched them year into them. When they were distracted, I fucked out and changed back into my clothes. “Daddy daddy Santa was here!” Jonas ran over to me, and jumped into my arms. “wow really?!? What did you get??” “He gave me my own guitar!” “I guess I’ll have to teach toughie to play!” “You mean it? cross your heart?” “Cross my heart.” I kissed his forehead and set him down. All through the room ‘merry Christmas’s’ were shared, and presents were opened. “hey asshole where’s my present?” Mark.came over to me, Nudging me in the arm. “I do have yours by the way.” He handed me a larger flat box. “well it’s two things acruelly.” I opened the first to reveal a book.on UFO sightings. “Awesome!” I opened the second to reveal a scrapbook. It contained blink throygoutb the years and he had made it entirely by himself. “Thieves amazing Mark thank you!” “i knew you’d like it! Now mine??” He is such a little.kid. “it’s upstairs haha follow me!” Mark and I trotted upstairs, to the guest bedroom. I opened the closet to reveal a brand new, custom made bass. On it where the different phases of the blink bunny, our CD albums and the famous smiley. “Tom this is beautiful…did did you design it?” “of course I did Mark! That’s why it’s so special!” Mark grabbed me tightly and kissed me passionately. “Happy Holidays you Bastard.” He said laughing. “I love you Mark.” “I love you too Tom.” Yeah, this was definitely the best Christmas ever.

hoppinghoppus replied to your post

omg me too it makes me really emotional not gonna lie the first time i listened to it i was in many tears

oh thank god!!! when i listened the preview and realized that tom sang “and the kids are growing up as you and i we are growing up” omg that make me so fucking emotional. and when i listened to it for the first time (the full verison, when it leaked) i didnt like the rap part (still not a big fan of it) but omg the lyrics like…. idk it’s sad, you know?  "your eyes they cannot lie as you’re dreaming of our future home“ gets me all the fucking time. actually the whole song gets me. i just want to stop listening to this song but i cantttttt