hopping and squatting


“My name’s Happy. My friends gave me the name. My birth name is Christian, but I don’t go by it at all. I just hitched a ride from Idaho with some people coming back from Rainbow Gathering. Before Idaho, my friend Dumpster Baby and I hopped a freight train from Utah. We spent four hours in a dumpster with a tarp over us while it just rained and rained on us before we left. Now I’m waiting for my friend Rat Boy to come meet up with me. He’s never been to Portland before so he’s off wandering. We might see if we can find a punk show to go to tonight, and then we have a squat house we’re going to crash at.” 

“How is hopping freight trains different than hitchhiking?” 

“Well for better or worse, you’re usually you’re alone for 24 hours on a train. Sometimes the cops bust you. I’ve been busted before. I met some kids that wanted to hop a train and had never done it so I took ‘em. Usually you’re supposed to throw your pack first and then kind of start running before you jump, otherwise you’ll just fall. I watched ‘em do it and they both just rolled. But they were ok. A few cuts and the worst thing was one guy got a bruised knee.” 

“How did you start off this life of wandering?” 

“I grew up in LA, in not the best of neighborhoods. I was used to always hanging on the streets. Then when I was 15 or 16 some friends of mine told me about a squat house in another city and we hopped a train and went there. I love the community of it, kids all helping each other out. There’s even a web forum where people will tell each other where to stay, who to look out for, or a place where you can get fed and things like that.”

“It sounds like such an adventure! I wish I could come take photos of it all.”

“I had a bunch of photos on my phone, but I dropped it on the tracks once, and that was the end of that. It’s not all great though. A lot of kids I know are on meth and I have a friend who got Hep C from sharing needles. Not me, I’m a straight edge. That’s what these tattoos are about.” He held out his hands.

“What about the one on your face?”

“My family is indigenous and my great grandfather completely tried to deny and hide his heritage. And then his son, my grandfather, tried to embrace it. I’d seen a photo of him with these markings, so I had a friend tattoo it on me.” 

“What does it represent?” 

“I’m not sure. My family doesn’t even know what tribe. But I wanted to embrace my heritage.”


Στίχοιμα Live

 Antifa Συναυλία @ Κατάληψη Ματσάγγου 

(Πλατεία Πανεπιστημίου), Βόλος, 17.9.2016.

(Anthxeio Sound Collective)
Volos Hardcore Shows.


The story of the Polaroid Kidd is pretty cool/mysterious - in 2003, Mike Brodie, a self-taught photographer from Pensocola, FL, set out riding the rails of America, hanging with hobos, punks, and other young folk, hopping trains and living in squats and exploring a world not many of us get to see, all the while taking beautiful photos of the experience, exclusively with the classic SX-70 Polaroid camera a friend passed along to him.

It seems that, since 2007, he’s disappeared from view, deciding he was done with photography. After a ton of acclaim and shows, including showing work at the Paris International Photo Fair at the Louve, winning the Baum Award for American Emerging Artists, and a supposed photo book to be published by Steidl(that apparently never came to be), he stopped taking photos. In the four years he took photos though, he created an incredible body of work, capturing a group of people at a distinct time and place, with a great balance of curiosity and respect.

At last report, Brodie received his degree from the Nashville Auto Diesel College, and  works as a Diesel Mechanic.

Re: where he went, and stopping photography cold turkey,  someone on a message board had a nice way of looking at it: “ I’ve been wondering since 2007 where he has gone? no shows, no sites, no contact, no new works, nothing. Like a ghost. My guess is that since it was unintentional to be a “photographer” and exhibit his work in the first place, he sold his work, did some shows and just moved on to life’s next adventure minus a camera.”

Mike, great work.  And here’s to the next adventure.

Let’s get fit! 22/2 All I’ve been eating lately is Chia puddings or Overnight oats, which I love way too much to get sick of, but I need to change things up and build a better repertoire of meals. So I searched the world of Pinterest to find high protein vegan meal ideas. This one was a great find, Chocolate black bean Smoothie. I never thought to put beans in a smoothie but it’s a great idea and 😋😋😋 X hops (squat and lunge) 15 Hamstring ball rolls 15 x 2 - single leg bridges 10 - bridges 15 Dumbbell deadlifts 15 x 2 #14 - sumo squat 15 #12 Squat jump to narrow squat 10 Single leg sits 15 x 3 - jump squats 15 Glute kicks backs 10 x 2 - with pulse 10 - Fire hydrant 10 - with leg extension 5 Reverse lunge with knee up 15 x 2


🔥 Max Effort 10 Second Sets 🔥 The better you are as an athlete and the harder you can push the tougher this session is. The setup: 10 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest for all 5 movements. 1. Sprint in place (high knee drive) 2. Quick Box Hop Overs 3. Spider-Man Squat Jumps 4. Lateral Mt. Climbers 5. Staggered Stance Speed DB Push- Pull (25lbs DB shown) that’s 1 cycle. Compete 10 total cycles with max effort during each 10 second Intervals. For people who are more athletic and can go to a dark place mentally 10 second intervals can be some of the most brutally challenging. Give this a go and tag me at #jeremyscottfitness if you can mentally sellout to 10 second of true max effort. #menshealth #womenshealth #reebok #hiit #fatloss #metabolic #health #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitspo #personaltrainer #workout #workouts #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #sweat #hardwork #athlete #scottsdale #phoenix #arizona #86400 #az #abs #hustle (at Spire Health Club)

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Took our #jeremyscottfitness athletes through this 4 Minutes or Less Rep Challenge. Here is the setup: 60 Mt.Climbers - 50 Jacks - 40 Skater Hops - 30 Squat Jumps - 20 Toe Touch with Reach - 10 Burpees complete all of the reps as quickly as possible (keeping quality form) and see if you can bang this out in less than 4 minutes. Tag me at #jeremyscottfitness with your time. #menshealth #womenshealth #mondaymotivation #monday #health #workout #workouts #workoutmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #personaltrainer #fitspo #fitstagram #reebok #sweat #fatloss #onlinecoaching #scottsdale #arizona #phoenix #reps #hiit #hardwork (at Spire Health Club)

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Ow ow ow. This morming’s session was a shoulder killer. Gonna be sore tomorrow!
Felt quite stiff from the earlier workouts but handstand push-ups, handstand walking and then a 2 RM push jerk doesn’t help. Still got a 85kg in push jerk which I am sure is a PR. Good pushing from my workout mate. And then workout which was a partner one featuring sumo deadlift high pulls, powercleans, burpie bar hops, box jumps and front squats. 11 reps each for 6 rounds, alternating the exercises per partner @ 50kg. 15min time cap. I’m too slow and we only made it to round 4 with 4 burpies.
Completely screwed me over…blurgh 😥

Luckily I’m missing wing chun tonight due to a late parent-teacher interview, but I will need to go in tomorrow morning to do some rom stuff otherwise I will die…


Your legs felt like jelly when you crossed the threshold. You were almost tempted to collapse on the floor as soon as you entered the house, but Tate stood right in front of you, preventing you from being a puddle in the ground.

“How was your day- Oh. You look like shit.” He looked you over, his eager expression turning to one of playful pity. “That bad, huh?”

“I can’t move.” you groaned, extending your arms pathetically.

“Well then!” Tate exclaimed, turning around and squatting. “Hop on!”

You smiled and all but slumped over his back, allowing him to readjust you before he stood up again. “Here we go!” He yelled, running off into the house as you squealed and held tight. 


WORKOUT TIME 💛👏✅ 15 X Hops (every time you squat/lunge is counted as 1 rep) ✅15 Jump Squats ✅15 Double Pulse Squats ✅ 24 Reverse Lunge + Knee Lift (12 per leg) 👏💪 Repeat for 7 mins over and over until the timer goes off!! Ladies if you want, you can replace THIS circuit with one of your LEG circuits from your 12-week challenge 😁😘 www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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[FOR HIM] part 2

Originally posted by lethargicmin

HERE YOU GO LOVES!!!!!! The next part of RUNAWAY YOONGI!! (my favorite kind of Yoongi) and once again I made it really long ;~; So I’ll do a third part to this with the last chunk of lyrics! 

Characters: Yoongi x Y/n

Genre: Angst, smut, plus my heart hurting because Yoongi is so aasddfghjnufbru

description: Because you didn’t have to say you loved him in order for him to know.

DRIVE | FOR HIM part 1



You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you

Yoongi managed to drive the car all the way to two towns over, hoping that Namjoon and Hoseok would have thought you just went to the next town. He parked the car on the motel parking lot, turning it off placing his head on the steering wheel. God today was such a hectic day for the both of you, he had almost lost you and that thought just terrified him. Turning to see your sleeping form on the passenger seat he softly caressed your cheek, “I almost lost you love. I don’t know what I would have done.” he muttered.

He sighed, “Babe wake up. Come on love let’s get you some rest” he lightly shook you waking you up. As his bare feet touched the cold cement, gravel digging in his feet he felt small pain and immediately ran to your side.”Come on hop on.” He squatted down in front of you with his back facing you.

“I can walk just find Yoongi.” You sighed lightly shoving his back forward. “No, get on. I’m not letting you walk, your feet are already cut I can’t have you getting even more hurt.” He stated hearing you sighed he knew he had won, feeling your bare legs wrap around his bare skin. Entering the motel lobby he softly sat you on the old overused couch they had, “Stay right here I’ll be back.” he kissed your cheek you sleepily nodded to him.

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Title: Together Forever

Protagonists: Hongbin, Reader, N, Ravi

Warnings: Rated M, Angst, Robots, Cyborgs, Murder, Mild Gore

Word Count: 5500

Summary: You wanted to be with him forever.

Author’s Note: Another PADoll fic! This one was actually inspired by Error. I think it starts off pretty boring, but it does pick up towards the end. The other PADoll fics, “Thank You For Choosing Me” and “To Live Again” should serve to make several things in this fic more impactful. I really should be grading papers/sleeping right now, but I really wanted to finish this. There might be an epilogue coming. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Today’s Workout:
Grab your Ankle Resistance Bands
BANDS can be purchased at Any Sporting Good Store for just about $7 Bucks
Slightly Squat and Hop (open and close)
Kick Back
Squat Hop (Double)
Squat Hop W/ Burpee
(make sure to switch sides after each set)
Targets: Quads, Glutes, Arms, Cardio
You can do this anywhere. Outdoors, Gym or the Comfort of your own Home.
2X20 Secs Beginners
4X30 Secs Advanced
Pick up the Pace
Song: Kendrick Lamar - The Blacker The Berry (video has been previously recorded)
#icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic #getfitwithnic_ #QueenOfTheOutdoorWorkouts

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oh bright thirty

AUTHOR: vulturer

CAST: Aradia/Feferi/Vriska



ADDITIONAL TAGS: no SGRUB AU, military, created for ladystuck 2012

SUMMARY: She’s poisoned, maimed, sleep-deprived, delirious, starving, dehydrated, shot, beaten, and reeks to the high skies, and this is the best she’s felt in three weeks. Steaks, smokes, and a terrifying babe.

“Wish those ninnies had had wine.”

“Revolution is not a dinner party.”

EXCERPT: The skyline is just beginning to nibble the sun when Aradia Megido wakes up. There’s no room to stretch, just enough to scoot out of the troll-sized notch she had found folded into a pile of boulders. The ridges scrape against her sleep-sensitive skin, pulling at her filthy fatigues and pouches. This side of the boulder is in shade, still a little warm as she heaves herself out of the pocket. She hisses happily through her teeth at the crackling in her back and the tight, rubber-band pull of her muscles easing back out. The stale sopor slug curled around her throat comes unstuck with soft, wet pops when she gingerly tugs at it. It curls in on itself and she drops it into its battered, but clean tin, checking the seal. There’s still plenty of perigees left before the slug expires, even if it’s starting feel a little funky. Like a film on old juice. She sets the tin on a flat ledge and unscrews the cap of her canteen, then tips some water onto the slug before sealing it up and stuffing it back in it’s pouch on her thigh. She spits out the scum from her mouth and hops down to squat next to a little stream, cupping her hands in the water, drawing it up to her lips and scrubbing it over her dirt-streaked face. It’s freezing.

rec’d by liasangria, lantadyme

get-thick-blog  asked:

Is it true that in order to add muscle to do less reps but with more weights?what exactly are reps/sets?What happens if I do more reps w more weights?Can you link me to your workouts pls.I'm a college student so I can't go the gym since I'm on a budget. How can I get a butt w/o going to the gym? I have resistance loop bands, & the other resistance bands w handles,barbell weight set, ankle weight cuffs 5pds & 3pds. Which exercises can I do?Is it possible to get a butt w the equipment I have?

Reps = repetition. Reps are basically how many times you lifted or perform an exercise without stopping. So if I do 12 lunges without a break then the reps are 12. After those reps I take a short break and start with the second set of 12 reps. I do this until I have 4 sets done ( 4 x 12). So sets are how many times I repeat the reps.

In order to build muscle you need to tear your muscle down, feed them and give them rest. The best way for me to build muscle is hypertrophy training. If you do more reps with less weight you will mostly build endurance. Just read this article for more information www.builtlean.com/2012/07/19/high-reps-vs-low-reps/

Building a butt without a gym can be done. There are a lot of exercises you can do, some exercises can be done with multiple equitment. A few exercise:
* Resistance hoop bands
Squat shuffle, kickbacks, donkey kicks, hip abductor, leg lifts, fire hydrants

* Resistance cable bands
Donkey kicks, reverse donkey kicks, kneeling leg lift, leg lift, kick backs, side leg lift, pull through, cable squat, squats, lunges, reverse lunge, forward lunge.

* Barbell
Hip thrust, kneeling squat, curtsey lunge, reverse lunge, walking lunges, good mornings, side lunge, hip bridge, bulgarian split squat, squat shuffle, dead lift, romanian dead lift, american dead lift, single leg romanian deadlift, squat with lateral leg lift, squat with kickbacks, front squat, squat jumps. You can also attach the handles of the resistance cable on the barbell for more resistance.

* Ankle weights
Donkey kicks, kneeling leg lift, glute kick backs, reverse donkey kicks, side leg lift, plank leg lifts, squat jumps, jump lunges, cross over leg lift, lunge with kickbacks.

* Body weight
Squat jumps, squat hop outs, board jumps, jumps lunges, bear crawls, sprints, fast squat shuffle and more plyometric exercises. There are more exercises but you can search google for that.

And my workouts are tagged with ‘WOD’ but I haven’t upload any of my workout logs for the longest time.


Today’s Workout: Squat Hop with Resistance Bands

Resistance Band Needed
Targets : Hamstrings, Quads and Glutes (Butt)
NO GYM NEEDED!!! ___________________
3X15 Beginners
5X15 Advanced
Song By Que - OG Bobby Johnson
#Icanyoucanwecan #getfitwithnic_ #getfitwithnic_ #QueenOfTheOutDoorWorkouts #FitMom

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