hoppin on bandwagons

just a psa that comes with the release of humanz:there’s going to be new fans!

now i say this because, not sure how this fandom is when it comes to that, but as i’ve personally experienced with many others- people get super rude when it comes new kiddos that want to be apart of the community & want to learn more! so don’t be that person that’s stand-offish about new kids hoppin’ on the gorillaz bandwagon & instead, tell them all the cool stuff we know! :)
Pacific Northwest Gothic

- An old fisherman once told you, “When you wander these woods, it’s like being lost in your own soul.”  Maybe that’s why you feel  dead eyes watching you from behind the trees.

- Visitors complain that the sun rarely unveils itself from the clouds and mist, and you laugh quietly.  The fools.  They do not understand that there are certain things not meant to be seen by the light of day.

- The morning fog slowly covers your campsite.  When it dissipates, your friend’s tent is missing.  How many came on this camping trip?  it was always one, wasn’t it?  …Wasn’t it?

- The mountain is out.  It is closer today.  Try not to wonder how many homes it had to swallow to get there.

- The crows gather on the trees and buildings.  You start counting, 1, 2, 3, 4, but there are too many to count.  They gather as one, they fly off as one.  That is why they will survive and you will not.  Their feathers block out the light.

- “Have you been to the Seattle Art Museum?” Someone asks.  You pretend not to have heard.  What a strange thing to hear from one of the exhibits.

- At the farmer’s markets, there is a reason we are drawn to vintage furniture, scarves, jewelry.  Things that hold so many memories always have space for a few more secrets.

- The ocean bores holes through the cliffs, crushes stones beneath its waves. It will erode you, too, given enough time.

- The streets of Seattle are built on the bones of a much older city.  And beneath that, a city older still.

- The sheds on the interstate are an admission that we cannot hold back the encroaching snow.  "Hazardous conditions for travelers", the signs say.  "Warning!  Collapsing snowfields".  When and if you emerge from the pass, will you still be the same person who went in?

And I’m gon’ get it even if YOU’RE in the way

And if you’re in it better RUN for pete’s sake


there’s this pokemon journey draw challenge goin around and a bunch of amigos and i decided to do it + v +

Leland and I would be the assholes that would end up storming the castle and fighting as much as we can so we can BECOME CHAMP FIRST also that’s just how i play pokemon

also i’m a sucker for pokemon variations so leland would subsist off of a steady diet of stainless steel jewelry and peridots

Hoppin’ on the pokemon variations bandwagon. Here are some of my contributions to the tag. (Excuse my sh*tty drawing. I’m a little rusty)

The standard Honedge is the most common.

The Gladius Honedge is often found in the ruins of of old coliseums or gladiator arenas. If a killed gladiator’s spirit is strong enough, it will latch onto the sword that he was killed with and seek revenge on his opponent. Gladius Honedge are more aggressive than a standard Honedge.>

The Katana Honedge is rare as it can only be found near the bodies of slain samurai or ronin. The samurai’s spirit will latch on to its sword after death. Retaining its principles and loyalty to the way of the samurai, Katana Honedge are passive and will only attack when they are in danger or if disrespected.

The Falchion Honedge is less common than the standard honedge but can be found almost anywhere there are Honedge too. Is easily a more powerful variant than the standard honedge, but is also slower and posseses a weak spot as it is only a single edged sword.

check out my 2nd set here. Thanks guys! :) http://fatedcircle.tumblr.com/post/120839076277/okay-my-2nd-contribution-to-the-pokemon