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  • Peter loves to put his hands on your stomach everyday
  • Even when you were only weeks pregnant he would put his hands on your stomach just to feel you growing
  • Once you started showing he completely fangirled
  • That’s when the baby talk started
  • “Who’s my cute wittle baby? Is you? Yes it’s you my sweet wittle twinky?”
  • “You’re making me hungry”
  • Speaking of hungry you had sooo many cravings
  • Peter happily provided you with everything you desired
  • Even if it was at 4 in the morning
  • “Peter…peter wake up”
  • “What?”
  • “I really want some chicken nuggets”
  • “Please don’t make me get up”
  • He got up anyway because he loves you
  • So he drove to McDonald’s at 4 in the morning, got your chicken nuggets and sat with you at the dinner table while you rambled about whatever
  • He was half asleep for most of it
  • “Isn’t so sad that Pluto is so small?”
  • “Mhmm”
  • “I can relate to Pluto so much. Look at me! I’m so small! And look at you! You’re like Jupiter compared to me!”
  • “Mhmm”
  • Then you started crying and he woke up instantly
  • “What’s wrong? Do you feel sick? Is it the baby?”
  • “No! I’m just so sad that you’re taller than me! Why are you so tall? ”
  • He didn’t know how to respond so he just held you while silently laughing
  • Your mood swings were too much for him to handle
  • One minute you were happily watching tv while eating and the next you were yelling at him because he was breathing too loud
  • “I’M TRYING”
  • You started crying
  • You also loved cats so much
  • You adopted 3 one time when you went to the market
  • You didn’t even get the food you were supposed to get
  • “Hey, you need help with the groceries?”
  • “No…”
  • “What did you do?”
  • “I brought cats!”
  • “What have I done”
  • So now you have 3 cats named Flash, Minnie, and Peanut
  • The cats adore you
  • They follow you everywhere around the house
  • They can sense that you’re pregnant so every time Peter tries to hug you they hiss at him because they think he’s hurting you
  • Peter attends all of your ultrasounds
  • When he first heard the heartbeat he almost cried  
  • And when you saw him almost crying you started crying
  • Then he actually started crying
  • It was a mess
  • He framed your first sonogram picture
  • He keeps one in his wallet to
  • When the baby first started kicking he was so amazed
  • He wouldn’t take his hands off of your stomach
  • When he can’t sleep at night he’ll put his hand on your stomach to relax himself and fall asleep
  • He also likes to put headphones on your stomach and play rock music so they can be like him
  • He plays AC/DC, Pink Floyd, The Clash, Guns n’ Roses, etc.
  • When he’s not looking you’ll change it to your mixtape of R&B or Hip-Hop
  • Peter also really likes to draw on your stomach
  • He uses crayola markers and draws what he thinks the baby will look like
  • He really wants a little boy so he’ll usually draw a baby with a little blue beanie
  • He’s surprising really good at drawing to
  • He’ll make a pillow and blanket nest so you can rest in while he draws and plays music
  • Most of the time you fall asleep
  • As I mentioned in my previous headcannons, Peter loves to take pictures of you, so he brings out his camera and takes pictures of you
  • Through your whole pregnancy he took pictures of your stomach and labeled them with how many weeks you were + the date
  • Peter also loves to read comic books to the baby
  • He has a whole box full of them
  • He reads at least one everyday
  • When you’re in your final weeks of pregnancy, Peter is jumping all over the place 
  • He’s both excited and nervous
  • And since you both decided to wait to find out the gender he’s freaking out over whether he’s going to have a baby boy or a baby girl
  • He would absolutely love to have a boy but if its a girl he would love her the same
  • Sport alert: you have a girl
  • When you finally get the labour pains, you were shopping for more baby clothes with Jubilee (gender neutral of course)
  • Since she’s like only 17 she starts to freak out and almost electrocutes you
  • Then she calls Peter to meet at the hospital
  • Jubilee nearly crashes the car 2 times but you make is safely to the hospital
  • She helps you register in, change into the hospital gown, calm your breathing,etc.
  • She was doing amazing with you and you were so grateful
  • Peter finally arrives and takes over but Jubilee still sticks around because you need the extra support
  • The rest of the X squad came over to
  • They took over the whole waiting room
  • Peter sayed with you the whole time but Jubilee would trade places with everyone else at some point
  • The Professor was even there
  • He even helped to ease your contractions so they weren’t so painful
  • He already knew you were having a girl but didn’t spoil the surprise for all of you
  • Fast forward nine long hours, you’re finally dilated enough to start pushing
  • Peter stays by your side the whole time holding your hand
  • You were kinda moody because of the long hours
  • “Push harder, you’re doing amazing!”
  • “Shut up or I’ll rip your face off! You did this to me!”
  • He just held your hand and stayed quiet after that
  • Everyone outside the room asked either the Professor or Jean to read your mind to know how it was going
  • They had a good laugh knowing you wanted to rip Peter’s head off
  • Minutes later small cries were heard and you completely melted
  • You were told it was a girl and then she was handed to you
  • You held her briefly and Peter watched with watery eyes
  • She was taken to get cleaned up and then handed to Peter
  • Minutes later everyone came in the room to welcome Victoria Maximoff to the family
  • Everyone held her at some point and opened her eyes but only for a few minutes
  • Peter took pictures of everyone holding Victoria to add to his collection
  • Soon everyone left to go back to the mansion
  • Peter laid with you in your bed with Victoria in your arms
  • When you started to doze off he took her from your arms and held her for a while
  • He watched her as she slept peacefully, occasionally making little noises and twitching
  • He started to think what he did to deserve such a perfect life
  • Next to him he has the love of his life, the person he would die for, and in his arms he held his whole life
  • He teared up once again knowing now he has two people who will love him unconditionally besides his mother and sister
  • He realises he has a whole new path to ride down but now, he has you and Victoria to help him along the way
  • There isn’t a single thing he wouldn’t do for the both of you
  • Whether it’s playing princess tea party with Victoria or buying tampon for you, he would do it
  • He was more than happy to have two beautiful girls in life 

Sorry this took so long!! I was buried in homework these past weeks plus moving so it was pretty crazy. Things are getting back on track soon, I promise! 


Magna Carta Cartel - Valiant Visions Dawn

“Du lurade mig 
Den vita fanan svartnar alltid till slut
och ingen som nu lever känner vägarna ut
Du kommer aldrig längre än hit
att välja sanning är att känna känslan av att aldrig ta slut
Nu vilar du i lustens lågor
ett skepp seglar i ditt sinne mot hoppets strand
Bort från all din sanning
om att livet står i brand”

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hi, i'm a begginer and can i ask you how can i make sentences in past tense?

Hey there! c: 

To make a sentence in past tense, all you’ll really have to do is conjugate the verb. Just like English (and most Germanic languages), Norwegian verbs are either weak verbs or strong verbs - which can make things hella complicated - but I’ll do my best to explain the basics!


Svake Verb i Preteritum - Weak Verbs in Past Tense

Just like in English, weak verbs are the easiest to learn because they all follow a certain pattern. 

In Norwegian you’ll mainly find 4 different patterns for weak verbs:


Pattern #1: the “-te”-ending
When to use: If the verb has a long vowel OR ends with “-mme”


Long vowels: (most verbs end on “-e”, which should be replaced by the “-te”)

Å spise” -> “spiste” (to eat - > ate)
“Å leke” -> “lekte” (to play -> played)
“Å rope” -> “ropte” (to yell -> yelled)

“-mme”-endings: (remove one “m” before adding the “-te”-ending)

“Å glemme” -> “glemte” (to forget -> forgot)
“Å klemme” -> “klemte” (to hug -> hugged)
“Å skremme” -> “skremte” (to scare -> scared)


Pattern “2″: the “-et”-ending
When to use: If the verb has a short vowel OR ends with “-ge” (even if there’s a long vowel)


Short vowels: (if the verb ends on “-e”, simply add the “-t”)

Å sykle” -> “syklet” (to ride a bike -> rode a bike)
“Å jobbe” -> “jobbet” (to work -> worked)
“Å hoppe” -> “hoppet” (to jump -> jumped)


“Å lage” -> “laget” (to make - made)
“Å sage” -> “saget” (to saw -> sawed)

*!! you’ll also hear people say “lagde” or “sagde”, both versions are fine/correct

Pattern #3: the “-de”-ending
When to use: If the verb ends on “-eie” OR “-ve”



Å leie” -> “leide” (to rent -> rented)
“Å eie” -> “eide” (to own -> owned)
“Å greie” -> “greide” (to manage -> managed)


Å leve” -> “levde” (to live -> lived)
“Å prøve” -> “prøvde” (to try -> tried)
“Å øve” -> “øvde” (to practice -> practiced) 


Pattern #4: the “-dde”-ending
When to use: If the verb does not end on “-e”


“Å bo” - “bodde” (to live (at) -> lived (at))
“Å ro” - “rodde” (to row -> rowed)
“Å bety” - “betydde” (to mean -> meant)


Sterke Verb i Preteritum - Strong Verbs in Past Tense 

Strong verbs don’t really have any endings, but the verb itself will change, like how “sing” turns into “sang” in English. There aren’t that many (common) strong verbs in Norwegian, thankfully - but, unfortunately, for the ones we do have, there isn’t really any ‘pattern’ to follow.

Some of the common strong verbs would be:

“Å være” -> “var” (to be -> was)
“Å le” -> “lo” (to laugh -> laughed)
“Å gå” -> “gikk” (to walk/go -> walked/went)
“Å sitte” -> “satt” (to sit -> sat)
“Å komme” -> “kom” (to come -> came)


*!! Some verbs can have both - a weak verb conjugation AND a strong verb conjugation.


If you’d like, I could try to compile a list of common strong verbs.


Anyway, hope that helps you out a little bit! c: But keep in mind that some verbs can be conjugated by following more than one pattern, and that exceptions to these rules can occur! <3


Jag vill så gärna fråga dig om ditt förhållande men jag vet att jag bara skulle göra det med hoppet om att du skulle svara “det är förjävligt för det är inte du.”


Aaaaah det var JÄTTEHÄFTIGT!! :DDD
Det tog ca 20min att flyga upp. Vi flög ut över kustremsan och ovanför molnen. Sen var det bara att hoppa. Jag var först så jag hade inte ens tid att bli rädd. XD
Det var så himla kul och häftigt! Är så glad att jag gjorde det!

Blir tyvärr inga bilder från själva hoppet nu eftersom jag fick det på en cd-skiva men här har ni i alla fall en bild på mig innan hoppet och det jättetrevliga paret från Sydney som jag hoppade med.

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I know you are not a norwegian teacher and my questions probably make zero sense but I speak a bit of swedish and i know that svenska and norsk are two different languases but in swedish there are 5 auxiliary verbs måste - must, ska - will, vill - vant, får - get, kan - be able to, is there anything similar in norwigian? And is the following verb in its shortes form after those verbs? Aaand does 'hva seir du?' mean 'What are you saying' or do you always use 'snakke'

Hey!! I’ll try to help!
We have similar to svedish yes, I had to google to be sure and this is what I came up with:
å ha - to have
å bli - to become (also to stay)
å være - to be
å skulle - to should
å ville - to want
å kunne - to could
å måtte - to must
å burde - to should
Kan - can/may/able to
Skal - shall/will/should
Vil - want/will (about the future, it will be nice seeing you)
Må - must
Bør - should
Tør - dare
I’m not good at grammar so I hope this made sense still, not sure what you meant about shortening but the verb to jump:
Å hoppe - hopper - hoppet/hoppa - har hoppet
With an auxiliary:
Jeg kan hoppe

Hva sier du means “what do you say” as in what’s your opinion on this, and we use snakke most but you can also use prate, preke, chatte :)

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Beste svensken, dansken og nordmannen vitsen du veit om?

Den beste eg kunne finne nå (har ingen i huet) er denna her:

Norsken, svensken, dansken og finsken sto foran et stup.
- Dette gjør jeg for Sverige, sa svensken og hoppet uti.
- Dette gjør jeg for Finland, sa finsken og hoppet uti.
- Dette gjør jeg for Norge, sa norsken og dyttet dansken uti.

Hur gör vi nu. Ja. Jag sitter ju inte på några svar, kan bara delge mina något kaotiska tankar. 

För det första säger jag det som så många andra sagt: 87% röstade inte på SD. Men å andra sidan var det många som sa “94% röstade inte på SD” i valet 2010.

Det kändes absurt att de rödgröna firade i går, när det var så uppenbart att en majoritetsregering var omöjlig. Väljarna valde inte mer rödgrönt än 2010. Det som hände var att en massa Alliansenväljare, främst moderatväljare, lade sin röst på SD.

Jag tycker att de etablerade partierna har varit arroganta i sitt förhållningssätt till SD:s möjligheter att växa. Det är som om man har blundat hårt och hoppats att de ska försvinna. Det har varit lätt att se vilka grupper som sympatiserar med SD, geografiskt om inte annat. Varför har man inte lagt ner mer krut på valkampanjer där? På att nå ut och plocka isär SD:s argument? Jag tror att det personliga mötet är viktigare än någonsin, framför allt med många väljare på landsbygden som känner sig alienerade från makten. 

Med det sagt så blir jag så provocerad av alla som offerförklarar SD:s väljare. De är vuxna människor. De vet vad de röstade på. Även de som 
missnöjesröstade på SD, i motsats till de som röstade p.g.a. deras flyktingpolitik, har uppenbarligen inget emot hur SD ställer sig när det gäller flykting, HBTQ+ och kvinnofrågor, t.ex. 

Jag blir orolig av de som säger att vi måste “lyssna på SD:s väljare”. Vad exakt menar de? Jag kan hålla på att man måste lyssna i bemärkelsen att man måste ta på allvar hur mycket fördomar, rädsla och hat som finns i det här landet. 

Grejen är att jag tror att Sveriges så kallade tolerans har varit ganska ytlig på många håll. Den har byggt på att “vi är ett så himla fint land, och vi är snälla mot de stackars invandrarna”. Men “den stackars invandraren” är inte en jämlike i den ekvationen, hen är den andre, någon med en villkorad närvaro, någon som måste vara tyst, stå med mössan i hand, bete sig perfekt och vara TACKSAM. Det är inte tolerans, det är en form av rasism, som lätt slår om i en ännu mer aggressiv rasism.

Vad ska vi göra nu då? 

- Inte tappa hoppet. Att det finns rasism, HBTQ-fobi och misogyni i samhället är ingen nyhet. Det har bara visat sig mer öppet än vanligt.

- Arbeta mer mot allt detta ovan både i det lilla och det stora. 

- Även om jag inte tycker att man ska offerförklara SD-väljarna så tycker jag inte att man ska avhumanisera dem. (Nu pratar jag inte om spontana känsloreaktioner på valresultatet, som jag tycker är förståeliga, utan i det långa loppet.)

- Vi kan alla se vilka var SD-väljarna finns geografiskt, och jag hoppas att alla andra politiska partier mobiliserar i de områdena och försöker få fäste bland gräsrötterna. 

- Inte glömma att det finns rasism och fördomar även bland dem som INTE röstade på SD. Att inte ha röstat på SD ger inte ett automatiskt frikort och godhetsstämpel. Alla människor har fördomar. Vi måste alla lära oss att hantera dem och dela vår vardag och verklighet med människor som är olika oss själva. Det kallas att vara vuxen och medmänniska. 

Detta är bara mina tankar just nu. Det finns förstås massor att säga och reflektera över.